25 June, 2010

Ibu2, bapa2....mari kita shopping

The most awaited sale (haish cmner plak boleh xsesabar ni)..Mydear warehouse sale

I missed the last time warehouse sale since masa tu dlm pantang...Then before this been there but not buying anything since masa tu pregnant 5 mths xsilapnya. Besides personally this warehouse sale more on ibu2bapa yg mmg dah ada anak...Haha because masa tu nmpk bnyk mainan2....

Most of the product are from Mydear brand, plus it also selling other brand..but if u expect Fisher Price ke xde lah kot (okeh sy bkn jenis brand..janji mainan tu elok dan reasonable price blhla beli...xkisahle org nk kata stingy mummy ke). But bumbo seat ader xsilapnya (saw from someoen blog)

Mydear warehouse sale
24.06.10 - 04.07.10

Products Offered
High Chair
and more

Cash and Credit Cards

Time: 9am – 7pm

Location (Tel: 603 8060 0093/95)
34 Jalan Meranti Jaya 10
Meranti Jaya Industrial Park
47120 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia

So encik suami mari kita spend wisely $$$ (sila jgn marah isteri anda yg nk g sale ini ok? sbb masa pregnant xde ter-ober soping kihkihkih)

Afham? Ok since this is warehouse sale, we will not bring him. (Hehe nasib baik nursery bukak half day hari sabtu...ooo, jgn karang balik tetiba nmpk plak notis sabtu tutup...maka ibu dia ni akan menggelupur sbb xdpt serang warehouse sale)

Will blog later hasil-serangan-habiskan-$$$..(harap2 ada masa ok?)...

22 June, 2010

Baby wish list

Soo many baby items until I fall in love almost everything...So this wish list is not baby wish list but ibu wish list

Ok straight to the point no cornar2...mai tgk brg baby...

Bumbo seat
tgk blog ibu2 mcm cute je anak2 diorg duduk..
3 in 1 highchair
encik suami, cool tak benda ni? multi purpose
selain high chair, leh jd junior table and chair...idakle menyemak kat umah kita kan?
klu isteri anda nk beli tp preloved boleh tak?
sblm encik suami pening apa maksud preloved tu ape..
preloved tu dlm erti kata lain 2nd hand item

pacifier thermometer
I almost bought this thermometer
but encik suami keep asking
"accurate ke benda ni?"

Hoho I bet if I bought it because it seems so cute, but nasib baik teringat encik suami blom redeem point credit card, and he said redeem je pe2. After checking his points, we can redeem for ear thermometer below...Yeay!! (ok masa inilah sesuai redeem brg2 scara free). So thermometer that I bought previously will be used by ibu dan ayah..

will receive this in 3-4 weeks time

Afterall, we must think wisely before spending too much for our little ones...Hurm tapi berangan xsalahkan sbb free..hihihi

20 June, 2010

Happy Father's Day

untuk encik suami dan ayah (ayah x baca blog maka tggu Along tepon)

Untk encik suami, sorry no suprise or present...simpan tuk birthday k (ibu udah sengkek soping online...nasib ujung bln ni dpt duit kutu)

17 June, 2010

Checklist for mum 2 be & baby

At first I thought to write this entry while in third trimester..However, I really think that time I might end up writing and buying non stop (since baby items sooo cute...).

So to be realistic, I bought basic things and slowly adding up till now (now I am a serious online shopper...sbbnya lg senang, nk keluar jalan2 bw Afham dan terbelek2 cari barang adalah amat payah)

There is a reason why I need to list out here - thehehe...this list will be recycle for next pregnancy - trying to organize my life and also considering pregnant women alwizz have a problem with memory...

So hereby will write checklist for mom to be together with my personal opinion. The list here is compiled from few sources, but I have edited with my version.

Bathing & grooming
Bath tub
Toiletries (Baby bath, shampoo, lotion, powder, baby oil, minyak telon/yuyi)
Powder puff
Cotton ball
Cotton buds
Baby comb and brush
Nail clipper
Nasal cleaner
Medicine dropper
Baby box / basket

If you want a fancy towel, can buy a hooded towel. For medicine dropper, you can also use syringe (picagari).

For thermometer, if you have extra budget can have a digital one. But if you bought simple one (mine beli kat Watson, dlm rm20) also useful - Personal experience pernah test guna thermometer sdiri dan lps tu pi hospital, suhu lebih kurang aje...

Baby box / basket is to organize all the things. I have 1 small basket to lump everything and 1 like box which I put toiletries which I send it to nursery. If you want to save $$$ just recycle any tupperware you have...you might be suprised how you can use some tupperware that you have. Or when you bought toiletries, choose the one which comes with packaging in a box (paham ke ni? ala beli yg siap dlm bekas plastik...jimat pun jimat..)

Changing and diapering
Changing table (I dont have..so consider as optional)
Changing mat
Baby wipes
Disposable diaper (DD) / Cloth diaper (CD)
Nappy liners
Diaper cream

For baby wipes I bought 2 types - in jar and packaging. For jar I bought Pureen which ada 2 ; which very useful for those stay in rumah 2 tingkat and I refill this jar with Tesco baby wipes - refill. Baby wipes in packaging use for travelling.

Disposable diaper, I believe most of mom will say Mamipoko is the best - magic tape and also the countoured waistline design is suitable for newborn yg betul tanggal pusat. Diaper have 2 type of tape; magic tape and PE tape. Magic tape boleh lekat berulang kali, kalis air,minyak dan bedak eg Mamypoko, Huggies. PE tape adalah sebaliknya eg Drypers

For CD I have no personal experience, hence no further comment (still considering to use it..)

Nappy liners is useful for those CDing. Taken from here

Liners digunakan bersama Cloth Diapers sebagai alas di antara lampin dan bayi. Jika bayi membuang air besar, kita buang sahaja lapisan liner ini, dan Cloth Diaper yang kita guna itu akan lebih senang untuk dibasuh kemudian.

But for those use DD still can use liners, esp newborn yg kerap poo-poo. Taken from here

Membantu mengurangkan jumlah penggunaan CD dan juga DD - liners amat berguna bagi newborn yang kerap buang air besar tetapi dalam jumlah yg sedikit. Anda hanya perlu menukar liners sahaja setiap kali bayi buang air besar dan tidak perlu menukar keseluruhan CD atau DD dengan lebih kerap. Liner juga sgt sesuai digunakan sewaktu bayi anda sdg mengalami cirit birit yg memerlukan penukaran lampin dilakukan dgn lebih kerap

Some diaper cream works as 2 in 1; which can be use for baby and also nursing mothers eg Bepanthen

This list will be continued...(but of course it will takes time)

14 June, 2010

Kahwin-kahwin : Pelamin, kad, katering, etc

School holiday coming back and of course its also wedding season

For very first time, straight 3 weeks we have invitations...and of course we need to bring Afham also. Alhamdulillah, we can cope it..although ibu and ayah eat like monster (or maybe like pertandingan makan cepat...speed ok?)

2 weddings in a day

1. Shara & Bukhari

This is the first pengantin that Afham meet in his life (wakaka ayat xingat...bkn pe org kan slalu nk baby's first moment)

Shara was my bridesmaid...So istilah once a bridesmaid never a bride adalah tidak sesuai kan? hihihi

Pelamin siap ada love lagik

Afham tgk ape ntah, ibu dia sibuk suh senyum
Br perasan Cik, Puan, Puan yg dh ada anak...
Nani kitaorg tggu turn ko

2. Nisa' & Iwan
This is encik suami's friend...not able to snap their pics since we reached late..

05.06.10 & 06.06.10

Wedding of my auntie...and Afhamm got attention a lot ! He likes it..asik senyum-sengih2 bila sume2 agah...He met Tok Long, Tok J....and so on...(haha sume sbb sepupu ayah haruslah pangkat atuk Afham la)

My father's cousin
which is my auntie
and also Afham's granny
paham ke korg salasilah hingga tahap atuk Afham baru kawen?

Not in pics adalah sesi baling2 duit syiling
Encik suami sibuk tnya ngape masa kitaorg kawen dl xde
Mmg le xde sbb kawen kt balai raya nk baling duit camner..pelamin kat stage

Again 2 invitation (actually planning to go 1, but another one is guru muda's friend...its likely inpromtu decision)

First kenduri was our cousin's son (sblh arwah emak). No bride & groom pics since we need to move. However manage to snap pelamin pics.

Encik suami keep saying the food was great...and since I saw the caterer phamplet I took it. Their motto "Citarasa Johor" (no wonder ada acar buah...I like). Flip thru their phamplet and saw RM 14/pax covers foods, pramusaji, decoration, wedding card, wedding favours and arch. (minimum 1k pax). Wow I believe the price reasonable for all the things they offer. For those still looking for their big day, u might can consider them.

Click http://djucatering.com/katering2.html for their services.

The next wedding, I also do not snap pengantin pics, but I have their unique wedding card...ni cikgu kawen ngan cikgu..the result...

Papan hitam jadi inspirasi

If u interested to get like their wedding card, can contact http://www.zalensa.blogspot.com/

I do not have any personal experience with the wedding vendors mentioned here, its just to give idea for bride2be.

Last not least our wedding favours from 2 wedding (kanan yg kad kawen cun, kiri plak yg katerer dju catering...)

Bukak favours yg kotak2 putih tu, mcm2 ada...(that's why I said RM 14/pax above is reasonable)

Last but not least Selamat Pengantin Baru buat semua yg baru menempuhi alam rumahtangga....

12 June, 2010

Tip : Correct position for baby sleeping in cot / cradle

Even tho we bought cot for Afham, till now he still not yet rasmikan cot itu...

Maybe because our king size bed have enuff space for 3 person...hihii. I saw most of new mum like to snap picture their baby sleeping in the cot, and I just wonder if there is specific way to put baby in the cot - bkn pe cot tu kan besaq, baby tu kecik lagi

After reading some info over net, it is always safest to put your baby feer to foot in a cot in your room.

You also can read here for other tips.

Ok..now ibu can put Afham in the cot very soon !

10 June, 2010

Mawi fever???

Owh2...Now its no longer Mawi fever...but Makan Bola-Tido Bola-Segala Bola fever..betul tak?

I am not a big fan of Mawi [even tho bila tau Felda Taib Andak tu sblh je Felda kg atok]...but this 2 pics below inspired from Mawi style

Wanna see? Kenapa? Tak percaya ke?

Scroll down

Amacam ada mcm Mawi tak? Polo shirt and also kolar-angkat..kuikuikui

I think a week plus I do not blog anything..The reason broadband become super-sipoooottt and also adapting with new schedule [yup just a week coming back to work, so now I am worker,wife,ibu].

Sometimes I think to quit from blogging but this is the only diary that I have...[serious bnyk giler story mory x tertulis2, tertunggak2...em alahai mcm mana ye?]