29 March, 2011

Rezeki yg terlepas?

For past few months, some changes in my department...its likely everyone wants to have new job, new environment..

So major changes happen...I reported to senior accountant..and never though she left us (ok2 past track I left the boss...)

Then when she left..few person asked me whether I will be promoted to accountant (Heh..I dunno its rumours watnot....). But as far as I know, nobody told me anything..so I just said no news, and just continue with current job

At first heard that no replacement for that position.. But later past few weeks one of collegue email two of us (me and my jiran) that company already advertised in fofular job website for accountant position.. Hmm..this collegue asked me to apply *no matter get it or not*, but I dont really in mood updating my CV..besides we also think maybe they want external candidate *klu nk org dlm buatpa la gi iklan kat internet kan? baik la canang2 kat kami ni*

Just last week new FM asked me.."tau kan ada position accountant, xnak apply ke?..rasa mcm lg senang amik internal candidate"

We have some talk..I dunno whether I gave silly answer or not...but indirectly I rejected to apply although seems that it will be highly chances for me to get the position *ok2 my ambition is to become accountant since 15 years old..then if I get it means I fulfill my dream to become accountant before twenty nine plus one*

My reasons for not applying
- My due date will be end of June, so I have about less than three months to pick up the new responsibility, at the same time need to transfer knowledge current position, plus before going maternity sure I need to transfer knowlegde new position...(heh banyak beno benda)
- Then 3 months maternity will surely give me peace of mind from work..but later once coming back surelah need to pick up back (udahle br belajar lps tu cuti 3 bulan haruslah lagi terkedek2..hari tu pun take few weeks pick up balik kerja yang dh setahun lebih buat)
- I dont want my stress level will be jump and rocketing..erk afraid later go for early maternity due to stress
- I dont want to become greedy (altho not sure how much increase in paycheck..)
- I am not ready to come back during weekend, last time sr accountant always come back on saturday during closing (but weekdays she dont stayback..)

Hm..now I just rethink whether I am silly or I should say the thing comes at wrong timing..maka rezeki itu adalah yg terlepas? No idea..

Just hope that I will get better offer in near future esp after our 2nd baby arrive!

(I think I rethink again and again because I just met one of classmate during ACCA, he is currrently Assitant Vice President *altho he said he still macai..kena jugak buat kerja but the title is something..*, itu tak citer ada yg dh jadik FM *still long way for me kot?*..yes by comparing to me mcm langit ngan bumi..I admit my career progression slow..

25 March, 2011


When we visited Klinik Kanak-Kanak xyz recently for Afham's last jab of pneumococcal, we notice there is one new toy over there

So while waiting, we let him play around..and he was soo interested with this new toy

Then encik suami asked me whether we can find it at any toy shop...I noticed the activity center have a brand one of formula milk company (activity center tu attached ngan meja sekali)

So I started ups and downs looking for it..I know it will be a little bit pricey (since looking at ikea bead roller coaster cost RM49...inikan plak activity center with so many combination toys)

When it comes to toys, usually I buy something that reasonable price and even tho encik suami said "mcm bnyk je mainan afham" I always think it not much..thehehe till he saw at TV there's one mummy showed her daughter toys..baru tahu mainan anak org lain lagi bnyk. Then sometimes at mall encik suami will said "mahalnya mainan ni.." , then I will answer "tgkler cap ape..cap ikan mahal....cap ayam je murah (ok xde cap ayam just sebut aje)"

So my searching end up to amazon.com. Yes it is exactly same like we see at the clinic..

Then, I still not satisfied, so just email someone that usually help with buying things from US, and received this from her

I also compared to vshub.com and few site...and the reason it is soo expensive because the toy itself weight almost 7kg

I talked to encik suami, then he said "boleh beli katil afham.."
So seem that we have forget the idea of getting that (Unless ada readers yg ada kwn nak cuti2 obersea/ balik Msia dan sangguh tolong beli dan angkut mainan 7kg ni....erkada ke?)
Or maybe just buy something look-alike (but still not similar) at ToyRUs...(saw at preloved toys blog..most of activity center sold out...)

24 March, 2011

Baby food : Introducing protein

I should post this few months ago..Unfortunately ehem ehem you knowla all the laziness hormone come and go. Nowadays Afham dah makan nasi join kami makan..

When it comes to protein, I do not introduce it as early as 6 months, since from reading it is recommended to introduce beef and other meats and proteins between 8 – 10 months

So here I share two simple recipes that are protein based

Japanese Silk Tofu with Pureed Dates
(or we can called it Taufu Fah - versi baby)

Source : Mammamiya

Japanese silk tofu (block or cilinder)
10 bijik kurma
1/2 cup hot water

1. rendam kurma dlm air panas for 5mins
2. Pureekan kurma dgn air rendaman dlm blender
3. Tuang kurma puree tu dlm individual tubs dlm 1/3 of the bekas
4. Lay cut tofu on top of the puree
5. Close tub & simpan dlm fridge

*it is best to simpan dlm fridge and not freezer coz dlm freezer tofu tu akan pecah air.
*this dish can last for 3-4days at normal fridge temperature & over 2 weeks dlm freezer.
*to serve-masuk dlm microwave for 40sec-1min

Since we do not have microwave or food warmer, I steam the tofu for a while. Then scoop it int0 bekas kecil2 yg dh ada puree kurma (belasah pakai sudu mcm ala2 org jual taufoo fah tu bolehla kan..nk potong2 dh leceh). I made 4 bekas..1 immediately makan, 3 lagi untuk the next 3 days makan, which panaskan cara konvensional..mcm thaw ebm

One more thing make sure it is not egg tofu..bkn pe takut anak anda allergic kat telur (Always remember we can only introduce egg yolks to baby around 8 months. Egg white only can be fed after he reached 1 year old-source here)

Sup ayam / daging
3 biji bunga cengkih
1-2 biji bunga lawang
Kulit kayu manis
1 ulas bawang putih
1 ulas bawang merah
1 inci halia
Ayam / daging (biasanya saya potong kecil..tp tidaklah halus2 since kemudian blend)
Sedikit minyak

Bahan2 dia atas ikut anggaran masing2, ayam tu agakla seketul dada atau lebih..agak2 secukup stok yg anda ingin sediakan)

Cara- cara
1. Bawang putih, merah dan halia ditumbuk (kalau anda nak blend halus sup ni, boleh jugak racik 3 bahan ini)
2. Tumis bahan rempah sampai naik bau
3. Tumis bahan no 1 hingga naik bau
4. Masukkan ayam / daging. Fry until all the water dried (some said boleh hilangkan hanyir...)
5. Masukkan air dan biarkan mendidih
6. Kalau nak masukkan sayur eg potato, celery, carrot pun boleh
7. Angkat, sejukkan, blend..Sblm blend make sure you remove la kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang, cengkih tu (I have a habit conting brapa bnyk bunga cengkih so on sblm tumis..then masa remove pun kira cukup ke tak)

I always use olive for oil. Ikut masing2la nak guna minyak sawit, minyak jagung ke...

Source of protein that can be added to porridge
1. Scramble egg yolk – I consider as super easy source of protein
2. Fish – soup / fry/ steam..I tried once soup but it turns fishy...so usually I fry fish with olive oil..then pakai garfu siat jadik kecik..masuk dlm bubur
3. Beef / Chicken – usually I made soup...like above recipe
4. Tofu – usually I add masa bubur dah nak masak..another easy step (malas)

This was how I prepare 2 weeks (14 days) stock
4 tube of beef soup
5 tube of chicken soup
Remaining 5 days – tofu and scramble egg yolk
4 type of vege – peas, cauliflower, corn, carrot

Beef soup

Chicken soup


So for 2 weeks we can mix and match for example (that is the reason why the my soup do not include vege)
Porridge + Beef soup + Carrot
Porridge + Chicken soup +Cauliflower
Porridge + Scramble egg yolk + Peas
Porridge + Chicken + Corn + Carrot

The above is just example..you always can plan and don't be afraid to mix and match. We don'thave to become chef to cook our little one food!

Selingan..kunci pun sodap :p

Jgn lupa vote saya ye..cara2nya di sini

18 March, 2011

Macam mana nak jadi rajin?

Ini bukan nak bagi tips..nak nak dapatkan tips..


I have problem..

Pertama – berkaitan dapur

ok bab masak2..bolehla still masak jugak lauk simple2 or nasi goreng. Bekal Afham pun pagi2 pun Alhamdulillah masak jugak. Bab lap2 dapur oklah walau kdg fail jugak nk lap hari2...bab basuh pinggan mangkuk ok lagik, tiap2 pagi smbil masak bekal Afham, basuhla segala yg tersadai kat sinki (ada jugak fail kdg dh seharian pinggan2 tu)..yg fail bab nak kemas sume peralatan yg dh kering ke dalam cabinet (skrg tersadai atas satu meja bertindan2 periuk kuali sudu sudip so on)


Kedua – laundry

Basuh baju seminggu sekali..itupun mesin tolong, baju Afham hanya spin di mesin..selebihnya saya biasanya basuh tangan (idakle tertonggeng berus), tapi klu yg kotor teruk2 tu sental2 la guna tangan..selebihnya rendam dlm Nappi Kleen then biasa lepas sejam bilas dan spin. Bab sidai ok. Bab angkat ok (walau kdg baju tu tersadai lama kat luar rumah). Bab lipat oklah jugak (kdg encik suami tolong)...Yg fail bab nak masukkan baju dlm cabinet (see again masalah cabinet kan?). End up ada satu bilik tersadai semua baju2 dh lipat (tapi tu pun xproper campur semua baju..bila nk pakai kirai2 lah jugak, which end up ada gak berterabur)


Ketiga – kemas rumah

Ok totally fail..hanya kemas bila ada masa terluang dan agak2 rajin (tp most likely rumah ku tongkang)


So macam mana nak rajin? Haruskah salahkan hormone pregnant? Kdg teringin nak kemas sikit2 time Afham tido, tapikan end up sama2 tido...teringin gak nk kemas while dia tgh main2 tapikan kadang pergi dapur sekejap tuk masuk pun dia dh start bunyi2, end up kenalah duduk dekat dia (pdhal xbuat ape..gi layan tv)


Bknle nk perfect rumah tu super kemas, Cuma kalau boleh nakle sedap mata memandang


Ibu2 yg membaca entri ni ada tips? Share lah ye..


Ingat nk try part time maid tpkan sungguhla segan nk suruh diorg dtg dgn keadaan rumah bersepah..hmm ini baru satu anak, soon agaknya mcm mana plak? Huhu

14 March, 2011

Happy 2nd anniversary

1st anniversary - Just a week turns to new status as parent
2nd anniversary - I am 25 weeks preganant
3rd anniversary - No idea..itu next year

2 years anniversary I am in a "good shape" *hi hi all related to pregnancy and post pregnancy* Just hope next year in real shape...

To encik suami
Selamat ulang tahun perkahwinan...

11 March, 2011

Undilah saya ! *updated*

*this is sticky post, for new entry pls scroll down*

Hi auntie2/ uncle2

Sempena bulan kelahiran saya ini, saya nk mintak tolong auntie2/uncle2 sekalian...saya bukan nak hadiah birthday sbbnya ibu dan ayah tak de pun nak buat party..Saya nak mintak tolong auntie2/ uncle2 vote saya..bukan AFundi Afham...tapi like Afham

Ibu dah register saya masuk Contest Baby Manja Round 3 (26 Feb - 25 Mar 2011).

So apa yang auntie2/ uncle2 perlu lakukan ialah :-

Langkah 1 : Pastikan auntie2/ uncle2 ada fb..*ibu kata muka buku, fesbuk* Saya tahu auntie2/ uncle2 yg baca entry ni sure ada fb, malah amat menggemarinya, betul tak?

Langkah 2 : Like Baby Manja Fans Club - http://www.facebook.com/babymanjafansclub

Langkah 3 : Lawatlah link di sini. *ramai tau join*

Langkah 4 : Auntie2/ uncle2 kena cari gambar saya dan "like"..undi dibuka sehingga 25 Mar 2011. Pastikan "like" saya di sini sebelum tarikh tutup

Oh ya sebelum terlupa ibu pertaruhkan gambar saya yang ini.. Comel tak? *hihi ada comot2 sikit makan biskut*

Peserta no 32

Auntie2/ uncle2 undilah saya agar saya berpeluang untuk menang hadiah2 yg menarik.

Oh ya kalau dh undi auntie2/ uncle2 boleh jugak tinggalkan komen di sini *sekurg2nya ibu tahu..mana tahu nanti lain kali nak mintak tlg ibu vote blhla dia votekan*

Sebelum itu saya nak ucapkan tenkiu kat cikde sbb promote di sini

Babai..jgn lupa like saya..Nanti kalau menang saya bagitau ye

AYoM : SAHM, WAHM or working mom?

Firstly before someone asking me let me tell abbreviation – SAHM (Stay at home moms), WAHM (Work at home moms), working moms no need further explanation rite?

Then there is another one SOHO moms (Small office, home office moms) which falls under WAHM lah kan?

At early stage of both pregnancies, I do feel like to quit my job and become WAHM. Not sure whether the pregnancy hormone lead me to think this? Or maybe I am sick and tired of long hour travelling to office with never ending jam..From Puchong to Bangsar can sometimes drag to travelling hours of 2.5 hours *dh boleh balik Segamat plak rasa* Maybe someone will say why not going out as early as you can? Or maybe just use ERL everyday?

Hmm going out as early as I can only around 7.30 am, right after sending Afham to nursery, which everyday using ERL can lead to tight budget *ntah encik suami kata dia hantar keje or tak hantar duit minyak dia sama je..then why not dia hantarkan btl tak?*

Just recently encik suami asked me – If his salary double from current salary, will I quit and become WAHM? He will give part of his salary for house expenses and for some savings

Hmm..I really cannot tell him straight away the answer..might be because I have good paper qualification and still hoping the idea of "accountant-in-the-making"?

Now while writing, I do realised something with current status of working mother :-
- I'm juggling with almost everything. Yes I admit house is like tongkang pecah..until sometimes I couldn't find pant to wear to office
-I'm earning but the fact that after 2 years marriage I never change handbang, wallet, never buy lipstick, blusher. The only things bought for myself sandal and clothings *all because of sizing *. Although encik suami said its ok for me to spend bonus for my wishlist "Coach" I still think the money should be reserved for child saving
-I still can have social life by at least writing blog *tho I made few blogger/non blogger friends*, gossiping *or should we call as what ye Dila and Shara? Moms + wifey ramblings?*, reading other blogs *fb jauhla sbb dh block*

The rest I cannot think...

If let say I turn to SAHM
- There is some expectation of at least the house is not tongkang pecah *erk can this happened with 2 kids?*
- While earning, no new handbag so on..then if not earning no point of getting new handbag la kan..nak gi mana melaram dah duduk rumah? *pstu uniform rasmi baju kelawar, tshirt kain batik..rambut ikat tocang..hari2 boleh tahan ke encik suami tgk?*
- Do I have my internet time? *skrg Afham pun pandai ketuk2 keyboard, tolak2 screen laptop* Since most likely taking care of kids, house can lead to super disaster tiring...how will likely I will handle with stress? Hari2 nmpk muka anak..muka suami bila dia ada di rumah...Will I turn to stressed mum? Then I scared neighbours call Teldera bila hari2 dgr suara ibu menjerit *too imaginative or will it happen? Jiran blkg rumah selalu jerit2 kat anak dia but I never took serious nak cal teldera* Or maybe husband will think I need Nanny 911? *which oversea ada...*

If let say I turn to WAHM
- Can I juggling between working time and wifey/ mom time?
- I am not really biz minded, so what business can I do? Will I good at that? The fact that I'm still looking of my other potential besides all those accounting thingy

But there is one good thing of becoming WAHM or SAHM, you always can monitor your children milestones, developments so on ..without missing it *I have been thinking not to let my children to boarding school as early as Form 1..but of course the other side I want them to be part of boarding school / MRSM – in case I'm still working mom*

Still I cannot decide...maybe let wait till the time comes

07 March, 2011

Selamat ulang tahun sayang!

I am 1 year old =)

"I might not be a perfect mother, you might not be a perfect son...
but together we complete each other"

Happy birthday my lil Afham!

First child will always embark years of motherhood. As he turns 1 year old it means that I have become a mother for a year..and still long way to go.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.-Rajneesh

There's a lot of motherhood quotes and I found this as interesting "Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.- Mildred B. Vermont"

I really hope that I can post few series of "A Year of Motherhood" (AYoM). Just stay tune!

Besides it means a week to go for our 2nd anniversary. Seems March is celebrating month! *encik suami offer henbeg itu masih valid kah?..kui kui kui...*

01 March, 2011

Asthma during pregnancy

During 1st pregnancy I have never ending coughing problem..Its like on off..and of course I have to visit doctor frequently..doctor also cannot do anything and just said "pembawaan budak"..So on off I have consume herbal cough syrup and lozenges given by doctor...Not to mentioned after some times I do not take any medicines or check with doctors..*letih muka sama problem sama*

When I started having check up with Dr Hamidah, I told my on off problem and she prescribed me with inhaler..Seems it works although I always think that I do not have asthma problem.

Then after delivery, I have no coughing problem..It back to normal

Until just recently before CNY, I started to cough again. Encik suami asked me to use back the inhaler..but nothing much. On Maulidur Rasul night I had a serious cough till I cannot sleep..start to wheezes. I just visit the same doctor and she said she will refer me to specialist at Columbia Asia due to prolong cough that I have.

At Columbia, the doctor told me at certain stage during pregnancy asthma can be worst although those days I do not have asthma history. So on that moment I knew that besides diabetic and high blood pressure that attack pregnant women, asthma is the other thing *kan ada yg kena kencing manis, darah tinggi time pregnant je..begitu jugaklah dgn asma ni*

Alhamdulillah he treated me with nebulizer and inhaler..it works at least I stop wheezing although that night I still cannot sleep..But for the rest of the day I can sleep.

When I met Dr Hamidah last week, suddenly I start cough again. Nak tak nak kenala cerita, and coincidently at the same time there is medical doctor. So she advice me to continue using inhaler (Budesonide) until to some stage I do not cough.

So next check up Dr Hamidah put me on the day that have combine clinic, which will be 24/3-2pm *sapa gi check time ni sila2la tegur..leh wat kawan..hahaha bosan tggu sorg2*

Then I also google and found this from here - http://www.webmd.com/asthma/tc/asthma-during-pregnancy-topic-overview

Asthma is a fairly common health problem for pregnant women, including some women who have never had it before. During pregnancy, asthma not only affects you, but it can also cut back on the oxygen your fetus gets from you. But this does not mean that having asthma will make your pregnancy more difficult or dangerous to you or your fetus. Pregnant women with asthma that is properly controlled generally have a normal pregnancy with little or no increased risk to themselves or their fetus.

Most asthma treatments are safe to use when you are pregnant. After years of research, experts now say that it is far safer to manage your asthma with medicine than it is to leave asthma untreated during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about the safest treatment for you.

Risks of uncontrolled asthma to pregnant women

If you have not previously had asthma, you may not think that shortness of breath or wheezing during your pregnancy is asthma. If you know you have asthma, you may not consider it a concern if you only have mild symptoms. But asthma can affect you and your fetus, and you should act accordingly.

If your asthma is not controlled, risks to your health include:

Risks to the fetus include:

  • Death immediately before or after birth (perinatal mortality).
  • Abnormally slow growth of the fetus (intrauterine growth retardation). When born, the baby appears small.
  • Birth before the 37th week of pregnancy (preterm birth).
  • Low birth weight.

The more control you have over your asthma, the less risk there is.

Asthma treatment and pregnancy
Pregnant women manage asthma the same way nonpregnant women do. Like all people with asthma, pregnant women should have an asthma action plan to help them control inflammation and prevent and control asthma attacks. Part of a pregnant woman's action plan should also include recording fetal movements. You can do this by noting whether fetal kicks decrease over time. If you notice less fetal activity during an asthma attack, contact your doctor or emergency help immediately to receive instructions.

Considerations for treatment of asthma in pregnant women include the following:

  • If more than one health professional is involved in the pregnancy and asthma care, they must communicate with each other about treatment. The obstetrician must be involved with asthma care.2
  • Monitor lung function carefully throughout your pregnancy to ensure that your growing fetus gets enough oxygen. Because asthma severity changes for about two-thirds of women during pregnancy, you should have monthly checkups with your doctor to monitor your symptoms and lung function.2 Your doctor will use either spirometry or a peak flow meter to measure your lung function.
  • Monitor fetal movements daily after 28 weeks.
  • Consider ultrasounds after 32 weeks to monitor fetal growth if your asthma is not well controlled or if you have moderate or severe asthma.2Ultrasound exams can also help your doctor check on the fetus after an asthma attack.
  • Try to do more to avoid and control asthma triggers (such as tobacco smoke or dust mites), so that you can take less medicine if possible. Many women have nasal symptoms, and there may be a link between increased nasal symptoms and asthma attacks. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is common in pregnancy, may also cause symptoms.
  • It is important that you have extra protection against influenza. Be sure to get the influenza vaccine before the flu season starts-sometime from October to mid-November-whether you are in your first, second, or third trimester at the time.3 The flu vaccine is effective for one season. The flu vaccine is safe in pregnancy and is recommended for all pregnant women.

Asthma and allergies
Many women also have allergies, such as allergic rhinitis, along with asthma. Treating allergies is an important part of asthma management.

- Inhaled corticosteroids at recommended doses are effective and can be used by pregnant women.

- The antihistamines loratadine or cetirizine are recommended.

- If you are already taking allergy shots, you may continue getting them, but starting allergy shots during pregnancy is not recommended.

- Talk to your doctor about using decongestants you take by mouth (oral decongestants). There may be better treatment options.

Asthma medicines and pregnancy

A review of the animal and human studies on the effects of asthma medicines taken during pregnancy found few risks to the woman or her fetus. It is safer for a pregnant woman with asthma to be treated with asthma medicines than for her to have asthma symptoms and asthma attacks.2 Poor control of asthma is a greater risk to the fetus than asthma medicines are.2Budesonide is labeled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the safest inhaled corticosteroid to use during pregnancy. One study found that low-dose inhaled budesonide in pregnant women seemed to be safe for the mother and the fetus.4

Never stop taking or reduce your medicines without talking to your doctor. You might have to wait until your pregnancy is over to make changes in your medicine.

Always talk to your doctor before using any medicine when you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.