30 December, 2008

Super saiya is coming....

The title above doesn't really relates to what I want to write..*but i know next year ada drangonball the movie...harus ajak M nonton*

But readers, pls forgive me....I'm so sorry since not updating for a week plus..*whee betulkah dh sminggu lebih???*

I have so many things of DIY that need to finish..hence it is hard to write plus my hand already have minor2 luka...so pls do not worry..

I will try to post soonnnnnnnnnnn.....sabar k...plus I need to familiar with my works, need to submit CPD for ACCA..bla bla...so many things

Salam Maal HIjrah 1430 and happy new year 2009 *alamak I don't want this entry to be the last entry in this year..need to do something..*

22 December, 2008

Part V: Big day..all about wedding

Lets continue..

Mak andam
Usually it will comes in package, from basic to extravaganza…some might take from few peoples to cater the wedding dreams…take make up artist, tukang gubah hantaran, tukang pelamin + bilik tidur + meja makan…

But if take from pakej the cost will be accordingly with the range of services provided. Besides bear in mind usually the package for house lower compared to dewan (even balai raya will have the same package as dewan..). It started from almost 1k to 4k or even more

Some basic guidelines when you meet mak andam *very rough..and the question will depends on ur situation…maybe even korang2 lagik terror..ni based on saya yg tak berexperience*

1. Don’t be shy to ask question…ask as many as you can… even asked stupid question *sbb bukan murah.. *
2. Make sure the date has been confirmed. So that please inform them when you planned to get married *since mak andam takes few jobs,,,so end up you might need to find others..*
3. Inform location for the big day..house, dewan, hotel, FRIM, garden, beach…*as maybe they have specific package according to the place..dewan, balai raya lebihla charge…*
4. Inform them how much your budget…as they can advice accordingly. Inform them you want to hire them for solemnization, reception, bertandang, or just simple kenduri..
5. Asked what kind of accessories that they can give FOC….since certain will charge even for single things likes bantal nikah, tempak cocok bunga pahar..
6. Baju pengantin..lace, songket?..for new clothes usually they will charged extra
7. Baju persalinan…*if you want ot become heroin Hindustan, bertukar baju dlm masa 1 lagu yg panjang* usually it will not be in the package..might charge 100-150 per clothes
8. Make up…how much if additional make up required..of any touch up
9. Dais (pelamin) what design they can offer..some will have extra charge for the extravaganza pelamin, or fresh flower version…
10. Deco for bilik pengantin…asked what they can give..bedsheet, backdrop, deco, flowers, full deco or partial
11. Deco for makan beradap….usually the design will suit the dais…full deco or partial?
12. Henna…sure they provide but this will not be in the package
13. Deposit…term and condition
14. Fitting..when?

Once confirmed, paid the specified deposit and follow up with them..
If you do not have any ideas yet for the concept + colour, you always can asked them…
Try to be friend with them..contact them from time to time..so at least everything will be ok towards your big day

If you have booked, but still no idea how it will be for the theme…u can get advice from mak andam…

Some extra question also can be asked like:-
Tudung/ viel – you might want to have tudung batu2..or any extra tudung…you have to buy urself
Accessories – rantai leher (L &P), gelang tangan, crown, brooch, subang, pin tudung, brooch kat tengkolok, cekak spider
Bunga tangan/ pegang - artificial or fresh flower
Flower arches – artificial, fresh, deco simple, sarat
Hiasan tangga – net with flower or simple
Others –bantal nikah, alas dulang, dulang, pahar for bunga telur, kipas pengantin, payung, alas kaki, kelengkapan merenjis, keris, pistol???

My experience..I have hard times to find mak andam since I’m not from bandar2 besar…so its like very difficult to find info from the internet…Bayangkan all the key words has been used – mak andam segamat, kedai pengantin segamat, kedai kahwin segamat, andaman segamat, butik pengantin segamat and many mores

To my disappointment the info is not enuff…maybe they still not doing enough marketing online…so here the list that I have *hopefully it can help bride to be from segamat..ejaan maybe not accurate tapi asal dengar2 mcm betul okla kan?*

Najuan , atas bus stand segamat
Sara Hani, nearby Upwell
Butik Kay’s Idaman nearby Jambatan ke 2
Trio Cantique, Medan MARA
Butik Perkahwinan Normah, Medan MARA
Hanie, Taman Yayasan , Buloh Kasap
Ellyna Bridal, Bukit Siput

Which one I choose…wait until my big day..

To arrange where rombongan keluarga pengantin lelaki will stayed..rumah jiran terdekat, hotel, rumah tumpangan?

Etc cetera
This will be part of the list as esp the wedding takes place at your family’s house…Curtain,tkar getah, carpet, cat, deco…such as flowers

On top of that penunjuk jalan, bunga manggar

Besides cost for kerja2 merewang…usually it will involves foods cost…

It is advisable to put extra 1 to 3k for budget as we might terbabas berbelanja….so to be save put extra money as anything can happen

OK sesi cuci mata pula..here the pics taken when encik tunang and me attending Chinese reception for David and Lee Chin *dh jadik ex collegue la…sbb she married few weeks before my last day*
*the place*
*the guests...*
*bride, groom, bridesmaid...*

*lee chin look stunning in red..should I choose red as well for me..hahaha me ; the confused bride to be*

20 December, 2008

Part IV: Big day..all about wedding

Remember last time when I have headache with all the problems in my heads…yes slowly I have adapted with the things and some even have quite good progress..Alhamdulillah...*dun worry as I will update my wedding update soon*

This is continuation of part 4 which I have written about foods
The higher the cost per head the more foods will be serving. As catering much more popular you might need to have food tasting before choose the caterer. Some even serve with lauk kampong and variety of desserts.

Besides that lauk meja pengantin also have to be taken into list *as usually the foods and food deco here more extravaganza but the bride and groom not even able to eat it..since sesi control ayu sedang berlaku..hehehe*

If there is cake cutting session, it is also to put in the list to choose either cake/ cup cake or pulut kuning for the session.

What is the relation of entertainment with wedding? Yes…you might want to have an MC for the events, besides music and PA systems…including karaoke *maybe the bride/ groom/ families will become penyanyi bidan terjun*

If have more budget you can have artiste or local band…since Malaysia have a lot of entertainer *isk2 sooo many reality shows for entertainer….*

To be more religious, you can choose marhaban group or even nasyid group *budak sekolah agama biasanya ada team nasyid yg best*

Not to mention you might want to have kompang mp3, but of course the real sound from local kompang group will be great…*maybe the bride and groom heartbeat is same with the kompang…? Dunno maybe until I feel it..*

Or nowadays the most popular terms goodie bags with lots of selection. Last time if you remember when it comes to kenduri kahwin we always received egg in pink tissue paper or in the colorful shiny paper *tak tau nk kata pe? Kertas kilat2 tuh*

But the trend has changed *which actually will be more costly, bak kata ayah sapelah yg create benda paper bag ni, menyusahkan...*

Berkat can be chocolates, sweets, cakes, baulu, jeli, bunga telur, potpouri, cup cakes, handkerchiefs or anythings….it can be simple or extravaganza or varieties in the paper bag.Some even differentiate the berkat *usually it will be more special for the rombongan yg menghantar pengantin…*

Which one to choose? Tepuk dada tanya poket…

Group of people to help for the wedding
You might not have wedding planner, but usually there will be majlis meletak kerja *ni bahasa kampungnya la* Whereby in the meeting it will be some sort of giving the tasks for the day… Penanggah, kumpulan wanita UMNO to help serving the foods, tukang buat air, potong buah, tukang basuh pinggan et cetera….

Usually they will be given with corsage with money RM1 to RM 5 as they are important!! *kalau pinggan xbasuh, penanggah tak isi lauk…mau terjejas majlis kan?*

17 December, 2008

List-to-do..for my wedding..wedding checklist..

Hrmm..sometimes it likes stuck in my mind…so many things to do…so many list to do…*including blogging*

Where I should start…it has been a week with the new place…new works..new environment..Alhamdulliah everything fine and I’m still coping with all things…
So far I’ve seen good things…I got 2 co shirt and cap..not to mention laptop bag..*some says that I’ve joined at the right time as it will be more gifts towards end of the year…hip hip hooray..besides eating out with boss even with FM *but of course I still have to learn his French accent….agaga…even we do followed him after lunch to do some hunting for Christmas gift…and I found this nice concept furniture below...it can stack up like rocket and if you arrange it can become 4 seat + chair *

Click here for more....*the above chairs cost RM25k..which can cater for my wedding seh*

Ok enough for time being about job, now focus to the main+ serious + super hectic + good things that will be coming soon…It’s all about wedding…I know I have written few series wedding checklist which still not yet finished *don’t worry I will write it until finished..* and at the same time I will write for my wedding updates

Hereby all the way ~ms tepung~ wedding checklist, checklist perkahwinan, checklist kahwin/kawen, wedding budget dan kawasan yg sewaktu dgnnya

Husband-to-be : Encik tunang
Date : Fixed *just wait for my ticker to be somewhere in this blog*
Place : Nikah - masjid . Balai raya – booked. Cost – RM 350 to be paid later
Kursus kahwin : Done. Zura’s Akademik. Cost – RM 80/head
Documents to be submit to Pejabat Agama : still compiling
Barang2 hantaran : almost done
List barang2 hantaran:-
From him
1. Maskahwin
2. Wang hantaran
3. Cincin & gelang
4. Sirih junjung
5. Telekung
6. Perfume
7. Kasut *I read that its not good to give shoes as ianya terletak di bawah…so its not nice to put it together sama taraf dgn barang yg lain..but after all both agrees to put it in our list*
8. Handbag
9. Chocolate

From me
1. Sirih junjung
2. Tafsir &sejadah
3. Perfume
4. Kasut
5. Wallet& belt
6. Shirt & pants
7. Cake
8. Chocolate
9. Fruits
10. Cincin
11. Potpourri

Shopping barang2 hantaran is almost done…as we do not really wait for JJM *year end sale la tu kakak* but still during sale this year *J Card, clearance sale….and so many sales..* How much we spend for the above $$$ oho not to be reveal here as no picture her…but still affordable
Deco (hantaran encik tunang to me ) almost done *DIY by myself..encik tunang just teman dan pilih bunga, reben…the rest is on me* It might not fantastic, but after all its all my hard work
Deco (from me to him) still not fixed..and the “good” things I just lost my reference book ..majalah pengantin cover Diana Danielle tuh…adoila…since I have eyeing few deco inside it

Kad jemputan : Layout DIY or just pick any from the shop? Budget – RM1/ card *so expect something simple*
Accomodation (his family): to be confirmed. But I have taken phone no for renting a night for house with 4 bedroom. Rate if not mistaken RM150/night
Transport – not sure how encik tunang will budget this…but oil price is reducing kan?
Tok kadi : Ayah will take care

Solemnisation outfit :
Encik tunang – Done. Cost – RM 1++
*dear, have you decided to wear which kasut? Or might need new pair?*

Me – Done but waiting for some minor alteration *bukan sbb sy dh kurus mengejut..instead there is something happened which can be fixed. Cost – RM1++
I have found+bought for nice + matching kasut nikah also. Cost – RM79.90

Mak andam – to be finalized…oho should I said that sometimes… it’s likely mak andam cekik darah untk saya yg buat majlis di balai raya…bukan dewan besar, just balai raya kampong…aha…even one of kedai pengantin said it cost RM1,500 for pelamin only*since balai raya rate equal to dewan..grrrr*
Est cost – RM3k ++ as understand majlis di balai raya kena ada red carpet, flower arch, flower stand, large dais (pelamin) *but original budget the most RM2k…mana la tau bandar koboi pun charge sama jek mcm KL*

Bunga pahar – DIY..hopefully sempat …
Outfit for family – still not sure..guru_muda have some marvelous idea for her *yelah she becomes mak pengantin cum adik pengantin
Bridesmaid – agaga whom should I asked???
Flowergirl – should I include in the list? 50-50
Tol – not the PLUS toll, but adat Johor…encik tunang please take note to prepare the toll in sampul duit raya *eventho I’m not sure ada ke tak sesi toll nih?* Est cost – tak sure, any ideas org2 Johor?
Bilik pengantin – cadar – done, deco for rooms – still thinking…ideas? New set? Might not need, but guru_muda willing to sponsor the bed frame *yelah after this pun dia yg akan tidur atas katil tuh*
Cost cadar – RM 193.20…deco cost – depends on my idea

Fotographer – ayaya..should take from kampong or import from KL? I have few quotations..Budget cost – RM 3K *yesss it might be to high, but after all only this that I can keep besides memories..pelamin sumer mak andam amik balik..*

Foods for kenduri – Tukang masak has been identified. Budget cost – RM 4 to 7 times est guest 1000 - 1200 (RM5k to RM7k)…I have discussed with my father the selection of foods, but still to be further discuss..tiba2 teringat someone request acar buah..*hehe so mcm mana nih..adakah cost akan naik lagik*

Besides,ayah suggest to have fruits *watermelon + oranges…just buy it from kedai…but how many watermelon + oranges I need? Should oranges 1000/4=250, and watermelon 1000/25=40…
Need help here…tolong…or even less as sometimes the fruits will be cut in small portion

Lauk pengantin & kek – not finalized
Berkat – grrrrr cannot think…maybe this 2 week to confirm which suit my budget. Budget – no idea since I have to think again all the savings…termasukla korek tin2 tabung syiling that I have
PA, kompang, MC – to be identified
People – kawan2 ayah yg akan tolong plus maybe asking kumpulan wanita UMNO kampong to help…even maybe anak2 murid guru_muda jadik penaggah….

Others – penunjuk jalan – easy , corsage for family + people that assist for my big day – identified, maybe little DIY only as I do not have so many times to do DIY..altho the event will not be take place my house, but still do some work – cat? tikar getah? Carpet? Curtain – in progress, bunga manggar – beli yg dh siap kot…

The list is still not end….the above is just for my side…for encik tunang side it might be simple as majlis menyambut menantu…

Life after marriage
Home sweet home – booking fees – done. Applying loan for house…*hopefully everything went smoothly, as my saving is only can upfront sket je..and still need to withdraw EPF to recover back what we have upfront

Furniture – maybe jalan-jalan cari perabot later…do I mention that I have few hundreds of HSL voucher from the retro nite lucky draw…yes it might reduce the cost to get either refrigerator/ washine machine

next to refrigerator???…alahai….not sure maybe within Malaysia *thinking to go oversea, but since I’ve resigned and not able to get bonus so the plan changed; might be local or just in our house..but who knows we might end up to China ke…hoho it can be happen only if my boss from China ask me to go there…*

Yes..by looking into it it will be super long list to take care + to be done in x month + to be settle ASAP/ specified dateline....

Now the most suitable song that I should have
“ape yg penting…kerjasama…. 2x” - lagu citer wonderpet tv9….

*suddenly think that I’m broke as towards end of year need to pay ACCA membership fees…sob sob*

15 December, 2008

Facts and fun : Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

No ideas where to go for vacation? My suggestion; take some time and read my writing till end...As this entry will be all about Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Who knows, you might want to visit it from my writing for your own reason(s); honeymoon, baby-moon, anniversary, outdoor wedding photo session, jalan2 makan angin..or anything..

For encik tunang, thank you very much..your idea to visit here was really great..*Actually we do some research before visit this place, but I do not find solid writing about Bukit Tinggi, instead just a nice pics*

Due to the above reason, I will write as many as I can and know about Bukit Tinggi, Pahang *urm besides I think not so many people realized this place..as we only know Cameron Highland and Genting for Pahangs's attraction*

Let allow me to become your tourist guide *ahaks...free tourist guide*

From Kuala Lumpur, it will take about 45 minutes driving. You need to take exit 805. Yes it is not far away from Genting Sempah. For map click here

There are few attraction at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Click here for the map

Our journey started from France and after few hours to Japan :p ..*you can choose either point actually..*

For us we started from Colmar Tropicale. Kindly take note that up to this entry Chateau De Colmar is not yet open to public. Colmar is 2,700 feet above sea level. A unique and charming French-themed attraction Colmar Tropicale inspired by the famous 16th century Colmar Village in Alsace, France.

One entrance fee will cost RM 10 for adult and RM 8 for kid. This ticket is for entrance for Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Village.

You will need to park the car - Convention Centre 1 and have a brisk walk to the Colmar Tropicale. You will see the art of two birds which actually gift from the Regional Council from Alsace, France

The main attraction here is of course Colmar itself. There are also gift shop, prayer room, video game arcade, swans *black and white..but be careful as the swan might end up bite ur hips..hihi...* etc...

Take your own sweet time to tour and do not forget to go to the tower which you can see overall view of Colmar *since we do not any chance to go to the room unless we rent it for a night..which will cost hundreds ..visit one of the link here for the hotel rate*

There are few restaurant here and the price might slightly higher compared to Kenny Rogers, Pizza Hut *actually it is hard to find food here, so end up you might need to eat at any of the restaurant here..* We have our spicy garlic crabmeat pizza at La Fi Amme..so yummylicious

From Colmar, you can choose to have a shuttle ride to Japanese Village. The shuttle is provided for free *check from the schedule there..it will be more frequent for Saturday, Sunday and public holiday* Please make sure that you keep the entrance ticket *as mention earlier the RM10 ticket is for Colmar and Japanese park*

Japanese park 3,500 feet above sea level. At the left side are Japanese Garden, Japanese Tea House, Tatami Spa, Umi Tatami Spa.

You will feel a little bit cold and at the same time you will experience a green Japanese concept view..there are mini waterfall, waiting house, koi fish swimming, and it is totally relaxing experience.

If you have extra money you might want to rent a kimono and have a tea session at the Japanese Tea House. It will cost about RM20 for half and hour kimono rental *yes you can takes picture as many as you can as long as you paid* For the tea session it will cost you RM28 per person for the session. We decided not to have any of it as we really enjoy the green walk
Move to right hand side there are Souvenir Shop, Ryo Zan Tei Restaurant, Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is quite big. As you might need to walk about 1km *huhu we also do not visit it all over, as it is really tiring* You might seen a lot...Pink Quill, Angel's Trumput, morning glory, flowers, and many mores...

From souvenir shop, there are few souvenirs that you might want to buy to bring home. I have bought Kokeshi Doll, the most popular traditional folk-crafts in Japan.

Last but not least, we have visited Rabbit Park. Per entry will cost RM 3 for adult/child which not only for rabbit but also including deer and donkey. You need to buy the rabbit food if you want feed the rabbit, RM1.50 per small packet.

To our disappointment, it started to rain when we arrived *and also my camera batteries weak..only managed to snap few pics here and the rest using hp* ...so we only see the rabbit running to save themselves from rain..

After a while, the rain stopped and we managed to walk and see there is an area for quarantine rabbits *they are running all over the cage* . Even you also will find a new born rabbit, 1 to 4 months rabbits...so cute!!

Opss actually you can have posing(s) with the rabbits. It is similar how you hold a cat...but almost the rabbit here is so big *even seems sooo fragile compared to cat..this is in my opinion ok?*

You also can take donkey and deer pictures..

We are at the end of the tour *actually we do not explore 100%, but still, a worth it trip:)...yes the pics show the joy..and we have taken 300+ pics..*

Readers, you can explore to horse trails, sport complex and more places there..tell me more if you visit other than above place...pstt click here for the operating hours of the places as it is not open 24 hours…

So what do you think? ..visit Bukit Tinggi this week....as you able to travel to Japan and France in only 1 day!

Till then...meet me again in upcoming Budget Destination *not sure when, maybe after my honeymoon ???* For the larger view some of the pics, click here

12 December, 2008

Entry to be deleted???

Happy friday everyone...

Do u miss me??? *ok..sesi perasan..ke*

Yes...I'm ok now..and still struggling with my new place new job

Phew...I just know my FM is from France....and soon maybe I will meet my boss from China *I have boss here and also there...since multiple tasks.....sounds sooo international...but pays not in USD...ok?*

So later I have to pick up with all accents *I think this is the reason that I must post the entries in English....sharpen all the broken, berhabuk, berkulat, berkarat English that I have*

I have soooo many story to tell...but let me familiarised with MS Words, Excel 2007 *yes it looks so weird with me..aiyo adakah ofis2 kerja lama sgt ketinggalan..atau sy yg ketinggalan....?*

Soon to be update...just be patient....Stay tune...

06 December, 2008

Part IV: Big day..all about wedding

This will become very costly esp in KL...imagine rm5/head (even more) and times the guests...ayam masak merah, dalca, jelatah, nasi briyani, nasi minyak, sirap bandung, sirap limau, agar2, bubur kacang ijo...and too many options we have...

If the foods prepared by gotong royong it will cut the costs…but nowadays seem that catering will be easier *as long as enuff money kan* maybe because can provide few services also

Yes, all the wedding budget mostly will go here…

Uhuk..uhuks….my head really cannot think what to write about wedding entry

Adoila..suddenly I felt like to resign also from blogging adakah PMS? Pening nk kawen? Adakah takut kerja baru eventho I know that look alike Price William FM is super handsome ?*encik tunang dun kill me…because I will stare at him when he start to speak..because I really want to understand what he try to say….Couldn’t find kasut hantaran eventho its sale time? Kain baju nikah buat hal? Couldn’t decide which ticker to be use? *click here to cast ur vote before it close*…not confirm to have nikah on the same date as kenduri date? Diet series is still not working because craving sooo many things ? super series of spring cleaning – hometown plus few boxes from ex office? Am I too old to get married? Will people comment –ve after my big day? can I finish all the DIY things for my big day? too strees because other bride-to-be bloggers can have all their wedding dreams comes true while I’m still struggling here and there….?can my new employer approve my long leave for wedding after x month joining the co? which home loan to choose – flexi or fixed, which bank offer the best home loan? Can I become good wife and mother?


I have super headache….*eeeerrrr..I still have few bottles of minyak cap kapak eventho I have inherited one of it to my team members before my last day*

To be contimued later..we have script problem here inside ms tepung head and need to fix it….hopefully everything will be ok soon….

*is the script look alike above...src img=.......jpg*

05 December, 2008

I love to move it....move it

It sounds that I'll leaving blogspot after my 100th entry *opss how can I leave this blog so soon after all the while become addicted to it..kan?* Plus I still owe Facts and Fun about Bukit Tinggi...

It's time to move for my career developments (yes this is the only reason plus monetary reason) ...Here is the last msg that I send to my colleagues by using the very last time @xxxxx.com *pstt the purple wording is additional wording for blog okie?

Dear frens,

It's Madagascar fever and it's time for me to move....;p --- > where I’m moving..you can check with my teammates…

Yes, today is my last day here, and would like to say 'Goodbye' to all of you. *as well as for my bonus..sob sob sob*

And, a big 'THANK YOU' for everything...farewell, guidance, support, friendship,dried mangoes,“share the fat”, even become telangkai - this is tangkai munge matchmaker, and for every single things which I'm not able to list out here.

It has been a great experience working and knowing all of you.

Keep in touch...my email xxxx@xxxx.com. You also can add me as friend in friendster as well. I know that nowadays facebook-ing is much more addicted. Unfortunately, this is still not applicable for me...Instead I am concentrating to blog-ing and feel free to drop by my blog http://tepungpelita.blogspot.com/ --- > erk..am I far away from this "very in things"nowadays? agaga..I guess blogging is much more fun :)

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity, to extend my sincere apologies if I have offended any of you in any ways.

All the best in the future !!!

Best regards, ---> actually i'm thinking to put xoxo, but nevermind la
~ms tepung~ ---> of course I put my real name

so how do you think my last msg...is it sound silly? I think this is the most personal type of msg...*haha, I'm trying not to copy any farewell/ goodbye msg and by looking to the email title also, maybe people think that I have become crazy *aha..bkn nk hntr kat super big boss pun*

urm actually its really hard to write farewell msg compared to what i've write all the while in this blog...and i'm really touched because Rahman dedicated Mr Big's song..Wild world...sob sob...

*Does my face happy like these 2 babies for this resignation?*
Scrool down

As usual, enjoy the pics taken towards the end of my employment.... *opss..including food review also*

*the last balance sheet review meeting...*

*the cozy place for farewell...*

*starter : gado-gado..urm i still can taste the kuah kacang*

*nasi desa*

*javanese chicken with rice*

*pecal lele*

*dessert of the day and wedang jahe?*

The farewell was at Brisik Jaya One *it somewhere in PJ..nearby UIA PJ) . They serve Indonesian-Malaysian food. The price is reasonable and the taste really yummylicious.

If you choose to have special dishes set from Tanah Pasundan Jawa Indonesia *price range from rm19.50 to rm99-this is sharing for 4*, it will comes with starter-gado gado, main dish - you can take either nasi desa, pecal lele, javanese chicken with rice and few more options ..if not mistaken about 12, drink- wedang jahe..let guess..its teh o halia and dessert of the day - which we have thick yummy sago

Not to mention that the set will be serve in a very big plate *or specific tikar mengkuang style*...together with 3 types of sambal ikan bilis, sambal belacan, sambal hijau..fried tofo, tempe, tomatoes, cucumber...sedapppp!!!
*thanks all...I will belanja later -specific on my wedding day*

*suprise for encik-suami-tak-jadi..*
*hepi birthday....*
*the happy faces......*

special note : I have decided to inherit a bottle of minyak cap kapak for my teams :p.it will reliefs all of you when year end and stat audit come..hehe dun kill me

*yg mana 1 idaman kalbu...?*

*hot chicks..and hot mommies*

Surely gue akan RINDU sama kakak (mala), zah, yanie, ayien makcik, jaspreet,saro, aini, praba, cira, rahman, kuchai, nizam, kah hin, balbir, jaclyn.....and all....sorry guys i couldn't list out here....If you're not listed here please do not angry with me....because you'll be in my heart

01 December, 2008

Take a break : France and Japan in 24 hours

Dear readers,

I am happily to announce that this is my 100th entry for this blogspot. Besides, I just finished transferring all the old entries from my old blog to this blogspot *have some times to read it..and besides I do not transfer 100% due to personal reason..*

Besides, as celebrating my 100th entry, I have created one poll *kindly participate esp for those read my blog frequently..the counting is not accurate as I just randomly test it*

It relates to my big day and I have decided to have a ticker..*oho we used to have this countdown feeling, but last time it will be seen from white/blackboard for UPSR, PMR, SPM* I have decided not to disclose the date, instead this ticker will help to count until the day..

As token for your participation and appreciation for reading up to this 100th entry, I have decided to post few nice pics taken during my 24 hours travel to France and Japan *ok, I know that I couldn't afford to visit that countries, but somehow I still have a little bit view...*

Scroll down and enjoy pics during my visit to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. For the next entry, I will write more facts *plus pics* all about Bukit Tinggi


Colmar Tropicale

Japanese Village : Japanese Garden

Japanese Village : Botanical Garden

Rabbit Park

With love and cheers,
~ms tepung~

28 November, 2008

Sneak preview...Take a break : France and Japan in 24 hours

Tada...some sneak preview for upcoming entry...yes, next entry will be very special for many reasons...Aha, you might wondering what it will be? Be patient and stay tuned

*tunggu sekejap wahai kasih...*
*ulttraman taro datang...*

26 November, 2008

Part III: Big day..all about wedding

This time I will focus on reading...*I know you might think serious reading..but this is fun reading...*

Esp for gals, once her bf kata saya-nak-kawen-dengan-awk...surely she will started to stand at the magazines stall..they will looked at “Pesona Pengantin (PP)” and have some kind of dreaming....to have this kind of baju nikah, bunga tangan, kek kahwin, kad kahwin..bla bla bla until aya kedai buku saying something like this to them.."adik manis..mau beli ka majalah...”

While back to reality, gals will started to collect all the magazines that write about wedding...

The magazines will help here and there...but seriously I really love Eh *cover Maya Karin..not only because I have attended the bengkel perkahwinan..but seriously it really helpful*

Urm, I only bought magazines as above and 4 extra magazines during last book fair..tak tahu le banyak ke tak..tp serius ia buatkan longgokan menimbun majalah kahwin..

For guys..they will read again..."The lost jewel..uhuk..P------ yang hilang” *yes gals might wonder..but you can asked from kakak2 ofis yang dah kawen about this book*

Wedding portal

There are a lot portals&forums discussing on this topic...so some link here might help you *some portal/forum requires you to become member...so why not?..just put ur nickname and register..u can become silent reader or active contributor...*

Stay tune...

24 November, 2008

Retro Lets Disco nite

Remember what I have posted last week? Siti & DK pics....haha..ya that one....The sequence which not 100% related was our co dinner..ya this year annual dinner theme Retro Lets Disco nite...we have all the retro-ing style...*this time all the account peoples show their style..so do you think that accounts people happ???*

Lets pics do their part....Enjoy the retro nite pics *I'm still tired....opss later I will update this entry for the nice door gift and lucky draw that I get...*
*chinese course food..not the retro food ok?*
*all the retro-rians enjoy the retro night...*
*zainal : ku lihat hijau...opss ku lihat afro...*
chef zam : i'm not cooking foods today but will cook microfone....agaga..
pija : wheee....*

Last but not least for encik tunang..I have something for you...eventhough you are not coming for the event ....you always be my side and retro-ing all the way
psttt..want to have the same or even more experience of retro-ing yourself..of course DIY la...refer the website stated as per above pic...enjoy...