29 October, 2012

Two weeks notice...

.... Hopefully everything will be ok...

Will share the rest of stories later

15 October, 2012


I admit now my mind is full of resignation ideas...yup I think I do not really can stand anymore..

I asked husband whether it is ok if I resign and ? Then at the same time xde dpt offer kerja lagi...he asked whether my priority jobstreet is valid or not...hmm the only think that I can confirm I will save my year end bonus for in case I really dont find a new job by last day...

With tonnes of responsibilities makes me sick...rasa nk muntau ijau je...setiap hari rasa xnak check email sbb br nk tarik napas ada je keje lain dtg...just finished balance sheet recon for 8021,8022,8023,8024, 8025,8066,8090...pergh tujuh tu..5 active 2 lg tu dh cm dormant je..then suh prepare info untk tax comp 2 companies, tu xtermasuk ada gunung atas meje kena check and sign my life away...

Another thing I went for interview, saja2lah tnya handle tuk berapa entity..FM tu jwb one and only one...how I wish I could handle lesser companies...idakle pening...ni setiap kali nk jwb2 soklan kena make sure entity mana pstu xmasuk lg post kat SAP

Now I think I have been underpaid...and no more life ( skrg almost hari2 lunch tapau smbil wat keje...sbbnya bkn leh stay back lama2...kuar opis 6+ pun kul 8+ br smpi rumah...)

Kerja oh kerja...otak dh sarat benda -ve aje...hati pun dh xde, badan hoho dh xlarat ulang alik...pstu tambang weekly/ monthly pass ERL pun dh naik ( more solid reason to resign). Then I noticed something...very lately ni selalu sakit kepala..ada sehari tu tgh2 mlm terjaga dgn kepala sakit...wergh...dh tahap super stress ke?

Teringin nak balik keje leh smpi rumah around 7... At least smptla masak simple2 ke...ntah bile la nk rasa keje dekat sikit...letih2

02 October, 2012

Current mantra..

...I hereby tender my resignation. My last day will be middle of Feb 2013....

Expected date to send the letter right after the year end bonus...I have no more energy to work with current workplace...

And I do really hope that I will get interviews and a job before my last day of work..

No energy to work, and overseeing a lot of entities is super headache for me

And nowadays lunch hour is also working hour (but I try to take 10-20 minutes makan smbil berinternet/ smbil buat keje jugak..see sume kena multitasking). Super stress and I think I do not cope well..Skrg buat benda2 untk org lain, bg Gl coding so on, review itu ini, jawab queries, update excel itu ini..then baru buat keje sendiri ..ok keje sendiri last sekalik

My father said I look terrible, he even asked whether I took any medication "rupa mcm org sakit teruk.."

Then husband's counsins asked whether I am on diet...diet hape? klu ada hari bolah makan nasi 3x sehari pastu in between blh munch biskut, roti, coklat

I just asked husband "rupa saya ni dh cmne?" he answered "lesu"

OMG...I dont want become older because all of the tiredness...letih ulang alik, letih keje, otak berserabut, rumah berserabut....kesian kids asik kena marah.

Maybe migraine last night is the sign  I should concentrate on looking for job (Ok I am serious looking for it, dh g few interviews, tp xdapat..is it hard nowadays? For those working in Cyberjaya and your company looking for Senior Account Executive and above (Accountant pun blh tp experience xsmpi setahun)..then please inform me...email me.

I really need to write this..next time bila Afham Alif besar korg mesti tau nape masa kecik2 asik kena marah ngan ibu (ok korg pun buat perangai kdg, pstu time2 ibu letih keje)