29 December, 2010

2 lines = pregnant

*this entry might be long and emotional*

Yes I know you might gosok-mata-tak-gatal..or maybe read it again and again and again and again...

We're expecting our 2nd baby!

*this is one of the reasons why I keep on hiatus mode most of the time*
I know..maybe you try to scroll down or read archive *gosok mata lagi* because isn’t it just few months back I posted my delivery experience, how to made homemade food for baby and so on. I wont blame if you said “so productive” *telinga mak dah kebal ayat nih...*

Since it still fresh in my mind I will wrote when I found out that I’m pregnant..

23rd Oct 2010
Somewhere around 2-3 am, encik suami said my body heating like high fever. Confirm! Since thermometer showed 38 degree celcius...so he asked me to sleep at room upstair while he taking cares our lil one. But the fact I don’t really feel like having a fever!

8 am
Since nursery open on Saturday, we send Afham to nursery.Then encik suami send me to clinic...Doctor confirms that I’m having a fever and even offered me to take panadol in the clinic, because she said at least by the time reached home the panadol will started to give the effect.

So for the rest of the day I just resting, while encik suami taking care Afham...but still I didn’t feel like having fever (Ok my type klu demam betul, mmg selubung selimut dan tidoo sepanjang hari)

24th Oct 2010
Almost 10 am
Encik suami still in la-la-land...while I’m already feeding and playing with Afham. Suddenly tekak rasa semacam *which “semacam rasa” was likely when I know that I’m pregnant last time. I know my period already late..but for past few months it haywire cycle....

I looked for the test kit, unfortunately its not pregnancy test *sbb nk beli yg murah..boleh tak salah beli..beli UTI test! ape kes la plak kan?* Then I asked encik suami to wake up and said “jom pi farmasi..mcm rasa pregnant”

So he drove to the pharmacy and I bought 2 tester *this time correct one*..and I wont wait till the next day-Although it always recommended to make a test in early morning and if possible the first urine of the day...

The result??? 2 lines

Both of us a lil bit shocked..taking our time to accept this news *tak percaya pun ada...*. Although this time encik suami do not turn to kanak2 ribena *yes last time he jumped happily when I spread the news* a kiss at forehead at least gave me some support.

The rest of the day we went to shopping complex to get my milk supplies *hmm there’s promoter busy asking me why buying susu ibu mengandung..while time time I’m carrying Afham*, korek cabinet to find out my folic acid....and of course taking our time with this big news!

For me it took some times for me to accept that I’m pregnant. Both of us planned to have our 2nd when Afham turns 1 or before turns 2..at least he will become big brother when arrival of his little brother/sister. Furthermore I have discussed with Dr Hamidah and she said its ok with this plan as last time was normal delivery.

I even searched and google some other mothers experience esp when it comes to this issue ie anak rapat selang setahun...and after reading, thinking again and again I accept it.

Looking from the brighter side
- Last time normal delivery *I even read some c sect mommies pregnant while the first one is 6months!*
- Our life consider stable – we have our own house (even tho 2nd hand), nice car (although house and car is on loan...but so far bayar without failed), makan pakai cukup la..no such PJJ relationship
- Both of us not really young, 2011 both turn twenty-nine-plus-one...
- All the baby items can be inherited..klu ada pun top up mana yg perlu aje..same goes to maternity wear I don’t have to spend a lot...pakai balik sume *tp dlm hati nk le jugak top up sehelai dua yg baru*
- Afham will have a partner to play, cry, laugh, talking, ....grow together..some mommies said anak rapat ni diorg akan close to each other *bergaduh tu alah tegal biasa la kan*
- Dah alang2 penat bgn malam, jaga anak ni teruskah ajelah sekali harung...
- Although adding new family members which means need extra $$$, I always believe in rezeki from Allah...*although xde nmpk angin2 nak naik gaji or whatnot...Bonus yg br dapat ni simpan dulu, Coach yg mak mengidam tu boleh tggu 5 taun lagik..lgpun pakai beg canggih sgt skrg ni end up anak belek2, gigit2, ketuk2,..*
- There’s couples outside need to wait for several years to get baby...I saw Giuliana & Bill show..watched how she really wants to have a baby with all those medical procedures *ok2 I am not kind of people like to see all the wires, needles or anything that can makes me scared esp with hospital, medical equipment ..cukupla masuk spital tuk bersalin..tak ke patut bersyukur xkena lalui sesi seluk2, check2, cucuk2, soal jwb ngan doc sume tu*
- I have solid reason when people ask adding new family members *lets us taking care 2 kids first..*
- I have good excuse not to update my blog frequently *lps tu sdiri rindu nk update*
- Allah know the best *sbgai hambaNya kita xle nmpk hikmah, rezeki di sebaliknya..*

Few cons
- I realised I do not have enough rest *eh tapi Raja Azura kat sinar .fm mention ada anak kecik ni 3 taun xcukup tdo...so ada anak kecik pastu pregnant mmgle xdpt lari dr asik never-ending penat* I admit in early stage sometimes I lost my temper..adalah ternaik suara time tgh penat-badan plak struggling with pregnancy hormone..Afham plak melasak nak tonggeng terbalik main
- Our house tonggang terbalik...but at least encik suami tolong gak *tolong lipat kain...benda yg masa mula2 kawen xpernah pun tolong, buat susu tuk isteri*. I’m thinking of getting part time maid, at least some works can be subcon
- Emotions running ups and downs *on at early stage when I knew I’m pregnant* kejap ok, kejap lagi start risau..can we handle 2? *handle sorg pun tonggang terbalik, inikan pulak 2* and few issues slip in mind
- I cannot proceed with my career plan. I've obtained MIA membership adding to current ACCA and planning to move new job with better postion and of course better pays. I thought end of 2010 concentrate on career hunting, and expect that by early 2011 I should be in new company and at the same time Afham turns 1 ..then can plan for 2nd baby....afterall believe that Allah has better plan than what I know *mana tau lps 2nd baby dpt keje yg btl2 bagus..Insya Allah*

Status : A week after we found out the big news!

*that's why we took some times on this*

I'm pretty sure that our life will be challenging. To handle one baby and one toddler, to handle housechore, financial , works, and so on..juggling here and there.

This is the challenge to become hot supermum & superdad perhaps?

27 December, 2010

Meet our little shopper

Presenting our little shopper...






My sexyback

I'm cruising checking one of hot spot jajahan takluk..er supermarket I mean

Since we still not buying stroller..trolley become one of his unofficial stroller (I know supermarket trolley is not hygenic..but lps soping, kita mandi sental2 guna Sebamed). All because he no longer interested stay calmly in SSC. So at first we have to dukung alternately until when we put in trolley, he seems so happy!

And you know what? he seems enjoying trolley-stroller-momemt....and got attention from anyone..promoter Kit Kat say hi to him, Indian staff packaging sweets tooth-jajan also gave him big smile...and the rest I lost count!


Plus he also seems like shouting "Aaaa!" sesuka hati. Once he bored, he turn back and start to play with the items in trolley *tepuk dahi*..Itu belum masuk bab he wont sleep, and not even request for food/ milk...*nasib ibu dia tak soping 5jam!*

Last but not least upah shopping

21 December, 2010

One lucky night...

I should consider 11.12.10 as my lucky day..because I won this from co. annual dinner


Its IXUS 130
complete with charger, 4G sd card, warranty ward

At first Im a lil bit not sure to attend the dinner. Because I know I cannot bring my lil one...and to find somebody to take care him on weekend - malam plak tu...Then encik suami said OK, just go and he will take care Afham

So I went alone. Before that encik suami already have some talk and he said he want me to win lucky draw specifically GPS...and we know the grand prize will be LCD TV..

Encik suami send me (bawa anak la sekali..dah bini tak reti2 nk drive sdiri! asik renew and gantung lesen)..then he drove back safely...While I enjoyed the food...makan sehingga puas! and of course waiting patiently if Im the lucky one!

Then at no belas2 ke 20 something, I heard "the winner is Zu"...and one of tablemate said "eyh you menang"....and guess what org lain (ni sbb emcee ni je pggl dia Zu pdhal org lain sume pggl nama lain)

Sob..sedihla..tp of course praying I can better lucky draw

Makan. duduk.makan. duduk...waiting patiently until no 5...brla nama naik. Sengihla sorg sbb pertama kali dlm sejarah bekerja dpt lucky draw paling top..(before this pernah dpt gak tp kurang gempak)

Went home happily, but on the way home Afham muntah (satu kereta bau..nasib hadiah dh letak elok2..xle kena ape2)..rupa2nya nak start demam

Pls ignore my not-so-follow-theme and also extra fat

Oh ya the night theme was retro 60' 70' and we got this Ogawa S-300 Hand-held Massanger as door gift...Partner pun dpt door gift gak Kimizen 3 in 1 Mini Massanger (encik suami xdtg xdptla..sob)

Rega both kat luar? sdiri mau ingat!

On top of this, it means I have two camera. The one I have is IXUS 80...hmm wonder if I want to sell this IXUS 80, will be anyone interedted to buy it from me?

20 December, 2010

Cooking competition

Its not about myself enter any cooking competition (gulp...mak xlayak la...takat masak sdiri2 je yakin)..but it about reality tv showing some sort of cooking competition..

I really enjoy this reality cooking competition compared to singing reality tv...Reason? erk maybe its mouth watering? Haha..I think because I love food! Sometimes certain thing sound bombastic when it comes to the recipe name..like "Shrimp and Corn Risotto Fritters with Jalapeno Aioli" (bknke itu mcm keluarga jemput2..hihi)

Besides enjoying the shows, it also adding my cooking dictionaries...despite certain thing might not available in Malaysia..

Iron Chef
I think this is the first ever reality tv that I saw past few years back (yelah dulu xde astro..so tgk ape yg aderla)

I really love the show...The guest chefs challenging the show's resident "Iron Chef". Then they have to prepare as many dishes as they can from the specific theme ingredient. So they have to be creative with this ingredient...


In each episode four chefs compete by three round - appetizer, entree, and dessert. The chefs are given a basket containing several ingredients, and each dissh must contain each of those ingredient.

I think the competition really tough..because the ingredient itself sometimes not commonly prepared eg sardine, watermelon (kalau ikan ngan durian at least leh la gulai tempoyak ikan...walaupun tempoyak tu xberapa nk tempoyak la sbb masa pendek)

Top Chef

Just few weeks I watched this...Itu pun terbukak tv right after sampai rumah (around 7pm). And its already half of the season 3..and slowly catch up with season 4. From the website currently it has 8 season...

Again here chefs compete each other in culinary challenges. Each episode had two challenge - quickfire challenge and elimination challenge

Masterchef US

I just watched it because encik suami said "ni pertandingan masak2..best"

Ok..Among all the above, this is something different because they are not really chef. From doctor, software engineer, server, student...so it range

Even encik suami said if there is something like this in Malaysia, he want to join (then I have to become his cheerleeder)

And I already know who will be the winner for this 1st Masterchef US!

08 December, 2010


What a nice coincidence..because Afham turns 9 months. Another 3 months he will turns 1 and a week after that our 2nd anniversaries!


9 months in, 9 months out and we still do not have any stroller...


The rest I have a lot of story, but I'm really in hiatus mode....The reason I really do not blog lately because too busy, too tired...


Somehow whenever I tried to open laptop/Mac...my little one sure will come and "attack"....and when he sleep, I also sleep (mak letihla keje banyak klu amik gmbr tgk meja sure la korg pengsan)...


I tried to update lunch time, but its hard...ntah blank ke hape..


Then I now nowadays can update from handphone (but I think I hate to update from hp for all the alignment, pics and so on)


Oh ya it goes same for update from Word (again problem with pics, alignment so on)


Erk seems so many reasons..but nevermind later when I have "extra time-mood-energy" I will try to update..Insya Allah


22 November, 2010

Wish list...

It almost year end, and usually people will sit back and analysed whether they achieved what they planned for the year...Yup, I do have one, but I don't think it is interesting as I consider only half of it success, while the rest like "hangat2 tahi ayam" (sian ayam kan?)

So I just to have a relax entry and considering it as a wish list...Because the previous wish list I posted here, Alhamdulillah all comes true for both of us (Clap!Clap!Clap!...bila tulis – harus kerja keras for it – maka Insya Allah dapatlah kan?)

Most of wish list here are vacation (haha sbb xsempat honeymoon- apetah lagi babymoon...maka cita2 nk bercuti masih menyala2, plus I need a good holiday for all the hard works...)

So hereby my wish list

1. Toy Museum Penang

Previously, I visited Toy Museum Summit (I think they shifted to Penang, so Summit no longer any toy museum). So I know the concept...and I believe Penang will have more collections of toys!

Actually, during raya hari tu we almost nk pergi since dah lalu depan, but I said to husband we can came later (haha sbb Afham lom faham lagi..so tggu dia besar2 sikit and maybe dh ada cartoon character dia minat then lg best!)

2. Legoland, Nusajaya Iskandar Johor

Yes it still under construction, but it doesn't mean that I cannot put it as part of my wish lists? Actually I never noticed about Legoland till I saw Majalah 3, where it show one of the staff- how she trained from Legoland (of kos la trainining tu kat oversea...), and how she construct..Its cools, hari2 keje ngan lega smbil build bangunan...mcm main2 je kan but get paid. However, I really cannot remember her job name – Legoland engineer? Legoland builder? Legoland architects?

Oh ya..some sort of info on Legoland
Legoland Billund (Billund, Denmark) opened in 1968 (9 acres)
Legoland Windsor (Windsor, Berkshire, England) opened in 1996 (150 acres)
Legoland California (Carlsbad, California, USA) opened in 1999 (128 acres)
Legoland Deutschland (G├╝nzburg, Germany) opened in 2002
Legoland Malaysia (Nusajaya (Iskandar Malaysia), Johor, Malaysia) expected to be operational in 2013

I think Legoland Malaysia will look alike other Legoland, so lets preview other Legoland

Legoland Billund

Legoland California

Legoland Deutschland

3. Universal Studios, Singapore

I thought end of this year visiting Universal Studios, after considering our passport expiry date soon...but I don't think we can make it..I do not have any more leave (hamik ko cutik dah habis..so klu ada pun kena amik unpaid leave). Plus encik suami kata, klu pergi skrg nanti ada 2 org tua jakun-sdiri2...anak plak xfaham pe2..

So I think we need to re plan..maybe next 4-5 years kot? Take a long leave, so that can visit Universal Studios and Legoland...Accommodation, should be no problem..rumah atok, makcik ada kat JB hihi

4. Handbag & wallet

Last but not least..new handbag and wallets....Ok2 I 'm not fashionista..hehe nk masuk LV pun sgtlah segan...Chanel lgla jauh dr idaman...so berangan tahap Coach je boleh tak?

11 November, 2010

Hiatus mode?

Suddenly I'm thinking of not to update anything in my blog...

But somehow, I really miss my blog...(Do readers also missing my writing? Erk...). I have a lot of work to be done, a lot of reading (ilmu ibu2 ni mmg kena belajar hatta xde sijil bagai), and of course never ending tiredness which brings me no mood to update blog..(Anyone can recommend good supplements/ vitamins for stay healty, beauty, alert, lot and full of energy? lg bagus klu versi cecair..pil2 ni den lomah la pulak)

I always think I can make it to update at least twice a week, but one entry pun kdg susah (Heh..ini baru 1 anak, klu dh berderet cmne?).

I think sometimes I have a big problem..I don't have proper management of everything...but somehow I think I'm still struggling (while enjoying) with this motherhood journey.

Of couse sometimes thingking of working from home (but I have no idea of what kind of online biz), but full time housewife never in my list. The reason is simple..we have a lot of commitment to be settle every month and also I really want to use my prof memberships as stepping stone for better position (Alhamdulillah, I received my MIA cert last week!!!)

Till then..I try my best to update and oh ya for those asking about FPP Putrajaya (email/blog comment), I will try my best to answer it in one entry (hope I post it very soon...)

28 October, 2010

Baby :Vege/fruits puree and anchovies powder

My step by step preparing vege/ fruits puree

1. Clean and cut the vege/ fruits
2. Cook it using any method that you like
3. Cool it a bit
4. Blend it using blender
5. Strain the food using strainer (if needed depends on texture and ur baby age, some food like sweet potatoes@keledek is creamy and seems xde la kasar2 texture..so you can skip)
6. Put it in the ice cube / baby cube
7. Refrigerate it (mula2 fridge, then after 1-2 hours masuk freezer)
8. Once it turns into cube you can transfer to other container/ freezer bags. Then masuk balik freezer
Tips: Lalukan air di belakang ice tray sekejap, senang sikit nk keluarkan cube.
Oh ya usually I do not mix the cube in 1 container..maksud klu buat few purees, 1 bekas hnya untk 1 jenis puree
9. Everyday I will take the selected food that I plan to give for the next day. Then put them in fridge to defrost
(mcm handle ebm jugak)

Pic here is just not in order (nak masak vss nk amik pics..mana lg penting?) So I just snapped bila teringat but hope the caption will help

carrot puree (top), sweet potatoes @ keledek puree(below)

both in ice cube

untk masuk dlm fridge pastu freezer

dah jadi cube...but this one pumpkin, prune and potatoes puree (eh 3p)..since dh lupa nk snap tuk carrot and sweet potatoes

acara transfer ke tupperware..bekas hijau tu akan disimpan di fridge (untk esok)..puri labu tu tumpang sat dlm puri kentang je..sbb nk snap gmbr dulu)

Preparing the porridge with vege/ fruits cube
(again my style...this it when he just started solid - so bubur mmg kena tapis)
1. Ambil bbrapa sudu rice powder masukkan dlm penapis teh
2. Basuh bersih2 dan masak sehingga menjadi bubur
3. Sejukkan seketika dan blend it
4. Tapis bubur yg sudah diblender
5. Campurkan vege/ fruits cube. Kacau sebati bubur dan thawed cube dgn api yg sederhana kecil
7. Masukkan dlm food thermos

Blend it!
Sesi penapisan

Sesi tambah vege/ fruits puree

Some mommies can use other steps...it depends on how you want to give it to bs/nursery. At first I also cannot make up my mind how I want to give the foods to nursery. Some said its not good to give foods yg dh simpan dlm freeze since takut kembung, ada plak kata bs x bagi mkn sbb malas nk panaskan food, and so many issues.

So after considering few thing, I have decided to mix it..bubur masak setiap hari, so it fresh. Only fruits/ vege je versi thawed-ice-cube. (I admit sometimes I cannot make it, so nestum jugak jd bekal...and the first time nk msk bubur hoho sungguhla ngantuk! but slowly I make it.

Besides I decided to invest in good food thermos since some commented that the food sejuk altho br bbrapa jam dlm food thermos (beli skali ja tuk guna sume anak). So far kakak nursery tu kata panas elok (kdg kena tggu bg sejuk esp bila mkn pg). Plus I consider at least diorg xpayah la nk panaskan food for my lil one (sudahla diorg nk handle babies2, toddlers lg, EBM lg...so masa beli food thermos pejam mata swipe credit card and just think +ve je).

Since now Afham already started with texture porridge, the steps as below plak
1. Ambil bbrapa sudu rice powder masukkan dlm penapis teh
2. Basuh bersih2 dan masak sehingga menjadi bubur
3. Bila dekat2 nk masak masukan vege/ fruits cube. Kacau rata2 seketika
4. Masukkan dlm food thermos

But, I have to make sure the rice powder btl2 halus..klu blend beras kasar2 nanti kena blend sekali lagi

Bekalan kasih sayang
Right (tahan panas 5 jam) - breakfast
Left (tahan panas 7 jam) - lunch
Bekas biru - nestum...in case ptg klu dia lapar lagi
(at least leh monitor afham mkn bnyk ke tak nestum tu)

On top of that, since salt is not permitted in baby food, we have an option to add anchovies powder..serbuk-ikan-bilis

1. bersihkan ikan bilis anngaran tuk guna seminggu dua stok
2. rendam ikan bilis selama 15-20 minit; tujuan untk hilangkan garam...so klu rasa nk lagi lama terpulang
3. goreng ikan bilis tanpa minyak sehingga masak
4. blend sehingga halus
5. taburkan di atas bubur baby

kerjakan bilis2 itu

rendamkan bilis2 itu

gorengkan bilis2 itu

kisarkan bilis2 itu

Ok till then ...bnyk sgt no plak dlm entri ini =p

Updated :

1. Ice cube dgn penutup itu sy beli di Giant. In case u have more budget can opt for baby cubes. Baby cubes if not mistaken leh dpt kt fabulousmom etc

2. For prune, I use Sunsweet...klu anda lebih rajin leh guna plum..since prune are just really plums that have been "dried"..or maybe klu jumpa option lebih baik silakan...(I saw from bloggers moomies using sunsweet prune, and since sy xsuka shopping lelama...so I just opt this...so its ur choice)

26 October, 2010

Baby food note

Cooking baby food is enjoyable!

Cook the food, let it cool a bit, toss it into blender and puree away.

Lets read some useful info taken from wholesomebabyfood.com and homemade-baby-food-recipes.com

1. Four basic cooking methods -
  • steaming
  • boiling
  • baking
  • microwaving

These are then followed by pureeing or mashing, depending on the type of food and your baby's age.

2. Steaming is the best way of retaining the foods' nutrients. Steaming as a cooking method helps foods retain their levels of water soluble vitamins too. Vitamin C is an important water soluble vitamin that helps aid in the absorption of iron. Steaming allows the foods to be surrounded by steam rather than soaked in water.

3. If you choose to boil the food instead, then use very little water and keep any water remaining once the food has cooked. You can then use it to thin purees - that way, if any nutrients were lost into the water in the boiling process, you can incorporate them back into your baby's food.

4. The longer any type of food is exposed to high temperatures and immersed in water, the higher the nutrient loss.

5. You can freeze foods containing breast milk, but you should never freeze any foods containing previously frozen breast milk, as this may be hazardous for your baby

6. Refrigerate freshly cooked baby food within 2 hours. Bacteria can grow at room temperature after this time. If the room temperature is above 90 F, refrigerate perishable foods within one hour

7. Some say that immediately transferring HOT foods to the freezer is NOT good because that hot food will affect the temperature of the foods around it and quite possibly the temperature of the whole freezer.

8. It is recommend transferring the food you have cooked to the fridge and then to package for freezer storage within 2-3 hours.

9. Salt and sugar are never needed when making baby food. Omit these items, preferably at ALL times, in your baby's meals. Other spices such as cinnamon, garlic powder, pepper etc. may be introduced as early as 7 months (some said 8 months and above)

22 October, 2010

Healthy recipe for your baby

About a week ago, I have tried new recipe for my lil one and also for us. And today I will share it with you 2 recipe for baby

Colourful yet nutritious

Potato salad
White potato
Green peas (couldn't find the fresh one, so I'm using frozen peas)
Unsalted butter

1. Clean, cut and wash the ingredients
2. Steam it
3. Mix it in a bowl
4. Add unsalted butter
5. Cool it a bit. Blend it..done...
6. For leftover, I make it as stock for a week

There is no specific amount....sume agak2. Unsalted butter is for to taste (lgpun KK sibuk kata puan masak untk anak jgn lupa buh sikit minyak, nanti takut baby xgemuk..so baby needs some fat in their diet!)

It is recommended to choose the best ingredients, for carrot you might consider organic carrot. For peas choose the fresh one, but frozen is also the second best option.For potatoes consider Russet (reason: if guna this kind klu baked it will turn nicely and when mashed, do not turn to paste as quickly as other types of white potatoes). Oh ya I found that if you cannot find Russet potatoes, look for US potatoes..sbbnya nmpk dlm phamplet Giant..it same...

I put extra green peas as my plan for potato salad and green peas puree

After blend it...top-potato salad, below-green peas..
looks yummy-yummy

Baked apple and raisin in a bag

1. Clean and cut apple
2. Put apple and raisins in the aluminium pocket
3. Cook it about 10-15minutes. Masak atas dapur...if you have microwave boleh la guna microwave so jadilah baked apple and raisin, tp klu baked xsilapnya seelok2nya kulit epal tu xpayah buang
4. Cool it a bit. Blend it..done...

Second plan of the day-baked apple& raisin and steamed pears
(on the same day I manage to prepare 4 types of foods for two weeks stock..
erk ibu-nk-jimat-masa)

Campur2 letak atas aluminium foil..dan lipat
Renjis sikit air sbb takut xmasak

Tgh masak

Dah masak

Both recipes you can add to the porridge.

I would like to remind that it is advisable for you to try the ingredient it before for 4 days..maksudnya baby anda sudah try makan puree carrot 4 days, green peas 4 hari and so on. The reason is if you just simply give this recipe without trying it before, you might dont have idea in case ur baby allergic. Secara logik klu la allergik xboleh nk teka alah potato ke alah green peas ataupun alah pada carrot! kan susah...(if you asked me whether I follow strictly 4 days rule, the answer not really..I mean depends..some smpi lebih 4 hari makan benda sama, some 3 hari..but at least 3 days)

After finished all the things, my kitchen look really mess! Masa steam potato, carrot, green peas mcm kelam kabut..but manage to organise it..nasib dah beli 3 layer steamer..so below layer water, second layer put potatoes, upper layer green peas. Dapur lagi satu I just use periuk isi air and put cake tin with carrot (nasib baik juga cake tin tu muat2 ngan periuk)...so just be creative to prepare the food!

Oh ya, since the potato salad looks colourful I took a little bit to make it potato-salad-untuk-ibu-ayah. Except I add mayonis and a lil bit of olive oil bagi menggantikan unsalted butter.


The adult version of potato salad perfectly matched with Fish & Co. I admit it is really hard for me to cook western style. If even masak spagheti usually chefnya ialah encik suami.

Since in the freezer, I have fish fillet and hash brown, I decided to prepare Fish & Co (I dont call it fish & chips since no chips, instead hash brown.

Its just simple step. Cover the fillet with seasoned flour (flour, salt and pepper). Dip the flour coated fillet into a beaten egg (white). Coat it with breadcrumbs and finally fry it.

I noticed that it is really saving up the cost. The fish fillet is dory which I bought at Tesco for RM4.99..and I just use half of it...Plus all the other ingredients, it cost maybe RM7-10..or even less...Hmm makan kat kedai untk 2 org sudah almost 30ringgit!

Fish & co
Fish & hash brown served with potato salad and black pepper dip
Encik suami smpt kata dh boleh bukak kedai ni....
(pls ignore the decoration...i failed)

So hope it can give some ideas for mommies out there. (klu xmasak skrg, copy-paste recipe and try it later)

Have a great weekend!

20 October, 2010

Baby : Ready for solid?

When your baby started to solid means it something new for him (not only him, but also the mother ~ sibuk pk nk bg makan pe, cukup ke, brapa kali sehari and so on)

So after almost 2 months sesi-suap-Afham..let me put some notes on this.

Signs of Readiness for Solid Foods
He is at least 4 months old.
He weighs twice as much as her birth weight.
He can sit with support, allowing her to lean forward when He wants another spoonful and backward to refuse.
He has control over her head and neck muscles and can turn her head to refuse food.
He has stopped exhibiting the extrusion reflex when you put a spoon in her mouth.
He is drinking at least 32-40 ounces of formula per 24-hours and still wants more.
He is breast feeding at least 8-10 times per 24-hours (after the first few weeks), empties both breasts at each feeding, and still wants more.
The time between feedings becomes shorter and shorter over a period of several days.
He can bring an object in her hand directly to her mouth.
He shows interest in others eating around her.
He becomes fussy in the middle of the night, whereas before he slept through with no problem. Or her sleep periods are becoming shorter instead of longer.

Don't Wait Longer than 8 Months
After six months, your baby begins to need solid foods for some nutrients, such as iron, vitamin C, protein, carbohydrates, zinc, water, and calories, and delaying food may cause delayed growth. It is crucial that your baby start developing eating and chewing skills between the ages of 7 to 9 months. And if you delay the introduction of solid foods past 8 or 9 months, your baby may refuse textured foods when you finally do offer them to her.

Some general rule

1. Apply the four day rule as you introduce each new food to your baby, in order to identify any potential allergies or digestive problems.

2. Try introducing new foods in the morning or at lunch time. If your baby suffers a severe allergic reaction, it will be easier to get medical help then, rather than later in the day.

3. As a general rule, though, it's a good idea to introduce some texture into your baby's food once he has been enjoying pureed foods for around 3 weeks - this will usually be at around 7 months of age.

Eg. Stage bubur baby mcm kt bwh ni
bubur nasi yang ditapis -> bubur nasi blended ->bubur nasi lecek -> nasi lembik ->nasi lembut -> nasi biasa

4. Start out slowly, preparing a tablespoon sized portion of whatever food you have chosen to begin with. You will probably only manage to have baby eat 1/2 of the tablespoon sized portion the very first times you begin solids.

5. It is not a must for your baby to finish a meal. For a good part of the first year, the purpose of giving solid foods is mainly to introduce your baby to new tastes and textures and to help him master the techniques needed to eat solid food, in preparation for the full transition from his "liquid diet"!

6. When your baby has had enough to eat, he will usually let you know, by...
- refusing to open his mouth
- turning away from the spoon/pushing the spoon away
- becoming restless in his highchair
- leaning back in his highchair

Like my lil one, dia akan ketap mulut rapat2 so faham2 jelah dia dh nk stop...or sometimes dia buat muka mcm nk nangis (haha maybe dh penat bukak mulut makan kot!)

7. Last but not least as with most aspects of solid feeding, there is NO HARD AND FAST RULE here. Instead, it's useful to trust your instincts and watch your baby for signs of readiness ... with a little guidance, of course!

Afham started solid as he 5 and a half months (at first nk tggu gak 6 mths exactly tp semua tnda begitu nyata)..if not mistaken on 23.08.2010 exactly. I just send Nestum (since that time tu kc baru siap..), then on Nuzul Quran I gave him kurma puree.. Before that there's one time nursery gave Nestum, since he seems hungry and don't want milk (tapi sekali tu jelah)

Slowly manage to send everyday to nursery, homemade baby food (but top up also mestum and baby bites in case he still hungry...hehe dia suka makan, kakak nursery kata everytime sape2 makan pun dia nk makan jugak!). Erm even dia pernah mkn keropok putih-bulat! Since masa tu budak2 nursery mkn (someone bg dia), and the moment dia mkn keropok tu I just in front of the door, terus terpa dia..korup sekali

For new mothers enjoy the early moments of solid food!

15 October, 2010

..because you are so dear

This catchy-cutie song will always be my fav. Hope that my lil one also will song with me one fine day!

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to knowT
hat I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear

Start from now I will have new tag "Song for ur baby" which I will try my best to post nursery rhymes at least twice a month and surely on Friday. Plus with latest pic of my lil one!

13 October, 2010

Baby : Babywearing

Afham love babywearing..ni ngan ibu sementara

(Ibu kata dia jeles sbb dh 6 bulan dia babywearing Afham, xpenah pun amik gmbr cmni)

Remember this post?

Ya..I never though I survive till today without stroller (hehe btl2 bina badan...). We planned to buy stroller but it keep on delayed. Masuk jusco tgk, belek2, kira lps tolak voucher, lps tu kata xpayahla...haha and it was repeated several times.

Until today I use to carry him front carry. Back carry..later not now

My personal experience, I always noticed that someone will stare when it comes to acara-sesi-pakai-carrier...Maybe they are single, (not to mention..sometimes new mother also stare at me)..I only think that maybe they never realised besides stroller they have other options to bring their baby...

Let look into babywearing info below (I also notice some new things! esp on carrier - no wonder just few outings rasa dh xselesa dgn carrier..rupanya mcm tulis kt bwh ni la..)

Types of Babywearing (source here)

Ring Sling
Ring sling (RS)..klu terror mcm2 gaya blh buat!

A ring sling consists of a length of fabric with two rings at one end. The fabric is threaded through the rings to create a loop, and then placed over the wears head and one arm, so that it sits across the body from shoulder to opposite hip. The size of the sling can be adjusted to make a perfect fit for both carrier and baby, giving excellent support and comfort.

Ring slings can be used to carry baby lying down, as in a hammock, sitting facing in or out (in a “froggy” position, with legs crossed inside the fabric of the sling), or on the carrier’s hip. They are suitable from birth, and will usually last until baby is too heavy for your comfort. As they are a one-shouldered carrier, they can cause some discomfort when used with older, heavier babies or toddlers, or for prolonged periods.

Pouch Sling

Same as puch klu dh terror mcm2 gaya..

This is very similar to the ring sling, but the pouch sling is a fixed size, and it is very important to take accurate measurements prior to ordering a pouch sling so as to ensure a perfect fit (not usually a sling that mummy and daddy can share). Baby can be worn in the same positions as in a ring sling – lying down, on the hip or upright. There are no buckles or rings to fasten – it’s a case of pop it on and off you go! They are very convenient and usually fold up very small, so are fabulous for taking with you on shopping trips

Mei Tai or Soft Structured Carrier

Mei Tai (MT) front carry

Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) back carry

A mei tai is made from a square panel of fabric with straps are the top and bottom. The bottom straps go around the wearer’s waist and the top ones go over the shoulders, crossing on the back and being tied around the waist (either front, or crossing over again and going back round to the back). With a mei tai, the weight is taken through the hips, and distributed over both shoulders, so it tends to be more comfortable for older or heavier babies and toddlers. They can be used to carry babies on the front, back or hip, and due to the long straps, and lack of buckles, one size fits most. As with wraps and slings, mei tais carry baby in a natural seated position, which is best for their delicate spine and hip development, and also for their comfort.

If the tying sounds a bit fiddly for you, there are now some hybrid slings, known as Soft Structured Carriers, which are like mei tais but with buckles instead of long straps. These are a little easier to put on for a novice, but have the disadvantage of needing to be adjusted for different people. They are often not quite as supportive, or comfortable as some of the mei tais, so are less suitable for younger babies.

Wrap-around slings come in two varieties – stretchy and woven. They are both the same design, which is basically a long length of fabric. This is used to wrap around both you and baby, so as to fasten you together. The simplicity means that they can be used in a great many positions, with one size fitting all. It is generally accepted that woven are longer lasting, and the stretchy wraps can sag once baby becomes heavier.

However, woven wraps can take a little more practice to perfect the tying, and stretchy wraps are considered a better option for novice wearers. They both work in a similar way to the mei tai, distributing the baby’s weight through the wearer’s hips and back, with the shoulders being used for support. They can look very daunting to the first time user, as the fabric is so long, but after a little practice they are very easy to use.

Baby Carrier

The structured carrier is probably what most new mums automatically think of when they think of a baby carrier. They are more structured than the other types, and therefore les flexible. They fasten using buckles, so need to be adjusted if you intend to share the babywearing, and can be a little fiddly to put on, particularly if they incorporate a harness which the baby sits in. Some of the newer styles can be worn in multiple positions, but most tend to be front-carry only, although baby can be carried facing outwards when they are a little older.

This type of carrier tends not to be as comfortable as other types, either for the wearer or the baby, due to the positioning of the baby – the baby can have a tendency to be supported through the spine, rather than the legs, putting undue pressure on the spine. In addition, many parents find this type becomes uncomfortable once their baby becomes slightly heavier, and puts strain on the wearer’s back, due to the way the weight is distributed.

Why u must love babywearing?

Because Shrek also love babywearing!just kidding

Gwen also love it! (ehem..ehem.. but she use Chanel)