29 April, 2009


Trying to look-like-busy..LLB

But the fact I'm stuck....

Sume masalah IT....ghee this week adalah minggu IT& technology yg bermasalah..bermula dgn broken link gmbr kawen, xleh access shared folder pdhal sudah digrant access 100%, charger yg xsmpi sebulan dh xleh guna...hinggalah SAP locked


So today in unproductive day....sehingga ngak tau buat aper....selain baca manual2 akaun

Dan hasilnyer sy baru menulis main course untk sesi masak2 di dapur...again stucked bhagian sayur plak

So here the list

Today – sesi beli brg basah+kering since today pasar malam (termasuklah bg setel sume hingga masuk peti ais)..so encik suami sila makan menu yg ada di pasar malam k?

Thu – spaghetti

Friday – kari ayam

Sat – sambal udang, ayam goreng

Sun – asam pedas ikan pari

Mon – Ikan...tgkler masak pe..maybe hari experiment

Tue – ikan kicap

Wed – ikan goreng

Opss breakfast wiken blom termasuk dlm list di atas , but surely will have breakfast makan roti cicah kari ayam.....yummy2

Tada..trying to become perfect wife? Hmmm not sure maybe my mission is to become "super wife – hot mama"..amacam best tak nama tuh


Again here I'm really sorry since I couldn't write much....you know why?...after our marriage leave, I have to concentrate year end closing which really dragging...then at home struggling to adapt with our new life & home....again my internet access is only limited in office (dh bz kije xsempatlah kan?) and wifi kedai mamak+petronas (which sekali sekala)

And still not yet decided to have streamyx at home....~ maybe later kot, consider other things first

Ghee but the fact there's a lot of thing that I want to write here and there....but let me finish things here and there..~lagipun kenduri belah encik suami pun belum...so kiranya sy masih lagi pengantin tau? Hikhikhik


Oh ye...sape2 yg belum buat e-filing..time is running out...dun worry you can do everything hanya di hujung jari...including payment via maybank2u etc ~ hmm kena tggu taun dpn baru leh tulis status kawen kat Form e-BE tuh L

28 April, 2009


Praise to Allah

Alhamdulillah...after waiting 4 hours, the operation went smoothly...the operation do not take the whole 4 hours, but the process from start until everything stable takes 4 hours

19 April, 2009

a month....a year

A month.....with him

Yes a month living with stranger that turns to my encik suami...

He is there to eat what I cook, finish the foods, and some more cleaning the dishes ~ so far xde kes cirit birit....encik suami sila maintain habit basuh pinggan..kuikuikui
He is there to hear all my bebelan ~ ye saya dh develop skill membebel.....which is I hate..but nama pun perempuan...
He is there to become my superman, super saiya, spiderman ~ since sy ni pendek + x le berapa kuat....
He is................

Yes a lot of things, but of course we are still in the process of learning each other.....

And I know I still owe my wedding pics...~ Really2 sorry since u'll have to wait until further2 entries....since

I have a lot of things to do
....Income tax ~ anda dh submit e-filing?
...kemas umah ~ never ending...but will try to finish this week
...berfikir about our home...design, bla bla bla
...carik tukang jahit langsir ~ baru spend $$$ untuk langsir pertama
...study sume majalah beli kt pesta buku ~ bahan bacaan sblm kawen hnya bab kawen2...lps kawen lagi banyak....masak2, interior design, pregnancy...aiyo harus jadik super-hot-wife-mama....
...meneruskan keje2 ofis erk yg semakin banyak ~ or should I asked encik suami untk jadik fulltime blogger and housewife? ~ erm no-no at the moment

but serious I dun have enuff 24 hours...

A year without her....

After reading my sis blog....seeems that we have the same topic..

Yes..it has been a year....and of course a lot of big thing happened ~ sila baca blog adik sy ye...

Blank...yes I'm not good in expressing it here..even tho can write sooo many thing...

And the most important my father's operation this Friday will be fine....Pray for us....

15 April, 2009

Our chapter...our chapter...our chapter

I'm still in year end mood...~ ghee first time wt closing bukan year end Dec

So readers pls be very super duper patient ~ actually I still not received the whole package of wedding pics and my husband still not view it OK ~ he is also busy

Don't worry lambat ke cepat, I will upload here...just keep on reading and patient

Thank you very much for all the support ~ hmm currently I dun think that I will private my blog...sila senyum...hahaha

Pabila 2 tangan berjabat

For the 1st time calling him kekanda....

Aci2 buka tingkap, nana mau minum kopi ~~~

14 April, 2009

Our chapter..our chapter..

kasut nikah saye..opss recep also

us...kumpulan nasyeed....
lihat perut kami rampingkan ? kuikui

11 April, 2009

Our chapter

10 April, 2009

All about DIY that I know

OK..today I would like to share DIY… cara2 deco hantaran..~ of course no fresh flower here since budget, unless you have kebun bunga..wheee

Disclaimer : I’m not professional, but who cares kan? As long ada rupa mirip2 dan nmpk ghupa mcm cantik ok la kan?

I will try to lump everything here..so ini kira kelas DIY deco hantaran, cara2 membuat, step by step, how to do…dan seanggkatan dengannya..

....simple deco hantaran using artificial flower
...bunga dip,
...bunga organza/ bunga tekap ~ sy xtau betul ke bunga tekap tu sama mcm bunga organza ke idak….

Let start our class ~ bukan nk tutup periuk nasi wedding business, but this is meant for pengantin ber-budget like me!

Simple deco

Things you need : ribbons, artificial flowers, pelilit, jaram peniti/ mata lalat, dawai ~ huhu sy xtau no brapa sesuai, i just use ikut selesa ngan tangan

Alatan : tali pengukur, playar ~ gunting pun boleh, janji leh potong

Tips : pandai2la anda mix n match colour, sy rasa anda sume lg terror siap ada chart colour lagik! me? just belek2 kat kedai and suai padankan sesuka hati

Tied up 2 diff colours of ribbons with dawai~ pintal2la ikut suka, lagi panjang lagi banyak la pusingan yg anda boleh buat

Tied up the above ribbons to artificial flowers....so make sure dawai tu panjang sket..

Get another ribbon and make sure it is a bit lengthy supaya leh wat pusing2, jurai2...Ikat ~ ikat belasah jelah..ikat kuat2

Sambungkan 2 kuntum bunga ~ guna dawai dan kemas ngan pelilit

Kemas2 kan ~spaya x tercabut pinla guna peniti/ maya lalat..and Tara..sudah siap

Bunga dip
Since I’m little bit lazy, I just put here the link...


Anything that u dun understand can asked here..sbb sy wt bunga telur dip
Note : I think that celup dlm strengthener will takes longer hours untk keringkan..so the solutions just use brush...make it nipis2...

Bunga organza / tekap

Things you need : organza, uhu, dawai bunga stoking, deco – flower staments/ manik2/ daun, pelilit, dawai – untk mengikat semasa mencantum all the petals

Alatan : tali pengukur, playar, gunting, pemidang ~ amat digalakkan, acuan ~ anything..mine botol pencucui specs

Steps :
Potong dawai dan bentukkan ikut acuan ~ make sure have enuff extra lengths as you will need to tie all the petals..sy guna botol pencuci spec

Gamkan organza pada dawai..sila buat cepat2 before uhu itu kering..u might need to practice since takut uhu2 itu nampak x kemas pada kain...encourage to use pemidang...kakak kt kedai sibuk tnya nape beli pemidang? sy jwb adelah...

Tampal sberapa banyak....of course using pemidang lagi senang

Guntingkan organza mengikut bentuk dawai..kemas2kan in case ada yg uhu x melekat kat organza..
Tied up all the petals, u can add deco like manic+daun+flower stamens..anything
Make few petals so that u can combine it all, plus other extra deco like ribbons

Note : Sila bentukkan dawai anda in 1st step since once dh tampal x kan le nk ubah bentuk kelopak

Tara..sudah siap untk diletakkan ats polistrin yg dh siap

So..is it difficult? Tak faham sila la tulis di bahagian komen.....kihkihkih

End of our class...~ so is it ok if i dun put all the hantarans pics since korg dh nmpk deco-nyer?

08 April, 2009

Skipped 2008, struggling 2009, welcome 2010

Hanya budak account faham tajuk ini.....

Lately I'm really busy with year-end closing...but still wondering



Adakah ptt sy privatekan aje blog sy? since xramai yg baca kan? ~ i saw others punya blog very responsive+soo many comments+ and so on

Adakah sy jeles? Maybe ya maybe not....

But my blog macam sipuuuuuuuuut.....siput ker?..siput sedut, siput babi, siput ape lagik? I dun have answer..maybe my blog not interactive or because I write in English? ~ hello English is important....since I am not in gov....working and dealing with overseas peoples and the main language for the co (current and previous) ~ even tho sometimes english diorg pun jauh lebih rendah dr Malaysians

Sorry ya, i do bloghopping, but sometimes xsempat nk ber-komen2.....since limited time....

01 April, 2009

Benda yg lepas, hai jangan dikenang

Lalala..benda yg lepas, hai jangan dikenang

No..not at all that I will singing the retro song…It just something that maybe in point of view that maybe useful for future brides

Disclaimer 1 : I don’t mean to harsh anybody..It just a cycle of our life…and maybe sometimes nasib dan part masing2. Please accept my apology if anybody hurts deep inside…

Disclaimer 2 :And I’m not trying to scared bride-to-be….as long as u have done ur best, just pray everything will be ok *yang penting akad nikah tu!*

Bunga telur
..pahar bunga telur leh muat 50. Bila bunga telur + telur, anda hanya boleh muatkan lebih kurang 30 aje..sbb klu lebih isi, pahar itu x dapat menampung overweight. So kalau beli 2 kotak dh dpt 3 bunga pahar…

Tips/ advices..so on
Of course, dlm proses sibuk2 nk kawen mcm2 nasihat, tips, guides yg anda dpt dr mak andam, pak andam, bloggers, kawan2 dsb….

Sila jangan percaya sume boolat2….since sometimes fakta itu mungkin auta…~ mcm bunyi fakta @ auta kat hot.fm aje

Sila ukur baju di badan sdiri..xsume padan dgn anda..dsb

Many bride to be excited doing DIY…of course u’ll satisfied…but please plan ur time and ur health also…don’t overnight doing all the DIY

Families & relatives
Yes it is about involvement…of course besides your parents


will be happy bila tau korang nk kawen

Please check adat2 or kebiasaan keluarga ~ amik kira kata2 mereka even though ini zaman canggih dan kamu yg kahwin

They might be interested to sponsor certain things ..maybe berkat, bunga telur or anything…grab it *but of course in future u’ll help their son/ daughter wedding…xsalah kan?* But please don’t expect la they sponsor grand like Mawi-Ekin

Tentative program
Always have buffer 30minutes..since end up maybe mak andam, kompang, tok kadi, rombongan pengantin lelaki, traffic jam, and so on….

I know we are trying very best to be punctual, but sometimes org2 lain yg akan bisa buat anda rasa nk sumpah seranah %$#@!!**()^^

And my opinion, bersanding paling lewat adalah pukul 2ptg since the most, u might end up bersanding pukul 2.30ptg

Dealings with all vendors
Vendor here means encik tukang gambar, mak andam, tukang buat pelamin dsb

Sometimes we are trying to be nice by support biz kawan2 parents, kawan2 kita, relatives or anyone that we know..esp we are trying to support bangsa kita..

But end up you might be not satisfied..lambat, lewat, indah khabar dr rupa, janji2 hanyalah janji manis..or maybe end up you need to pay extra untk hape2 charge ~ye maybe korg guna certain brg diorg, tp at other side korg ada jugak guna brg sdiri walaupun at 1st place diorg ptt provide eg kasut kahwin

Advice : sabar..banyak2 sabar walaupun teramat geram…anggapla itu rezeki mereka pd masa itu….and another thing u have the power not to give any good testimonials/ suggestions to others for their services * x baik tutup periuk nasi diorg…jgn sibuk hal org lain~ lgpun klu diorg aniaya korg, in future maybe diorg kena balik…Tuhan kan adil

Some even have opportunity+money+time going overseas to buy things for their big day...like Bandung and so on

Don't feel sad jika all ur wedding things "Made in Malaysia"...u should be proud of it, lgpun anda juga "Made in Malaysia" kan..hihihi :p

*sy pun beli sume kat sini2 je ~ even xsempat pun pegi sume tempat sbb limitation is there timing, weather, and so

Should I continue to Part 2? *hihi since nnt komen kata panjang sgt plak…