31 August, 2012

Bila nk update nih?

Owh jeles tgk org lain dh update psl raya..

Huhu ntah bila free nk update panjang berjela...nk update psl raya, nk update psl breastfeed, nk update budak 2 org yg dh start "membuatkan ketiak berpeluh peluh", wishlist deco2 rumah...

Keje kt opis makin menimbun buat rasa nk resign...huhu..

But I will try my best tu update

27 August, 2012


Patut citer sblm raya, ni citer deco lps raya plak

Hehehe ni auto post..saja2 cari idea deco rumah..pstu suka tgk ni

Tak tau original source mana..tapi amik kat sini

Pastu library cum reading room..nampak ceria sesuai untuk galak anak2 membaca


Buat tuan rumah kat atas, mintak izin share ye...korg ada deco rumah yg berkenan?...nk terjah klu blh rumah org biasa2....klu org interior design ni cam dh terror..

16 August, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya semua

Tak de mood dh nk wt keje *uhuk auditor..queries anda reply lps raya blh?*..anyway semoga semua selamat balik kg dan balik ke rumah

Pstt..malam ni br nk packing. smlm ingat ok je nk pack, tapi letih, pstu alif nyusu lama giler..mcm growth spurth plak sbb nk berjalan ke?

So sharing here my last minute checklist hari raya...jadi mak2 ni keje pakcing2 ni kena la buat, suami kan jd driver

Checklist hari raya. Checklist lama ada kat sini

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Tahun ni Segamat glamer kan? masuk iklan Bernas :)

15 August, 2012

Precious Moments with Trudy & Teddy

I consider myself knew about Trudy & Teddy quite late..perhaps few days before I read the mail about Trudy & Teddy contest. And most important thing we already bought our kids baju raya earlier (even fasting month not started)

But I believe it doesn't stop me from joining this contest (as I saw the widget to add Trudy & Teddy collection as if how will be my little ones with their collection)

Here I share my most precious moments with my little ones:-

1. Growing up moments

I considered myself as one of lucky mummies, as my two years plus of motherhood journey I see not one but two babies growing up.

Sometimes they make me amaze - from crying, cooing, crawling until he can count 1, 2, 3 and even say "Afham sayang ibu". They make us smile, laugh, speechless and so on.

And I remember very recent moment, when we just bought baju raya for them. That night I just asked Afham to wear his complete set casual baju raya - shirt and jeans. Then once satisfied, I asked him to change to his pyjama. He answered me "tak nak, baju tu basah"..and repeat it over and over again.

See how smart this little boy refuse to change and simply gave reason (of course the pyjama is not wet...he just put a reason, so he can still wear his new clothes)

Hmm...now I wonder how he will behave if I bought him Trudy & Teddy collection

Ibu: Afham..tak mau bukak topi, nanti rambut pacak2
Afham : Afham tak kisah....

2. Holiday

Even though we do not have much chance to go holiday, I consider our trip to Cameron Highland early this year as one of memorable.

We managed to visit most of the place that I planned.

I noticed that Afham not only enjoy the trip, but he also learn new things. One of it, he recognized chipmunk! We had a visit to Butterfly Farm and he just so in love to watch chipmunk.

Of course, he keep asking me "Ibu..apa ni?" and once he got the answered he keep repeating said "Chipmunk..chipmunk". Nowadays, if we watch television show chipmunk, he will loudly say chipmunk.

For next trip (no plan yet at the moment, but surely will have at least once a year), I will make sure to pack and bring along Trudy & Teddy shoes...it seems so comfy - just perfect for our little travellers!

I imagine myself both of them holding hands and walk together just enjoying our holiday :)

3. Boria

Here I reveal my little secret; when I found that I am pregnant with no 2, I always dream something pink, ruffle, headbands even tutu skirt.

But the moment Dr Hamidah confirmed its a boy...I just think my no 2 will have most of his brother clothes (sounds bad and poor him, but actually I think Alif wear not much from Afham's clothes)

So nothing fancy about dressing both of them, until later I found romper that have size for both of them. They have their very first boria, and of course more to come.

It reminds me when I was small, my late mother used to dress me and my little sister the same design of baju raya.

Now it’s my turn with little ones and its fun! They will look alike twins but from different year (plus it will easier for other to recognized that they are siblings)


Now I cannot wait myself to dress them with Trudy & Teddy...it will be "Boria Trudy & Tales"

So that’s all as I have to pen off now, even seems it is a little bit enjoy writing about them.

Hope this is one of my lucky entries to win fabulous prizes. Till then...

14 August, 2012

Senyum sampai telinga..Alhamdulillah

Senyum sampai telinga...sebab dapat hadiah hari raya...

Alhamdulillah..no 4 pun okla gak

Lps2 ni blhla merajin2kan diri masuk contest..(mintak2 la rajin)..

Nak g pilih adiah...yeay baju baru..baju nursing lagik tuh..

12 August, 2012

Tak de mood nk update?

Letih..capek...hua hua hua..

Nk packing balik raya tp adoui xtau nk start mana ( ok lps packmmg kena simpan dlm bilik spyxkena terjah ngan adham)

Xde mood nk update blog sbb...awal2 bln arituh sibuk ngan closing...udahle kena amik cuti nuzul quran..itu yg xbest keje kl umah selangor...so end up mlm2 buta stay up buat keje few nights gak (bln posa nk balik awal..keje terpaksa tapau gakla)... Uwa dan tba2 rasa mcm xdpt catch up ngan position baru, dan pening jaga 5 entity yg active

Oh ya duit raya pun xtukar lg...sure2 dpt duit buruk je kot..xpe janji nilai ada x gitu..

Okla bye, entri malas je ni