29 April, 2010

Full paying patient (FPP) Hospital Putrajaya

remote control - to call nurse, adjust bed, on/off and volume for tv
you dun have to worry to blog from ur room since u can charge lappy and hp

tv (no astro), mini fridge

adjustable bed, one seat comfortable sofa (leh adjust part kaki)
not in picture : 2 chairs untuk tetamu...
they will lend medela lactina (in pic on the bed) if you want to pump

I saw from nuffnang keyword that someone search "ada private wing ke hospital putrajaya?, anyone given birth under full paying patient in hospital putrajaya, bersalin di hospital putrajaya dengan fpp"

So I shared here some of the information that might help. Hospital Putrajaya do have private wing but they call it as Full Paying Patient (FPP). Actually before this I have wrote it here, but that time belum bersalin lg

You can check here for further information. You can read there some of the information.

I am FPP patient, since from few pregnancy check ups (towards the end of pregnancy) and also giving birth. So you might wonder what is FPP, and anything special about it? How to enrol and so on. So I share some of personal experiences.

Firstly, we just walk in to the hospital to get some general idea FPP concept esp $ [at that time really blur no idea]. From explanation O&G basically they have 4 specialists that you can choose Dr Noraihan (Head of O&G), Dr Hamidah and 2 male doctors.

The charges for normal around RM 2k (max), while for operation range from RM3-5k [actual all depends on the condition and also bed charges that you choose]. Bear in mind Hospital Putrajaya have only first class. For FPP you can choose either 4 beds, double bed, single bed and executive single bed.

Upss bfore terlupa both of us not gov servant, so I am not sure if govt servant sign up for FPP akan lain charge or not...

After some discussion, we choose Dr Hamidah and one of the staff set up the appoinment date [dun worry, she will check with the doc first]. No payment just register and she will give small yellow book. Besides we brought also referral letter from clinic, however they do not request it.

On the appointment date, we went to FPP counter and need to sign the consent form and pay RM110 for consultation and registration.

For the next appointment, register at the FPP counter and pay RM60 (if there is extra things done like x ray and so on, you need to paid later once you finished your check up)

Deposit of RM3k to be paid only on the day you admitted for delivery. If the actual charges lower than the deposit amount, they will reimbursed it by cash.

Being FPP patient you will have special treatment. Patients to receive all the conviniences of a private hospital like the choice of rooms and attending specialists and special registration and appoinment facilities but minus the subsidies in the fees. Like for pregnancy check up, ur turn do not follow by ur number [senang cakap u will cut the queue].

For my delivery, we choosed executive single bed [encik suami kata pergh rate 1 malam di hospital lebih mahal dari rate kat hotel..ihik dear, ni sebagai ganti xde honeneymoon masa mula2 kawen dl..okla kan bang?].

The room is attached with toilet and shower, TV (no Astro), mini fridge, one seat comfortable sofa, 2 chairs, and for foods I can choose from the menu that they have for the day, several set including vegetarian set. Usually every evening they will asked you to choose for the next day menu [but the menu is not actually cater for confinement meals..it is just standard meal..so pepandai le pilih]

I stayed for 4 days and 3 nights [since Afham admitted to NICU, even my gynea said I can went home on second day but encik suami said just stay hospital as it will be easier nk jenguk2 baby].

Overall charges for 4 days 3 nights is RM 2k [normal delivery, episotomy, no epidural, no forcep]. RM900 itself is for 3 night..so I bet if normal delivery and 2 days 1 nights it cost around RM 1,400.

For Afham since he admitted to NICU, he was charged as separately [normal charges, no FPP].

I might consider giving birth here for next baby(ies) since I'm satisfied with overall things..[wakaka anak yg sorg ni pun masih terkial handle dh ada hati nk masuk no 2....]

Disclaimer: Hospital charges correct at that time. Any changes should ask the hospital.

27 April, 2010

Kisah benar di wad paediatrik II


Again story mory from wad kanak2 [eyh ini blog mak budak, haruslah banyak citer budak2 xgitu..lg berkampung seminggu]

Di suatu malam yg sunyi tak berapa sunyi, disebabkan tangisan bayi yg amat kuat.

Lokasi : Bilik Utiliti Bersih [shud I called it bilik cucuk2??]
Siapa di dalam? : Seorang bayi, seorang doktor, seorang misi

Situasi 1
Misi : Baby ni nampak je kecik, tapi kuat...

Situasi 2
Doktor : Adik, nape nangis ni? Mana ada sakit ni [doktor ini sedang cari urat dan nk cucuk buat ntah kali ke berapa try-test]

My point of view...
Situasi 1
Kuat? kuat dari segi apa?
kuat menangiskah? Hello kanak2 umur 6 taun pun menangis kena inject inikan pulak baby....
atau misi itu bermaksud bayi ini gagah perkasa sebab dah kena cucuk lebih sepoooloh kali?
atau bila misi pegang bayi itu akan menendang ala2 Jackie Chan?
ape2 pun ibu tau u r very strong boy *sapa lg nk puji kan?*

Situasi 2
Isk, haruslah baby nangis...sudah trauma kena cucuk banyak kali lebih sepoooloh kesan cucuk tau...kalau ikut ibu mau saja lepang-laju2 dan wai-hai-kong dragonball kat doktor tu

Cuba teka siapakah bayi itu?

Anak ibu dan ayah
Afham senyum senget ala Anuar Zain
*terkenan sbb masa mula2 ibu peknen gi tgk konsert Anuar Zain*

*ibu xtau nk buh tag ape untk citer anak ibu...ptt tag Afham or Kids or so on...nnti Afham ada adik kena consider jugak tag untk dia*

26 April, 2010

I need to blog....

..on so many things

Before I have tendency to get sakit-lupa/sekerat jalan draft. I need to list the expected entry will be

- simplysiti [not yet become duta product but at least trial pack sponsored by my sis.I have tried it for a week..]
- the birth story [LR story]
- confinement story [sok nanti 2nd child, klu lupa leh refer balik entry ni]
- Afham story [of course cerita hospital]
- when she turns to papparazi [jeng2....]

only 5 that I can thing....hopefully managed to write all

24 April, 2010

Kisah benar di wad paediatrik

Jeng2.....there is so many story from hospital....

And of of this happened yesterday.....dari wad kanak2

Do you think it will be scary? Scroll down


Boy : Sakit...sakit..sakit...sakit.......
Nurse : Adik sikit je ni...jgn takut inject skit je
Father of the boy : Nanti dh kuar hospital ayah beli kasut adik nk tu....
Nurse : Ha adik jgn takut...tu ayah adik dh janji nk beli kasut..
Father of the boy : Ayah dah nak beli ni, skarg jugak boleh beli...beli ONLINE

Owh2...see soo canggih....the father is actually betul2 depan laptop....while the boy is scared (pdhal sblm tu dh berkali2 jugak hadap jarum suntikan...

My son is also seem scared...and we just tried to lap2 badan and put some lotion kat tangan dan kaki, the reaction? He started to scream and tangan2 kaki2 sume tu dh menendang2...pdhal before that just okay...It might be because yesterday the doctor tried at least 3 point untuk bubuh tempat drip...

Will blog later on Afham full story...just pray that everything will be ok

[sigh, sudah tahap buhsan...teringat2 kat rumah..dan macam2 mau buat including still not yet do my e-filing]

21 April, 2010

bila anak sdiri ditahan di hospital...

[laki bini mode emo] both of us never been hospitalized for so long [en suami pernah skali accident,while myself masa bersalin..but both xlama]...being very 1st time father & mother, i bet every single thing can drag to emotional,lgla klu anak sdiri kena duduk wad..tgk drip ngan tgn mcm robocop blh bt emo.Afham,ayah ngan ibu doa hope all the medicines blh kill2-die2-bunuh2 all the kuman itew dan jugak harap latest by isnin next week dh blh blk with good news

20 April, 2010

Result for giveaway

Ok..here the list
  1. akuarium
  2. newlifenewbeginning
  3. Anonymous
  4. Fathiyah
  5. Mawar_Mohamad
  6. ღnFashyaღ
  7. m@Ri@
And the lucky one.....(using http://www.violetcottage.com/random/...pergh berpeluh carik nk guna tool pe to choose random number from set of number)

Number 2

You will be contacted shortly and I will deliver the book as soon as possible (forgive me if its late....maklumla idup kelam kabut..baru nk kemas rumah, nak cari pen pun kena kuis2 ihiks)

For the remaining 6..TQ for ur participation....Insya Allah kalau ada rezeki lebih korg leh try lagik giveaway kat blog ni

18 April, 2010

The delivery story

"aik ? baby overdue? mcm jarang je dgr...slalu tercepat.."
" baby boy slalu kuar cepat dr EDD.."
"baby overdue ni bijak2 tau...sbb lama dok dalam perut..."

And so on...

For those pregnant/ planning to pregnant...you must aware that EDD is just estimation...It can be either one of the following
  • earlier than EDD (either premature / full term)
  • EDD
  • overdue (by few days / or ur gynea will advice the chosen date to induce usually 7 days from the EDD)
My baby was overdue and of course my gynea give the chosen date to induce, however....

to be continue

*sigh, sure kena sumpah ngan korg..harap maaf its shower time for my boy...but promise will write in proper...tomorrow need to go hospital again due to some follow on Afham condition...hope nothing much to super worry - pdhal berhari2 dok pk his condition

16 April, 2010

2 years without her

Already 2 years...

...engaged - tunangan
...married - wifey for 1 year 1 month & 2 days
...pregnant - mom 2 be
...mother of 41 days son

...finished her studies
...teaching for 1 year & 9 months
...have a burung besi [ops...kenari]

So fast time flies. So many things happened in just 2 years. Myself have transformed 360 degree [esp status]

I am not good in expressing this...only doa & Al-Fatihah for her

This morning, my father said he dream of my late mother..How I wish she with us now

15 April, 2010


Uhuks2 benda2 penting xblog lagi..

Xpa2 xbasi punya..

Anyway I have seen (TV je ok...blom tahap jalan2 soping komplek...keluaq pun pi spital + klinik), Siti has launched her new product....

I admit, I am a kampung girl (opocot kampung ke? berenang pun xreti...)..ok2 not kampung but not-so-update-woman....I only knew big2 name after going thru magazines and also ala2 masuk kedai mahal-tengok rega-letak...

To be frank, I always follow what Siti used (di zaman dia bujang la...zaman dia ngan DK, dia dh tahap LV...me tahap handbag Nine West -tu pun seketul sbb hantaran dan jugak sbb dpt beli less rm 250).

Previously, she used to be Maybelline and Olay spokesperson. Maka sy pun mem-folo jugak...then read one magazine, she use Miracle Lancome...so I went to fragrance counter and just love the smell (again dapat pun seketul wat hantaran...but until now 1% used, the rest due to pregnancy hormone-hate-all-kind-of-perfume...). See the impact of an artist?

But for skincare, I used Pure & Mild range . After changing so many types, only this can suits me....plus its from Shiseido (but versi rega budget...). Then after sometimes I couldn't find it at pharmacy, or any stores...maybe terminated? (While I'm pregnant I do not have any skincare due to I am a kind of lazy...huhu serious tahap teruk nih)

Since my nose back to normal, and of course to become hot mama, I need to buy skincare...Just wondering have anyone use SimplySiti? Is it good? How about the price?

Hmm..maybe I need to try itself since never know until I tried it

(entry ni mcm caca-marba....haip cmne nk tulis delivery nyer story?)

07 April, 2010

Giveaway (pls dun shy to join if u interested....)

*no drum roll...and pls dun expect super bombastic giveaway*

I have decided to make very first giveaway since I have it two *plus sempena Afham sebulan + semoga my big problem dpt penyelesaian yg baik2 saja very soon.Insya Allah.Amin* ..... I bought one and another one I got it from bf class. Since that, I think why not just pass it for free

So I have only one giveaway for the lucky reader *den lom kaya ngan nuffnang..income tahap siput je..., klu kaya blh la wt giveaway banyak2 skit k*

It is open for all..baik lelaki ke perempuan ke..single, married, pregnant, just know pregnant, mother so on...pendek kata sume leh try-test-cuba nasib

All that u need to do is just leave ur email *valid email pls* in the comment and ur name will be entered in lucky draw list..no need to exchange link/ become follower *but if u want, kecik tahpak tangan, 1 dunia IT ditadahkan*, no need special entry and so on. Just ur email ok?

Closing date : 14.04.2010 12 tgh malam
Result will be publish on 20.04.2010 *sempena tamatnya confinement...agaga bnyk sungguh sempena...*

Opss...not to forget the lucky one will get this handy book - Panduan Penyusuan Susu Ibu Bagi Ibu Bekerjaya....pls read below topic covered in this book.

Buku ini khusus buat ibu-ibu bekerjaya yang ingin meneruskan penyusuan susu ibu secara eksklusif. Antara topik kandungan buku ini:
    o Pilihan-pilihan bagi Ibu bekerjaya
    o Penyusuan Susu Ibu
    o Perancangan Awal Ibu Bekerja
    o Latihan Memerah
    o Memerah Susu dengan Tangan
    o Memerah Susu dengan Pam
    o Panduan Am Cara Menyimpan Susu Perahan
    o Cara Menyimpan Susu Perahan
    o Mencairkan Perahan Susu Ibu Yang Dibekukan
    o Cara Memberi Perahan Susu Ibu
    o Tips Kejayaan Penyusuan Susu Ibu Bekerjaya
    o Cara Mudah Memantau Tumbesaran Bayi
    o Carta Pertumbuhan WHO (2006)
    o Sumber Makanan Berkhasiat yang Boleh Merangsang Penghasilan Susu
Buku ini dilengkapi dengan pelbagai lampiran yang boleh dijadikan rujukan khusus untuk ibu bekerjaya yang menyusu.

Diterbitkan oleh: Kumpulan Sokongan Penyusuan Susu Ibu Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya dan Kuala Lumpur
Bilangan mukasurat: 54

05 April, 2010

Mari mengendong bayi...

Uhuk....skip all the entries that I want to write

Since I have become TV addicted ~ hihi not meant that I have 24 hours to watch TV but at least I can become follower of certain TV series esp afternoon shows...

Ok back to main topic..this afternoon I saw something in WHI....Fesyen Gendong...and of course I can try it....(of course only applicable for those have babies...)

It seems so easy to use and at the same time the demo with Sasha's baby was really fun....

For those interesed can visit their website (today down as a lot of traffic!!!) as above and also join their facebook

While watching I just said "Afham, nanti ibu beli cam gini la....nanti leh la gendong..." and suprisely he is smiling (aha macam la faham....but recently our lil boy keep on smiling when we talk something....on any topic...seems that he understand...)

p/s : hihi bolehla ibu mengendong sambil berblog dgn mudah ! (itu pun jika baby tak meragam...hmm..nk tulis this entry pun takes almost 1 hour with some normal distraction)