27 February, 2009

Purple oh purple

As I mentioned earlier it will be purple theme wedding…*bukan sume but this will be the main colour..*

Before this, I do not realize this colour will look different from our eyes view compared to what the camera captured…-not every single purple, but certain hue/ tone of purple

But there’s one time, mak andam said….her previous client have a gold theme colour but it turns to chocolate in the wedding pics….

Then, I start to capture few my wedding things…and I saw that that purple-turns-to blue…wheee….maybe I have wrong lighting setting? Or maybe my camera is just only digital not DSLR?

For example below…the same outfit have 2 different colours….Uhuks that time I start to think do I need to change the theme colours only because of this? But wedding outfit usually have kaler yg terang2, or unless safe side choose white?

*U look blue*

*but u look purple....*

sila tgk btl2 br perasan kot

Even I discussed with my sis, she answered “la kan purple tu biru biji kundang, psl tu kot purple pun leh nmpk mcm biru”…Ha..see?…ada betul jugak kan jawapannya….

Then, I decided to ask my photographer….and the answer “Purple is one the tuff color for most wedding photographers. Insyaallah I'd have no problems in capturing your color…… to make the color to be exactly as it is”

Insya Allah hopefully it will be ok….*again sy x bgtau sape photographer sy…adakah sy ni Siti-Tepung-Biarlah-Rahsia? Not really…but I promise to disclose it very soon! haha masa mula2 bc reply tuff tu blur2 rupanya tough- mr photographer lg canggih guna short form!*

Note : encik tunang sila2 la train untk gambar kawen…..U did well during our Bukit Tinggi Trip…ehem2 sy pun last posing masa tu jugak…

*itik posing dulu*

*purple ini sama dr segi dlm gambar dan pandangan mata*


*pre -wed??? bukan ni guna tripod..same as well as above pic*

25 February, 2009

Labour… Cheap labour

Can u imagine while we spend-koyak rabak poket-calculating every single cents..all the way to the wedding day, there is still something cheap?

It is damn cheap for almost half a day work…if you do not believe, kindly check the person wearing bunga dada…ya inilah upah paling murah dan rasuah yg di tayang2kan…BPR leh tangkap ramai org yg terima rasuah…hihihi

Sometimes, I wonder, why must put RM1? , is there any specific symbolic? Not sure…but usually the corsage for all the people that help during the kenduri will end up with RM1 or the most RM5….

Among all the DIY things that I have done, bunga dada yg paling xtau nk buat pe *adakah sy dh terlalu bnyk buat DIY until xde idea….then mcm gini xleh la nk wt biz kawen2..hihi*

So how it will look alike after day by day brain storming…? Sorry guys, I really want to show, but I just realized that I do not snap it – so I owe a lot of stories and pics…

For bride to be yg stress..take ur time to read and smile : )

This book is compilation from the Pesona Pengantin mag..since the very first entry but not up to date, but I believe there will be no 3, 4, and onwards for the compilation…my late mother introduce it..and to be frank bila curi2 baca kat kedai magazine, this column will be the 1st & must read – xkisahle ada gambar2 berkaitan kahwin yg superb dlm mag tu!

23 February, 2009

Spa but not Spa Q

After hectic, miserable, super duper busy, the never ending list-to-do.. I believe bride to be reserved a kind of special treatment

It is spa..*oho but then nak rilek2 pun still kena bayar..and it cost u hundred bugs,nothing free even to have a kind of relaxing time okay?*

Where, when? Is it a must? …its all your decision….some even afraid to go to spa, esp it is ur very 1st time *ehem2 maybe even the last time..?*

I am not a kind of spa at first, until I have a very pain at my back *too hardworking with job??? Or too many figure that not belong to me? Only God knows*

But after searching, and considering that I couldn’t stand with the pain…I decided to go to spa…and maybe about a year I have become customer to Okra Spa….at first I really couldn’t believe the price..but it is true..with RM 49 nett, I can have full body massage plus sauna; *if not mistaken this package is no longer there, as she revised it to back massage plus sauna*

At least I will go once a month, even twice a month….with the good service and cheap!!! Okra offer few package to cater ur needs, and it is operating in a house…..but Okra do not have mandi2 and facial :(

Unfortunately, after super-duper-woofer busy with the preps, I couldn’t have my own time to have spa-session….but I still need to polish, shining, pampering, or at least for some time I do not have to think reben2, dawai2, never ending to-do etc…

There’s a lot of options and packages….but of course bridal package for spa usually starts from RM 300++ for top to toe treatment and it will be 5 hours treatment…..

So considering my last minute plan *Jumaat tghari baru terhegeh2, tp dlm hati nk wt ari Sabtu since itu je ada masa nk slot in* …and I am not able to book Serenity Spa..which cost RM335…so I just make an arrangement with Cendana Spa *thank you ibu Farah..*

I’m not doing bridal package, instead taking some other package with cater my needs…*xmo facial pelik2 since I never do it before, but must have sauna, massage, and pedicure – since kuku2 kaki not in good condition, oho tgk Serenity Spa ada mcm2 wt kat muka makes me afraid…ade kesan2 –ve ke?*

And the result, I’m satisfied.. Alhamdulillah, at least until now my face do not have any –ve reaction from facial! And I really like mandi susu….still have some flowers….*mau saja rasa rendam smpi kecut*

Special note : the spa staff said brides are advised not to have pedicure-manicure a week before their big day since nanti henna/ inai tak melekat!...so pandai2 la adjust spa-session with ur wedding date

For those interested to have spa session with Cendana Spa, click here for map and here for the package details

Pstt…after spa session I have laksa utara + cendol pulut at the stalls besides Tesco *Makro lama* sila carik di Tesco EXTRA …chedap!!!

21 February, 2009

Pelamin oh pelamin

Oho baru ada masa mau tulis tentang peterana….

Ngak…adakah peterana itu adalah pelamin…ape2 jelah kan?

Ok…since my “balai raya” wedding..I have searched and look for few design in internet..and berangan session start..haha..

To be frank, I’m not kinda being fussy for everything..as long as simple, cantik..enough…and the most important thing budget…so no fresh flower is not big deal..lgpun bunga tiruan skrg bnyk yg cantek2 kan?

Have a discussion with mak andam *ntah brapa minggu dl, br terhegeh2 nk citer*…

Ok if you notice there is 2 type of kerusi pengantin….Cleopatra style and 1+1….

My dream to have Cleopatra style since I can have some kind of the below
posing….*uhuks….adakah sy mau jadi Cleopatra???* Plus guru_muda berposing2 makes me think its better to choose Cleopatra chair

But after that, mak andam + team said that pro and cons of having 1+1 and Cleopatra

Bersanding @ house
1. Space….of course it is not too big..or maybe smaller…so usually pelamin @ house cannot have kain lebih2 ke kanan ke kiri..*faham ke..x faham carik cikgu?*

2. Chair..since the space is there and of course la kat rumah xde kena naik tangga banyak2 – compare ngan balai raya, dewan, hotel..pelamin kan kt stage..so mak andam said for house they can choose any kind design of chair…

Bersanding @ balai raya, dewan, hotel…dan seangkatan dgnya
1. Bigger space, and that’s why usually the design will have kain lebih2 ke kanan, plus all the flower stand, etc

2. Chair…advise to have 1+1, since Cleopatra chair usually pendek..i mean the height of the chair….1+1 usually lebih tinggi and suit with the stage – nmpkla pengantin tinggi kot

Ok…this is what mak andam told and advised me…but on top of that here the pro & cons 1+1 and Cleopatra

…cannot posing Cleopatra
…have a good back support
…pengantin x duduk terkankang..since space kerusi dh melimitkan
…but still can have posing2..

…of course can have Cleopatra posing
….Cleopatra have 2 kind..one have back support, another one no support at the back
So for no back support, tendency of having pengantin bongkok ketika duduk
…tendency of pengantin duduk terkankang…since the space is all yours…
…selain posing Cleopatra can have ape jua posing yg diiinginkan

Since my mak andam don’t have Cleopatra yg support, so they advised me to have 1+1…

My choice, hoho wait until my wedding day…

19 February, 2009

Interview...but not job interview

I owe this...and pretty sure johorean bride 2 be really want to know....

Tada....as mentioned here the interview topic should cover something like this...
But, maybe it depends on the ustaz/ ustazah....maybe simple than mine or almost likely...

Updated : interview ini musti di negeri Johor - bg org yg apply di negeri Johor, negeri2 lain rasanya tiada interview...so yg x apply di negeri Johor sila check with ur pejabat agama....OK? nnt kang confuse plak korang2 nih..buat ketar, gigil, payah la plak

So sharing-session start here...I will write most of it in Bahasa Melayu..
Note : Ustaz (UZ), ms tepung (TP), and maybe quite long....-but will write ape yg ingat la kan? plus I dont write the long answer since soklan ustaz pun dh bnyk...

UZ : Assalamualaikum Cik TP *hihi xkan guna nama cik tp..sure la full name*
TP : Waalaikumussalam
UZ : Dapat org mana?
TP : Org jauh, ustaz...utara
UZ: Ha xdelah jauh..sy ni pun org kedah dh ilang slang kedah

UZ : Kita mulakan...pertama sekali mengucap 2 kalimah syahadah
TP : Ash..........
UZ : Ape maksudnya?
TP : Aku naik saksi.......
UZ : Apa rukun islam ke-3?
TP : Puasa di bulan Ramadan...*dlm hati erm ni xmasuk dlm kertas tuh...saje nk gertak ke?*

UZ : Sila baca Al-Fatihah
TP : Bismillah...............
UZ : Apa maksud Bismillah?
TP : Dgn....
UZ : Ape maksud ayat pertama dr surah Al-Fatihah
TP : *gulp telan air liur...sbb dh ketar2....- bkn xbaca buku tp dh besar ni hnya jwb soklan interview keje je*
: Segala pujian.....

UZ : Solat ada 5 waktu, tp dlm bnyk2 solat, solat subuh istimewa kerana ada bacaan doa qunut...ia doa di pembukaan hari, sebagai satu pengharapan kepada permulaan hari...sila bacakan doa qunut..
TP : ........ *naseb baik xbaca doa makan....anything can happen kan?*
UZ : Ape hukumya bacaan doa qunut?
TP : *sengih2...wajib ke?..alamak almost wajib tp xwajib...* Wajib kot *percubaan jawab*
UZ : Jika anda lihat suami anda solat subuh, dia x baca doa qunut, tp dia tahu bacaan cuma tertinggal, dan lps tu dia x buat sujud sahwi kerana dia xhafal bacaan, adakah solatnya sah?
TP : *aiseh ade gak soklan gini???* Sah, tapi klu was2 baik solat semula...
UZ : Kalau ada muaalaf solat subuh, dia tau bacaan sume..cuma dia x study lg doa qunut dan sujud sahwi, adakah sah solatnya?
TP : *aik...ada ag soklan ustaz...? hmm* Sah
UZ : Jika anda sdiri solat anda tahu bacaan doa qunut dan sujud sahwi, tapi pada suatu hari anda solat dan tertinggal bacaan doa terus sujud dan berniat untk sujud sahwi, tetapi ntah mcm mana anda tertinggal juga sujud sahwi, apa hukumnya solat anda?
TP : Sah
UZ : OK. Hukum bacaan doa qunut ialah....sunat muakkad...ia seperti menghampiri wajib tapi belum wajib, mcm merokok juga hukumnya makruh menhampiri haram tp belum haram
TP : *OK lps ni harus ingat....bagus gak at least refresh balik, kdg bkn xtau cuma x di tnya begini..tpsmpi 3 scenario nih....*

Ustaz is nice person and seems young maybe lebey2 kurang my age kot....dia adala puji2 skit *nk bg ilang ketar kot...ke mmg dia puasa hati dgn ape yg dia dgr??*

I will continue for part 2....blm habis lagi ok?

14 February, 2009


Ehem2…anything special today? Proposal, chocolates, flowers, special gifts….?

As for myself I do not celebrate Valentine’s day as every single day adalah hari-kasih-sayang

I would like to congratulate my ex roommate as her wedding today *this is scheduled entry, so maybe by the time it is posted, I’m eating her nasi minyak* and also congratulations blogger friend - hidden.wings for her engagement….really sorry if I left anyone else…

Even tho I do not celebrate this special day, I still have something specials for all the readers..

I am happily to invite you to our wedding website http://cinta.forever.as/

Pls do not hesitate to visit and leave the msg in the guest book, and on top of that this means that I am inviting the readers to attend my wedding *although I know it is maybe hard for you to attend as it will be in my hometown, not in KL*

This website is collaboration encik tunang and myself…but pls bear in mind it is FREE….*haha nanti karang korg ingat we spend some money on this…*

Hope you will enjoy my gift for today..till we meet again :) *I know I owe few things….pls be patient, I just need to follow 1st thing 1st rule*

12 February, 2009

Cerita borang nikah saya


In my case encik tunang settled everything for him..
- get all the forms (Borang Permohonan, Borang Pemaustautin-since apply in KL, HIV)
- HIV test *which he spends an hour at Klinik Kesihatan...lambat giler for simple procedure* ,
- get 2 saksi+encik tunang to meet imam jurunikah (make sure all the documents completed & photocopied)...then imam jurunikah flipped thru the form and cakap2 sket before giving the cop mohor...
- after that he send it to Pejabat Agama to get the Form 5 *approval to get married*

Note : If in case where where certain states tidak mewajibkan HIV test, the groom need to take the HIV test in Johor…- again ni rules Johor la

Anything not sure just call Pejabat Agama k?

This what I have done …but pls do not follow my sequence below, since I just doin it in my own way – since I do not apply any leave for settled all the things…since reserve cuti untk kawen plus I’m still new with the co – mana leh suka2 cuti…

1st : While waiting for encik tunang, bought the Form 2 and HIV form *each cost RM5...again this is Johor and as per up to this date* my father help to buy it but since it was on behalf so Pejabat Agama requested photocopied of my IC..naseb baik mmg ada copy kat kg..phew

2nd : Filled up the form even tho Johor forms in jawi, we are still allowed to write it in rumi since it will be wasted if later people couldn't read the writings...

3rd : Meet imam jurunikah cuti CNY – at this time I only have filled in the form – without any signature, photocopy of my father’s IC and mine as well, plus borang nikah ayah….ni mmg gamble since pttnya bawa 2 saksi sekali and photocopied their ICs but since kat kg so not a big deal kot…sesi borak2 with imam, he reminded me about the interview and do not forget to send the documents to him once approval given…opss booked also imam jurunikah for our day…imam signed the form without signature of 2 saksi….

4th : My father get 2 saksi signed and photocopy of their ICs

5th : I’m compiling all the docs (all encik tunang docs, my docs, plus surat nikah original my parents – as written earlier ini adalah prosess kat Johor yg kena bawa sijil nikah parents for anak perempuan + sulung)…
and reserved cuti ganti federal for HIV + submit the forms – korg jgn ikut my style yg agak selamba jugak….but this is the only way which I do not have to apply leave a day to settle the things

6th : 02.02.09 early morning going to Klinik Kesihatan Segamat to settle HIV, get the turns, but to surprise me it only takes less than 30minutes to settle everything..including time to queue ok? After breakfast and photocopied all the things – hmm I just followed instructions kat kertas Pejabat Agama bg, but actually diorg xamik pun..but never mind at least save the copies)

Submit the forms at counter. Wait for a while, the clerk then give interview form, meet the ustaz, answers all the question – hoho serius berdebar siap jawab pun tunggang langgang..i really meant it…, ustaz sign as passed, passed back the form to the counter, wait for a while, then they give everything in clear folders - which includes Borang 3 – kebenaran nikah and also Borang 8 – sijil nikah blank. Paid RM 20…

Special note : kakak jaga kaunter kt segamat tu suh jgn bukak clear folder maybe takut kita akan terabur kan ke ..but pls ignore her msg…SILA CHECK Borang 3….as they might have spelled + type it wrongly, which happened to me…..huhu nasib baik kul 11 pagi dh siap, and while at home, I am sooo curious and flipped thru and noticed 2 mistakes…ptg tuh jugak hantar for corrections – but nasib baik masa ptg tu ada agenda tgk rumah tetamu kat pejabat agama

7th – pls send all the docs to imam jurunikah and wait till the day comes!

Soalan bocor for interview….pls be patient…haha sure korg rasa tension kena dera ;p….since I try to segregate it and not to make this entry super-duper panjang

For org segamat yg pening and have accommodation problems for keluarga sebelah lelaki yg akan dtg, pls do not worry…

You can rent rumah tetamu pejabat agama for a rate of 150/ night…consist of 3 rooms – master bedroom ada air cond, and it really completes with dapur, meja makan, ruang tamu + TV, master bedroom have queen bed, medium bedroom have single bed, and also toto + bantal2 extra……really2 like home..since it was provided for imam, but since imam do not stay they rented it out…*later I will put the house pics ok?*

Ok stay tuned for sesi-interview-bersama-di-pejabat-agama…*bkn dera korg tp bg korg baca buku fardu ain tuh..so senangla jawab nnt kan???*

09 February, 2009

General procedure..borang nikah

I think that last time I have made a promise to write about procedure..yup wedding procedure and this is esp for Johorean bride to be *diff state will have almost similar but maybe less as Johor have interview*

Not sure to start where, but I will try to list whatever I know. Here I believe in most sequence…

First : Kursus kahwin

Second : Husband-to-be must already got the approval form to get married *but if both Johorean they can submit the form together kot like Mawi-Ikin*

Third : Once get the groom docs, bride can start to submit the forms *of course la dh siap HIV, form pun sume dh tulis & signed by bride, wali, 2 saksi, imam jurunikah..make sure photocopied the IC - bride, wali, 2 saksi..plus in Johor it u r the eldest –anak perempuan dan pertama, should bring sijil nikah parent - original and photocopied

Forth : After, pejabat agama checked all the documents, bride will be given an interview form *pls take note ni Johor nyer style - kang confius plak bride negeri2 lain plak..*

Fifth : Answer all the interviews questions...it covers mengucap, fatihah, doa qunut, munakahat, toharah, tanggungjawab suami isteri. Pls take note, the interview is on the same day as u submit the form

Sixth : Waiting for the process....depends on the speed..

Seventh : Finally will have borang kebenaran and borang nikah which later need to pass to imam jurunikah

To be continued…..

06 February, 2009

Coming soon..

very soon for you to find out..to find out what ya? hihi :P

no suprise ok?

it just the next entries that I will post here
1. all about procedure...what i know..including proses perkahwinan Johor - ada interview tau! not soalan bocor but maybe guidelines bride from Johor nk study pe bab fardu ain
2. session with mak andam - esp pelamin......gulp kerusi nk bersanding tu pun kena fikir..

but please be patient as I have a lot of things to settle.....work and more work to do *dush kepala pusing tgk angka2....*

04 February, 2009

I am happily to announce that my wedding theme....

....scroll down if you want to know my wedding theme...

is it perkahwinan dalam taman? *garden wedding*, musim sejuk, musim bunga, or tepian pantai, jawa, arabian night? scroll down again ..I promised this time have exact answers

my wedding theme will be ... perkahwinan dalam balai raya....kwang3....hihihi

sorry readers...this idea comes as family have a chit chat about my wedding..and the ideas from guru_muda as we watched Nona TV3 showed "perkahwinan dalam taman"

01 February, 2009

I always wanted to write....

I always wanted to write....that saya-rindu-arwah emak saya

It will be a a year without her when I'm already a month married

Preparing for all the wedding things always make mata-saya-berkaca2...I'm not good in writing on this....My late mother love to do DIY....she's learning from magazines *aha no interenet2 la...*

I always going to Jalan TAR alone...but encik tunang will fetched me once I'm done *ok, he will follows me esp weekend..but on working day only fetched me*

I'm always bumped into bride-to-be together with parents...even I still remembered that one day I heard a father calling his daughter to come to Sin Yin as something caught his eyes...hmmm

From bloghopping, reading communication brides with their mums...some having not agree with mother's choice, or how their mother give some financial support...etc

Whatever it is, for bride-to-be that still have their mother...hargai dia semasa dia masih ada di sisi anda...I know sometimes anak dan emak tidak mempunyai satu persetujuan yg sama*diff taste, etc* ...mgkn emaknya mahukan anak berbaju songket, sdgkan hati anak meronta2 inginkan lace...as result maybe si anak tidak berpuas hati dgn pilihan emaknya...maybe the best have win2 situation..lace for nikah/khatam, and songket for sanding...*after all bukan nak pakai seharian suntuk pun kan...?...or maybe not agree for theme colour - nowadays baju pengantin bukan 1 colour pun , even combine 2 colour, black&white, pink&green, pink&blue, pink& purple and so on...*haha pandai2 saja saya menulis*

After all, I still have my father, encik tunang, M, guru_muda that helping me thru all the preparations...:)

Besides, I also have somechit chat with office mates, how her wife in confinement react with mother and mother in law...something like this "Dgn emak sdiri bolehla manja2 sket tak pun xde lah segan nak itu ini, nak mintak tolong, but since dia dh sihat sket dan hnya skrg baru duduk dgn emak aku (in law for the wife la) so dia leh je wt sdiri"

Huhu to be frank this alwiz slip my mind..what should I do? as I'm pretty sure that my mother in law will takes care me on confinement *Insya Allah* I believe at early stage, that I'm not strong enough to do the things, how to ask mother in law?...huwah...