27 June, 2011

AYoM : Seven baby items that I love

All those cute little tiny baby items can drive you crazy..Then there are soo many things that sometimes actually you don't really need it (but u bought it with intention ur baby will use it)

Then all the hormone rush also makes you wanna buy and buy and buy...Haha I wont blame this esp if u are first time mother

So after a year plus (actually I should post it earlier..but hey at least I post it altho a long delay...), I can conclude seven baby items that I love *and of course within my budget*

1. Snugg Diaper Clutch

Although I have diaper bag with changing mat, I love this diaper clutch. Diaper clutch is a clutch and a diaper change kit.

The reason because I dont have to "struggle" to find what I need inside the diaper bag *sumbat macam2 itu ini*.

The good thing it is single hand operable..unstrap-unroll-change diaper-roll-strap. It has two pockets to put diapers, baby wipes, napppy cream
Updated : Diaper clutch and SSC bought from Liz Yaakup @ http://snuggbaby.com *however if not mistaken nowadays you can only select those listed in the website compared to previously when I bought, we can choose from the wide range of material design that she had

2. Snugg soft structure carrier (SSC)

Geng bas sekolah..hihihi

Although nowadays I do not use it (but soon will use it back), I always consider it as a good purchase. I requested it with few additional items (masa tu Liz mmg amek custom made..so mmg dpt few item add on yg custom made)

The most that I like was carrier sleeve..lipat2 SSC tu blh jd mcm mini handbag..!

3. Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream

I consider it mcm macam magic cream...ape2 naik kat muka sapu je cream ni...

4. Romper (xde gambar sbb dh malas nk upload)
If I need to pack additional clothes, romper will always in list...sbbnya idakle terpack baju+seluar yg x match..(hehe maklumlah spesies pack last minute)

5. Food jar

At first I bought both jar for nursery. Then I discover that this food jars really helps me when it comes to weekend.

Usually during weekend we will go out and just bring the food jar...so while we enjoying our food at Secret Recipe, Delifrance, food court or anywhere eating places, he also can enjoy homemade cooking! *xkanle baby nk mkn mekdi..kecik lagi kan?*

But lepas dh setahun, belasah jugak ape yg kitaorg mkn..(but still tapis2 jugakler)

6. Munchkin fresh food feeder

I bought Munchkin fresh feeding set (food grinder + fresh food feeder). But unfortunately grinder tu until now still not in use. Because Afham start eating bubur bertapis - bubur blender and the I thought to use grinder untuk bubur blend kasar2...he skip this part terus makan bubur mcm kita makan tu (eventho de gigi....)

But for the feeder its really a great purchase. Simply put vege, fruits, or anything that suitable and our baby can enjoy the food by chewing and sucking! It like healthy lollipop

The most his favourite food is mango! *even he will cry, pdhal I just want to add more fruits and remove those serat2 yg tinggal dlm meshbag..hihi ke agaknya dia ingat ibu nk amik dr dia?*

7. Ball

Sometimes we do not really need to buy expensive toys *tp biasalah mak ayah eksaited beli mainan*. Simple toy like ball can actually make his day. "Ball are fun for just any age"

I bought playballs from Tesco (together with pool....so can use 2 in 1). I just roll at him first and ot course at first he quite amaze

Then when he get older he crawl after it..now he can bouce it. Sometimes he will crawl around the house after the ball *kdg2 tgk mcm anak kucing main2*

Nowadays dia baling, kick..and so on with the balls

The good thing it also can be use during bath time!

Ok..This will be the final series of AYoM (A year of motherhood), since I dont think it will be easy to update (altho I have few things in mind)

Penantian itu suatu...


Owh, I really cannot decsribe my feeling right now...At first I thought I will be in delivery room latest by yesterday, but my instinct not so true...

Baby still active and sedap2 dlm perut...And its a mixed feeling since today 27/6..Dr already gave 29/6 as I should be admitted in case no show of delivery

Erm last time check up I do asked Dr, any possibility of overdue..she said positively "Insya Allah lg senang dan cepat sbb dh ada jalan last time.. even maybe awal sehari dua"

Gulp....Now its already masuk day +4...Adik xmahu keluar ke? Ibu sudah tidak lena tidur...hati sudah gundah gulana..setiap kali terjaga, dok rasa2 kot2 ada sakit pe2...mmg ada sakit but not likely sakit contraction yg nk bersalin

I do read about induce delivery..huhu takula plak kot2 klu kena c-sect..bkn pe I still have to take care Afham *ok2 even tho husband will take care him, tapi kan klu pe2 dia mmgla cari ibu dia jugak...hatta iphone husband pun dia akan bg ibu mainkan flash card so on*

Aiyo, then klu c-sect I really have no idea healing process mcmana..klu normal Insya Allah la klu kena dukung2 Afham ok lagi kot..sudahlah Afham mcm tak berapa nak dgn MIL....

Now I do not know what to expect..Ya Allah mudahkan urusan kelahiran ini..AMIN

24 June, 2011

Boboi Boy

Having a toddler means that you have to be familiar with ur little one interests! Mmg sah Afham sokong "Made in Malaysia" since his fav cartoon is Boboi Boy *Mickey Mouse ka, Dibo ka, Handy Manny ka dia layan gitu2 je*

Since I have started maternity leave, I still send him to nursery..sbbnya sana ramai kawan...rumah xde ramai kawan *smlm sepupu dia dtg..bkn main hepi dia..mmg sah friendly type*. Oh ya we send him around 9, but by 6pm I already fetch him...so balik nursery layan cd Boboi Boy...*not to mentioned dua akan joget2 tau...smbil dgr lagu*

Boboi Boy Theme Song

Alien datang menakluki bumi
demi koko yg dicari cari

Mereka 'kan tiba tak lama lagi,
Apa mungkin terjadi?

Jadi kita perlukan penyelamat bumi

Dan superhero kita


Jangan takutkan langit yang gelap
Ayuh, beranikan diri sahaja
Kita hadapi semua bersama

Kita pergi mengembara
Ini lah masanya
Untuk bersuka ria

Jangan bimbang
Jangan diragu-ragukan
Pasti 'kan teruja
Biar ia bawa kau pergi

Pergi mengembara
Kini masanya


23 June, 2011

Another overdue baby?

Ok.I'm still at home..

Started my maternity leave since Monday; despite Dr Hamidah said " Kerja smpi la rasa sakit nk beranak.."

For me I have few reasons to have early maternity leave...part of it because three months maternity leave..then past few months I'm super hectic with workload..(with all ad hoc, multi tasking and NO increment!). Then another thing pregnant and having baby-turns-to-toddler really makes me tired! So I want to have at least few days off rest..(rest pun sapu gak rumah, kemas sikit mainan anak, so on....)

Another thing Afham demam start hari Selasa malam Rabu tu! So kalau tak amik maternity leave pun still la agaknya kena EL/MC. His fever still on off

The rest...I have no idea bila adik nk keluar...part of me of course la nak hari ni/ esok..I don't want to be induce (Dr already set 29/6 hari untk serah diri..like last time pun mcm tu but end up Afham kuar jugak..Adik ikut abang jugak ke?) Smlm plak siap mimpi dh bersalin..adoi agaknya emosi dh terbawa2

Ada sapa2 nk share petua? (last time Dr siap pesan suh keep active, ehem2- ML...) Anak masuk dua dia xde dah pesan pe2*agak sbb anak dekat, still leh ingat lg*

21 June, 2011

Baby is not engaged...

*Auto post..so pepaham jelah might be masa post ni dh masuk labour room or maybe belum*

Yesterday went for check up with Dr Hamidah..suppose I have it on 21/6..but received call last week said she has meeting

So when entered the room, Dr asked me "Dah ada rasa nak bersalin tak ni?"...Then straight away my answer "Blom lg Dr..xde rasa sakit2 sagt..baby pun xengaged..." Thehe sambil sama2 gelak

Then as usual she scan and of course pegang2 perut....while said "Baby blom engage ni.." but kepala baby mmg kat bawah.

She said I should not worry too much (altho its at 39th weeks)..because baby can be engage at the very last minute (during labour), plus this is 2nd pregnancy for me and also she said my baby is not a big baby...estimated around 3kg (erk x cukup berat nk bg masuk laluan ke?). On top of that amniotic fluid ok, uri ok, baby actively kicking...so she said I just wait till the time

Oh ya she mentioned that I should try to sleep with 2 pillows...bagi kepala tinggi sikit and also banyakkan berjalan..(bagi baby engaged and also senang bersalin). Then Dr said she will be having training on 21-22/6...so in case I delivered on those days other Dr might be with me..

Now, we only can pray that baby will be poop out 23rd onwards..mau dgn Dr Hamidah jugak..Baby, dgr cakap ibu ye..keluar 23 ye??

Altho this is 2nd baby, I 'm still worried..the only thing worried with some experiences..so at least I know what to expect..and even can feel the diff baby engaged or not..(masa Afham 38wks dh engaged tp xbersalin awal pun..even 2 days overdue from edd)..

Oh ya, I do read here

One reason why second-time moms' babies sometimes don't engage until labor is because their uteruses have less tone than they did during their first pregnancy. Your body has now carried two babies to term, so your uterus could be expected to be larger and less toned than it was the first time.
The interesting thing that I have seen in the past is that moms who have had more than one baby will often dilate quite well even though the baby is very high. Sometimes the baby doesn't really move down until pushing begins.

Besides I copy from here "Pregnancy 2nd time around - labour and birth"

The experience that you gained during your first labour is usually a distinct advantage for second-time mums: You've researched birthing options, you know what the stages of labour are, you know how different the start of labour feels from Braxton Hicks, you may well have worked out what positions and methods of pain relief work well for you, and, of course, you know just how worth it it all is at the end. If you had a good birth experience last time around then you may even be looking forward to giving birth. But on the other hand, knowing what birth can entail can make you quite anxious about your second birth, particularly if your experience last time around was difficult or very painful. While you might end up having a very similar birth experience with your second baby, there's no reason to assume that this will be the case, as every baby and every birth is different.

Your older child
One thing will almost certainly be different this time around: You won't be as completely focused on your birthing experience in the days leading up to labour, and probably in early labour itself, as with your first. Unlike the last time around, you now have another child to take care of, and as you don't know when labour will start, your first child may be in your sole care when contractions begin. So, instead of only having to think about yourself and how you're going to make it through the contractions, you also need to think about how to take care of your child and how to manage the contractions when she is there, what, or how much, will you tell her about the contractions and what happens during birth. You'll probably be anxious to know when reinforcements are going to arrive to look after your first child, and how she'll cope with the whole experience. If this is something that 's causing you anxiety then do plan ahead with what you're going to tell your child and have at least one back-up plan for how she'll be taken care of once you go into labour. Remember that as labour can move very quickly this time around you'll want to have someone ready to look after her who can get to you quite quickly.

When will baby engage?
As with your first baby, there's no way of knowing exactly when your baby will turn and engage his head at the top of your cervix. What is true is that second babies often engage later than first babies, so if your first baby was head down over a week before you went into labour, don't be too surprised if this next one seems a little more nonchalant about getting into position.

Will I have a shorter labour this time?
Second labours are often shorter than first labours, but there's no guarantee that yours will be. If you had a vaginal birth with your last baby then your pelvis and vagina are already 'proven', they've stretched to allow a baby through once before, and so are usually more efficient at doing this the next time. But if your next labour is shorter than the first one it may also be more intense, precisely because the dilating of the cervix and the stretching of the pelvis and vagina happen more quickly.

Will this baby be bigger?
It's common for second babies to be a little bigger than first babies, but there is no hard and fast rule. Certainly this is nothing to worry about, as if you had a very big baby last time then you're more likely to have a slightly smaller baby than an even bigger one this time around.

How can I make sure it doesn't happen again?
If you didn't have the birth experience that you hoped for last time around, then you may be anxious to avoid the same kind of things happening this time. It may be that some of the details that you didn't like may be avoided next time around with a bit of preparation. For example, if you were unhappy with the care you received you might want to look into having your baby at a different birthing centre or hospital, or even at home. If you weren't happy with your midwives, or felt you would have done better if you'd built up a relationship with a particular midwife before-hand, then you can look into what options you have in that respect. If you tore or had an episiotomy last time, then try perineal massage leading up to labour, and see whether it's possible to give birth in a more upright position this time, which may help.

If you had a c-section with your last baby and you want to give birth vaginally this time around then, providing that you have a normal pregnancy, your chances are usually quite good. Have a read up on what you can do to prepare for a vaginal birth after caesarian or VBAC.

Whatever it is that is worrying you, talk it over with your midwife and antenatal class teacher (taking another course is a particularly good idea if you want a different labour experience this time), and see what suggestions they have for ways to prepare yourself.

However, whatever experience you're anxious to avoid repeating, remember that while you can do much to prepare for the birth experience you want, and you should have every confidence in your ability to birth, there's no way of knowing how your labour will go and try to avoid setting your heart on things happening in a certain way. How you approach this birth mentally can have a huge impact on how you later feel about how it went, and about any intervention that may turn out to be necessary.

Something that you should be aware of is that afterpains are often significantly more painful the second time around, particularly when you're breastfeeding your baby, so it's a good idea to be prepared with some painkillers that are compatible with breastfeeding.

So before pen off..for all readers kita mintak maaf banyak2..kotla la ada yg terguris , terasa ka with my writing..Moga2 dipermudahkanNya urusan kita bersalin, bf, pantang and so on (this time dh ada Afham...xtau la cmne handle toddler and baby..).Amin

16 June, 2011

Preparing the hospital bag...for the 2nd time

Okay since this is the 2nd time preparing hospital bag, I consider myself as an experienced one (despite I still asked my husband..saya bawak IC ke masa nk g bersalin yg lepas? Kes otak xberapa nk ingat...)

Ok skip the IC part..I knew that I bring the most important thing buku merah dan buku appointment Hosp Putrajaya..and the rest I still remembered that encik suami had to beli brg extra, berulang alik ke spital with things that I asked (ok plg best pesan suruh amik brg dlm kotak...end up encik suami bawak kotak itu ke hospital..nasib kotak xberapa nk besar)...and all happened because I never thought that I have to stay 4 days 3 nights due to Afham stayed in NICU...me myself ok..even Dr Hamidah said I can go home early

So this time, I don't want to burden him and he said he will be busy with work (projek kerja tgh masyuk..)..I try my best to pack all important things..and of course this time a little bit diff because he has to take care Afham (karang takut pesan mcm2..end up dia lupa ke hape kan)

My checklist for hospital bag

For baby

  • A pack of disposable diaper (my choice of kos newborn diapers with navel care..pusat baby belum tanggal lg kan..plus a pack tu at least 4-5 hari cukup..newborn kerap poo-poo/ passing meconium so standby with a pack much easier)

  • A pack of baby wipes

  • Towel

  • Toiletries, minyak telon/yuyi and baby oil

  • Baju baby – 2 pairs (1 should be enuff since pakai masa discharge..since masa di hospital baby pakai pampers dan dibedung kemas...but prepare extra in case needed)

  • Mitten + booties – 2 sets

  • Binder aka Barut – 2 helai

  • Cap

  • Bedung / receiving blanket/ hooded blanket (ni guna time nak balik la..klu xde hooded pun xpe since dh ada cap....)

  • Muslin square aka kain lampin - 2 helai (owh kain napkin/ lampin ni amat berguna..kalau baby termuak..boleh buat lap2..klu bedung dah terkotor ke, kain lampin ni boleh je jadik bedung...so standby ajelah untk multipurpose..klu yg xsuka kain lampin boleh la jugak bawah wash cloth)

Next list move to hospital bag for mommy..part husband xpe dia pandai jaga diri(hahaha..so xde lah pack brg dia)

Before I list down the things, I must recall all the things that hospital provides (to be specific Hosp Putrajaya, Executive Ward, FPP..karang ada yg baca ingat sume spital sama provide sume). Baju hospital provide for all days of stay start from admitted. Rasa ptg2 boleh tukar la kain in case dh kotor (ni pun ingat2 lupa). Bedsheet sume pagi2 setiap hari diorg tukar (again if not mistaken). Sehari few times ada amik BP, temperature so on.

Makan 4 kali – b/fast, lunch, tea, dinner..menu boleh pilih dr senarai (ni sbb FPP). Termos dan air panas mmg nurse sediakan dalam bilik. Bilik mmg ada TV but limited to TV1,2,3,ntv7...(xingat TV9 ada ke tak..tp rasa channel wajib aje ade). Lg ada mini fridge (so in case nk store breastmilk dh senang), and last time if requested they can lend you breastpump Medela Lactina (but with only 1 bottle xsilap..and kena tggu diorang hantar brla dapat). Oh ya bilik jugak air cond (but can control temperature....tp kat luar lalu2 tu idakle boleh control tahap sejuknya)

For ibu

  • Buku merah plus kad appointment HPJ

  • Charger handphone (penting walau my handphone bkn berry-phoney)

  • Telekung (tp last time xsempat solat dh...tp pack ajelah kan)

  • Kain batik

  • Sweater

  • Stokin

  • Tungku moden (I think this time I need to bring...dh beli elokla bawak kan? Last time x de tungku moden ni..mengharap bertungku time urut ngan kakak urut)

  • Hot oil (my fave Minyak Herbanika NR)

  • Pengikat rambut

  • Towel

  • Toiletries & comb

  • Maternity pad

  • Plastic (for laundry)

  • Disposable cotton panties (some said not hygienic, but for me it makes my life easier)

  • Nursing bras and disposable breast pad (tapi breast pad x pakai pun masa kat hospital last time...but xpe bawak je..karang encik suami nk mencarik 1 hal plak nk explain simpan kt ne dlm umah..)

  • Breast pump and also bottles (standby kot2 kena tahan mcm yg lepas)

  • Going back clothes and tudung sarung

  • Air / minyak selusush/ air zam zam/ kurma / akar Fatimah...(last time masa masuk labour room, nurse bagi bawak masuk air selusuh, but last time I only amik minyak selusuh..so xdela...this time MIL ada buatkan air selusuh..so blhla masuk list)

  • Food and drink for snacking (tgkle maybe bw biskut yg dh pack comel2 tu dan also milo 3 in 1 kot but always in my list mesti bawa kurma)

  • Book / Magazine / Yasin / Buku doa (klu mag boleh je suh encik suami beli kat kedai magazine bawah...so tgk space dl..klu ada kita sumbat la ape yg patut)

  • Camera

For wallet and handphone, I think masih sempat diambil..selipar xpayah masuk list kto sbb mmg pakai selipar (ok2 den bkn mommy vogue). The rest should be enuff kot..

I just completed the packing yesterday (hamik..last minute gak), then I have mixed feeling about Afham still small to understand that he will be big brother soon..then I 'm worried because I feel that baby is not engaged yet..(kepala mmg kat bawah cuma mcm blm masuk laluan...). Will this be 2nd time overdue? Erm xtahu On top of that, I also managed to get Afham a gift (belated birthday, cum toy that I hope can distract him a while, while I'm juggling with new baby)

It is Busy Zoo which I wrote earlier here. I get it RM200 including postage...all the way from Penang (ok encik suami nanti bolehla tlg bukak ye..dh dkt 2 bulan toy tu disimpan....)

03 June, 2011

Moh like Afham!

Voting time start!

Kerjasama readers adalah amat2 dialu2kan

Simple step

1. Like MBP page - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sfrm=1#!/mombloggersplanet
you can search for mom bloggers planet (in case this link not work)

2. Like Afham..(Ibu submit gambar mcm entry ini-http://tepungpelita.blogspot.com/2011/05/mombloggersplanet-cutest-baby-of-planet.html...plus Afham peserta yg last sekali)

Ok..thank you very much for ur time and like Afham!..(cepat vote yer..sbb voting period 1-10 June 2011...ibu lmbt promote sbb dia sibuk closing)

- Entri ini ibu post dlm ERL....sian ibu kena keje walaupun co declare cuti in lieu besday Agong..ini sume sbb boss kata *sume kena post hari Jumaat*..dahle beg spital xkemas lagik

02 June, 2011

Should I call it panic attack?

About less than 3 weeks we will having our 2nd baby...but the fact tones of things still not settled

The fact that
- still not complete packed hospital bag for baby...just partial done
- still not packed my hospital bag
- still not settled with kemas 1 rumah...planning this time confinement duduk dlm bilik bawah..last time belasah naik tangga time pantang..kali ni mau lebih proper
- still not buying few items that I think its better this time I have it
- still not finished transfer knowledge to temp staff

The most important thing..adalah belum habis ganti puasa! *Ok masa Syawal hari tu ada buat puasa 6, setelah tnya ustaz baca few links boleh segregate dan dahulukan puasa 6, lps tu buatlah puasa ganti..untk dapat pahala yg dinyatakan..masa tu mmg tak de plan pregnant...yakin Afham akan dpt adik bila dia dh besar sikit,,skrg mcmana? klu kira2 rasa ada dlm seminggu jugak lagi nk kena ganti*

Aduhai..apesal lg bnyk outstanding list nih? pdhal pregnant 2nd tuh..or should I blame workload and never ending fatigue that I have?

Mintak2 by end of this weekend I can strike few things...and ganti puasa latest by next week..Insya Allah.Amin