30 July, 2010

Panic attack

I have set reminder in my phone to check my MIA application. However only this morning I tried to find out the set of application form copies, their cover letter of acceptance the application and also receipt....All gone..Pufff...panik sudah haram xjumpa pe2. (Eh harus panik sbb udah bayar RM750...password sume2 tu kat kertas2 tu)

Then another problem because rumah skrg mcm tongkang..Maka sah2la pencarian express pagi ini tidak ketemu apa2. Yes it is important because as soon as I know that I am CA, I can update resume and do necessary

Ok2..while updating here I check my email (sape suh bnyk sgt email akaun..kena dig sume), and finally at least I manage to find email from MIA (clap2..sape suh xpasal2 panik....)

Haih..inilah gara2 terlalu banyak fikir...terlalu pening...to organise personal, family, work and so on


28 July, 2010

Pening....jadual waktu please..

Kitchen cabinet in progress
Pergh..kalau dapat lampu atas tu mmg cun seh

Later I will blog about kitchen cabinet...Yes its already started but still juggling their timetable with our timing (xkan nk bagi kunci kat diorg kan..still need somebody to stay at home)

I cannot take leave until 9 Aug, because of month end closing..while encik suami also have some assignment...I know the contractor is very punctual (ekeke hari tu janji kul 9.30am, 9.27 sudah sampai okeh...). So need to align everything (nasib baik dapat quotation siap masuk plumbing and plug...sonang sikit deal ngan 1 contractor)

Now its almost Ramadhan and this is first time as family..(taun lepas Afham dlm perut lagi..so xde masalah nk align jadual sume)

So this morning I have nicely create so called "jadual Ramadhan". The purpose to align working hours, nursery time, breaking fast. Wallah!! Seems pretty hard..but we might need to try and error for first few days (plus dapur xtau dah siap ke idak by puasa)

Jadual waktu keluarga 81

24 July, 2010

Mak ning nak buat dapur....

source here

kitchen cabinet ..lalala

For those listen to Sinar.fm surely will come across commercial break where SY mentioned "Kril, Mak ning nak buat dapur..."

Currently I'm thinking to have kitchen cabinet. To date I have email some companies for quotation, unfortunately reply adalah ratio 1/10...[ke my email asking quotation tu xbetul since ayat berterabur bagai]

The fact that currently I think kitchen cabinet is much more complex than delivery process..[ape kes compare begitu bagai???]

I have no idea about material so on...so for past few weeks I have super marathon reading forums...and guess what I have a lil bit here and there info. But again each material have pros and cons and so many detailing that I really dont know

For budget, I already find all the source that I have...duit baki salam kaut masa kawen [okeh2 dh lupa until ude kata duit tu tersadai je], baki duit hantaran, duit main kutu, syiling2 terkumpul, saving tuk kawen [i thot i dun have any balance till I saw the saving book and gulp ada lg baki! yeay]. The only that I dont touch ASB....sbb tu mcm fixed deposit

For design nothing fancy2...island2/ kaunter pulau2 tu of course not in list since kitchen sekankang kera..plus I prefer something simple. Yang kelakar encik suami asked me.."flooring sume tu xmo buat ke??"...Nope..flooring xpayah since karang terbeliak biji mata for all the costs besides its for wet combo dry kitchen

Hmm...sometimes I think to delay this dream, but considering in future surely harga minyak naik [sah2 xkan ade turun kan] so for sure in future all materials will increase slightly

But if I do not proceed with this, I have to stay with current condition which I do not prefer [iye dapurku tonggang terbalik esp after sesi-soping-groceries...xde tempat nk letak elok2..and end up akan terjadilah pemandangan-tak-indah]

Haih but selecting the contractor also a lil bit pening...read some had bad experience...eg kena tipu, keje xikut schedule, keje x kemas, so on...

Owh...then pening itu bertambah lagi slps baca thread forum..you know why? because items for kitchen cabinet have sooo many choices and so many thing need to be synchronies at the same time. Which I can name it slim hood, chimney hood, ducting, wiring, stainless steel hub, glass hub, pfr, psf, mieco, solid surface, tall unit, pull out basket, pull out table, etc..plus it comes with budget $$$

Hmmmm..but I always dreaming that very soon kitchen will be colorful and lively since I still remember childhood memory of baking, and so on with my late mother...[haha siap rebut2 nk pukul telur, siapa nk buat ape masa proses kuih raya, potong kuih apam guna benang and so on]...Yeah if kitchen is organised lagi senang nk wat operasi masak2 bersama anak bukan?

Nevermind, today I will meet one contractor...maybe I will have more ideas on this and maybe very soon my dream comes true =)..

p/s : if anyone have preferred contractor can you inform me? so I can get their quotation as well

22 July, 2010

Template oh template

Ok..asik tulis anak, keje, life bla bla so on nanti korg boring

So today tulis topik yg lg kompleks untk budak2 akaun...Haha topiknya ialah template blog...

For those that prefer simple2 template, I think u always can use the template provided by blogspot. However if you prefer custome made you always can look for expert but of course you have to pay (usually their service range from custom made header, custom made template, or custom made the whole layout). Price range depends on the complexity...

Personally I want to have my very own template that design by myself [cita2 tinggi...kunun sbb kawen ngan org IT ala2 mcm ada advantage la kan]. But the fact that encik suami not really expert in this area [lgla pulak nk design2], yes he can help me for certain things but macam ayam ngan itik cakap..For example, after blogwalking to several blogs, I notice there is something "no right click". So when asked encik suami...i dunno want exact term...Hamik ko...maka bermulalah sesi google with all wording xberapa pandai. Then later after online learning, then I can understand that for changing, adding certain thing we need a script @ dlm bahasa mudah coding yg membantu untk certain function.

But if you dun mind to have same template with others, you always can gogle with wording "free blogger template", " cupcake blogger template", "pink and purple blogger template" " two column template", "three column template" and so on...opss make sure it is free template to download.

Before you start to change the layout make sure u have backup ur existing template..krg xpasal2 tukar sana sini..hilang semua sekelip mata [haha tau2 jelah kdg nk godek sume benda ni makan masa berjam2...]

Besides google, if u found someone's blog template is nice and want to have the similar one..pls scroll down because u always can see credit to xyz. So silalah click kerana semestinya di situ ada puluhan / ratusan template yg bisa mencairkan hati..[ekeke ayat xingat, tapi hati gue ngak bisa cair..maka sbb itulah terpaksa mintak Jiji designkan..dan bayar thru maybank2u]

The rest I think if you really want to design by urself, u always can learn thru internet...But the only thing is time consuming, besides u need to have try n error. However, if you really successful, you might understand basic script and of course u will proud of urself [big clap tuk diri sdiri]

So whats ur choice?

p/s : triple R adakah ini menjawab soklan anda? atau mahukan tutorial part 2, 3?

P/S: I want to change something in my blog, but not sure nak start dari mana...tapikan masalahnya bnyk entry tertunggak...so for time being no changes until I have enuff time

21 July, 2010

Postnatal : Hair loss

I have a big problem right now, and after reading others I really want to consider it as normal thing..it is hair loss

Ok..belum botak lagi..it just day by day mesti nmpk segumpal rambut. And sometimes I cannot concentrate doing my work...hair along with the files. tu blm part masuk toilet asik nmpk rambut kat tudung so on..

Balik rumah, encik suami surely said almost everywhere he surely saw my hair...owh2. Belek2 Afham pun, sah2 nmpk rambut...Almost everywhere hair-rambut...hmmm

After reading mommies experiences, mostly said it will be temporary 1-2 months, but it still depends on hormone level.

For temporary, I have to be patient and if by next month still I'm having this problem I will asked my gynea or worst come to worst maybe I need to visit Yun Nam maybe?

13 July, 2010

For mum 2 be : How ur baby will look alike

{This entry is just for fun by using technology}

Last time I try to figure out how my baby will look alike. (sat no korek2 carik ..ok refer entry ni)...

Yes all the pregnancy hormone drove me crazy..thehehe..plus 3d, 4d scan mcm segan2 je

Ok..now I can compare ....comment of course xsama lansung..ekeke, nama pun suka suki je buat

Besides the above website, I also try another website. But to my disappoinment, the baby is look alike Indian baby. So I do not post the result of gedik2 tgn ibu mengandung.

Then, few weeks ago I am a little bored so I tried again and the result as below

Anak sapa la ni?
Ehem2 adakah ini muka adik afham nanti?

For mum to be, yes u also can tried it urself at makemebabies.com and also morphthing.com. Makemebabies.com is super fast and easy since u just need to upload photos and wait, while for morpthing.com u need to do extra works plus it will take few minutes

Anyone have tried it after reading my post, I'm really happy if you can drop comment here..so that I can visit ur blog..

P/S: I want to blog more frequently, but end up tersadai..mcm mana ye?

P/S2 : Mum to be, new mum, mum..mari exchange link... {nasib ada referer.org bolehla pi melawat balik tp sorry la x sempat nk komen, bz bz bz..tp baca jugak tau}

09 July, 2010

When he discovered his tongue..

OMG! 4 months seems just a blink...You know why?

Scroll down..

He just discovered his tongue
(erk 4 bulan lepas nk bukak mata pun malu2 skrg...amik)

Ibu and ayah pengsan..Tarik napas...Sabar ajelah for time being..dunno whats next?

05 July, 2010

A month as working mother

posing mahal for all readers
yeay ibu dah xglamer..xde enterprem dah =p

Tired, exhausted, xcukup tangan kaki otak so on...haha serius mcm kejam bunyinya

Ok. Tak kan nak tipu...I'm happy, healthy, xrasa letih sikit pun. The fact that we are human, of course certain limit and certain things will makes us exhausted, tired, rasa mcm xlarat sudah...

A month coming back to work, giving me 1001 feelings, while bz punching figure to accrue boleh plak teringat pipi anak, while bising2 ofiice boleh teringat bau anak...Owh..now I understand motherhood setahun jagung or should I say 4bulan jagung since Afham still not yet 1 year =)

I have received sooo many questions and so on. Not to say almost everyone comment that I look slimmer [encik suami harus kata uwekkk....]. My respond? I still not having violin shape [haih sblm kawen pun blom tahap violin la..ape kes?] Although I fit most of all baju kurung, jeans, shirts...[mana diorg nmpk stretch mark, lembik2 sana sini..]

Not to mentioned one operation staff asking me " When is the second production?" Eh2 mcm buat biskut, roti kat kilang pulak...Jawapan smbil sengih2 cun vogue..."Erm bg ilang trauma contraction boleh tak..."

And one more thing since I'm coming back I have a new hobby....Online shopping. Tgk status kat bank lebih bnyk keluar dr masuk..haruslah kan? masuk satu line..keluar berline2...bayar2 bil2, hp, credit card. Every week, receptionist will called and said ada parcel, kotak...and to the extend sekali tu depa pesan bawak troley since the parcel is really big

the big box contain whats?

Whats more? Oh ya..they also asked How this little baby change my life?...Masak tak? Wiken camner? Anak hantar mana? Sakit tak bersalin? ....owh2 sungguh xterlist plak...The fact that I am still adjusting my time with all task eg laudry - basuh, jemur, lipat, iron, simpan dlm almari...kemas rumah walau akhirnya sepah balik. Besides I manage to simplify my life by cooking dua hari sekali ie. masak hari selasa untuk makan malam selasa dan rabu [of course encik suami yg kata okeh..lgpun letih la asik tapau makanan kat luar yg kdg2 blm tentu terjamin rasa, so on]. While my officemate asked me "Ha you boleh ke makan mcm tu?" At least I know my cooking can control oil, no MSG, and of course encik suami bertambah syg sbb wife masak sedap-walau-lauk-simple....hehe kan bang?

fish black pepper buat encik suami angau
siap mintak masak menu sama seminggu...

One more thing I still do not wear my normal working shoes [encik suami asked mana sume kasut yg runcing2 tu yg tinggi sikit tu]. My answer, everyday I need to become roadrunner to catch 6pm ERL...so wats the point become vogue the vazz, then lambat nk fetch Afham?..So be realistic...maybe one fine day after find the right tune, all working shoes will be operated as usual. Owh not to mentioned the day that I should cook, I will makes myself catch 6pm ERL, so that by 7pm already at home and by 8pm I have settled down..solat magrib and cooking..[Poket juga rabak with ERL fare, but this is the only option that can makes me travelling in style =p]

Phew....the fact that I still tired, sometimes like no time for myself, and also for encik suami. I have soo many thing to do [reading tonnes of books, blogging about Afham, planning for kitchen cabinet..so on] but sometimes 24hours is not enuff..Ada sapa2 nk sedekah masa yg terlebih sudah?

But the fact that although how this little baby changed my life [haha rasa mcm hectic-carca marba-tonggang terbalik life so on]..The fact that almost all -ve feelings hilang macam magic spell when seeing his smile and actions...

my hand is the best =p
poning ibu n ayah