28 January, 2009

For your eyes...

Ok..for your eyes..for those wearing spectacles will have four eyes...for those normal sighted, will view with 2 eyes... ;p *hehe dh start mengarut...*

Since encik tunang has seen it so I have decided to post this in my lovely blog....and since I have done 93 stalk of bunga telur plus 6.5 (since still not putting all the ribbons)...Hip hip hooray....even tho about 50 more need to do...

So you might know the theme colour...since I do not put it black and white :P

I know that a lot of effort has been done and I know also that my housemates my think why must be very particular about this bunga telur...

The question why DIY bunga telur if you can buy it?

Aha...I have my own reasons for DIY the bunga telur...as I have so many things want to try *yes experimenting from all the e-learning and magazines...* plus I do like to do DIY altho maybe it is not really superb....as long as air tangan saya....or maybe I want to become kiasu...:)

So my advice for bride to be :
1. If you want to DIY bunga telur please do it early....esp if you want to do the kind of bunga dip, bunga stokin, bunga tekap, bunga organza...as it takes times....3 months before wedding is like rushing..as clock ticking..unless u r fast enough, willing to berjaga di tengah malam, willing to sleep with batas kebun bunga telur or having a batalion of peoples to help you;

2. If you don't want to do it....just buy it...we can find as cheap as 0.50 up to RM10+++ for each bunga telur...of course the higher the price the superb it will be likely...but once you bought it please do not visit bunga telur area as you might change your mind to have other design...walla..

Ok will update later..need to repack and go home...plus doing all the DIYing...*sound mcm dying aje kan? oho I'm still alive*

25 January, 2009

Ape title2?

Hua hua hua...sounds that I'm mad or crazy? Doin so many things until I have no idea to write *of coursela couldn't think the title*

While blogging, its almost 12pm, and as usualy every year the night to CNY...I couldn't have sleep because


aha..bunyi mercun bertalu2....my father wish that tonite will be raining..heavy raining..but nothing....

Urmm maybe my blog macam-tak-rupa-sgt-org-nk-kawen...since no post DIY2...and so on..only never ending checklist *simpan sume lps majlis OK kan? plus my wedding is from my savings + duit hantaran encik tunang = simple & sweet kot...hoho ikut sukati lah kan?*

my sister showed candid snaps during last time visit to mak andam... so here the shot
*adakah sy akan pakai gaun merah di belakang itu dan menari spt Lisda di final Sehati Berdansa? kwang3*

21 January, 2009

My mind....twist..

Twist? Twister? Ahuks no idea how should it be for the tittle

Maybe the most significant

Jiwa kacau................

A lot of things happened and makes me felt terrible....

1st --- about house that encik tunang and me planned to buy is stuck..due to bank revalued it again and we couldn't get the loan that we expected..means valuer value it lower than the loan that we requested *korang faham ke? Huhu nevermind later I will write it...procedure of buying 2nd hand house...after I master all the skills from my experience

Solution : concentrate on wedding things 1st...

2nd --- my handphone having signal problem...esp when come back to hometown it will be no signal...KL is ok..I'm not sure why, maybe after almost a year the problem will start...I'm using Nokia 6280 * uhuks sebenonya x ingat no tu betul ke x..* and since it still under warranty I send it to the shop *ya I'm not using original set..* at first seems that tokei do not want to accept it for repair..yalah since it is full bar there..but I insist it...

After waiting for several weeks, tokei said can have the phone..but still I can see the problem is not fix...

But the most geram thing...they might do restore factory setting..Gosh which my handphone will be like new hp *inside only* so means that anything save in the hp GONE...GONE EVERYTHING...all the messages, reminder, calendar, phone no, theme

I'm really mad and sad....because

Messages – most of messages are fr encik tunang..when I bought the phone we are just knew each other for several months..so of course its a lot of msg2 chenta...

Reminder – I have put few personal things there...and also sometimes if I have seen anything that I like I will keep it as draft in msg

Calendar – I have put all the significant date..including red flag *girls i think will understand..esp to kira all the cycle...*

Phone no – esp those I met few months ago since it is automatically save in phone..I do not transfer it to SIM card yet...some even few friends yg dh lama giler x jumpa...huhu how can I contact them back? Maybe have to go thru friendster?? *I do not have Facebook yet...lazy to update so many things..and blog is much fun..maybe towards my big day I need to have it for network purpose??*

Theme – I have few fav themes...but all gone

Solution : Treat the phone as the new one...

Ok enough for today...I'm tired with the wire inside my head..serabut.............Big solution : Pray good things *huhu can I consider myself as org yg teraniaya???*

19 January, 2009

Chow Kit??? Have u been there???

Chow Kit Road, Chow Kit Road...

Chow Kit Road



I really want to know want kind of wedding stuffs that Chow Kit can offer? is it more than Jalan Masjid India, Jalan TAR?

I have been to Jalan Masjid India, Jalan TAR, and Nilai 3...

But never to Chow Kit....So for those yg biasa pergi can u advice on this....adakah chow kit itu lebih banyak kedai2 kawen? - psstt lagi bagus kalau bgtau nk parking mana? and any specific landmark? supermarket, stesen minyak or anythings yg dekat2 area ituh?

Actually I want to find something to be given family & relatives encik tunang..maybe want to find some kind of bekas2 mengkuang kecil yg 4 segi tuh....I found Nilai have it almost every shops that I went..but Jalan TAR not so much...so wonder about Chow Kit....

15 January, 2009

Renjis 2

Sape tengok ending Renjis 2 sila angkat tangan....? – count me in

Sape suke ending Renjis 2 sila angkat tangan...? – pls do not count me!!!!

Ya maybe I'm bias as I do not followed 100% Renjis 2...and most likely followed 100% Renjis...*although most of the time I have to ignore Kira that always do not have enough clothes...sorry ya peminat2 Elyana..she goods but I believe she will be better if she wear properly..maybe after she married? – rumours kata dia dh tempah baju kahwin....*

Ya I always hope that Dean (Ashraff Sinclair) will come back..so that Kira will choose him instead of Rafik or Budi..but it's not happened last night...*or maybe because Mat Saleh celup speaks in Indonesian slanga and that's why Kira choose Budi?...erk Budi itself pun macam nama Indon kan3?

Renjis 1 Dean left Kira, Dean x jadik kawen, Renjis 2 Kira left Dean, Rafik almost x jadik kawen..

Or it will be Renjis 3?

I don't have the answer.....

Pssstt sounds that all lately all the entries berunsur2kan wedding, kahwin, dsb..dun worry its only temporary as my blog do not concentrate 100% all about it as it will follow my current situation....

aha jom tengok "Bride War" ...ghee kawen lagik...and THANKS A LOT for bride to be that visit and maybe link my blog to them....yes sharing is caring....pls visit again and again even after my big day..... :)

huhu mengapakah oggix sy macam kureng? stress nih..x de pe2 dah..jgnlah hilang..plsssss

11 January, 2009

Continuation from last chapter list-to-do wedding checklist, checklist perkahwinan *I think almost a month..huhu so fast the time flies....*

Date : I have put ticker in my blog here..sila2 la carik…play hide and seek OK?

Place nikah masjid..unless further changes later
Place kenduri balai raya . To check balai raya arrangement, meja alas dgn kertas minyak saja kot…meja potong kek? Meja simpan hadiah? No need to think about canopy...

Documents: Encik tunang Done!!!!. While I will settle this on 02.02.09 (Since Johor xcuti, KL cuti Federal)..hopefully everything ok from HIV test, temuduga on the spot, and success..Ayah bought the form, to get saksi borang...opss surat akuan dara to get from Penghulu..so CNY should complete all the documents

Barang2 hantaranFrom him
1. Maskahwin - encik tunang ave to get new note from bank bila dh dekat2
2. Wang hantaran - Prepare cheques bila dh dekat2
3. Cincin & gelang - DONE
4. Sirih junjung - His family will do
5. Telekung - DONE
6. Perfume - DONE
7. Kasut - DONE
8. Handbag - DONE
9. Chocolate - Buy it bila dh dekat2

From me
1. Sirih junjung - A day before
2. Tafsir &sejadah - blom beli lagi
3. Perfume - DONE
4. Kasut - DONE
5. Wallet& belt - DONE
6. Shirt & pants - DONE
7. Cake - To find out - identified tinggal nak order kot
8. Chocolate - Beli bila dh dekat2
9. Fruits - Beli bila dh dekat2
10.Cincin - blom lagi
11.Potpourri - maybe guna daun pandan kot

Deco (from him) almost done..left with touch up later
Deco (from me) 6 settle, this week will progress

Kad jemputan - encik tunang kena decide....kihkihkih..bagi dia sikit pening kepala.. opss dia dh decide...Inilah beruntung jadik lelaki pilih memang senang - compared to perempuan kot

Accomodation : to book masa cuti CNY

Transport : Not sure how many relatives from encik tunang will come. But maybe around 30 ppl

Tok kadi: Ayah dh start jumpa…they will further discuss

Solemnisation outfit - to take my outfit (alteration) before CNY or latest early Feb. To send to laundry for dry cleaning later

Mak andam: booked on 20.12.08, paid deposit on 21.12.08
Makeup ...x, Baju x pasang, Accessories-brooch, tudung, veil, cekak spider, tiara, etc, 2 flower arch *we aggreed not to take red carpet..sbb kami bukan artis pun*, hand bouquet, pelamin, tempat merenjis, kipas, payung, 2 dulang hantaran (9 lagi pinjam kat Tok Yam), 2 tempat cucuk bunga telur, deco meja makan
Concept - something simple and sweet….janji cantik…theme colour also has been informed to mak andam...
Fitting a week before, but I will contact her from time to time….supaya at least clear all the things

Bunga pahar : progressing…yg dh complete almost 20…ada 130 lagi kena buat *reben sume dh potong, Cuma kena smbg kerja2 diy*

Outfit for family:cuti CNY

Bridesmaid : Shorlisted to confirm end of this month kot

Flowergirl : xde unless cousins want to become bidan terjun

Tol: mak andam confirm she charge 80…*lepas kl - segamat naik kereta..minyak dan tol tau*, and few sampuls also have to prepare for my relatives *inilah masa encik tunang kenal relatives say kan??*

Bilik pengantin : Left will pasu bunga, simple flower arrangement, simple backdrop *huhu I though last time mak andam include it but unfortunately xpun…*

Photographer : Booked on 01.01.09, paid deposit on 02.01.09

Foods for kenduri : CNY discuss balik kot. So there will be exact figure $$$

Lauk pengantin & kek : CNY to confirm on lauk pengantin, kek kahwin to order from friend - so I still need to choose

Berkat - semua : CNY to confirm balik
Berkat - family encik tunang : shortlisted few things

PA, kompang, MC: CNY further discuss

People : maybe take kumpulan wanita…kena bayar skit but should be ok

Other: almost similar with last one

Other issues : Inai sdn bhd, to update later if I left anythings

Tentative programme - roughly done..but still need to make it proper again...

Life after marriage
Home sweet home - loan approved Alhamdulillah, to sign S&P, apply KWSP, should be after our big day almost settle all about it

Honeymoon - our house kot…or maybe dekat2 ajelah…

Huhu so many things to do..but I believe we have progress quite good esp the major one has been booked like mak andam, photog

I still have few DIY that never ending *100% done by myself ape tak nyer..*but I still bloghopping to esp bride-to-be blogs....mana yg bagus saya ambil idea, mana yg saya tak mampu atau x berkenan – just leave it...since diff people have diff taste and budget...

I believe that we must try not compare from one wedding to another...sebab we do not contribute in $$$ pun kan..? of course yg mampu will spend to what they have, while brides yg bergolok-gadai all the saving will try their best to allocate all the $$$ *saya pun begitu...walaupun sy tulis all the part : Big day..all about wedding xsemua mgkn sy dpt penuhi..but at least sy mengenjoykan berangan dgn tengok gambar....berangan kan FREE!! *

Ok…bersambung kemudian..but before that enjoy the only pic…Congrats to Azam dan Shamsiah for their wedding *for both of us kenduri penutup 2008*

psstt.. since afraid that all my wedding things "hilang seri", I have decided not to put any pics on it..but surely I will post it once..after our big day..- lagipun my wedding should be something simple..nothing super-duper marvellous

Currently they are "my very best friend" tape IKEA.UHU.pen.pencil.cutter.scissor.plier.cutter.hand plaster.gam tembak.calculator.A4 white.mini notebook

Part VIII: Big day..all about wedding

Sedang bersiaran dari KFC Universiti lalala....*trying to make myself happy eventhough mcm banyak lagi benda x siap....pening2....*

Again sesi cuci mata..I believe esp wedding it will be much easier if we show pictures to mak andam, kedai kek, tukang jahit, etc...unless you have super-duper marvelous idea for your big day - or maybe u're talented with drawing skills....

For those interested to have any pictures here - maybe for your ref to show to ur bf/tunang, mak andam, kedai kek, etc , pls indicate ur email in ur comments *aha I have a no-right-click here plus I do not put my personal email for my own reason...* So I will personally give the link/ the pictures....

For all the wedding related pics here, I would like to thank personally...and really sorry for not put any ref..this is because usually we tend to save the pics and rename it...

Lets have sesi cuci mata..

Wedding cakes, pulut kuning...- if u have this agenda la kan?
A lot options to be choose!!!!
Choc wedding cake
Pulut kuning

Fondant wedding cake
Cream wedding cake, backdrop for meja pengantin
Wedding cupcakes

Last time, masa kecik2.... the most simple & mengenyangkan ialah telur dalam kertas kilat2 or pink tissue..but nowadays it hard to find...*actually until know I still love telur rebus dr rumah kenduri kahwin..lagi best kalau dapat banyak2 leh makan ngan kicap...Sedap*

Telur pindang - org Johor dan BAKAL org Johor must know!! ehem2 bakal org Johor - encik tunang la specific nyer..kwang3

Paper bag- Goodie bag..isilah ape2 yg muat dlm tuh kerepek, gula2, jeli, coklat dsb

Hmm not sure the name...but maybe given to VIP
Again to be continued

04 January, 2009

Part VII: Big day..all about wedding

Some have on the same day or some even have it the next day, week(s), month(s)..

Have appropriate programmne..when to sanding, is there any pertunjukan silat, tol, anything…cutting cake, tepung tawar, baling2 duit/ coklat, outdoor after all finished…etc…some do not have this as bride and groom arrive and straight away makan beradap…

Whom to choose..the power is in ur hand…yelah nama pun raja sehari kan? :p

Flower girls
Some even have flowers girls to accompanied the bride& groom

Outfit, pelamin, flower arch *pintu gerbang*
note : kain berekor/ bertail most suitable for reception done in hotel/ balai raya...not in house..karena anda mungkin mengotorkan kain/ buatkan diri susah berjalan...
pelamin rumah dan dewan/ hotel (bawah)

The most important thing enjoy and smile :) :) :) :) as this is the day to become raja sehari….

02 January, 2009

Part VI: Big day..all about wedding

I'm back..uhuks…yes a lot of things to write but I do not have enough time *I always look at mirror and asked myself adakah mataku sudah jadi mcm mata panda…? Kwang3*

..this time I will try to focus on solemnization..akad-nikah where guys will have some kind of training esp “Aku terima nikahnya.......mas kahwin RM xxx tunai*

Note for encik tunang: nanti kita namakan anak perempuan kita nama yg ringkas ek..sian kat bakal menantu sbb nama awak dh cukup panjang ;p

Procedures and documents
Follow accordingly...make sure to keep it properly *esp when you have received the documents from husband-to-be* I will write later as considering my procedures will be extra *since it will be proses perkahwinan Johor ok?*

Tok kadi
Make sure to book him earlier esp if so many people kahwin at the same date as yours...or even at the same time same place

Don't forget to give him some token of appreciation *I understand it will be upah nikah for tok kadi and saksi* Since he is the most important person...

Place and time
House, masjid, morning, afternoon, evening, night…choose as long as it is ok for the family also

This is important. Please don’t forget to bring. Johor will have the lowest rate RM22.50 and certains do not gives money instead choosing al –Quran or anything

Tentative programme…when to exchange the hantaran?…follow keluarga Sakinah *Johorean again*

sesi tukar hantaran di rumah (atas) atau di masjid (bawah)?

some even have their solemnization at the mosque and brings all the hantarans, some might want to exchange it at home…whatever it is please make sure communicate earlier..

Baju nikah, bride and groom
Sesi cuci mata..lets have some looks for the solemnization outfit….usually white or pastel color will be choose…whatever it is it’s up to the bride and groom

Bride outfit and accessories…yes, they have a lot of design to choose baju kurung, kurung moden, kuring Pahang, kebaya labuh, mini jubah…and so many design to choose…even for the materials, chiffon, satin, lace etc

Usually bride that wear hijab will have cekak spider *I know it since few back years the name, but not sure who create the name as cekak spider…* as it is more simple compared to tiaras….
Henna…not only bride have henna but also groom…there’s a lot of choices of design for bride’s henna...however, I believe we read about inai bercorak2 ini haram…whatever it is it follows your stand…if 50-50 about hokum then just have simple henna DIY ..
Bantal nikah, bunga tangan as add on accessories…For makeup…usually it will be natural look esp if you have your nikah at masjid

Groom outfit…it is more simple for them as usually they will have baju melayu (plain or maybe sulam2 di leher), samping (dagang luar, dagang dalam..korang faham ke..ala samping masuk dalam atau ke luar tuh* songkok (plain/ put extra lilit/ brooch/ bulu ayam?? – macam penari zapin lelaki..ada bulu ayam), henna (not all fingers la)

baju melayu sulam

brooch di songkok dan jari pengantin lelaki yg berinai

Sujud syukur, solat sunat nikah

This is usually performed by groom once akad done *no dancing2 or lompat2 gumbira…simpan unyk outdoor maybe?*…it is showing kesyukuran kerana rahmat Allah yg mengurniakan isteri *dan juga keluarga mertua* dan mudah2an kekal hingga akhir hayat.Amin

Bilik pengantin
Some pics also….decorations depend on ur theme, budget…

bilik pengantin...katil 4 tiang

Pelamin nikah
Some pics..esp if nikah di rumah and might have hotel reception

To be continued