29 January, 2010

Madu 4

I know this topic can be very high-complex-not so preferred topic among ladies. But for guys of course they love it...

This is only bual2 kosong with encik suami [Note encik suami....wife anda ni layan kan ajelah bual kosong, tetapi untuk kuota2 selanjutnya tidak sesekali dibenarkan.]

s: suami, i: isteri

s : okeh 1st wife dah akauntan. so 2nd amik doktor..nanti leh jaga bab makan2. bab2 kesihatan. xleh banyak2 akauntan dah..nanti abg habis kena audit
i : ooo..yg 1st ni dok kata xleh makan itu ini, xmo layan..then klu wife doktor yg cakap nak plak dengar..
s: no 3 nak amik sape plak ek?
i : amikla yg leh jaga rumah sepenuhmasa...masak2, kemas rumah, iron baju, jaga anak...
s : eh ni ok ke nk bermadu2? nanti yg no 3 dia jaga rumah dia sdiri je
i : takle sume dok satu umah sekali..duit lagik..akauntan berjimat better dok sume 1 rumah
s: wah bagus betul..then no 4 sape plak?
i: ntah..cuba pk? ...klu cikgu leh la ajar anak2..tak yah g tuisyen
s: ha ok gak amik lecturer..klu xdpt lecturer..amik cikgu
abg ingat nanti nak bubuh la kat fesbuk
2nd wife - doktor
3rd wife - full time housewife
4th wife - lecturer/ cikgu
kalau abg jadik SY (Salleh Yaakub), abg plan pilih wife elok2 camgini..
i : ha yelah tu..

s+i : gelak2 dan senyum2 ...

Ok..This entry is not meant anything...[Baby, ayah hang mmg suka cakap2 merapu sikit..ibu pun sama masuk layan ja...]

Maybe we should plan this for our kids...not for expanding bilangan isteri2 untuk suami...

Hnya cakap2 kosong, tiada maksud tertentu....{ But I really wonder adakah yg ada 4 isteri tu ada yg dpt lebih kurang begini, each wife have their speciality in certain areas of work which can relate to life..or someone will plan like this after reading this? =p }

27 January, 2010

3 months maternity leave resolution

Haha...org lain new year resolution...while mine no new year resolution [dh nk mask Feb pun dah..]

Since pregnancy hormone always lead myself of being bermalas2an, long hour of sleeping and so on, I consider the best time to make resolution is after deliver...specific after finish confinement

Plus 3 months maternity leave....[sudah 3 org di office merasa office policy..some even said it was good..sempat pindah rumah, kemas rumah]

So hereby I will list and hopefully 80% of it will be able to accomplish;-

1. Baby and husband. Of course I want to become good wife and good mother. Hopefully I can at least cope with pumping2 task [EBM]. Maybe try to make use 2 weeks training of having jadual sebagai isteri bekerja...owh maybe asked encik suami pegi honeymoon before masuk kerja....[not for 2nd production encik suami but for relaxation okeh]

2. Get suitable breastpump. Since I understand certain mum & baby shop allowed for test drive of the pump...[okeh encik suami anda sudah test drive few cars. So next time you will see how how ur wife test drive breastpum [ sila jgn imagine bukan2 okeh]

3. Beauty and health. Get slimmer? I think makes it naturally...karang balik2 kurus kering ada plak ofismate risau..But I really want to pamper myself..so encik suami sila approve sesi2 spa sy spt sblm kawen..wakaka

4. Career. Must apply for MIA...Reason I want to be prepare myself for next career challenges...No such "u r too young to become accountant". Updated resume and then make some survey on career market before I make drastic move. [Too ambitious-kah?]

5. Home sweet home. Get quotation and do some renovation to the kitchen. Change new door, windows, leaking pipe and maybe add some awning at the back. Then can get quotation and have new kitchen cabinet.

Owh only that I can think...later will update it when I remember

But after considering all the resolution almost everysingle thing require $$$. Ok try to calculate the cost ..maklumlah org akaun harus siap sedia
Honeymoon (budget) - 1k, Breastpump - 1-2k, Spa - 200, MIA - 750, Renovation+ KC - max 10k

Phew..+ - x / almost 15k...dah macam nk cover kenduri kawen plak...[Encik suami sila jangan tepuk dahi kata bankrup plak...]. For KC, breastpumo, spa, MIA... wife and yg bijak ini sudah allocate from saving and source2 yg dia ada...

Opss lupa plak of course there will be other expenses for our baby since we are still not buying everything...

23 January, 2010

24 hours is not enough [not only to b2b but also for mum2b]

Life so hectic very lately....so busy with never-ending-works....good thing - learn new things, but not so good thing - i'm sooo tired

Yesterday I should be on one day leave...taking leave purposely to register at the chosen hospital and start packing hospital bag...and the rest kemas2 pe2 yg ptt...check anything still need to prepare..read and read books and so on

However, my boss made special request the day before ; if I manage to finish early for the registration, she would be grateful if I sms and asked her if she still needs me to come for help..

Since the registration didn't take too long and I sms her and she would be thankful if I come...okeh2 since considering next tuesday I need to come back to the hospital for some sesi-suai-kenal dgn doktor { ececeh sedap2 je bg nama...}, so yesterday I work for half day...with some of collegue asked me..bukan u cuti kah?

Later I will blog about the hospital that we decided where our baby will be deliver...it is something that I do not know at first until sesi google...and of course the chosen hospital is baby friendly {Insya Allah my mission is to be bf mummy....}

Hmm...to be frank I have a lot of things stucked...and EDD is near....aiyoh sometimes feel like 24 hours is not enough..and I do not have a lot of energy...mak letih...yes the big limitation for pregnant and all the hormones..terlalu banyak nk buat but not enough energy...

Next week the girl whom will replace me for temporary will come....Gosh, besides to make sure I finished important2 works, I still need to explain and doin some workshadow with this new girl { pray very hard that this girl is super-genies-cepat-faham....}

Nevermind I have to sacrifice my time for work since my maternity leave is 3 months..Again 3 months...and it is fully paid leave {since the co still do not have policy to pay for the maternity costs..xpa quality time is good compared to maternity cost covered}

Last but not least before pen off, share one of the video that we watched when we at breastfeeding class...video on baby latch

20 January, 2010

Something special ...esp for ladies

I consider this entry as special. But please don’t expect a giveaway (unless korang tolong click banyak2 kat segala iklan2 dlm blog nih +p)

Remember that last time I went for antenatal class? at KJMC (yes there is a lot of info that I want to share..even I know it most of the participants dh pun delivered…except me kot since I’m attending it at my 2nd trimester…)

Yes it is not compulsory to attend antenatal class and most of the information during the class can be accessed via ur visit to ur gynea + reading + gossip2 di pantry + so on… ,but I believe if you have some time why not? At least ur husband aware some important things (pls dun expect lelaki baca sume2 info pregnancy, delivery, babies ni…guys,jgn kecik ati).

But I think it never too late to share some useful infos..not only for those in mummy-to-be club but also for the ladies and guys

I found one of the class participant also have blog bout it earlier..click here for some of her important point

{mod gigih menulis ni, notes in red is my comment. if certain thing not sure sila la google+tanya pakar since I might be wrong}

-try to avoid coffee, tea during pregnancy as the baby growth might be slower. have a hi-fibre diet during pregnancy [reality, pregnant slalu bantai makan puas2 layan tekak...mine, still controlled esp encik suami...ayaq milo sejuk pun xbg minum...]

-make sure u already have rubella injection before start ur pregnancy plan [sila la recall balik dh amik ke blom]
- after 28 weeks of pregnancy, placenta will produce hormone will might cause u feel hungry [i have to agree since very laBoldtely i am hungry and hungry and hungry...but the good thing since to get goreng pisang, ubi ketuk harusla jalan jauh, so i just having cream crackers from pantry]
- average baby weight is around 2.8 - 3.2kg
- after 28 weeks have to control food intake [hihi time ni hormon makan dtg time ni gak kena control...sabaq]
- trimester 1: 1-12, 2: 13-28, 3: 29-40weeks
- anemia can caused maternal health. should have hemoglobin of 11
-32 weeks onward or even earlier you have cramps due to insufficient calcium. in case u do not like to consume milk, just take calcium tablets
- heartburn is usually around 28weeks above, try to have small but frequent meal and reduce spicy food intake
- 3 stage of labour
1st, show - red mucus, blood, air ketuban pecah, contraction
2nd, cerviv open 3-10cm, delivery
3rd, keluarkan uri
- breastfeeding is not easy but not impossible
- stretch mark? pls do not spend for super-expensive cream...just moisturized it with cream, lotion, or even baby oil...bak kata gynea tu...stretch mark tu tanda anda seorg ibu

- family planning - pils; mercilon, noriday, normal; breastfeed, injection,IUCD
- not so effective family planning - condom; male/ female, safe period, cream
-pap smear - the best time is after period, try to do it once in 1-2 years
- common baby problem
1. skin-rash,dry,scalp, nappy
2.regurgitation- spit up
3. feeding
4. sleeping pattern [cth baby xmo tdo]
5. passing motion eg greenish stool
6. colic
7.jaundice. the word jaundice is from french wording joune - yellow [tanya FM france betul ke? nanti dia tnya balik dlm BM ape...]
8. acne, drooling rash due to breastfeed, milia

- for jaundice 3 rules applied - can jemur next to window but make sure eye covered, 20 minutes, around 7.30-9.30am [ the doctor mentioned in medic always have 3, trimester, 3stages, 3 rule..]
-side effect of jaundice - brain damaged, hearing effect, cerebral palsy
- like milia, parents pls do not worry too much since slowly it will disappear...so pls do not spend to have cream so on
- national jab - BCG, Hep B, DPT-2,3,5, Polio, MMR.....
- optional jab - rotavirus, pheunomucal, chicken pox, Hep A....[salah eja ada kot...mahap malas nk gogel]
- when to see doctor? baby not moving, less than a month and sick, less than 12 weeks 100.4 degree F, blister.....last but not least pls follow mother instinct [ so bapak2 sila la dgr rayuan wifey2 anda]

The rest....my notes filled up with encik suami drawings....

For those might have no idea how to attend antenatal class, just check with the hospital that u planned to deliver. Govt also have this class but if not mistaken usually on working days. So as alternative just check with private hospital like Pantai, KJMC, DEMC, and so on. The fees ranges from rm80-100 percouple, and some even free (depends on hospital)

18 January, 2010

Breast milk leakage

Owh pliss dont expect this entry to be sex related (since the first word breast.....)

and this is not story of susu-bertukar-menjadi keju

Being 1st time mum to be, I have so many things that never comes across before....maybe not concern about it even tho some of friends already have kids...(biasalahkan? dengar lps tu bkn ingat pun)

On the long list of things to buy for our baby and also for myself, I admit I was likely to be blur...taking times to understand camner-rupa, camner-nak-gune, harus-belikah?, akan-gunakah? and so on....{that's why I didn't blog frequently...belek magazines, buku, masuk keluar forum, google so many thing...compare and not to mention masuk keluar kedai terbelek2 blur...}

One of the thing that I didn't aware before was breast milk leakage (BML)

What is BML?
BML is the involuntary release of breast milk from the nipple, inresponse to a reflex in the
lactating mother known as "let-down". BML can occur throughout your pregnancy or soon after the birth of your baby.

Who is most likely to have BML?
Whether you choose to breast-feed or bottle-feed your baby, BML can be a problme. Studies have shown that over 90% of first-time mothers experience BML to different degree. Over 85% leak heavily enough to soak their clothing.

Source : Lucky Baby (info di kotak breast pad)

Get breast pad (either disposable or washable)...terdesak boleh je guna towel kecil...(dila, aku agree org dulu2 xde benda ni)

breast pad

16 January, 2010

Wah2 purple jadi pilihan celebriti?

I admit I am a big fan of purple...(Not to mention...dalam2 banyak warna, saya paling hafal warna purple tu ape okeh...)

And recently I just noticed 2 celebrities wearing purple for their event...birthday and wedding

This one..sure not celebrity...

Suddenly I missed so much that time....macam tak puas jek pakai baju kawen...bersanding skali lagik? Uhuks2...

lepas tepek gambar baru perasan...1 newly wed, 1 still in honeymoon, 1 soon to be parent...

15 January, 2010

B Buckles

Being pregnant, most of the bodies part will change....Boob, bumps, and so on...

And of course you have to start thinking to add new clothes...

I remembered that last time I wrote about belly belt. But till 8 month of pregnancy, I do not buy any single of it...the reason I am a lazy person to put belly belt...I prefer sarung seluar dan secepat mungkin keluar rumah..

Besides belly belt, I found B Buckles (above video)...and almost thinking of buying it (hormon inbalance..maybe looking to the model seems having happy and stylo pregnant vs in reality myself yg serabai..uhuks)..but if not mistaken B buckles not available in M'sia

So stick to $$$ and comfortability, I just wear maternity jeans and slacks...all bought from Jusco specific cop Scarlet...(again kedai2 pregnant shopping mall jual mahal..)

Most of officemates (yg pompuan2la) asked me how come I still can jeans to office ?
(friday is casual in my office :))

So for those wonder how it look alike..its almost similar with normal jeans except I has extra material on the top (tgk gmbr bawah....xcukup sila la melawat Jusco..hihihi)

13 January, 2010

New home =)

Ops this is not related our home sweet home (erk udah duduk almost 10 months tp 1 entry psl rumah –penat-jerih-susah-payah-beli rumah pun xpost lagik)

Do you like the new look of this blog? Xsuka xpa hang boleh pi blog org lain, tapi klu suka mai la singgah2 selalu....=)

Since I am tired of looking for the most-suitable-fit-template, I decided to have blog makeover berbayar… TQVM to Jiji for all the long-stretchy-process….Jiji, mahap la, client anda yg sorg ni mmg slow sikit reply…sbb banyak hormon malassszzz..

I believe the header itself potrays myself and this blog (story mory wanita bekerjaya yg struggle ngan naik turun hormon) ..love & life, pregnancy, JJCM, cooking and so on…

So this new template will remain forever ?(gulp..mau bosan plak korang..xpe tggu mood dan $$$)

For this sesi-suka-suki-rumah-baru aka housewarming (sukati la kan nk bg nama pe?), I hope that with this new template

- it will boost my mood to write more…erk yakin ke blh jadik lebih bnyk entry? Sdgkan status baru bakal muncul..and very soon baby will come to join to write?

- more and more readers, followers..perhaps more comments? (sila jgn serik komen…sbb komen2 anda blh buatkan sy lebih “lively”)

- angan2 yg trelebih sudah perasan ..lebih banyak income pasif $$$, lebih ramai kawan2 alam maya (alam maya pun still leh jumpa jugak kan?)

So for those interested can contact2 Jiji at http://triplecolourlife.com/blog/...u can choose to have function make up, bridal make up, simple make up and so on (erkk...whatI mean leh pilih la nk change blog korg camner..takat tukar header je ke, tukar sume2 ke...kang xpasal2 korang ingat Jiji ni make up artist plak...)

Okla babai...

09 January, 2010

Big bump = no fashion?

This entry caca marba sbb nak jugak post....later I will susun balik k

I am not a fashionista..And not having model cutting...WTH?

and having big bump, it is not easy to choose what to wear...

I admit the early stage of pregnancy till now I hate to take pics (adakah sbb dh terlebih posing waktu kawen dl?)

The reason I fell like messy-lazy-serabut...Should I blame to pregnancy hormone? No-no

Early stage of pregnancy still ok..at least can wear all the normal wear to office...but once I cannot fit and felt comfortable with my normal wear, I need some new clothes..

The not so good thing I do not like typical baju mengandung....but at the same time I still need to buy new clothes since tak-da sapa nk wariskan baju2 mengandung..ghee

By looking to online store (plus no mood p shopping complex..rasa letih je jalan lama2 cr baju), I felt like "OMG...this is something that comfortable for pregnancy...and it can be use for nursing...and the most important thing I can afford it" ~ baju kat special shops for pregnant mum is quite expensive for me..plus banyak yg lengan pendek je...

So presenting here pregnant face (I consider as not glowing...since I hate to wear all type of cosmetics since pregnant...sbb masalah hidung sensitif dgn bau2 yg dipakai sdiri)

17 weeks
raya pertama suami isteri

20 weeks
little bump sudah ada...pls ignore messy workstation +p

22 weeks

25 weeks
attending antenatal class

29 weeks
I have a week of serious dried eyes (psl tu mata kecik ja)
kawan2 ofis ~ nmpk mcm rock mummy
encik suami ~ baju awak mcm apron
me ~ saja ja encik suami jeles with my sexy tummy =p

29 weeks
co annual dinner....wild wild west
but me..taram pakai pe yg boleh

03 January, 2010

Celebrate new year with something sweet-cold-colourful?



No no..no and no

It were desserts...(erk can I called it honeymoon sblh peti ais? =p)

For this 2010, I started with preparing 2 desserts...not only 1 ~ haha sbb tamak nk tunjuk skills-ke?

The original request from encik suami...maybe I never cooked him any desserts..

Start this new year with something yg colourful..sejuk..sedap..and hope the best for 2010 (owh walaupun dessert itu org kata makan manis2 banyak2 boleh buat bnyk penyakit, but I cut the original recipe accordingly)

Ok let have some view of

Sweet-cold-colourful dessets

Puding kastard berkuah

Agar2 cokctail
(encik suami komen sesuai dimakan pregnant ladies..sbb masam...bkn salah saya, salah buah dlm tin tu le)

Hehe do you noticed that both have fruits cocktail?

aktiviti lain sempena cuti panjang taun baru