14 November, 2012

Goodbye - Thank you - Good luck

Finally the day...the last day

After almost 4 years with this company (perhaps I should minus 6 months since dah dua kali maternity leave kan), I would say there's a lot of thing I learned.

Besides for almost 4 years I believe a lot of things happened (erk I mean..married - pregnant - and pregnant again)

Afham Alif pernah masuk majalah co...sekali ngan anak omputih tu!

Plus career wise have an opportunity to become so called accountant
Penah la sain gitew2..hehehe

And the rest, I wont forget the interview with French boss with a statement " you are too young to become accountant"..Yeas I went for accountant interview but later joined the company as financial analyst *again sometimes this really misleading because I dont think my job doing analysis thingy*

Ok lets end the day with goodbye - thank you and good luck! Jumaat start tempat baru! Phew...

Eh lupa..this is second time hantar surat resign & say goodbye kepada boss yg sama! Zah jgn nangis!

09 November, 2012

Nak last day pun stress


Patut dh nk last day happy je kan?

Even I thought today I can window shopping KLCC (nama je opis area situ tp dah pindah sini dr bulan 2 pun blh bilang ngan jari pi KLCC)

Original plan, today supposed to be my last day...so that I have few days for bibik-time (homaigod rumah dh karam titanic esp after so called promoted to accountant - skrg nk tukar cita2 xmo jd akauntan)

Hari2 letih travelling, letih kerja...ok promoted doesn't mean can simply taichi...but increase the workload with ciput-increment..end up house cleaning so on keep on delayed..baju dh jadi  gunung. Then not to mentioned Alif is having separation anxiety tahap payah nk berenggang dari ibunya. So how am I supposed to do housechore sambil kelek Alif?

So extend the last day...but towards the day kejap ada tnya ni, ada suh wat itu dan ini...maka tersangatlah stress. Handover x abes lagik...

So I think I just do what I can do...I am not super saiya...

01 November, 2012

Sharing my news : Bad and good

Quick update..share the bad one first

I have tonnes of things to do..of course normal account closing, but at the same time need to do "administrative things" time2 ni lah nk update bagi template cantik2 bagi proper sume paham tgk..

Homaigod...pening tau lps tu ada tukar sana sini, buat handover, nk kena buat simple documentation so on

BUT...the good one

Insya Allah right after Awal Muharram, I will start my new "baby" ^_^ . Not that I am pregnant with no 3 (tggu bg Afham Alif besar dl la kan..bg laluan those yg still masih 1 anak), BUT a new job!

Sayang2kan anak, tinggal2kan bonus (sob xsempat dapat bonus co skrg..tp xtau la klu2 co baik hati nk bg..terima jelah)

Pray for smooth sailing on everything.

Will update later once when I have time

(update sbb dh stress xtau nk buat mana satu dulu...meja dh xrupa meja..penuh ngan kertas bagai..pstt sharena kita dah searea opis..klu p shaftsbury boleh la rojer den..kot2 leh join..haha masuk keje pun xtau culture sana cmne)