01 March, 2013

1.3.13 : Special announcement, move to new blogspot url

Nice day, isn't it?

So as part of remarkeable date (plus this month is always special, wedding anniversary, motherhood anniversary, not to mention Afham hit 3 this years... so fast time flies), I decided to announce that I have move to this new blog adress.

For those that used to read the old blog, kindly update on this announcement..(klu buh link dlm blog korg mintak tlg update ye)

This time onwards, I will put something new, which is exchange link. Will put in this new blog an entry for exchange link, and really hope those yg mmg dh buh my blog kt bloglist korg akan tinggalkan komen kt entri tu...so I can update Wonderful bloggers accordingly (klu tak myself leh detect dr nuffnang dan statcounter je)

Hope I will have good start with this new blog address (beli domain kena tggu kaya giler kot). Erm perhaps shorter word to type...yelah 6 huruf je for ryyhan, while tepungpelita dulu 12...slash half of it kan?

This will be the last post for this blog, after about 4 years using this url. For time being no plan to delete this blog...lets keep it until God plans. All entries from this blog have been exported to new url, so new blog still have those my postings

Till then