30 December, 2009

Tarik nafas - amik calculator - spend $$$$ (wisely)

Buying baby essentials can be very emotional

Ape tak emonyer with so many choices of tiny-miny-cutie can makes you cannot breathe..okeh2 blom nk bersalin lg ye

And summo looking to the YES promo which towards the end of beli2 season....pls help

Encik suami sila bersabar, wife anda belom tahap nk borong satu persatu kedai okeh...oh lupa plak nanti ahad kita g nenen breasfeeding class plak

Suddenly I remembered somethinglast year new year eve I was busy to meet encik tukang gambar and this new year eve busy with baby shopping..so fast time flies!

22 December, 2009

Uhuks2 blog dh bersawang

I know that since I am pregnant I have sindrom-malas-memanjang

Not only to this blog..but also affected to some other things...personal etc

The not so good thing almost everything delayed..(haruskah disalahkan hormon2 mengandung itu? tidak....sbb segala malas-letih-tido lg best dr segalanya akan berubah 360 darjah sebaik bergelar kelab ibu2..Insya Allah)


And it is almost towards the end 2009...

(eh tiba2 rasa nk je lambat lagik masuk 2010....)

ok2 stop dh merapu...nak naik atas...dh start ntah dengar bunyi kat dapur (mintak2 la bukan cik T...encik suami mohla kita repair2 pe2 yg ptt yg dapur tu....bini hang takut nih)

Lupa plak Insya Allah...blog ni akan di upgrade sikit ~ tang mana upgrade tu kena tggu...tggu final outcome ye...mintak2 by new year ada new look..

16 December, 2009

Its year end sale

Yes its already half of year end sale

And we have tabur-duit-di-shopping-complex

It is for the baby essentials....still not complete but at least has started

kepala pening dgn segala pilihan ada....tapi rembatan pertama agak banyak jugakan?
(mostly encik suami yg pilih)

my grab from FOS...6 multi colour rompers for RM 56
(harus ada kaler purple sbb....sila lihat bawah)

my grabs during fabulousmum clearance sale...
.anak ada romper purple, ibu ada baju purple,
then tinggal untuk ayah pula k?

14 December, 2009

Inai di jari....

exactly 9 months ago..

...dah nak ilang, tapi pengantin baru basi lom pi honeymoon

OMG...so fast the time flies and its already exactly our 9 months or marriage...
Back to the original intention of this entry, I have been asked by friends and relatives "Merahnya inai, ni guna inai pe? guna sukatan pe?"

Oh2 some even added " tgkla kulit cerah, psl tu inai merah"..

Ok2...yes i'm fair but I think the henna also doing very right. As pengantin-versi-budget+DIY, henna was just using henna tube which I got from my friends since 2008 (jauh tu both dr parents diorg g Mekah). I got 2 tubes, 1 small which used by encik suami, 1 bigger tubes which I used not for fingernails but also toenails...

secret revealed..inilah inai digunakan

Besides free, I wore it by myself (sebelah jelah) while for right hand my sister help me..But the not so good thing the henna is a little bit messy (even I asked encik tukang gambar to edit it, but he said he won't touch up the photos..he is more on photog technique capture which no editing). But after seeing all the fingers with henna photos, I think nevermind..at least I can recall all the hardworks done.

Move to second topics, yeah it has been 9 months, but still some even called us like pengantin baru (buek..perut dh besar mcmana plak nama pengantin baru ek?)

still pengantin baru gak kan? since inai di jari kaki masih ada sedikit...
(abaikan kuku yg xcun)

Until this date, we still not have official honeymoon (I think the standard honeymoon term is like vacation to somewhere, staying at hotel, for some times and only 2 person)

So many people asked where do you go for honeymoon? And straight away I answered no honeymoon, since we more concentrate buying house...Yes at the same time busy preparing wedding preps, we also buying a house..since no-sponsorship wedding, so we used with all the financial source concentrate for wedding-house-house essentials and minus our honeymoon (even actually still have some extra $$$ but honeymoon in house also ok kan?) Sometimes I answered "honeymoon sblh peti ais..sejuk tau...hihi"

After married for 3-4 months, I thought to have vacation-honeymoon, but suddenly I know that I am pregnant (all the pregnant hormone, not allowed me to think more and more about vacation). So ended up every weekend staying in house..

Then after considering for babymoon, but the problem I do not have annual leave to utilised (at that time I have calculate that annual leave balance will be used for some el 1-2 days for contiencies, and 1-2 days for travelling..esp balik kedah..harus tambah 1 hari lps balik tuk rehat).

Plus, encik suami said he will be busy with works - all the upcoming projects (xpa keja kuat2, nanti dpt extra $$$, kita p jalan2 ye bang...tp sila make sure kita g tempat naik kapal terbang sbb inai pakai masa kita kawen dh naik kapal terbang...hihi bini hang dh start gedik)

Phew...nevermind..I already think 2010 we must have at least 1 vacation (xkisahla even bertiga)..Bang kita g tempat dlm gambar ni nak tak? Taun depan baru buka...

2010 mission - Universal Studios Singapore

01 December, 2009

Cravingness..and it is Prosperity Burger

until this entry sudah 2 kali makan...yeay..

I have to admit my early stage of pregnancy I have a lot of cravingness..

It's a lot! but the good thing I do not request to have it since it just a mind setting "bayangkan makanan sedap2 setelah isi perut dh habis"

To name it banyak...goreng pisang cicah sambal kicap, ubi rebus, baked choc puding, mee rebus, briyani, cucur udang, masak lemak belimbing buluh.....etc

And the above list also including Prosperity Burger...

After morning sickness ended (Alhamdulillah), I do not remember that about the cravingness list...until past few weeks I remembered last time I have a list of makan2...And after considering "ala sume2 tu lps pantang pun leh makan gak...bkn mengidam tahap super saiya...cuma biasalah ada teringin benda2 yg dh lama xmakan.." but exception to prosperity burger

The reason prosperity only once a year for certain period. I have already calculate that by CNY next year it is will be my 36weeks++....which should be masa berjaga2 since Insya Allah anytime I can deliver my baby..by considering the past track that prosperity usually will only make it come back almost nearly CNY..

I'm already set in my mind "aku-akan terjah-prosperity" since kalau baby keluar awal mau la kena tgggu setaun lagi untk itu..

but I'm wrong...since McD made it very early...TQ McD...i'm lovin' it

:) TQ McD..

But for chicken prosperity we have to wait until further advertisement...