30 July, 2008

Happy Accountant Day, kasut nikah, destiny cube...

Yesterday, I just know that there is special day for accountant..it was accountant day (28/7)...huhu..never thought of this...

and i just realised few things from the trivia send by jobstreet below:-

John Grisham, author of A Time to Kill, The Firm and many other exciting novels, received his undergraduate degree in accounting from Mississippi State University.
Walter Diemer, was an accountant for the Fleer Corporation in the 1920's. In his spare time, Diemer tinkered with gum recipes and created a chewy, rubbery substance better known as bubble gum.
Arthur Blank, co-founder of Home Depot and owner of the Atlanta Falcons, is a CPA
Funny man Bob Newhart started out in accounting.
Former Texas Rangers Manager and CPA Kevin Kennedy did his players’ tax returns to make extra money when he managed in the minor leagues.
Track sensation Marcus O’Sullivan passed the CPA exam.
Chairs of several Fortune 500 companies, including Nike (Phil Knight), are CPAs.
Tim DuBois, known as “The Singing Accountant”, wrote the Alabama hit “Love in the First Degree”, the Jerry Reed hit “She Got the Goldmine, I Got the Shaft” and the Vince Gill hit “When I Call Your Name.” He is currently the President of Arista Records in Nashville.
After graduating from school, J. P. Morgan got his first Wall Street job as a junior accountant. Five years later he founded his own company.
Jazz artist Kenny G. was an accountant before he became famous.
Ray Wersching, the ex-San Franscico 49er field goal kicker, was a CPA during the off-season.
Nearly 1,400 of the FBI’s special agents are accountants. In fact, the #2 man at the FBI, Thomas Pickard, is a CPA.
When Hernando Cortes landed in the New World, he brought horses, soldiers--and his accountant, Alonso de Avila. As a reward for excellent service, de Avila was made the first mayor of Veracuz, in what is now Mexico.
Butthole Surfers band member Gibby Haynes was a star accounting and economics student at Trinity University in San Antonio.
Walter L. Morgan, founder of the Wellington Fund, was considered to be one of the pioneers of the mutual fund industry. The Wellington Fund became the flagship Fund for the Vanguard Group of Investment Companies, the second largest mutual fund company in the world. Born on July 23, 1898, he was one of the oldest living CPAs. He recently passed away in early 2000.
Did you know that cost accounting is mentioned in the Bible? Luke 14:28 says, "For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost, to see if he has enough to complete it?"
Ohio State University is home to the Accounting Hall of Fame which honors outstanding contributions to the profession.
The first CPA exam was given in New York in 1896.
Luca Paciolo wrote the first book on double entry accounting in 1494. He is frequently referred to as the father of accounting. He’s still a hot commodity today. Pacioli’s portrait was featured in the recently released movie “The Spanish Prisoner”.
Robert Duvall turned to his CPA for advice on whether to undertake the financial and personal pressures of producing, starring and funding his manuscript for the movie The Apostle.
The first actor to play Sherlock Holmes was an accountant at Samuelson’s Royal Film Agency. The identity of this accountant, turned non-professional actor remains at least one unsolved mystery in the history of the great detective. We commonly refer to debits and credits as DR and CR, which is the abbreviation for “debit register and credit register”
Source: AICPA, January 2004

haha..now i'm thinking that my next move for my career maybe to become FBI, or maybe NCIS, CSI...with all the gadgets yg updated...with super genies otak...handsome rakan sekerja..awwww!!

hohoho..of course i investigate hingga ke lubang cacing........but i will investigate my hubby and my kids.... *haha..mesti korg terkejut klu aku betul2 tukar keje jadi all those jobs...buat terkejut je kan..seriously, i never imagine how it will b when i become mother and scold my kids....*

my big day still not yet confirmed!!!..but both of us already start do what we can do..kursus kawen, hantaran....and i'm still looking for nice shoes for solemnisation...below pics "cilok" from PCM forum...so nice but all this shoes was posted around 2006-2007...hoho alangkah bagusnya klu primavera ada jual lagi kasut mcm kat bawah....nvm i will try my best to do the hunting....*mr dear hope you can become super sabar when the hunting time comes..hahaha*

*cantik2 kan kasut ni...how i wish i will find one for me*

besides, when i browse, i found this nice Destiny Cube (a multi-faceted cube that holds eye shadow on one side and a lipstick and gloss on the other)*damn nice and cool and i love it... *

ape pendapat korang this cube?

25 July, 2008

Bengkel Perkahwinan EH!

For bengkel perkahwinan eh, i’m tagging syiera (twice in this entry) * huhu masa bengkel tu perasan muka dia, but xdelah bertegur...* since I’m tagging her,I will write other area *ececeh mcm wartawan plak…uhuks*
Date : 19/07/08
Fees : rm 60
Venue : event hall, parkson pavilion
Org yg berdiri di hadapan : Kem Salleh from Kapas. Zamri Zainol from Lancome. Man Kajang
Target : bakal pengantin, mak andam, sape2 yg suka bab persiapan perkahwinan
This is one day event…this is 3rd time eh organizing bengkel perkahwinan...register kul 10 dan habis kul 6...makanan provided..minum pagi, makan tengahari @ zang toi, dan minum petang
goodie bag..ada majalah eh, mascara, dan 2 mini xingat..from lancome....bunga tu kem bagi *actually berebutla sbb sikit je..dia guna untk wat contoh hantaran*
Overall very interesting and good....very interactive..blh tnya apa2 je yg terlintas untk persiapan big day..and untk yg biz leh tnya gak yg berkaitan…
Besides, ada gak kitaorg tahu how much they are charging for their services *huhu rega satu hantaran yg kem buat tu almost total aku spend untk deco 9 dulang masa engage aritu…but they have to rate this since they try to standardise with their competitors*
*kem and man...both in white*
*i guna eyeshadow biru you..but x jadik biru mcm you pakai*

Although for their services is mahal *ye mahal untk org2 yg income biasa2….dan berhempas pulas, bertaun2 kumpul duit untk kawen..mcm gwe* Kem Salleh mention that yg penting nikah…dan buatla atas kemampuan diri sendiri…jgn dok berhutang..majlis grand2 pun klu lps 2-3 bulan cerai kan x elok…and also he stressed that Malay tends to compete with others…mcm pelamin klu boleh nk compete ngan jiran sekampung *ya I agree…kita buat atas kemampuan, kalau terkurang terlebih ke tu biasalah….kita tak dpt puaskan hati semua org..sbb yg keluarkan duit tu sape???? Lagipun taste sume lain2*

Selain tu kitaorg ada sesi karaoke lagu if we hold on together *huhu aku mmg suka giler lagu ni..sbb pernah gi motivasi form 3 dan lagu ni diselitkan…and i just know on the day itself it was lagu lama ..penyanyi Diana Ross*

*last but not least..me with Asiah Mion*

Overall was good...

18 July, 2008

3 entry in a day!!!

ya I know..seems that I do not have anyting to do...
i have receive email stated that
"Your qualifications have been carefully considered in relation to our Company's current employment needs and aftermuch deliberation, we have decided that we are unable to offer you the above position."
huhu...mebbe i already cross not only my fingers but also my legs and everything to get the job.....and seems that my lucky stars is not yet muncul....:(
OMG.....i'm alwizzz have this problem....although haku sudah bekerja di 2 co..but my exp alwizzz like tak-tahu-nak-cakap......i'm alwiz like need 2 apply so my jobs, so many interviews, and the result....alwizzzz tak dapat.....grrrrrr.....
adakah aku terlalu memilih..demand????? even with my current job..haku pay cut......
sdgkan ada org lain..suka2 apply and terus dpt.....
is it that i'm doin so bad during interview???but if not good why i can alwiz went for 2nd interview????
aiyoh....alwiz that i need to vomit, feed up, down to the earth in process of getting new job....
wit coming recession, oil + all the thing price naik harga....i realy dunno its worth it to find new job...but if i'm staying..mebbe i do not have a chance to move any level....stagnant...damn....gaji pun bukan boleh naik banyak....although people alwizz think that i'm in a so called "good" co...
ya...ya....so tension....people moving and naik pangkat, gaji....
but me?? staring at newspaper, take all the contact, email to search the job.....until mata gwe sudah layu dibuat, dan rasa pening tgk iklan kerja josong....
so i've decide to advertise myself here....sape2 tau ada keje kosong pun sile bgtau sy...i'm ACCA member with 4 yrs exp; 2 yrs in tax and 2 yrs in financial reporting, very independent, hardworking, able 2 stayback and coming on weekend (if required)..looking for accounting and finance job....gaji yg dipinta: bersesuaianla dgn kelulusan dan exp...

huwawah....gwe sudah tidak ada masa, cuti xbnyk sgt ada...and employer plak maybe akan consider bila tang status......

Ya Allah, bkn aku xbersyukur dgn kerja yg ada ini, tetapi aku perlu mengubah kerja demi mencari rezeki yg halal demi kehidupan yg lebih baik.....bantulah aku agar aku dpt membantu insan lain di luar sana...Amin

Burger ramly part II

I'm craving 150%..sempat lagi carik kat wikepedia

"The Ramly Burger, also known as the Burger Ramly, is a Malaysian burger created by Ramly Moknin popular in Malaysia and Singapore. Though the term "Ramly Burger" may refer to any of the hamburgers sold in a Ramly Burger stall, it most commonly refers to the Ramly Burger Special. While the amount and type of ingredients vary greatly depending on location, a typical Ramly Burger consists of a beef or chicken patty, margarine, onions, an egg, cabbage, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce and Maggi Seasoning. This list is subjective, however, as Ramly Burgers are famous for being highly customizable"

*huhu meleleh air liur...yummy..*

Burger ramli….

Huwawa..seminggu haku tahan makan *tapi xde pun turun berat badan..mcm makin naik je adelah* menu paling sedap seminggu ni bubur mcd, bubur megi dlm peket, dan bubur masak sdiri
*tukang masak kerjanya enteng.....*

Gwe begitu mengidamkan burger ramli itewww……*ke sbb adik burger tu ensem..mr fiance jgn marah…nnt syg masak bubur k....hehehehe*
Insya Allah, hari ni dh boley bukak benang *oho, haku x citer yg udah slamat cabut gigi bongsu jumaat lepas..lps tu pi reunion org lain dh beround2 makan, haku hanya mampu satu round je lps tu terkulat2 tgk…*
Alhamdulillah dh selamat gigi bongsu dan selamat jugak poket haku *grrrr…ekceli masa pi dentist tu ada citer lawak…*
So sape nk gi cabut wisdom teeth bolehla visit ss dental (03-7875 6363) *sy tolong promote…* dentist tu mmg bagus…dia explain ape dia akan dan sedang buat….even dia boleh nego yg kita boleh bayar utang..*no credit card..so sila bawa duit selepuk..klu rasa nk wat mcm2 kat gigi anda*
Cerita lawak aku and dentist di situ (part of it jelah)
Patient yg takut (gwe) : sy nk check gigi bongsu
Dentist : ok..bla bla *explain…..*
Patient yg takut (gwe) : oho, leh cabut ari ni?
Dentist : boleh….
Patient yg takut (gwe) : how much? * grr smbil fikir duit dlm walet ada bape*
Dentist : RM xxx….
Patient yg takut (gwe) : credit card boley? Sy bawak sikit je…RM yyy
Dentist : Don’t worry, u boleh bayar brapa yg u mampu hari ni, u keje mana?
Patient yg takut (gwe) : uhuk…sy keje kl….*uit...lawak ke..mcm utang kedai runcit jer...pdhal dlm hati dh takut giler…kot2 ape jadik kat gusi, gigi…* okla cabut

So selamat sudah gigiku ....

Upcoming event....Bengkel perkahwinan Eh! Dan Laman 2008.....

16 July, 2008

Reunion......x-sc 13

gambar sekitar reunion x-sc 13 kat impian morib..12-13 julai 2008
*pot luck....makanan yg bnyk giler*

*leh makan sebanyak mana anda suka, tp sila maintain muka..wink2*

*i love this pic very much...!!! thumbs up nani*

*dila jr yg mahal "jelingannya"*

*pasukan biru..sila fikirkan strategi..anda sudah kalah teruk....*

*gwe yg kena bungkus......*

*mari baling belon.....sila basahkan baju anda bila pecah belon...*

*girls..sila posing.....*

*enjoy....including hubby2 yg sporting*

*aksi gunting..sila gunting...jgn tak gunting*

*last but not least..ms photog......yg ni kamera aku*
credit pics : ms nani...nani sori aku cilok and buh kat sini..and sorri aku amek gmbr ko beraksi bersama camera....

12 July, 2008

Akan datang

Impian Morib.....all 5 pics above taken by myself using casio exilim....any comments are most welcome....

11 July, 2008

Encik tunang saya

You asked me to keep my money and don't want birthday present...
So I only can afford this budget item as "advanced" birthday present...
Amacam? Aci tak =)

Menurut perintah tanpa prejudis,

wisdom teeth

good luck for me... *ya not a good news..still waiting my day*

almost a year aku tahan sakit gigi pintar *sigh..gigi bongsu*

and petang ni aku akn jumpa doc gigi untk dgr consultation...and expecting something like this...
doc : gusi kanan u bengkak....u have to remove wisdom teeth sblh kanan..n adviceable untk sblh kiri untk cabut skali
aku : how much ya for 1? and how about 2? *calculating all the monies yg kena kuar.....grrrr...poket makin nipis....*

slbhnya musti doc akn explain bla2...n set next appoinment untk minor operation...tu yg aku takuuuuuuut sey...

thanks shara n dila 4 d good luck wish....

10 July, 2008

Clap clap clap

ok clap clap clap again
this time mr tunang sy sudah berjaya tender and soon move to new job...
and also adikku bakal jadik cikgu..dan akan mendaftar ke sekolah on 16 this month..

and me? again mendengar semua berita gumbira =)
huhu still xde tanda2 jangkitan good news........ *ya ya be patient maybe my good news will be memang super duper good news..Insya Allah*

09 July, 2008

Quick one...

ya this is quick one...
this all around my team
seorg pregnant, seorg dapat kijer baru, seorg diajak bercuti not in m'sia with accomodation free

muntah ijo since i have a list of things....survey, tax comp, post quarter report, preparing to back up people again *as alwizzzz...i'm multi purpose super talented genies...haha untk sedapkan hati..wink2*...although at first people should backup me.....
huhu....ngape xjangkit kat gwe benda2 yg bestttttt itur.....????

08 July, 2008

Lagi 3 hari...

*after 10 years...haha zaman2 sumer nerd...*

04 July, 2008

Gue tension

Gue tension…tahap tak tahu....
When comes to quarter, I need a lot of “nonsense” or exactly jajan untk dimakan* and also songs to sing…lalala ..apa yg penting kerjasama..wonderpets2…yeay..*

All the nonsense + stress berjaya membuatkan terasa seluar yg dipakai tu terasa ketat..huhuhu…saket ati….saket gigi bongsu xmembuatkan aku untk berenti makan pun…sbb mulut+otak tak leh bg arahan untk stop….
I really dunno why today I felt so disappointed…dunno why..is it that the co not good? Or its just I’m bored….ya, what I know I love my job…but I really think that I do not see the path of my career in 1-2 years…*huhu xkan asek maintain nama kuli bawahan aje..sorry ya boss…I need some career enhancement*
My window departure is around early of this year…and I already got opportunity to move to other team *bigger than my team* but at that time one of team member is on maternity leave and my team leader just new to my team…so I decided not to go for this internal rotation…but now if I want to move to other team I need to wait until my next window departure which will be next year around August…*sigh..not good* because if I’m staying in this team and if the backup plan always xjadik, then I will doing again year end closing, and the most important thing answer all the “brilliant” question from auditor…*that’s why I don’t want to become auditor*….i hate to ask “brilliant” question…I love to ask “super genies” questions…haha..auditors, ex auditors, future auditors…jangan kecik hati..this is just my opinion….or you might realised this when you become normal people like me =)
Ok back to the day…since I really in a bad mood, I already spoilt penghulu segala hari…esp in the evening…huwah I really cried..maybe I do not receive any sign for job yg aku dh pi interviewnyer 2 kali and at the same time I felt like xtahu masa depanku with my current job.…so menangis semahunya di depan mr fiancee…*ya you r my shoulder to cry..so tadahla bahu dan tisu untk sy ni…*
Mr fiancee plak cool sajer..even boley kata tunang dia ni comel walaupun menangis *hoho..tu ayat carik makan ke??* so he asked me to have special dinner with him to cool down my day *hoho mcm sajer je haku ni angin xtentu pasal..owh tidak..adakah kerana aku sudah tua..maka perangai ini yg jadik??*
So kitaorg ke one utama, after pusing, we landed to Italiannies...

*foccacia & tuscan bread with balsamic vinegar & olive oil..tbaca kat blog lain ni nama menunya*

after sesi pujuk dgn makanan berakhir..kami balik..n again tomoro i need to come to ofis to setel my job...when love and hate collide...