28 November, 2008

Sneak preview...Take a break : France and Japan in 24 hours

Tada...some sneak preview for upcoming entry...yes, next entry will be very special for many reasons...Aha, you might wondering what it will be? Be patient and stay tuned

*tunggu sekejap wahai kasih...*
*ulttraman taro datang...*

26 November, 2008

Part III: Big day..all about wedding

This time I will focus on reading...*I know you might think serious reading..but this is fun reading...*

Esp for gals, once her bf kata saya-nak-kawen-dengan-awk...surely she will started to stand at the magazines stall..they will looked at “Pesona Pengantin (PP)” and have some kind of dreaming....to have this kind of baju nikah, bunga tangan, kek kahwin, kad kahwin..bla bla bla until aya kedai buku saying something like this to them.."adik manis..mau beli ka majalah...”

While back to reality, gals will started to collect all the magazines that write about wedding...

The magazines will help here and there...but seriously I really love Eh *cover Maya Karin..not only because I have attended the bengkel perkahwinan..but seriously it really helpful*

Urm, I only bought magazines as above and 4 extra magazines during last book fair..tak tahu le banyak ke tak..tp serius ia buatkan longgokan menimbun majalah kahwin..

For guys..they will read again..."The lost jewel..uhuk..P------ yang hilang” *yes gals might wonder..but you can asked from kakak2 ofis yang dah kawen about this book*

Wedding portal

There are a lot portals&forums discussing on this topic...so some link here might help you *some portal/forum requires you to become member...so why not?..just put ur nickname and register..u can become silent reader or active contributor...*

Stay tune...

24 November, 2008

Retro Lets Disco nite

Remember what I have posted last week? Siti & DK pics....haha..ya that one....The sequence which not 100% related was our co dinner..ya this year annual dinner theme Retro Lets Disco nite...we have all the retro-ing style...*this time all the account peoples show their style..so do you think that accounts people happ???*

Lets pics do their part....Enjoy the retro nite pics *I'm still tired....opss later I will update this entry for the nice door gift and lucky draw that I get...*
*chinese course food..not the retro food ok?*
*all the retro-rians enjoy the retro night...*
*zainal : ku lihat hijau...opss ku lihat afro...*
chef zam : i'm not cooking foods today but will cook microfone....agaga..
pija : wheee....*

Last but not least for encik tunang..I have something for you...eventhough you are not coming for the event ....you always be my side and retro-ing all the way
psttt..want to have the same or even more experience of retro-ing yourself..of course DIY la...refer the website stated as per above pic...enjoy...

21 November, 2008

Terjawab sudah...tiba masanya...

Let guess ape yg sudah terjawab? big day date? last day of working? anything important.....

Its about TARA season 3....ya we already know that Ida & Tania couldn't make it to become no 1...but I'm still happy because Geoff & Tish do not win *hehe...I think you all know why this couple is not my favourite....*

But I'm really proud because Ida & Tania enjoying while racing ...hip hip hooray...they still have time to enjoy every single moments..even they managed to grab the foods, drinks...bravo...*should they receive an award for this thing? or can I give them award..psstt they even didn't read my reading kan?*

After all Malaysia team *specific gals team* was so powerful...Zabrina-Joe Jer, Pamela-Vanessa, Ida-Tania...all of them equal since they are FINAL 3...

But the only thing Zab-Joe Jer win the race...*1st season M'sia team No 1, 2nd season M'sia team No 2, 3rd seaon M'sia team No 3..
4th season..pls bring back the No 1..pls...

Pen off for today...I will have more to write for the next entries....

*what do you think the relevance of Siti & DK pics above with my next entry?....*

To be reveal soon...have a nice weekends readers :)

19 November, 2008

Part II : Big day..all about wedding

I'm trying to focus to main areas and also where the most expenses will be spend for the big day

Masjid, rumah, hotel, balai raya..most people will like to choose mosque to have their solemnisation and the reception will be either house, balai raya, dewan, kompleks, hotel, beach, FRIM etc...whatever it is other than house we need to book the place to held the event...some places might even fully book..so the best is to book it as early as you can and keep doing follow up in case you might be left out as people might do mistakes...

On top of that the list will count also the following…canopy, table, chair, accessories *kerusi tu bersarung ker…ade lampu2 gantung kah, fresh flower for each table etc…opss alas meja pun termasuk jugak kan* , cutlers, tissue, pinggan mangkuk, sudu cawan, tempat basuh tangan..erm maybe this should be part of food also..

Invitation card
It can be DIY or just choose the design at let the card shop do the rest..or some even do the printing and DIY by adding ribbons later . Price of the card will depends on the design....make sure they spell the name *esp if the bride and groom name might sound like Norizan, Raihan..which it can be gurl or guy name..and detail correctly ie house no/ hall no*

How many cards do you need? Depends on the list of people that you would like to invite..some might do some e-cards or scan the card in order to save the budget and send the link or file to friends...

When to send the card? Hmm I'm not sure but I think do not send early as people might received and later missed it as there is tendency of “saya lupala”..maybe 1 to 3 weeks is the best..

For hotel reception, the card will have RSVP from French words Répondez s'il vous plaît *erk…I don’t know how to pronounce it..*, which require respond either “YES” to attend or “NO” decline.

Video + Photographer
All the thing *canopy, pelamin, baju sewa kat mak andam...etc * will be return once the event done...left with the memories and photos + video...

Nowadays its a trend to have this custom album...and there are so many photographers *or only because they have the DSLR kah?* and they might be charging you higher than the works that they have done. I found this link where this blogger is an anti wedding photographers...quite true also kan?

We have a long list to choose*of course budget counts* ...preetypeektures, saifulnang, magicclickers, etc *just mention few names...as there are a lot...and each have diff style of photo technics and editing the custom albums...*

During childhood I'm always dreaming to have a kind of outdoor with the wedding attire *maybe because always seen Chinese do this...erk adakah masa kecik sy kuat berangan?* and nowadays this become a trend to Malays also...

I'm not sure when it started as I just realized it when I start googling my friends wedding pics and I really love it...Both of them were my schoolmates back to Form 1-3, and they have few location of outdoor.. *of course they spend a lot for the photog..* Click here for one of the outdoor session...*Idz aku jeles sbb outdoor ko banyak...taman nasuha, air terjun gunung ledang, sawah ring..dah mcm hero-heroin filem korea, hindustan, high school musical...opss ada lagi satu outdoor masa ko jadik model untk eddie photovideo*
Bersambung..TBC..... *since my 1st entry received comments that it was too long..so I tried to write it like this way...*

14 November, 2008

Happy Friendship Day postcard

pstt..its not world friendship day..but its between me and him..encik tunang...I love u...

12 November, 2008

Big day..all about wedding

*menuju puncak....lala*


mas kahwin, kari daging, dalca, pelamin, bunga manggar, upah jahit lace, jahit chiffon, kasut nikah, kos kahwin, photographer,...bla bla..bla bla....

All this thing will makes the bride to be so scared...even the groom also feel it esp when shaking tok kadi hand...

But it really worth it since two different person *this is not man from mars and women from jupiter...or whatever..haha* will become as husband and wife..two heart, soul become one...two family will become even bigger family...et cetera...

Nowadays wedding events will makes more money and profit to caterer, photographer, wedding planing and all the people involved directly or indirectly in this business...So the most important thing is planning and the rest have to ask from whom have experienced it before...

My big day will be confirmed soon….this will be the most awaiting moment. *aha penat tau asek dating, makan, jalan*...and I really want to write on it *anything I like, I know, my dream wedding...and so on...* It will be few series “persiapan perkahwinan” wedding-preparation..which might help myself as long checklist and maybe help other bride to be...Let start...

The right one
Takde calon pasangan macam mana nak kawen kan? so after find the right one then we will think to end the relationship*not the real end...just end the relationship as lovers but it will start as new world as husband and wife*
K-AH-W-I-N..sape tak suka kawen kan ;p ? penat2 bercinta *esp for those have long years of relationship maybe start from childhood turns into lovers..*

The date
08.08.08, 09.09.09, 10.10.10 wokeh this date seem that so like-able..Ada apa dengan tarikh?
The most important thing to set the date is to gather all the families..atok, sepupu, dua pupu...kupu2...hehehe
Some will have solemnization a day before reception, solemnisation+reception on the same day..or even solemnization followed by reception after some times *a week, a month..3 months or more...*

Try to arrange it accordingly and not to have the same wedding date with other relatives yg nak kawen….

I have my own version of checklist, dateline plus budget...This is the most important esp if you become CEO chief-everything-officer for your own wedding..

We can find it thru surfing, magazines...but it is not necessary to follow it 100% as it is only general guide...perasan tak checklist tu selalu tulis what we should do 6 month before until a day before wedding...erm..my list is buat ape yg boleh buat..mana2 yg berkaitan booking hanya dibuat bile dah confirm tarikh...

Yes this will be the main thing...nothing is free in this world..even toilet already cost 20cents or more...in Islam the main concern is mas kahwin, but it is not necessary in monetary value..It can be any valuable thing even teaching Al-Quran also can become mas kahwin..other that that we are encourage to have small feast to inform family, friends , neighbours...so at least they know that you are married...

Some might be lucky as family will sponsor partially or even all the wedding expenses, some even have to get personal loan, some even working harder and save every single cents...after all we should not expense all the savings for wedding because life after marriage still have a cost, even a lot..house, mesin basuh, tv lcd, katil, babies...the super-duper list

But I believe we should work out from what we have...if we only have little saving then the event should be in accordance to what we have...the wedding event is not to pleased other people because.....its hard to please others! *sob sob sob...hope my blog will generate little income for me...*

Kursus kahwin

*baik ustazah..ekin akan wat....pstt saya pun kursus ngan ustazah ni*

This is very important and most likely passport before you can submit the application...You can choose to attend it earlier *even before you meet the right one*

I have attended it together with enck tunang at Zura's Academy, Bangsar around last June..ustaz2 and ustazah have shared on few topic..procedures, hukum hakam, tanggungjawab, relationship, sex etc...we have very fun session for one and half day *erm..cannot stop laughing all the way..even one ustaz is talking about thundercat..*

Even at the end of 2nd day there is some kind of mock wedding...*naseb baik xkena pilih..kalau tak mauya jadi pelakon-bidan-terjun..*

Note : Make sure that you have booked earlier since the seat is limited for every weekend, have a good sleep esp for ceramah on Sunday, get some sweets since you might be sleepy for long hours stretching ceramah *it depens on penceramah juga..and topics*

Hantaran ...gifts-for-wedding
Malaysia is known for so many sale...will have sale for all the festival..even school holiday also have sale back-to-scholl-sale *not the kids will spend but their mummy will spend ;p* ..whoa!..supermarket anniversary sale and most popular will be year-end-sale *this year will be as super saving sale, jualan jimat malaysia kan?* ..So it should not be a big problem to find the things that you want for hantaran *except you are fussy huh*..most prefer to buy it during sale or towards the wedding...

Hmm...do you believe that for us, everything almost done..with left only few items...although people will say it will become outdated but who cares...as long as both of us like the things and still within our budget it should be ok...*lagipun penat jalan2 asik survey..kan lebih baik beli ajelah kan...lgpun dh berkenan...*

Note: Have proper checklist...5 balas 7, 7 balas 9 or even more *some even do not have hantaran kahwin since they have give it during engagament..* Set a budget for the gift and look for it...jangan rambang mata hingga terbeli apa yg tidak sepatutnya...Then spend some times to look few stores... *bf, tunang be patient k, girls always like that..they never buy it until they look around and satisty*

Decoration for hantaran...so many choices that we have..ask the expert to do it for you *its not free, you have to pay the cost* or for those who like DIY will do themselves...decoration varies from fresh flowers, artificial flowers, bunga dip, bunga stokin, colourful ribbon...*pergi jalan TAR mau rambang...silap2 budget pun boleh larik..*

For us, I will do by myself...huargh...still searching the ideas for both side..since I'm willingly to do it...but of course fresh flowers will not be in the list...*kampungku bandar koboi, susah nk jumpa fresh flower...*

Theme colour..theme wedding
This is the most in trend nowadays...garden wedding, white wedding, beach wedding...with specific theme colour...the theme wedding not necessary for myself, but for the colour I am still thinking on it*for hantaran, reception....and the rest maybe have some tone, colour combination...* Yes people might say it would nice if the bride, groom and families to have the same theme for clothing but sometimes it might lead to happen that pengantin tenggelam and families will shine...owh...maybe some colour coordination need to be done..

I'm not yet decided any specific colour *although I really like purple..warna kegemaran dr zaman kanak2* ...I'm not kind of following kaler yg sdg “in”..* but for akad nikah (solemnisation) , we will wearing white baju nikah...

to be continue...pls be patient *my brain is working...what to write and how to present it in the best sequence and try not to left anything*

N’way pictures from this entry *except gambar Ekin-Mawi* was during Anas wedding..*he is my cousin*… Updated: click here for more pics *pstt Anas dah jadik Zac Efron hmm..or hero citer korea/hindustan..??*

For Anas dan Ayu…Congratulation..Tahniah ;)

*taun depan sy jadik flowergurl ~ms tepung~*

opss..this will be Part I : Big day..all about wedding ..Stay tune for Part II k..

10 November, 2008

Saya dah tengok....

“I love to move it, move it....”
“Sixty-nine or six-to-nine?”

If you look picture above what you will think...?
Its Magadascar 2 : Escape to Africa time.....whoa...best!!!
Synopsis (Source: United International Pictures (Sdn)
Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, King Julien, Maurice and the penguins and the chimps find themselves marooned on the distant shores of Madagascar. In the face of this obstacle, the New Yorkers have hatched a plan so crazy it just might work. With military precision, the penguins have repaired an old crashed plane—sort of. Once aloft, this unlikely crew stays airborne just long enough to make it to the wildest place of all—the vast plains of Africa, where the members of our zoo-raised crew encounter species of their own kind for the very first time. Africa seems like a great place…but is it better than their Central Park home?
Want to know more? Check it out...and enjoy...
psttt...Moto-moto sooo hot but why Gloria do not choose him?

06 November, 2008

Pictures speak thounds words

Introducing my new family..new gadget... *siap ada birth cert alamak baru perasan salah..correct date 13.09.20098*...not sure to call he, she or it...but maybe Ixus

I have tried few functions from this Canon Ixus 80 IS (Canon Powershot SD1100 IS DIGITAL ELPH, DIGITAL IXUS 80 IS in Europe, IXY DIGITAL 20 IS in Japan)..whoa, I really like this Ixus...nowadays people seems have similar hobby *is it a trend?...* you can see anywhere people carrying the DSLR cameras...but still I love digital camera since its compact, stylish and the most important thing it fits to my handbag *trend also kan to have big bag? yg muat harta-karun doraemon..hehe..huhu I just bought 1 new bag quite big for myself all the while I have medium size handbag... *

Ok..its show time...pics taken during my sister's convocation and also Terry Fox run..

*sesi tayang hasil jahit manik*

*on the way*

*jual bunga?..tidak...jual minyak bunga?..tidak..sayalah flowerman ;p*

*kah kah kah...nasib baik bukan bunga taik ayam...*

*i have hired event photographer...don't be jealous with this pic....*

*Baby for the day*

*mommy, pleasela...I want to run also..in 20 years time I will win gold medal in Olympics..*

*daddy..please help me to wear my shoes...agagaga*

*driver..pls keep my "mini cooper"...wash it properly... after the run we will go to mamak Bangsar to have roti tampal and teh halia..ok?*

*yes..daddy..I know that I will become stronger even more than Popaye because I eat banana*

03 November, 2008

Weight gain, weight loss

I know it sounds that I'm trying to sell some beauty products....te..et..... wrong...it just I couldn't think the exact tittle

Although I write earlier that I couldn't celebrate raya but this for year but I have few series of open house *uhum that is related to weight gain kan..*

I have tried to attend all the open house invitation...Thank you soo much for inviting me, next year don't forget to invite me again...hehe...maybe next year or next2 year will be my turn also.... *erm hopefully I would have some times to train all the berkarat cooking skill*

*gossip girl*

*nice to see, nice to eat..once eaten, consider kenyang...Dila, aku buh lmbt sket pic..hehe*

Oho did I mention that saya beraya hingga ke PD? This unplanned trip was a last minute plan...and Alhamdullillah the weather was good and we even have opportunity to have a sunset view...so beautiful....and alang2 dh sampai PD sempat beraya lagi ke rumah housemate zaman MRSM dulu...*smpai gak aku rumah ko ek Angah*

*bercanda di pasiran pantai....lala*

*hercules? hulk hogan? ultraman taro? doraemon?*

*dugong? little mermaid with big drumstick?*

*almost similar pic like here*

JJCM activities seems not so important since all the pounds, fat here and there..so need to have some sort of exercise and control of foods intake....

But we still have some sort of JJCM during TA charity and family carnival at TA cark park *in front of KLCC* on 1st November...we found this oldchangkee Singapore curry puffs*bigger than canned drink*. . for RM 2O coupons we were enjoying mee rebus, mee kari, mineral water, soya beans, curry puff and ice cream...the price of the foods was slightly higher since it was for charity

I miss few series of challenge activities that held this year like Maju Junction Merdeka Hunt, PIC *maybe sbb takut jadik mcm PIC 2007 so tak masuk kot…* So I decided to join Terry Fox Run 2008at Lake Gargen on 2nd November ...not really running but brisk walk for 5++km...*its not a magic to lose few pounds but hopefully it will be a good starter for myself before siri2-diet untk kawen...yaya hopefully I will have my serious exercise plan after this*

Celebrity for the day was Ida Nerina *opss..she can zipped her mouth for Amazing Race Asia 3 result..so sad Bernie has been eliminated..uwa..*

*cheer team untuk high school musical 4?*

Amazing race asia is almost towards it end..but still few tv series just start 1-2 episode *I still couldn't understand that I could addicted to tv series but not to film yg bersiri2...eventhough tv series we need to have to watch it for several months*

Some of tv series that I will try to be patient and trying not to miss it *encik tunang now you will know why nowadays saya balik kerja on time..hehe* Awan Dania (Isnin 9-10mlm) Renjis 2 (Rabu 9-10mm) Heroes season 3 (have to check..x ingat Thursday 10pm)...and the most awaiting American Next Top Model Cycle 11 *Tyra Bank you rock!...Britain and Australian Next Top Model is not so impressive...huh maybe I love American accent...sounds clear kot*