31 August, 2009

The early signs of mak buyung pregnancy


Being newly weds, of course after some times you will wonder when u can get pregnant? Isn't it..? ~ lgla klu asik kena soklan cepu cemas..dh pregnant-kah?

Or sometimes when ur period is MIA, the first thing things that come to your mind..PREGNANT!

I have a confession here...until I knew that I am pregnant I have wasted 2 pregnancy kits..because of period MIA, and all the syndrome that I thought seems like pregnant...but it was just PMS versi slps kawen ~ agaga...seriously my PMS while bujang is likely mcm xde sgt or sket2...but once after married my body felt unconfortable plus siap muntah2 lagik

But it was false alarm...it just maybe my body changes dramatically after married...the period cycle may be dragged and all the hormone fire-fighting in the body ~ haha sometimes I imagine that inside my body ada wars..kes tgk banyak sgt tv kot

But there's one time I started to felt uncomfortable, thinking of being pregnant, but I am scared to check it again ~ ye takut mengharap, klu xde still sedih jugaklah, plus the pregnancy kit is not cheap! at least it cost almost rm10

So I decided to read and try to compare before I do the test. I get the info from here, there is about 13 signs you may be pregnancy (but sometimes it almost similar with PMS)
1. sore breasts 2.craps 3.spotting 4.fatigue 5.nipple darkening 6.nausea 7.bloating 8.peeing more often 9. cravings 10.headaches 11.constipation 12.mood swings 13.body temperature

But of course different people have a different hormone level, so please do expect that ur signs might be different from other ~ owh sy bukan kata anda alien kalau signs nyer lain, cuma Allah dh ciptakan setiap kita ini unik

And what I have (I try to recall, and all the signals here was before I use the pregnancy kit...maybe around 2 weeks before the day)
1] MIA of period

2] Fatigue. Seriously it was very tiring for 2 weeks kot, realy tiring malah penat menguruskan kerja kawen pun still acceptable..This one is really serious, everytime balik kerja, I just baring2 depan tv..no cooking and all the house core were delayed!

From readings, you might get tired as body is adjusting - of course it works very hard to prepare for the baby(ies) ~ again until now I still rasa lembik-lemau..oho..maka buat kerja pun lambat..

3] Cravings. Hmm..I think there is one time I asked encik suami to get something sour..bukan asam (ye sy xmakan asam), I asked for spagheti and also air ribena, of course la encik suami rasa pelik ~ dh dpt rasa mcm best je tekak...ahaha

4] Body temperature is always skyrocketing ~ everytime encik suami put his hand to my body he will said mcm demam..serious takut weh takut H1N1..yes most of the time I felt like having fever but the body heating, but I dun felt like having fever...there's one time I visit the clinic told the doctor I felt like fever, but the doctor said normal body temparature..but I requested for MC..balik2 umah tombang xhingat

5] Feeling unfcomfortable. Most of the days its like combo, body heating + fatigue..but sometimes I cannot sleep at night..Encik suami already in the dreamland, while I was terkebil2 kira kambing...~ oho even few nights asik surfing siap beli tiket concert anuar zain lagik ~ baby please accept your mommy apology, when we went for the concert I do not have any idea that u're already in my tummy

6]Vomit. Mual.Loya. Since the false alarm also feels like to vomit, at first I thought that this is also the false alarm..but this time is different because tekak-rasa-tak-selesa for most of the time..yg false alarm hari tu agaknya signal untk be prepared kot..hihi

7] Updated. The most obvious thing plus weird. I cannot wear perfume..Owh I can smell others encik suami, wearing perfume but not me..rasa time tuh mcm alien..really wonder because I felt like very-sweet..sumpah rasa saya sangat wangi..I've used all kind of perfume dr cop Avon, Body Shop, Lancome, plus perfume encik suami pun dicuba...

End up I cannot stand the smell ~ baby nk jd enviromental people-kah?

Haih..so until now I do not wear perfume. Nasib baik deadoran ok...Maka perfume hantaran tersadai..uwa...

Okay that all for this time. Suddenly teringatkan Kit Kat..haha

29 August, 2009

How I wish...

...that everyday is holiday!

Hmm....sometimes I felt like to send "love letter" and just being SAHM (stay at home mother)..~ekeke baby pun blm kuar lagik

Sometimes I want to have my answer from my tummy whether she/he hates me working with co ABC?

The big reason because I have all the sickness while in office which lowered down my motivation to work...yes sometimes in 1 hour (esp the super-vomit-peak-period), I only can be seen at my place only for about 20min and the rest with ms toilet

Although I have to be thankful that my superior is very understanding (tho she is not married), but sometimes I felt pity...even tho the closing is ok, but somehow I cannot concentrate like I use to be...and even some of the job being delayed...poor me

Is it because, before I knew that I am pregnant I already think to have new job which at least nearby to our home? ~ I know I couldn't stand with heavy traffic jam and also ikan sardin esp in komuter ~ ikan sardin jauh bernasib baik sbb ada space jugak tau...sbb ada kuah dlm tin tuh

Hmm...sometimes tears burst out as I am alone struggling in office toilet ~ okeh sy xdpt mcm scene drama melayu yg mana suami tepuk2 belakang bila si isteri muntah di rumah

And sometimes I really wonder how was last time my late mother carrying me for 9months 10 days? Is hard? difficult? pain? everyday sickness ~ I do not have the exact answer for this! =(

Again, I should be thankful to Allah...because at least only working day is vomit day, while weekend plus public holiday will be no-vomit ~ tho most of weekend is likely super lembik-lemau-malas..and so on

Pray and crossing my fingers that 2nd trimester will be much better!

27 August, 2009

The day that I know that I am pregnant

Yeah, it is hard to put the title..~nanti org kata alahai ramai lg kat luar sana dh beranak pinak..but after all the direct header will be the best I guess

I do bloghopping and found that mostly share or giving some hint when they knew that they are pregnant…but I am feeling that “never mind, let me struggling 1st trimester and write it when towards the end of trimester 1.”

Note : please don't hate 14 ~ aha rasa mcm banyak angka 14 je

Today is our 4th month anniversary ~ yeah women always like this…while men will ask “kita dh kawen brapa lama ek?”
Waked up lazily. But I have set in my mind that I need to do the test once I enter the toilet…struggling to find the UTP…~hehe mcm saje2 je plan for 4th month anniversary suprise

Of course need to pee to know the result. (Actually from reading, the best time to check if from the first urine, since the hormone level is high and the UTP could easily detect..)

My eyes were actually half2…but of course my heart is struggling to think. Yeah, it because for several weeks I have a few symptoms that might be the one ~ later I will write the pregnancy symptoms..

And the result..positive..2 line ~ started to think many things…happy, sad, joy, worried…so on
I just write something simple and recycle back this present wrapper that I use last year ~ edisi jimat janji isi selamat….

Thinking of to keep it until weekend so that I can request for sesi mengada2-bersama-suami (haih lgpun spjg pregnancy kan blh ngada2..hihi) …but later I just worried if anything then how…at least as soon he knows that he can support all the way…

Until encik suami wake up and settle himself while I already put the thing at our dining table…Then I asked him to open..and he started to say “ mana aci bagi hadiah advance” ~ yeah because last year I gave early birthday present, so this year also same ;)

Then ….the reaction

saya dapat kereta Honda

Ngee…he already smiling mcm dpt kereta idaman…or maybe USD1m…hahaha..even he didn’t read the card..~but later I insist him to read…

Then while he drove me to office..we have so many things to discuss

He already request to be call as ayah. While keep me to agree to be call as ibu…~ aiseh rilek ayah…mama-mummy-mommy-ibu-ummi-emak- not yet decided

Talking about name of the baby and encik suami suggested
Girl : Nurul Izzah Jasmin
Boy : Michael Jackson
Erk..MJ ..dalam banyak2 nama terkeluar MJ?

The issue also come into picture where we should go for check up and deliver..Then I said never mind let me think in office

In office, I still do not tell any of my colleagues…not yet until there is something really showed. Doing some searching to find some info for hospital / clinic, but since it is still early, I just decided to visit the nearest clinic to our house

Visit the clinic. Unfortunately, it’s a male doctor ~ bukan pe female doctor maybe lebih selesa to ask few things…

As usual doctor will asked “ Sakit pe?”
My mind thinking to answer “ Sakit buatan 2 org….hihi” but thinking that answer like nuts then I just straight away “ saya rasa saya mengandung”

Then he checked whether I have done the test myself …no further test as the UTP will give 99.99% result..so he just asking the first day of last period and confirmed me at that time I am 6 weeks plus pregnant ~ xdpt bunting pelamin, bunting probation pun okeh la kan?

And the due date will be early March next year ~ about few days before our 1st anniversary and the baby birthday is between Atuk and Pak Ngah (ayah dan jugak M).

Note : girls please remember to tick ur period in calendar..it is very important since the doctor surely will ask this..

We asked few questions and get some advice (including the doc asked me to start consume susu ibu mengandung)…and paid the medical fee + get asid folic. After checking back, I already started to take acid folic on 14.06.2009 ~ yeah without knowing actually maybe that time I'm already pregnant...

At the end of the day, terasa macam di awangan and for day I felt healthy ~ yeah because few weeks before my body signal something ...

Till meet again with 1st trimester stories :)

So now I am happily to put a new ticker and Insya Allah next week will be in my 14 weeks the (2nd trimester).

Pray to Allah that everything will be ok sehingga baby menjenguk ke alam ini ~ of course again each trimester will have their very own stories

note to encik suami ~ soon 2 be ayah...pls take note hihihi
Wednesday 26 Aug (Learn more about this day)
Does your husband go along every time you have an antenatal appointment? It's a great way for him to become involved in your pregnancy and to help him bond with his unborn baby.

24 August, 2009

9 months 10 days vs 40 weeks

Okeh please don’t raise your eyebrows okeh..The moment that each couple getting married they should be prepared to become father & mother …Yes because at anytimes the wifey can get pregnant

Besides in this holy month, xkan nak post gambar makanan…nanti korg terliur susah la pulak..So I think posting something berilmiah adalah lebih baik =)

When it comes to pregnant, some even lucky…bunting pelamin, or at least bunting probation.

Let’s check here the percentage of getting pregnant from the first month they are trying
· 50% will be pregnant in 4 months
· 75% will be pregnant in 8 months
· 90% will be pregnant in 1 year

Source : http://www.askdramy.com/howlong.html

See…so please don’t be too pressured because Malaysian are super-concerned when it comes to newly wed ~ haih concern benda2 ni tp cuba bygkan kalau yg perlukan bantuan or at least seat for the pregnant women sometimes Malaysian hanya tutup mata okeh

Now lets have a look for the trimester timeline. See how it can be in weeks and also months

Source : http://the parentsite.com

Let’s have some simple calculation…is there any difference of 40 weeks against 9 months 10 days?
40 weeks = 40 x 7 days = 280 days
9 months 10 days = 9 x 30 days (average days in month) + 10 days= 280 days

See no difference, but if once you are confirmed pregnant sure the doc will said “ u are 7 weeks pregnant”..

While people will asked “ dh berapa bulan pregnant” surely the answer something like 1 month plus

So every time when meet the doc, surely he/she mentioned weeks, while jawab soklan cepu cemas haruslah cepat2 kira2 jawab dalam versi bulan…=)

Till we meet again…Hari ni nak terjah pasar ramadhan pe? Beli pe? Hahaha..

20 August, 2009

Ramadhan....pertama kali

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Sudah baca niat puasa? Eyh minum air, gossip2 kat pantry plak? Lupakah?

Okeh2..belum lagi..belum pun ..ada sehari je lagi blh makan-sepuas-hati..eh...eh..eh bulan puasa lg bnyk ikut nafsu -kah?

Ya right now, just finished cooking nasi-goreng-seafood ~ encik suami nk makan...this week dh 2 kali masak nasi goreng yg sama..katanya klu sminggu makan benda yg sama blh-kah? boleh aje bang...selagi sy x start mintak makan itu-ini..hahaha

This year embarking puasa pertama kali sbg suami isteri.....embarking bla2...bla2...(owh ye banyak jugak item penting tp x payah dipanjang2kan

Just thinking the best way to reach home as early as possible~ nk wt cmner isteri keje di kuala-traffic-jam-lumpur...., berterawih di mana (surau depan rumah x siap renovate plak..alahai nape wt renovation lmbt sgt)

And of course this will be the first raya...haih checklist raya as wifey pula menyusul....have to think kuih raya, balang kuih raya, to do or not open-house-warming ~ ada yg mau dtg-kah? skill masak2 nk jamu org masih tahap shy2-cat, baju raya ~ haha...okeh sila jgn angkat kening tnya kenapa x beli/tempah lagi,......so on....

Tp yg pasti balik raya kampung mana sudah ditetapkan oleh encik suami ~ ye again sume org kata bkn-kah raya pertama kali as husband n wife, biasanya akan beraya turn pertama kali itu di kg suami , again exception untk saya...encik suami memberikan tahun ini di kampung saya maybe because last year is the first year raya without late mother plus keje di hari raya kedua...

Oho....before I started to felt tired ~again?? Selamat berpuasa, semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih baik dr tahun2 yg terdahulu...Selamat berterawih, smoga beroleh kelebihan setiap malam dalam Ramadhan ini....


note : haih, lately ni sungguh malas bubuh tag...kena tggu mood mengemakini tahap super-rajin...game sblm berpuasa di hari sabtu - cuba teka apekah perbezaan antara nasi-goreng-seafood 1st and 2nd?

hadiahnya? sesi cuci mata makanan di atas..ahaks..jgn marah...nk masuk bulan puasa ni

19 August, 2009

Pening dan perlukan idea (memasak)

Entri ini sangat2 memerlukan pendapat anda baik yg dh kawen , maupun yg belum kawen

Minggu depan kan puasa dh start, of course la awal2 puasa kita sah2 la rajin bab sahur2 ni

Ada yg suka simple2 mcm telu dadar/ scramble/ goreng, telur masin, ikan bilis goreng...dan maybe ada yg suka makan lauk lengkap spt makan tghari ada ayam-ikan-sayur

Ok straight to the point, apekah juadah yg agaknya sesuai dihidangkan di wktu sahur sekiranya anda ada tetamu2 yg terdiri drpd keluarga mertua (MIL, ipar2, dan mgkn ada makcik2 ke)?

Ape yg sesuai? Sudah tentu nasi dan lauk...jadi lauk apekah yg sesuai.....?

Saya berimaginasi jika sy menjadi tetamu, sy tidak kisah dgn ape yg tuan rumah hidangkan...tetapi dalam kes ini sudah tentulah ingin menghidangkan yg agak elok sesuai dgn kehadiran tetamu2...

(puas sudah sy belek resepi..tom yam, asam pedas, sayur campur, kari, sup....alahai)

Tolong ye....perlukan idea nih....selera bulan puasa ni rasanya lagi payah dr bulan2 biasa

Terima kasih

17 August, 2009


Overdose sleep makes me weak

But my body feeling tired, then what should I do?

Jogging? Skipping? ~uhuk malas...bersenam lg nk masuk bulan posa...


But lately sleeping is the best since always have a dream with handsome-macho2 guys ~ encik suami sila jgn marah ni sbb asik tido dpn tv..lelaki2 tu kuar dr tv masuk dlm mimpi..kuikuikui

Updated : hari ni MC..batuk telah menjadi2...dah telan ubat...nk tdo sat g....haih udahle skrg musim2 H1N1...mintak2 dijauhkan....tekak gatal semacam..hak letih xilang, letih batuk plak...klu g ofis pun sah2 sume suh balik takut menyebarkan virus...

09 August, 2009

Tak dapat jadi CEO jadi CDO pun cukuplah

Hai sapelah tak mau jadi CEO...have a big room, big $$$, big car, secretary cantik manis, meeting lunch and all the benefits ~even tho I'm always not agree with malay movie that so unrealistic muda2 dah handle syarikat

However, despite to become CEO is far2 away, I am satisfied with my new title ....CDO....
Haha even encik suami do not agree me to become CDO, I gave the title to myself....

And hereby, I am presenting the CDO capabilities...

Workspace: limited, still not upgrading, so xdelah KC nk ditunjuk, kena kira2 balik budget so on
Capabilities : not able to grade, still under probation, blh improve ~ eyh blhkah? blh saja..

Okeh...do you understand apekah CDO? Chief of Dapur Officer....ahaks

Hereby presenting from ms tepung kitchen....

nasi lemak

udang goreng berkari

ayam masak merah + nasi tomato

menu sihat - ikan steam + ulam2 + sambal kicap


kuetiow goreng malas

mee kari ~ masih belum habis ketika ditulis...
eh2 bkn mee kari slalu buh kerang..hehe sbb malas nk kopek kerang campak udang je..

p/s : hehe time bujang dapur sentiasa xberasap, dah kawen sbb sah2 ade sorg tukang komen aka chief of food tester (CFT) dan leh konker dapur sorg2 maka berlakulah sesi membesarkan badan...

06 August, 2009

Selamat ulang tahun sayang....

Dear encik suami,

Selamat ulang tahun....

Hadiah udah bagi...maka harapnya abang gumbira

Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki ~yeay 5 tahun lagi leh naik kereta idaman..., et cetera et cetera....

Dedikasi buat abang lagu oldies sempena di hari pertambahan usia..Top of the World

Such a feelin's comin' over me
There is wonder in most everything I see
Not a cloud in the sky
Got the sun in my eyes
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream

Everything I want the world to be
Is now coming true especially for me
And the reason is clear
It's because you are here
You're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around
Your love's put me at the top of the world

Something in the wind has learned my name
And it's tellin' me that things are not the same
In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze
There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me

There is only one wish on my mind
When this day is through I hope that I will find
That tomorrow will be just the same for you and me
All I need will be mine if you are here
I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around

Hadiahnya seketul mouse ~ erk sungguh pun mouse tp leh beli 4 sandal bata

03 August, 2009

Fahrin dh ajak Scha kahwin?

Although bermalas-internet-sindrom masih lg ada..

I still manage to get gossip *haha...office block segala social community ...xmengapa sih..masih ada website gossip yg bolos....*

Yeay the hot couple finally propose...*huhu teringat pernah nmpk Fahrin kat masjid Bangsar....alahai*

And I manage to get the clips....

Note : cepatlah kawen betul2...den xsabar plak...nway "Nak..sangat" dah molek sgt tuh

01 August, 2009

Lontong oh lontong

Okey..this entry do not responsible if u feel hungry ~ eh eh blh ke mengecurkan air liur?

Being Johorean, these foods will be close to our heart...laksa Johor, briyani, lontong, soto, asam pedas, mee bandung Muar, tempe goreng + kicap cili (alamak teringat zaman MRSM...)...
Owh but not all these foods I can cook ~ yeah still improving the skills.....

Since my high temptation-teringin-sungguh for lontong + sambal kacang ever since Tuesday...so it turns to reality only on Saturday...I know sometimes we can find it for breakfast...but I want to eat it many times..yeah beround2 sehingga saya puas...

So Saturday morning....struggling alone and tada....

Lontong + sambal kacang

Opss should I say it was also considered as food testing for raya untk encik suami...haha....asking him also is it ok to prepare for raya open house ~ not finalised yet karang pandai2 janji tak jadi pulak..just considering if have time...

And he approved ~ only possible if jadik-kan?

Lepas habis makan-sepuas-hati....pergi shopping...yeay shopping untk diri sendiri....~baju raya jugak xbeli2.....