29 December, 2011

Alhamdulillah..6 months

Alif turns 6 months today...and

I should give a pat at my back...6 months mission accomplished, Alhamdulillah.

Now review for next 6 months...semoga dipermudahkanNya

21 December, 2011

Baby : ready for solid

Bersemangat "makan" toy?

As Alif will hit 6 months, it means this is the second time for me to wake up early morning to prepare his meals..

I remembered last time for Afham, I think I don't really have fancy cooking..just normal foods porridge, vegee puree, fuits puree, and of course with protein group - chicken, beef, eggyolk, tofu. And for pasta, oatmeal, and so on *ape yg pelik* I never tried to him when he started solid, perhaps because of pregnancy hormone - ya I found out that Im preganat while Afham just 7 months (now blame pregnancy hormone for all laziness!! apa da!).

Now with Alif, I consider I have basic knowledge and I really hope that this time I can try to cook even better and perhaps trying more new recipe *crossing my fingers that Alif suka makan homemade food, Insya Allah.*

So hereby I'm sharing checklist for the homemade baby food/ checklist for solid/ checklist cooking for baby dan yg seangkatan dengannya (rasanya tulis ikut flow tau dr penyediaan smpilah nk suapkan makanan)

  • knife, chopping board - asingla dr yg guna hari2, since yg guna harikan ada potong lada

  • bekas2 plastik -same reason as above...bekas2 ni guna untk letak sayur/ buah/ ayam/ daging so on yg dipotong..sementara nk masuk dlm steamer/ pots

  • pots & cooking utensils - same reason as knife, chopping board..asingkanle sbb kot2la senduk2 tu dh kacau lada, kari

  • slow cooker - some mother said it makes their life easier...masuk sume bahan malam esok paginya dh masak..but I dun really plan to have one (dapur dh penuh mcm2 brg, plus masak nasi pun xsuka pakai rice cooker inikan plak slow cooker)

  • steamer

  • blender and/ or food processor - no need to buy fancy, normal blender will do..klu hadiah kawen banyak blh la gunakan? as long as can do pureeing, blending, mashing

  • small holed strainer or fine mesh strainer: pushing more textured foods through to make a more fine and smooth purée..ops jgn plak pakai penapis teh anda...beli yang baru ye

  • cookie cutter - ni klu mak2 yg rajin buat biskut untk baby bolehla beli...even blh guna for toddler food preparation *esp yg picky eater..agak2 nmpk comel at least diorg eager sikit nk makan*

  • ice cream mould - yes baby can have homemade ice cream! later will blog about this ye

  • ice cube tray with lid/ baby cubes/ storage containers for freezing - freezing food cubes

  • freezer bags / tupperware - storing the frozen food cubes from the ice tray

  • label & marker - laber freezer bags / tupperware with food cube type and date prepared and frozen..masking tape pun boleh guna..mcm kita simpan ebm frozen tu

  • feeding set - mangkuk, sudu, sippy cup so on..

  • bib - mcm2 jenis ada jual kat pasaran, ada yg kain ada yg plastik, ada yg disposable, ada yg dh rupa mcm baju..senang cakap sediakan ajelah duit

  • highchair/ bumboo - bagi memudahkan urusan suap-menyuap..

  • food thermos/ food jar - ni senangkan kerja nursery xpayah panaskan makanan. beside blh guna time outing with baby - like posted here

  • fresh food feeder - baby can enjoy the fruits/ vege like posted here

  • You also can check here for the tools need for preparing homemade solid foods.

    If you still wonder how FTWM (full-time-working-mum) can prepare homemade foods, you always can check all my postings here to give some general ideas. Oh ya lesson learnt, this time use pure olive oil (POO)

    My checklist above might be not 100% complete.. you can add on few items that you think that will help you to cook and prepare food fast, easy-peasy...cthnya nk beli food warmer ke, heat sensor spoon ke..its up to you. Banyak brg kat pasaran ni, yg penting ada uwangnya!

    Oh ya..two website that I will read *again and again* which is really useful for the homemade baby food are :

    On top of that, I found this blog that really inspiring me for homemade baby food*plus ada fb group, leh join tau..sgt informative-serious rasa xterfolo untk sy yg jrg2 msk fb*..and the good thing it also give some ideas to incorporate family recipe that can be enjoy the whole family! *leceh beb masak beround2...tp tgk blog kak farah baby pun leh join makan soto...cuma kena pandai la adjust tuk baby like no salt so on, so this time I should challenge sikit my cooking skills perhaps buat yg simple2 cth sweet potato puree for Alif, while extra2 sweet potato kita buat la bubur keledek ke - lps tu sume perang kentut! hihi *

    Last but not least, some of my personal collection @ gadget untk prepare baby food..*xpelah tepon cikai janji ada sedikit sebanyak gadget dapur :P*

    • Cookie cutter & ice cream mould (Daiso)
    • Ice cube tray with lid (Giant)
    • Thermos : Funtainers 10oz Food Jar (Rugby), The First Years : Take and Toss 8oz Toddler Bowls with Lids & Munchkin : Fresh Feeding Set (food grinder + fresh foos feeder) - mybbstore.com
    • Thermos : 16oz stainless steel king food jar with spoon (Jusco)

    Hope it will helps mums ideas where to find the "gadget"...mcm food thermos tu boleh try carik kat jusco, parkson...I noticed that kat bbstore dh xde set grinder + feeder...tp still ada feeder tu..so pandai2la carik ye..ni just sharing info

    Last not least presenting "green - gadget"

    Matching kan? Right for Afham (Daiso), left for Alif (Ikea)
    Hope Afham don't fight because of diff plate! takut Afham gatal nk pakai bib plak..em alahai

    Now I am not sure whether to have another baby chair.Currently we have one, bought from Ikea...klu beli lagi mgkn semakkan rumah, tak beli takut "berebut" ngan Afham nak letakkan Alif. Tapi klu beli in future dh xguna leh je jual balik kan? *ade ke yg nk beli?*

    So happy cooking mummies...I believe we dont have to become Masterchef to cook for our lil ones :)

    13 December, 2011

    Afham oh Alif

    While having Afham, I believe he can enjoy all the moments without any interruption

    But nowadays its totally different!

    Letak Alif kat playgym, xsempat Alif nk buat ape2 - Afham dh request suh bukak sume2 toys yg tergantung

    Alif baru nk dimandikan - Afham dtg sibuk2 nk "mandikan" Alif..banyak kali gak dia letak brg/ biskut dlm air mandian Alif

    Time susukan Alif - Afham dtg nk duk kat riba, lg teruk dia nk panjat kat belakang

    Alif meniarap - Afham nk "kuda2kan" Alif...so nowadays mmg xberani tinggalkan tnpa sape2 (klu nk terkucil pun tahan jugak), takut mood "kuda" Afham dtg

    Bila enjut buai Alif - Afham dtg nk tolong enjut siap baca selawat *xle bunyi selawat tp ada bunyi2*

    Yes, its difficult to entertain both at the same time!

    Bkn husband tak amik/ entertain dia, tp bila dh time2 dia "merap" nk ibu..maka ibu pun kdg2 start jd "angry bird puchong" - mintak maaf ye jiran2 klu anda dgr suara ibu marah/ sound anak...

    But I love the moments main ba-ba-cak...cak kat Alif...cak kat Afham...both will smile *melting*

    Argh..now I just wish to find new job nearer to house, so that I have more time with them!

    06 December, 2011

    Another wishlist..

    Since it almost towards end of the year, very soon poket akan sedikit tebal aka bonus mau masuklah~~

    Tapi jgn le ingat dpt banyak, cuma bolehla kata ada drpd xde lansungkan..? Alhamdulillah

    So post siap2 ke mana arah tujuan bonus kali ini..Hahaha ayat xingat. Lgpun rasanya wishlist ni affordable dan lebih kpd gadget2 rumah

    Spin dry mop from Cosway
    Dr testimonial mmg memberangsangkan..senang sikit kerja..tapi den xde membership cosway agak2 leh tak dpt rega kat gmbr tuh?

    Hot and warm mini dispenser from Spritzer
    Boleh letak kat tingkat atas...amat payah rumah 2 tingkat ni..nak naik turun... kdg2 tahap dh malas walaupun haus sgt, den lebih rela tido...tp klu Afham nk susu, air dlm termos dh habis kena jugak turun bawah...(tapi biasa ayah dia la kena turun)

    Harap2 harganya affordable lah..dh usha2 website spritzer tp smpi la ni tak de rega..tapi klu beli nk kaler purple/ biru/ pink..hehehe

    Itu saja setakat ini...