28 September, 2008

My 360 degrees stories

Where I should start for my 360 degrees stories? Ya..maybe I do not have 360 list to complete it but I have few stories to write for the readers *oo banyak2 karang xde plak citer lain*

At first I'm thinking to write with some solid reason story..but since I have some combo meal to write..it will become the most remembered Raya

1st story Date : 27.09.2008 Time : 3.30am - 1.oopm

3.30am = Since encik-tunang really want to have sahur feel..so he drove all the way to my house and we have our sahur at mamak
4.25am = I decided to start packing and sidai baju...*very lazy to do all this before sleep at that night..*
5.00am = Sleep...siap mimpi..tak ingat pun
7.20am = Huwah..I'm rushing to take 2min shower..almost left my hp..encik-tunang has called few times before but sy tido tak ingat..
7.50am = arrived Pudu..and saw this *climax of my story 1..my ticket 8am*

Bagi tiket perjalanan ke Selatan dr 15.09.2008 hingga 15.10.08 sila naik dari Bukit Jalil

Out of my mind, I really felt silly *adakah sy tak baca surat khabar + tgk berita..until I didn't know about it..and already think that tak beraya la tahun ni* Yes, I'm almost crying, thinking that I missed the bus and maybe balik beraya naik lori ayam, transit naik kereta lembu plus naik beca *sungguh xbetul ketika itu*
Encik-tunang give some idea to send me back to my hometown *sweet, but Defence, Finance & Healthy Minister do not approve the proposal since that night he will drive for 5hours journey to Kedah...this is the not soo good thing utara-selatan relationship..kalau both of us sehala it will b really good idea dear*

8.00am = naik shuttle bus, hoping some luck *quite blur..already imagine naik lori ayam...haha*
8.13am = bus started to move to Bukit Jalil
8.30am = arrived at Bukit Jalil..rushing looking for bus..Alhamdulillah..Phew..naseb baik, bus still not there...*rasa nk lompat2 je time tuh*
9.30am =bus still not there...muka sume dah mcm ayam golek yg tensen nk kena bakar...kwang3 termasukla saya
10am = finally after 2 hours waiting the bus arrived *hmm actually it for seremban trip but since we have been waiting soo long, they adjusting it for all the tension faces*

2nd story my Out of office assistant reply
Thanks for your email. I will be out of office, and have no email access on:
Monday and Tuesday (29 and 30 Sept) - Annual Leave
Wednesday (1 Oct) - National Holiday (Hari Raya)

Your email will be attended to upon my return on Thursday (2 Oct)

Kindly take note that for accrual posting and posting parked document still can be done until 2 Oct.
For URGENT matters during these days, kindly refer to Vimala
Apologies for the inconveniences caused.
xoxo, *of course I didn’t put this..maunya analyst, controller or anybody that I deal all over the world terbeliak biji mata…I will use Thanks and regards*

Guess what is the relation out of ofis and 360 degree story? Saya kena kerja di hari raya kedua..dan hari seterus2nya...plus this is quarter closing..enuff kan all the combo raya di ofis story? we have planned to do mobile office, but considering di ceruk kampung the internet will not so good, it will effect the closing. So the final decision and the only best option,raya at office..*no triple pay..only leave credit+meal allowance+travelling*

The most suitable song for us

si baju hijau *change accordingly* sedang berjuang, di perbatasan peluru tak bermata harus waspada...*of course no such bullet for us..but maybe some tears*

So my 360 degrees story will stop here and to be continued..readers please visit again for the part 2 *maybe that time you are having london almond, tart, baulu, rempeyek, air sirap or just come back to office gossip with all raya stories..plz remember me struggling with the figures*

Happy Aidilfitri =)

p/s: Zety, aku dh jawab sket part of ur question.

25 September, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Wishing all the readers Selamat Hari Raya..
Drive carefully..remember the love ones.
Eat moderate.. *haha selalu for sure terbabas...untk sebulan..because of the open house..cookies, cakes, ketupat, rendang, kuzi ayam, kurma daging, sambal kacang, sayur lodeh......*

Business (urm..actually should be blogging kan?) : to be confirmed *kwang3..macam la jual produk....

Credit pics : http://cupcakedivinity.blogspot.com/ (but I've edited it to black& white)

p/s : this year raya will be 360 degree different... :(

24 September, 2008

15 facts that you might want to know about tepungpelita.blogspot

1. 1st entry?

2 Why blogging?
It start from zaman gelap, to be specific after break off...maybe I need some space to write/shouting all the feelings..so I started blogging from other platform then 2008 started to move to blogspot..the old blog is still there and I am still transferring the sweet memories from old blog to this blog...for the rest I will left it as it is Kerja yg saja2 dicarik!

3 Why tepungpelita?
I am not Kelantanese, but I just love tepung pelita...I'm trying to have different url from old blog..and decided to choose this name as url

4 Why ~ms tepung~?
Trying to be different from other *suke hati saya la kan?* Besides considering myself fair.. *sesi perasan putih macam tepung..kwang3*

5 Why move to blogspot?
Because it is user friendly..and I can have my experiments here.. *ok no animal was tested during my experiments ;p*

6 Who am I?
Homo sapiens...for the rest sila la selalu baca blog saya ;)

7 Language?
Started with most of the entries in Malay, and later I have decided to be seriously write in English *with a little bit of Malay* I have to write in English since I really think that I need to brush up my English *although I believe most of my writing here in English, have so many grammar mistakes..pls accept my apology*

My previous working experience require myself to write and communicate most of the time in English..besides last time I have Chinese team members..so most of the time we speak in English

However my current job *soon will become previous experience also in early Dec 2008*, I don't have much opportunity to speak and write in English aggressively...wording for email is just simple like kindly approve, FYI, FYA, kindly assist...also, most of the time communicate in Malay
After that, I decided to write in English considering that it will be a great platform to add up and brush up English yg dah berkarat itu....

8 Layout
Yes a lot of option out there...I started using template that provided by blogspot, move to star template...and move to this fresh, new look of template *perasan erk* after so many times of troubleshoot and selection process. It is hard for me to pick up and use any template..*not because I'm fussy but most of the template is too stylish to me..to many things *Its not mean that other layout are ugly, but it just not my taste* So, I decided to have some touch of my skill that I have plus with freebies and some template through surfing the net...

9 IT
The good thing of having blog, I have learned few scripts…which to change here and there *of course kawasan-jajahan ialah tepungpelita.blogspot.com*

Besides, I have learned to add few widgets and also Nuffnang *hopefully one fine day I will have my cheques from my writing here...please support me by keep on reading my blog*

10 What do you write?
Anything except politics, sex....so don't be surprise if in future I will write about recipes, family, how to decorate living hall...it can be anything...however to be specific I might not write every single thing about myself and the loves one...*certain things are for ourselves*

11 Frequency of writing
Depends on the mood and time...but I will try to post at least once a week

12 Shout box (the interactive area-Have your say)
I will reply as and when *preferably after few items* ...I will welcome anyone to have your say ...but I will encourage to have your link...but for those that I know *frens...esp from school, university, ex colleague, colleague..pls write your nickname there...*Anyone can post there *although you do not have blogspot account*

13 Comment for each posting
Currently I do not put any limit...so for anonymous *if you are my frens esp do not have blogspot account..pls put your nickname like done here* Also I will reply to the comment (s) as and when *preferably after few comments*

14 Idol (bloggers)
No specific blog as my idol..but I do read and leave comment(s) here and there

15 Hope?
Sharing is caring ;) ...for those do not interested, you can click x and leave my blog...for those think my blog is interesting, you are most welcome to link to me…

Thank you for your time


Currently I'm doing some kind of IT work to revamp my blog layout *maybe not marvellous but somehow I think it will be more personal touch...*

Hence I decided to have this entry to list all my uni frens blog:-

Zue - http://zuesarin.blogspot.com
Nisak - http://theperfectlittlehideouts.blogspot.com
Chik - http://azinsur.blog.friendster.com/
Ayu - http://seriayumasuri.blog.friendster.com
Pae - http://paecute.blog.friendster.com
Naz - http://entahler.blog.friendster.com
Zety - http://bungacintamama.blogspot.com

Urm not sure if I left anybody..but I don't think that my batch is into blog..

Please be patient for my new layout ya!

A 2 Z...1,2,3...

This is entry is dedicated to those who have linked my blog in their blog *I do not know them personally but this is some kind of virtual friends*

Thank you very much ....:)

As token of appreciation, I will link them indirectly *since afraid if I'm putting directly it might be affected when it comes to layout construction..hoho I might want to change the layout from time to time*

Here the list..*not in any type of sequel...*

Si Reben Merah - http://whatshewannatalk.blogspot/
Daniya Alesha's mummy - http://diamilikku.blogspot.com/

newly wed
Ima - http://imady.blogspot/
Maria - http://w0rld0fmin3.blogspot.com/

bride to be
Aisya - http://nuraisya83.wordpress.com/
Dayu - http://dayuyuna.blogspot.com/
Ashylla - http://whitelacetale.blogspot.com/
Amy- Wan - http://ameliaabiden.blogspot.com/ & http://28may2009.blogspot.com/
Nurul Aziyana - http://nurulaziyana.blogspot.com/
Lady_Daisy http://rezain.blogspot.com/

Actually I'm not sure whether after my wedding they will link to me??? since of course after my big day sure I will write life after marriage..any ideas? or shall I wait till the time comes....

Tailor Medan MARA - http://uminaz-collections.blogspot.com/
dora the scribbler - http://oneblackspot.blogspot.com/
All about wedding - http://isubumperkahwin.blogspot.com/

I will update the list here from time to time as and when anyone link to me- * sorry kalau lambat since ni keje part time..*pst this is the good thing about Nuffnang, it help me to detect if somebody link my blog*

23 September, 2008

Under construction

Dear readers,

Apologies for the inconviniences caused..

I'm still struggling with all the script, and trying to search the best template...*huwah pure accounting turns to IT world*

Will try to update from time to time...constructive feedback almost welcome *hmm ada readers ke? kwang3*

Tepung pelita and iftar at kedai dobi

I have to admit that lately that i am addicted to blogging *no harm, but it really difficult since I don’t have a lot of time, besides that to update of coz la kena taip...and the main problem i'm still a lil bit not familiar with MAC...kepunyaan encik-tunang...gwe taip kat word lps tu pandai2la adjust*

Owh, its very difficult since all the while I'm using normal computer..still trying to adjusting with all the shortcut *almost the same but still have to familiar with the click...esp click to the left*

Okey..back to the main topic...I know people will confused all the while I'm using tepung pelita as url..but still not much story telling or at least recipe for it...I have no tepung pelita recipe, "resepi tepung pelita yg best" or any recipe to be try n error since i really don't have *maybe one fine day i will share it..only after i'm trying it..rumah sewa skrg kurang sesuai jadik tempat masak2..*

Even somebody asking whether I am Kelantanese..ok saya bukan org Kelantan tapi org Malaysia..org Kedah pun leh makan tempe yg sinonim ngan Jawa..so not a big deal kan guna url tepung pelita…kwang3

*so colourful..but i did'nt buy it since reserve my stomatch for tepung pelita*

*this is my favourite tepung pelita..encik-tunang maybe next time amek contact no..kot2 wife anda mengidam..hehehe*

But I will share where I can get my favorite tepung pelita..I really like tepung pelita at Section 18, Shah Alam..Its just nice, tak terlalu lembik, sweet, and I just like it...at first I thought that I will not able to taste it since Section 18 has changed a lot...ada Ole-Ole, and Mydin *I'm staying somewhere around that during degree...and to have secret recipe cake, have to go to Sunway, KL...pheww naseb baik dolu2 xde kalau tak gwe sudah membesar xtau berapa kali ganda kot*

Guess how many I bought yummylicious tepung pelita?...Hmm..100/5+10-(5X4)= ?....*tak cukup calculator guna jari2 tangan dan kaki..:)*

And last sunday is most likely to be the last time for me buka puasa with encik-tunang *Insya Allah taun dpn sy yg masak untuk berbuka...takpun sama2 main masak2 kat dapur...ok tak?*

We have our iftar at kedai dobi pure clean laundry , bandar sri damansara *the signbord stating as kedai dobi, but the fact it is a cafe* For this ramadhan they have buffet for RM 10 per person *the cheapest buffet in KL but do not expecting that they have super extra vaganza foods and drink*

From the findings, they have a drink *bottomless*, one type of bubur *on that day bubur pulut hitam* and 3 types of malay kuih

They have one long food stations, but i will segregate it into 4..which will be

kurma, ulam2, few types of kerabu, sambal tempoyak, telur masin, bergedil

chicken curry, ayam masak lemak, vegi, daging masak ?? *termasin plak arituh* and few things that i could'n remember
telur goreng, ikan kelapa, kailan, tauhu berlada, even pasta pun ada..but by the time we want to take, the sauce is no longer there..

they also have lontong, mutton rendang, ayam masak merah...

For those like to eat malay foods, you must have a try here...if you're not able to come this few days left in Ramadhan, you still can come here on normal days..as they will likely serve almost the same style of foods..

Map attached here (the cafe is in the same row with CBS Technology..so i use the same map)

Just few days left...so selamat beribadah di hujung ramadhan *i just saw Nurul Izzah, when my housemates and me berterawih at Masjid ....should i disclose which mosque? or just find by yourself*

22 September, 2008

Air tangan org yg tak solat

I got this from email and would like to share (dan juga mengingatkan diriku sbgai hambaNya)

Buat santapan sahabat semua..Moga dapat manfaat dari apa yang dibaca dan moga kita termasuk kedalam golongan yang disayanggi NYA...Aminnnnnn

Semua orang tahu bahawa kalau meninggalkan solat tu, adalah dosa besar, dan malahan lebih hina drpd khinzir.Betapa hinanya kita kalau meninggalkan solat spt yg dikisahkan pd zaman Nabi Musa A।S

Begini kisahnya... pada zaman Nabi Musa, ada seorang lelaki yg sudah berumahtangga, dia tak de zuriat lalu, terdetik dlm hati dia (nazar), 'kalau aku dpt anak, aku akan minum air kencing anjing hitam.' Nak dijadikan cerita, Allah pun kurniakan isteri si lelaki tadi pun hamil dan melahirkan anak. Bila dah dpt anak, laki ni pun runsinglah.. . Dia dah nazar nak kena minum air kencing anjing hitam.

Syariat pd zaman Nabi Musa berbeza dgn syariat yg turun utk umat Nabi Muhammad. kalau umat Nabi Muhammad, nazar benda yg haram, maka tak payah buat, tapi kena denda(dam) atau sedekah.. Tapi, kalau zaman Nabi Musa, brgsiapa bernazar, walaupun haram,tetap kena laksanakan nazar tu..lalu, si lelaki yg dapat anak tu, dgn susah hatinya, pun pegilah bertemu dgn Nabi-Allah Musa.. Dan menceritakan apa yg terjadi ke atas dirinya..lalu, Nabi Musa menjawab bahawa lelaki tu xpayah minum air kencing anjing hitam, tapi akan minum air yg lebih hina dr air kencing anjing hitam.

Nabi Musa perintahkan lelaki tersebut utk pergi menadah air yg jatuh dr bumbung rumah orang yg meninggalkan sembahyang dan minum air tu. lalu, lelaki tu pun senang hati, menjalankan apa yg diperintahkan oleh Nabi Musa tadi...

Lihat.. betapa hinanya org yg meninggalkan solat, sampai dikatakan air yg jatuh dr bumbung rumah dia, lbh hina dr air kencing anjing hitam..Itu baru air bumbung rumah, belum air tangan lagi..

Menyentuh bab air tangan ni, selalu kita suka makan masakan ibu, isteri kita. Jadi, kepada muslimat sekalian, peliharalah solat, sbb kalau meninggalkan solat (kalau tak uzur), air tangan akan menitik ke dalam basuhan makanan, nasi, dsb..anak-anak, suami pulak yg akan makan makanan yg dimasak. takkan nak biarkan suami & anak2 gelap hati minum air tangan org tinggalkan solat..tak gamakkan? tapi.. lain pulak halnya dgn kita ni..pagi petang.. mamak!! teh tarik satu, roti canai satu.. ada pulak segelintir tukang masak yg tak solat.. kita pun makan bekas air tangan dia...gelap lah hati kita.. sbb tu liat nak buat keja2 yg baik. beware apa yg kita makan... betapa beratnya amalan solat ni, hatta Allah syariatkan solat kepada Nabi Muhammad melalui Isra' Mikraj, sedangkan kewajipan2 lain memadai diutus melalui Jibril a. s.

Ketika saat Rasulullah nazak, sempat baginda berpesan kpd Saidina Ali (&utk umat Islam) , 'As solah as Solah wa amalakat aimanukum.' maknanya,'Solat, solat jgn sekali kamu abaikan dan peliharalah org2 yg lemah di bawah tanggunganmu. 'jadi, sama2lah kita pelihara solat kita, dr segi zahir & batinnya,kerana amalan solatlah amalan yg mula2 akan ditimbang di neraca Mizan kelak

19 September, 2008

How to spend RM40 for buka puasa?

I know this will sound terrible by spending RM 40 per person for iftar (buka puasa) …..but I have to admit this is what has happened to me for last few days ago *disclaimer : this is not to show off or anything..its just food review ok? Futhermore on working day I’m having very simple food for iftar..only rice, fish/ciken and vegi..and no to kuih2, bubur, murtabak, roti jala, etc..very plain food*

Back to the main topic..you can spend RM 40 either for buffet or ala carte food:-

Buffet – Ramadhan Buffet at Pick N’ Brew, One Utama
Price for Ramdhan Buffet RM38++ for adult and RM18++ for kid

The concept here is no MSG *I have some chit chat with the waitress here (they are kind and very helpful)..and they mention their chef will try their best to cook the foods and they will serve different type of food everyday..even for ala carte food they do not use any MSG..sounds healthy rite?*

The ambiance really nice..They have 3 foods station…free flow for drinks *we have nice the tarik and soya cincau that day, the waiter/tress will help for the drinks*

Station 1 : Soto, ikan bakar, sotong bakar, vegetable fritters, roti jala, nasi ulam *really good..I really like it*, tauhu sumbat, gado-gado, keropok and few things that I can’t remember
Station 2: Fruits, salads, malay kuih, cookies, cakes, dates..even choc fondue for the fruits
Station 3 : Tomato rice, curry chicken, cheesy fish, lamb chop *the gravy really nice*, vegetable, etc Overall was really good..I really like almost everything *hmm even taste almost everything…but I’m not posting all the picture here* You can book (03-7726 0102) for a group and they will adjust for seating

Ala Carte – Basil, Bangsar Village

Team buka puasa was held here..4 of us really enjoy the foods..the food look nice and taste great *beware of the fire burning in your mouth*

We have steamed siakap with chilies+lime, kerabu mangga, kailan, tomyam campur and ayam *huhu lupa plak..ayam gulung ke ayam pandan...let's pics do the talking part*

Delicious.....but spicy....hot+burning+spicy+fire burning= delicious *tak cukup...sambal belacan pun ada*
And heroin for the day will be water chesnut with coconut milk...*magic betul..since rasa pedas tu hilang 150%..and yg kuning2 tu cebisan2 nangka*

16 September, 2008

Gathering Buka Puasa Sc 13

X Sc 13 having iftar at Waroeng Penyet, The Curve last Sunday….For those who were not able to attend it, you missed few things

*Are you hot enough?*

*Kurma yg lembut, sedap*

*Colourful keropok yg habis dlm sekelip mata*

*Our VIP...Dynaz*

*Our VIP... Awal Ashari*

Jr Sc 13 growing up…*compared to last year dalam stroller*

*Night view…The Walk, The Curve*

*The hot club*

For more pictures *as no right click here..and I am so lazy to remove the script*,

kindly click here P/s: Gals, sorry for the caption….just for fun:)

15 September, 2008

Maternity wear solution

Opss..looking to the topic will makes people confius *ms tepung not yet married...so not pregnant yet..only once i'm married to encik-tunang-saya..*
I'm writing this topic because it relates to yesterday gathering *ya ya...sharing the info...i will post about it later..since need to find my card reader..calling for my card reader..where are you..plz find me*

And of course this morning I'm still curious what is the Belly Belt?... *hot mama u still can wear your favourite jeans during pregnancy by using this gadget *should I call as gadget? *erk...if hard disk, sd card should be ok but belly belt would be accessories kot..more appropriate...*

Then..I found this site -> click here (descrition and including FAQ)
So I have better understanding and no more imagination *actually i can imagine..but only so-so* ....This maternity wear solution is great but bear in mind this should be wear together with long shirt..otherwise there will be accident or awful incident.. *hoho of course the seller would not be responsible*
Hmm..so for husband..if you found this unfamiliar belt, don't throw it away..since this thing will help your wife looks great and at the same time she will not asking for new clothes *you can save it for the medical cost, diapers, etc...but if she ask for 1-3 new clothes buy for her...be reasonable la....karang dia merajuk lagi susah..more expenses untuk sesi pujuk-memujuk plak*

11 September, 2008

Malaysian Next Top Model *hmmm...betul ke?*

Do you want to become Malaysian Next Top Model (MNTM) without doing any catwalk? *angkat tangan, kaki ya semua* I will simply guide you to achieve your dreams... *if you dun believe me I don’t care..because you’ll miss the good opportunities*


Lets start here:-
1. Search for the most beautiful / macho pictures…if you don’t have one you just simply smile and capture it from your hp or camera
2. You must have internet access in order to achieve your dream *the powerful thing*
3. Simply follow the instruction from the web *will be reveal the powerful thing..just be patient OK?*
4. Wait for few seconds *depend on the internet speed..OK?*
5. Smile. You can view the end product
*here we come MNTM in Vogue*
**not enuff money to make proposal billboard ..
or next candidate for Pekan XYZ?
here you can do it..*
*ya ya....become cover again*
The secret to be revealed *i'm not getting any commission..but sharing is caring*
Jeng jeng jeng -->
2. http://www.magmypic.com/ *you can use it in friendster, facebook, myspace...ola~~*

10 September, 2008

Buka Puasa at The Curve this sunday.....

Ayam Penyet

Ikan bakar

Jus Alpukat (avokado)

Es cendol, keropok......

What do you think of the above? *kalau boleh gugat keimanan..minta mahap*

No idea at all about Waroeng Penyet, The Curve? *although u alwiz shopping or window-shopping kat the Curve itew*

X Sc 13.....Plz come and join us for this Buka Puasa...

Venue : Waroeng Penyet, The Curve (03-7710 6761..in case next time nak reserve leh contact no for this place)
Date : 14.09.2008
Day : Sunday
Time : Iftar (buka puasa)...preferable if you can come early around 6+

Still not clear? Hmm..
The word "Waroeng" means a traditional hut in Indonesia that serve ranges choices of traditional authentic food with a reasonable price (unlike fine dining restaurants). The word "Penyet" means "Flattened" as most of the main dishes are being flattened. But this is just a Javanese-style of making the food unique as compared with other dishes. It does not affect in terms of taste or quality.

Top of the list for food lover will be Ayam Penyet..*apekah itu?*
An Indonesian flattened friend chicken that is deep fried until crispy, served with crunchy batter, fried tofu and the most important factor - sambal!
"The sambal was simply delicious! It's hot, spicy and goes really well with the chicken."-jacksonkah.blogspot.com
"The excellent sambal (3 types actually) can be refilled at will, and I will definitely go there again. Give it a try if you are one of those who love spicy flavorful food!" - kyspeak.com
"Pedas menyengat..".tepungpelita.blogspot.com

Still not enuff?

Not responsible if the foods served is not according to your taste...tak-kenal-maka-tak-chenta....*although maybe maid Noly lebih terror masak ..*so the best thing is.....come and taste it..the more the merrier...besides the main purpose is to meet each other and also gossip girl

Contact person : Dila

Additional note:
Map...*considering sape2 yg nk ke toilet...sblh je*