27 August, 2008

Childhood - What we used to eat

I’m always wanted to write about childhood, back to the 80’s *mine? hmmmm* besides I’ve found few memorable things when I was kid while doing some cleaning *while I was in my hometown ;)*…but I really dunno where and how to start.

Just recently I received fwd email dedicated esp to those born in 80's and started to think that it would be great idea to combine the email and what I have in my mind.

So we shall start from the following pics (almost all the pics here is from the fwd email unless stated from other sources):-

Colourful drink in nice bottle or sometimes got ais krim Malaysia versi cair …just few days ago I saw a girl hanging in her neck the red colour water …so there’re still exist in this milennium year…I still remembered how this type or drinks attract the all kids like me…When it comes to ais krim malaysia (there is no Baskin Robbin, Haagen-Dazs) , I believe some will love to patahkan di bahagian tengah ais krim itu…esp semasa ais krim tu betul2 sejuk and keras….yummy2 ais krim perisa milo, oren, asam boi etc..hoho can we still get this type of ais krim? Besides, I still remember how we use to gigit di hujung plastik itu untk dapatkan aiskrim/colourful drinks…because sometimes the plastic is so hard…*or our teeth is not enough calsium?* Aha if not mistaken there are 2 type plastic for ais krim Malaysia either yg straight or the other one which have curve *this one which ais krim itu boleh dipatah2kan*

I really dunno what I used to call this biscuit when I’m small, but the biscuit is so colourful and nice. Besides that, the colourful top is sweet icing..so sometimes kids maybe eat it in different way..Its either telan saja, eat the sweet icing first followed by the biscuit, eat the biscuit followed by the sweet icing, eat only the biscuit or eat only the sweet icing…so which one is your type? Mine will be telan saja kot :z Tora and ding dang is the most popular and in..with chocolate ball and free toys its really attract us *plus the jingle in TV makes us wanna the toys….because I believe when we see it on TV the toys really canggih tak gitu?* there also other food that really attract kids..it was Nini *I believe we must pronounce it like this Nini Cokelat Celup Celup*… biscuit (stick) dip into choc,strawberry or peanut flavoured *I still can see it nowadays, but not sure the popularity among kids*

Buble gum and chewing gum..hmm not sure how to write since I’m not eating chewing gum *maybe I’m a good kid* but I really remember how kids really love the instant tatoo..just put some water on the cartoon *usually it will be at the back of chewing gum wrapper* and straight away put it on our hand..and tara we will have this nice instant tatoo. I’m used to eat sugus and trebor sweets. Sugus is really attacts me as it was colourful - orange, pink, purple, green and the taste is sweet. Trebor sweets will comes in small round shape container….inside there will be about 10 sweets with some white powder. It comes with few flavours too to choose.

On top of that, I also do some “research” *actualy googling for some pics* and managed to get this:- When I was in Form 1 to 3 in a boarding school, the most popular junkie was biskut kapal terbang and biskut bantal…so when anybody when for outing, surely it will become the main thing in the list to buy. Usually we will bought it in 500grams or even more…hmm suddenly teringat ikan jaket lauk paling popular :r not sure how the biscuit was named like this but the figure of it almost like an aeroplane!

Besides, there’s also gula-gula bantal/ udang*no sure other will called it what* it was white coloured sweet *saya selalu takut nk makan plastik nipis covering the sweets..hoho maybe thinking that something will happen if I ate this plastic*

I want to pen off for this entry but suddenly kuaci hitam and kuaci putih slipped in my mind *I use to ate also kuaci hitam, kuaci putih. If not mistaken in the kuaci bag packets there’s always a paper stating that you can win some money..maybe max rm5 but usually the paper will be with only cartoon and no money to be won* Besides kacang salut dalam mini packets *x silapnya plastik tu ada gambar rama2*

Kickapoo….aha the most pupolar drink that time..guess what I manage to find this website

Besides, I’m also discussing this topic with my fiance and manage to recall 7up which comes together with icon Fido Dido *hehe during primary school, I got a maths teacher who loves Fido Dido..even if I not mistaken he paint a mural of this on our school wall*

Also there’s a lot of snack that we can name it together, durian snack *round-yellow-strong smell full in the packaging…not like nowadays junkies where there’s a lot of empty space compared to the size of packaging* also corn snack *the packaging size is same as medium size picture upload in blogspot..inside ada 2 batang snek jagung dan snek itu berlubang di bahagian tengah..hoho not sure whether I can describe it well or not..its also yellow in colour* The other one will be almost likely long ruler size and it contains something that coated with chocolate*also I cannot name it* not to forget cikedis, super ring, miau-miau, ais krim potong, tic-tac…….

The idea is not stopped here but I’m still discussing with my fiance, Shara and Dila *hehe contibutor indirectly in order to recall all those thing*

The list still continues with mamee and when it comes to girl the most popular food will be asam *oho :D saya tak makan asam except asam jawa dan asam duit2 ‘haw flakes’ *The one that I can recall is the one which is 50sen size and very red in colour di tengah2nya terdapat biji…then there’s a lot of asam varities in colours, taste, and size….ad yg kecik2, panjang2…*not good about asam..so I really cannot imagine and write it*

Surely some of snacks and drinks are still exist nowadays. But I strongly feel that the way we react, appreciate and enjoying it very much different from nowadays kids *today there’s a lot of thing and the kids are so pampered, easily to get what they want compared to my time where ais krim Malaysia can makes my day :~*

Back to those times, the value of money is soo much different. We can buy the foods with only 5cents, 10 cents. Our family also can provide 30cents less or more for us to bring it to the school.We treasure every moment and the foods that we have.

Surely I will continue to write the childhood things. So just stay tune to the next chapter about this. Comments/ shout (oggix) are most welcome :z

Surely we will miss a lot about our childhood!

22 August, 2008

Laman 2008

I have decided to add new tag which is "My Casio Exilim EX-Z60". This is especially for some of the pics with a lil bit touch of photography skills *if i have la...* Comments are most welcome :)

*My Casio Exilim EX-Z60*

I have no DSLR, but I believe we still can capture unique pics using typical digital camera..it's just need to improve the skills of using the camera...Most of the pics in this blos is using Exilim EX-Z60 *6 megapixel* and also my hp *of course pics from hp is not so good since its only 2 megapixel*
So, since I still not yet posted any picture from Laman 2008...here we go

"If a single rose can bring a smile to your face, imagine what these blossoms can do"

Boy : I'm wondering what it is?
Me : At right it is angklung

*indoor...so creativity*

*its a small paddy field*

*our national flower- hibiscus..but i'm not focusing on it..*


20 August, 2008

Just 3 days adding nuffnang..and this is what I can understand…

I'm still new with this, hope I can share what I know and maybe in return I can get other info from others:-

Nuffnang.com is Asia’s first and leading blog advertising community.
Nuffnang uses a tracking system that provides Nuffnang community members with details about their blog readers, such as number of unique visits.
Nuffnang was launched in February 2007 by Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam and Cheo Ming Shen. The idea for a regional blogger community was started when Timothy Tiah's first blog, LengMou, found success from what started as a small blog between two friends.

The Nuffnang Glitterati is a club exclusive Nuffnang bloggers are automaticallr elibagle for.
To apply for the Nuffnang Glitterati club?
Not need to apply and will automatically be included as a Nuffnang Glitterati as long as you do NOT have any ads from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia. NN crawlers will automatically include your blog in the club within 48 hours.
Note that if an ad from another ad network is placed on your blog at any time, NN crawlers will pick it up within 48 hours and you will automatically be removed from the program.

Earning *haha maybe this is the most important thing...*:-
  • As soon have earned RM 50, you will be given an option on your earnings page to cash out!
  • A transaction fee of RM 1 will be applied to any cashout payments.
  • Please also allow about 30 days from the end of the month for your payment to be processed and sent

Innit is a tool developed and hosted by Nuffnang to add the additional service of driving traffic to any Nuffnang blog. This tool will now only be restricted to Nuffnang Glitterati since it is within our best interest of our community not to indirectly drive any traffic to a future competing network.

Nang it (in innit) – I think this refers to If you like the post, you nang it *like our kindergarten time and maybe art class (primary school), where the teacher will put mark star or double or even more…but if you don’t like I think its better not to dang it..just leave it there* hmm..I still wonder the benefit og nang it..maybe somebody can tell me..thanks

This is what I found from Nuffnang and wikepedia website ..besides I found this website *still not reading it but by looking to the title..so scared…it is like to "dang it" Nuffnang *

Until then...hmm seems that I'm still at kindergarten stage in Nuffnang...

19 August, 2008

Calling all the chocolate lovers (dessert and main dish also)

Lately my fiance and me enjoying the dessert and foods *is it we’re too happy? Or its because we are craving for sweet things?* hoho I have to admit that all the foods that we tried contribute to the fats *grrrr*….for all muslim frens, you still have time to try the food posted here before we start our fasting month 1 September
We have tried chocolate lounge on 10.08.08, before the mummy show started. Choc lounge just open another outlet at pavilion and the one that we visited is in one utama…a lot of people anjoying the dessert makes us to try it…
From the menu, they offer varieties of choc based foods and drinks. Choc affairs which is choc fondue with 4 seasonal fruit reminds me to Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk K *kecoh se-Malaysia strawberi celup choc*. You can check from this website for the list of menus and also pics of the foods and drinks

*choc affairs*

We have tried Princess of Iceland and Queen Rock N Roll (RM 10.90 each). The glass well decorated and it taste good *yummylicious* we also have choc chip muffin *the taste not sooo good…even I think Gardenia muffin is much more better*

Besides last month we have tried 1920 *one utama again..the parking is cheap ma..and we have one card..wink2* we have tried ice blended..its smoohties with jelly on the top ....each price at RM 5…you can choose either dragon fruit, mango, passion fuit, strwaberry or kiwi. I have choose dragon fruit *yummylicious* and my dear tried strawberry * a lil bit masam..uhuks..but untk hari yg panas dan dahaga it still good* we also ordered cake *look likes kek lapis plus coklat cair*

Last but not least after 2 weeks craving for Tom Yam Kung at KL Sentral *hari2 lalu buat gwe xtahan*, I manage to taste it recently…not sure when the thailand fair will end…but till yesterday I still can saw few peoples que to get Tom Yam Kung
The taste soo good *yummylicious* altough rasanya pedas+panas it still taste good…taste the rempah *its s lil bit different from normal tom yam* On top of that we have ABC to cover all the pedas+panas tomyam…and finish it by sticky rice with mangoes *the mangoes taste good, but kuahnya sedikit masin….but still manage to finish it* tomyam and sticky rice cost RM 5 each….

Opss not to forget, we bought kuih tepung pelita at worongkita *2 for RM 1.50..sungguh mahal tapi tahap teringin mengatasinya* the taste is so-so only..i still can wait for tepung pelita at bazar ramadhan, seksyen 18 shah alam *hopefully abang jual kuih itu ada lagi, since dah lama sangat tak ke sana*

After tom yam kung, we are a bit loss on the highway..but the good thing both of us went to Masjid Wilayah, Jalan Duta *first time for both of us..masjid ni cantik sangat*….and guess what? there is a couple that have their solemnisation (akad nikah) there…I think this was the 4th couple we met by coincidence…1st at eye on malaysia, 2nd masjid negara, taman tasik and 3rd in one utama…both of us really hope that it will be good sign for us :)

Food review finish here and to be continued later…I will have interview this week *dunno why last time interview with co started with E, and this time also E…but hopefully I will manage this time and get the job* Suddenly I’m so scared because the position is for Accountant *nowadays I’m only so-called-accountant (by referring to ACCA) but my position currently only accounts associate..hmmmm*


18 August, 2008

Shopping spree

Womens top ranking preference will be shopping…although we do not have enough cash we still love to window shopping *not good for credit card holder, since you might bring bag something with your swipe…*
Not to mention that, eventhough the shopping complex will look alike sardin dlm tin *maybe sardin pun still boleh breath* or mcm bas mini kat shah alam *back to my uni time…siap berdiri depan pintu..eventhough very dangerous but that will be the best option to rushing back to college*..penuh dgn segala manusia, women still love shopping….esp J Card Members Day *saya pun di situ juga*
Even my kedai runcit is Midvalley *hehe canggih kan? groceries beli kat carefour or jusco..since sometimes it will be cheaper compare to kedai yg ada kat area rumah and I must have hari membeli barang2 keperluan 1 hari dlm setiap bulan..maybe after married it will change to more frequent kan dear?*
Me and my dear already shopping for big day *tarikh xde but we still buy benda2 yg x expired la…* where we shop? Hmm almost everywhere…until one stage I have wrongly pronounce. I want to go Jusco, but instead I’m prounced it as Juckson *combination of Jucso and Parkson I guess..summo at that time we have shopping spree from Sunway Pyramid to One Utama*
What we have bought? Hmm adalah sekian2 benda dan sekian2 amaun tlh dicharge kpd kad kredit sy *encik-tunang-saya mengaku dia boros..so sylah menteri kewangan tidak rasmi*
Although sakit kepala, sakit badan, kaki dsb…there is still benefit that we get

One card

We manage to get the card dr pembelian yg banyak itu di suatu tempat dlm one utama...and the benefit is really good..since we already experience it…on Sunday afternoon, it will we pretty enough to get parking in one utama *smpai parking tempat baru itu ditutup, and need to proceed to open parking* but for one card can easily dpt masuk and manage to get parking tanpa berpusing2..
Besides that one card have a privilage parking area *it will charge rm2 for 1st 6 hour* but it will helps you a lot esp about parking..tak perlu pening2 pusing2 or sampai bergaduh dgn org lain hnya sbb parking!!!
Besides they have other special offer *if not mistaken, for this month, discount 10% on Paris Hilton bags and lots more* they will email you for the offer..so dun worry, you will be updates

J Card and Parkson

We have this rm 40 voucher from Jusco *no expiry date* and rm 30 voucher from Parkson *early next month expired* Still thinking what to spend on parkson voucher..

So gals lets go shopping....sblm mega sale berakhir this 1 September *as usual there will be YES year.end.sale so still have time untk kumpul duit for next shopping spree kan2...*

17 August, 2008

Movie marathon

Within this 2 weeks, I have sitting in the dark room *cinema actually* to watch
1. The Mummy
2. Meet Dave
3. Wall E *last scouring, we manage to get the ticket 10 minute before the show start..so next time we might landed up to Cathay Cineleisure to get the movie tickets...and we manage to get cozy seats on Sunday afternoon..whoa...which very difficult at other places*

Thumbs all for all the movie above...and guess what I manage to find lovely white shoe :) *not to disclose here until the time comes*

13 August, 2008

Are u stylish?

I owe explanation for 080808 entry..so for birthday encik-tunang-saya, I have choose The Apartment, The Curve. Although I found a few peoples that have tried there and gave negative responses for food, service, I still believe that its not fair..*hoho besides both of us not fussy about food…and dear very much likely IKEA concept, I believe I have choose the right place*

The concept of the apartment is much likely home deco *mini IKEA kot* and I read they serve food most likely Jamie Oliver’s cooking style *simple cooking*

Overall the ambiance is good…at first, I thought to reserved sofa-bed, but since I think it will be nice for birthday guy to decide where we will be seated *we managed to seat at cozy area which is in between 1st and 2nd floor…the not so nice view because the couple besides us having “daring” pose….yuks*

The serve fast *actually we ordered the same food as the “daring” couple, but they have done mistake by sending it to us…hmm of course the “daring” couple most likely to shout at the waiter..but at the end they did’nt even touched the pasta..only because the guy didn’t eat mushroom..aiyoh maybe he didn’t read it carefully before order the food*

For the main course *chicken in the bag (rm 21.90) and chicken mushroom pasta (rm 23.90)* is ok, but for fussy person may consider as bad *it’s a bit pricey if compare the amount of foods*.
I have to give thumbs up for the yummylicious baked choc pudding (rm12.90) *serve together with ice cream ..and both of us imagine if the ice cream is coconut ice cream from thai expres…muahhh*

We enjoy lazying in the sofa while eating the food…

A day before it, I manage to join small gathering with dila *mummy..ke nak hot mama?* , shara *ms soleh* and nani *ms photog* at manhattan…
We have crispy whitebait (rm9.90), fried mushroom (rm9.90) and standard platter for two (rm46.90)…yummy2…*all the food is makes me getting afraid of my weight..need to do serious diet+exercise plan*

Last not least, the last photo taken on the netball day (26/7) ..grrr at least I’m sweating *guess what, last time I played netball was standard 6..tu pun masa waktu PJ..and this time I played as GD..gwe kena belasah sbb GA yg dijaga sumernya lincah2…but or team nih mmg bidan-terjun dan suka-suka masuk*
We managed to get 3rd place *hip hip hooorayyyy.....out of 3 teams..hahaha..misleading word..you see* our supporter are anak2 comel..including fafau niece

Back to the main topic, I saw E! channel for 25 essentials *mean that hollywood stars must have this..to become stylo* check this..erm I think it is in the correct sequence:-
  1. LBD *I got one, guna masa dinner..but of course LBD muslim version*
  2. designer jeans *hoho xde jeans saya hanyalah cop vj*
  3. sunglasses *ada satu cop elle...cost about 100+ kot*
  4. spanx *haha tau tak nih?..sila google sdiri*
  5. trench coat *dun have…*
  6. t-shirt * a lot…ada yg still xpakai*
  7. ballet flats * I love flat sandals…sbb senang nk berlari…hoho ada satu white flats..maybe can consider as ballet flats*
  8. push-up bra *hoho..not to discuss*
  9. sexy lingerie *also not to discuss*
  10. bling *xde kot…except that muka berseri2…perasan sdiri*
  11. white shirt * I just love white shirt..senang nk matching…thinking to look for one good shirt since yg dlm almari tuh mcm dh xmuat..I know I have to lose weight ..*
  12. tattoo *of course haram*
  13. babies *only after married to encik-tunang-saya..how many? Itu rezeki dr Allah*
  14. ipod *got only mp3 last time but nowadays dh xsumbat pe2 kat telinga*
  15. designer bags *my bag yg canggih sket pun marie claire and carlo rino…but one of the tukang-komen is marie claire editor..so consider my bag as good what!*
  16. pearls *satu gelang mutiara yg diberi housemate*
  17. sexy strappy sandals *xde strappy sbb payah nk pakai*
  18. tuxedo *hoho ni m’sia and sy bukan artis so no need tux*
  19. car *dun have..not even mini car*
  20. mini animal *dun have..but balik kg ada 5 ekor kucing yg comel*
  21. bikini *hehe..xde la..bkn nk pi lepak tepi swimming pool/ beaches*
  22. mini skirt *haha masa kanak2 dulu pakaila skirt …*
  23. hp *of corse hollywoodnyer ada bling2..mine setia pada nokia*
  24. designer watch *sy ada elle and swatch*
  25. sneakers * got one bum sneakers..hoho bila pakai rasa muda…pergi ofis (Friday casual ) rasa mcm kanak2 ribena pegi sekolah…*

so what do you have?..mine? like I have comment above…I’m in style with my style…not to follow others since to have the "designer thing" will cost a lot...rabak poket...although i'm debt-free..hutang MARA dah abes *thanks MARA sbb my degree is convertible loan, while for my ACCA i hav to pay certain percentage oni* ..and not buying any capital yet *soon..but my brother pernah kata "Along ada harta pe..tu hp, digital camera" YA Betul..dan a lot of harta yg kita tak nmpk lg..*

Besides my earning is only sekian amaun aje…no such biar papa, asal bergaya..but my concept biar nmpk mahal asalkan kosnya murah *wink2*

Oh b4 terlupa, i've watched The Mummy 3 *as alwiz, i never seen any sequal before...tgk pirates dulu pun xtgk yg awal part 1 and 2* and Sepi...thumbs up...

08 August, 2008


*cuba teka sy di mana?*
What is so special about 080808. For myself is nothing..It’s just another writing…but today is most likely people will start their new life life as husband and wife. I would like to congratulate Julie and husband (ya will try to attend the recep in kl) *huhu but i still hope any miracle of 080808..hehehe*
Not much time to write since I'm rushing for something..so enjoy the pic 1st *I will add later the story*

*besday boy struggling with food???*

*jamie oliver cooking ke nih?*

*ayam dalam beg...*

*hero of the day..yummylicious*

*makan kat shower???*

*bestnya klu ada tv..lepakkks..*



*aku dh beli baju raya farah.....*

*ms soleh with the gadget*

*masa untuk makan besar...*

*pasukan bola jaring..yg disokong oleh anak buah fafau..*

06 August, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This entry is dedicated to my dear *dear plz open the music..and wait until end*
Besides, i would like to wish Happy Birthday to my dear fren, Tini
For both of u, have a nice 27th birthday and may all your wish comes true
p/s: i dont know how to sing the song, but it really nice..and i got wma file *wink2*

Happy Birthday Song (Korean) -

05 August, 2008

Thai Express and I like

Last Thursday (31/7) we went to the curve+cineleisure, purposely to join the crowd “I like” …no purchase require, just queue up together with the advertisement and hoping that our luck can win new car from Hyundai…
Since both of us fasting, so we decided to break the fast 1st and pray followed by joining the crowd.
So for our JJCM this time we decided to eat at Thai Express *ya, I know that I still not post any JJCM Q2 ’08..will try soon..*
I ordered sweet and sour chicken (rm14.90 including rice) and hot lemon tea (rm4.90), while my dear choose to try banana milkshake (rm8.90) and bangkok chicken rice (rm16.90)
They serve quite fast and the food sooo tasty *thumbs up*
Last but not least, we have our dessert, and I choose red bean dessert (rm7.90) *based on the menu, it seems to be yummylicious*
The red bean dessert is actually read bean paste served together with coconut milk and coconut ice cream * I really have to say that the ice cream was soooo heaven…so yummylicious*
After praying, we rushed to the queue and guess what by 8.15pm, the crown was so happening. The MC announced that yesterday by 8.30pm, somebody has won the car *hoho so lucky*
We waited patiently and at the same time hoping that one of us will win the car *although Hyundai will only shows the car on launching day 1st August*
Our turn comes almost 10pm *clap clap at least we still have another hope*.After picked one key from 1,200 keys in the box, both of us open the padlock The result, both of us not so lucky….we do not managed to open the padlock…but I’m happy since we tried and one more thing I’m happy since I know that thai express serve best dessert *dear, I know my face expression was to much, but seriously I really like the dessert!!!*