30 January, 2012

Credit card charge extra for my Groupon purchase

All those online voucher can drive us crazy..with so much bargain and its so easy peasy purchase right? Milkadeal, Groupon, Ilovediscount and so on..

Recently I made 2 purchase from Groupon and notice that the credit card statement showed diff figure (ha itu pun tersedar sbb nk gi anto claim form...nk claim kat company for the ACCA fee, klu tak sebab tu maybe lah xsedar extra charges kan...)

So just trying my luck gogel lah ~ hah lps tu gogel terus ke FAQ Groupon http://www.groupon.my/faq (br terkedek2 nk baca FAQ..pdhal dh soping2)

I just email to the support team like below

To : support@groupon.my
Subject : Payment with credit card and noticed a couple of sen extra


I noticed that I’ve been charged extra ringgit by credit card for two purchase below:-
24 Dec – ABC – RM 60, but credit card charged RM 60.48 (diff RM 0.48)
26 Dec – XYZ – RM 308, but credit card charged RM 310.46 (diff RM 2.46)

Total extra charge RM 2.94

Attached here the print screen of credit card statement stated the charge for above
Understand that the amount can be refunded, kindly confirm


On the same day I received the reply below..


Thank you for your email.

We're terribly sorry for the additional charges. This happens because certain banks recognize Groupon as an international entity, therefore with this assumption, they charge an exchange rate fee which is entirely not necessary.

Our team has been alerted about this and are still working with banks to establish that surcharge is not necessary. Meanwhile, to make it up to you, we have placed RM3 worth of credits in your Groupon account.

Hope this helps. Do let me know should you need further assistance.

Have a great day. =)


Yes they really replaced the credits in my account (but the credit have expiry date – 1 year..oklah kan?). I know the amount might not significant, but it is our right as customer.

For those that pay ur Groupon purchase via credit card, pls check! And if you have similar problem don’t afraid to contact them. Till then

26 January, 2012

Proposal : Celebrating 3 years of anniversary

Dear husband,

Less than 2 months we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary. So I’m thinking to have a celebration for this year.

We do not celebrate 1st year as we just get our lil Afham, 2nd year plak I’m in pregnancy mood.

So I just think this is the perfect year to celebrate, at least we have some moments to be remembered later. I knew I'm not good in giving surprise so on, so I hope you don’t mind with this arrangement (nak wat cmner...terigin nk bg suprise tp klu beli barang naik kereta sure la gak nmpk barang...)

At first I thought to have just two of us having our dating time on the anniversary day itself, but after considering that I need to pump my milk at least twice (plus beg susu with all those ice packs...) hmm lecehla plak..so I hope you don’t mind if we celebrate it together with Afham & Alif

Below are the proposal plan:
1. Take a day leave on 14.3.2012 Wednesday
2. Have our family photoshoot @ whiteroom for one hour session
3. Eat, buffet lunch at XYZ
4. Jalan2
5. Balik

I do not disclose further details here, but please read ur email (it’s the same except the email have more details with draft plan (with estimated travelling time))

I hope you will agree with this proposal. I knew that you will read my blog, but afraid you’ll overlook email. So to be safe I post here and send the email as well.

Oh ya, the arrangement will be done by me (plus the bill!). No surprise thingy, but all arrangement purely done with love.

Any disagreement (or to change tempat makan) kindly inform ASAP

Your wife

17 January, 2012

2012 mom,baby,motherhood,parenthood expo

Remember my post last year on all those mom-baby expo here? Now its back for 2012!

So far I noticed as below, will update as soon as other additional expo. The information is correct during published

Johor Bahru
Mom & Baby Expo
Expo @ Danga City Mall, JB
23rd -25th March 2012

Mom & Baby Expo
Expo @ Danga City Mall, JB
5th -7th October 2012

Mom & Baby Expo
PISA, Penang
7th -9th December 2012

Kuala Lumpur

1. Motherhood Expo 2012
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
24th – 26th February 2012
10.30am – 9.00pm
Entrance is free
- Fitness & Slimming Beauty Services
- Maternity & Children's Clothing and Accessories
- Medical Biotechnology & Management of Infertility Services
- Natural Nutrition Food for Weaning Babies & Organic Toddler Formula Products
- Diaper, Furniture and Toy Retailers
- Infant & Toddlers Safety Products
- Breastfeeding & Mommy's Groups
- Early Education Products
- Financial & Insurance Institutions

2. 3rd Maternity & Children Expo
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
9th – 11th March 2012
10am - 9pm
- Maternity Clothing & Accessories
- Slimming, Beauty & Health Care Products
- Breast Feeding & Mommy's Group
- Baby & Children Garments & Accessories
- Baby & Children Bedding & Furniture
- Toys, Playing & Learning Products
- Early Education, Training, Courses
- Programmes & Products
- Food, Fedding & Nutrition
- Medical Biotechnological & Stem Cells Services
- Insurance & Financial Institution
- Photographer Services for Children & Parents
- Stroller & Gear, Travel Products
- Baby & Children Cares & Daily Use Products
- All Products & Services Related to Children,
- Parents & Parents-to-be.

3. Mom & Baby Expo
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
11th -13th May 2012

4. Mom & Baby Expo
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
27th -29th July 2012

5. 8th IBEX International Baby Expo 2012
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
10th – 12th August 2012
10:30am - 9:00pm
- Maternity & Children's Clothing and Accessories
- Medical Biotechnology & Management of Infertility Services
- Natural Nutrition Food for Weaning Babies & Organic Toddler Formula Products
- Diaper, Furniture and Toy Retailers
- Infant & Toddlers Safety Products
- Breastfeeding & Mommy's Groups
- Early Education Products
- Fitness & Slimming Beauty Services

For 2012 we managed to visit 3 expo, and one of it quite disappointing, while the other two really worth it!

I will update later the expo-stories later (haha org lain update lps event myself update slps berbulan...sorry ye...tangan xcukup.)

Anyway for moms to be, moms out there book ur calendar, save some budget and be prepare with thousand of peoples (I really meant it...ramai giler org, might end up spend more than u expect – sbb bargain and sometimes time2 ni la produk baru keluar)

Till then

12 January, 2012

Anak seorg vs anak dua org

Sama tapi tak serupa

Sblm tulis pnjg...1 tu masa anak sorg, 2 untk dah anak dua org

Keluar rumah

1. Ayah pegang Afham dlm kereta, ibu kunci sume tutup pintu

2. Ayah jaga Afham dlm kereta, ibu dgn apa cara sekalipun pegang Alif , kunci tutup sume pintu

Hantar nursery

1. Pagi2 ibu hantar Afham, ayah cuma turun join time ibu dh pregnantkan Alif

2. Pagi2 dua2 bawak sorg satu anak...

Makan kat luar

1. Boleh turn2 sorg pegang anak, sorg lg jaga..lps tu amik turn masing2

2. Makan serentak - ayah suap Afham, ibu suap diri sendiri. Time Alif newborn blhla ibu makan smbl Alif tdo dlm stroller, skrg Alif xde tdo time keluar. Sudahle suka melompat..maka ibu makan sikit, pstu bg Alif lompat2, smbg makan, bg Alif lompat lagi (huhu letih! hari tu kat Ikea ada auntie yg sgt baik hati offer nk pgg Alif suh ibu makan,tp terpaksa la ibu tolak pelawaan tu sbbnya xmo auntie ni patah tangan dek lompatan Alif). Very soon dua2 suap sorg satu anak


1. Dua2 masuk jumpa doc, salah sorg pegang Afham

2. Dr tnya "sorg je ke?". my answer "husband kat luar". Husband jaga Afham kat luar-klu klinik kanak2 sure Afham sibuk nk main bola, etc. Ibu bawa Alif jumpa doktor....agaknya doktor tgk ibu serabut dgn henbeg, kain lampin, muka serabai..


1. Blh jalan saing2

2. Ayah bawak Afham fav spot mcm depan tv banyak (lg bagus klu ada cd Boboi Boy), tak pun pegi tgk ikan2 dlm akuarium...ibu g carik barang dgn Alif

Beauty regime

1. Tak de dah..lps tu dpt tau pregnant lg pun sama xde mood melawa

2. Lgla xde.Mandi pun diskaun bnyk..hoho belek muka kat cermin mak ai serabai diri, hari2 yg kelam kabut lg teruk..tangan penuh macam2, tak cukup tangan. Mulut pun selit ape yg boleh...tgk groupon promo spa, alahai bestnya...tapi bila nk click beli fikir berkali2 ntah bila nk peginye.


1. Boleh poyo2 basuh seminggu sekali. biasa dua kali seminggu

2. Basuh baju seminggu sekali? boleh pengsan wo time sidai.basuh dua kali seminggu pun boleh berpinau mata nk sidai.maka skrg basuh at least 3 kali seminggu...blom citer part timbunan baju bersih yg dh mcm gunung kinabalu. masih lg mencari rentak

Of course a lot of thing change, nak tulis satu2 xcukup masa...and both need attention. Anak rapat mmg kena sorg handle sorg satu...since Afham pun blm blh independent lg. Adakala rasa xsabar nk dioarg besar! (haha...lps tu klu nakal2 nk suh diorg jd baby balik..boleh gitu? ape kes?)

Apepun still belajar dan mencari rentak menjadi ibu kepada dua org anak...nanti klu dh tiga org pun still kena belajar dan cari rentak ibu kepada tiga org anak...tak gitu?

09 January, 2012

I want to become Brittani ANTM...

Ada gaya model tak? kenangan makeover dulu di sini

Scroll down




Phew..tajuk mcm ape kan? Ape ingat org sume kata dh kurus blh la jd model ala2 mcm Brittani ANTM tu?

No..no..(haha...bnyk part lemak2, mana sesuai jd model kan? stretch mark pun segan nk ilang)

Its actually new haircut. As this is 2nd time postpartum hair loss, I could expect it earlier...so of course I have no worries about it, it just something predictable

While thinking and asked permission from husband to get new haircut...he answered me like this "potong mcm Brittani lah..." *yes he knows Brittani, he even knew Kim Kardashian bercerai sdgkan myself br terkedek2 nk tau..*

And when we had our conversation it was almost to the finale. And when the finale aired on TV husband do not watched it since dia kena temankan Afham tdo *that's why above picture bkn dr google tp mmg amik dpn tv..sbb tak sabar nk tnjk gmbr haircut Brittani*

Anyway, I already had my haircut..Does it turn like Brittani? Scroll down

Yes..its "Brittani" Zu =p *psl tu le xde gmbr haircut...*
tp still something new..pakai inner 3tone-slanting style..ok tak?

I noticed a lot of new mother worries about postpartum hair loss. My humble advice :-
1. get a new hair cut..keep it short, dh pendek2 maka yg gugur tu takle nmpk banyak sgt sbb rambut tu pendek2
2. ok2 maybe org kata pemalas..but sy sikat rambut bila rasa perlu
3. takde pakai syampu specific, still guna syampu yg sama
4. be patient..its temporary, but if it really serious silala ke Yun-Nam-Hair-Care
5. husband komplen banyak rambut gugur? gelak2 sajalah ye...erk husband komplen smbl tangan laju je kutip2 dan buang rambut (thank u abg!)

Last but not least enjoy the-motherhood-episode-rambut-gugur-merata...this is part and partial of the journey!