22 November, 2010

Wish list...

It almost year end, and usually people will sit back and analysed whether they achieved what they planned for the year...Yup, I do have one, but I don't think it is interesting as I consider only half of it success, while the rest like "hangat2 tahi ayam" (sian ayam kan?)

So I just to have a relax entry and considering it as a wish list...Because the previous wish list I posted here, Alhamdulillah all comes true for both of us (Clap!Clap!Clap!...bila tulis – harus kerja keras for it – maka Insya Allah dapatlah kan?)

Most of wish list here are vacation (haha sbb xsempat honeymoon- apetah lagi babymoon...maka cita2 nk bercuti masih menyala2, plus I need a good holiday for all the hard works...)

So hereby my wish list

1. Toy Museum Penang

Previously, I visited Toy Museum Summit (I think they shifted to Penang, so Summit no longer any toy museum). So I know the concept...and I believe Penang will have more collections of toys!

Actually, during raya hari tu we almost nk pergi since dah lalu depan, but I said to husband we can came later (haha sbb Afham lom faham lagi..so tggu dia besar2 sikit and maybe dh ada cartoon character dia minat then lg best!)

2. Legoland, Nusajaya Iskandar Johor

Yes it still under construction, but it doesn't mean that I cannot put it as part of my wish lists? Actually I never noticed about Legoland till I saw Majalah 3, where it show one of the staff- how she trained from Legoland (of kos la trainining tu kat oversea...), and how she construct..Its cools, hari2 keje ngan lega smbil build bangunan...mcm main2 je kan but get paid. However, I really cannot remember her job name – Legoland engineer? Legoland builder? Legoland architects?

Oh ya..some sort of info on Legoland
Legoland Billund (Billund, Denmark) opened in 1968 (9 acres)
Legoland Windsor (Windsor, Berkshire, England) opened in 1996 (150 acres)
Legoland California (Carlsbad, California, USA) opened in 1999 (128 acres)
Legoland Deutschland (G├╝nzburg, Germany) opened in 2002
Legoland Malaysia (Nusajaya (Iskandar Malaysia), Johor, Malaysia) expected to be operational in 2013

I think Legoland Malaysia will look alike other Legoland, so lets preview other Legoland

Legoland Billund

Legoland California

Legoland Deutschland

3. Universal Studios, Singapore

I thought end of this year visiting Universal Studios, after considering our passport expiry date soon...but I don't think we can make it..I do not have any more leave (hamik ko cutik dah habis..so klu ada pun kena amik unpaid leave). Plus encik suami kata, klu pergi skrg nanti ada 2 org tua jakun-sdiri2...anak plak xfaham pe2..

So I think we need to re plan..maybe next 4-5 years kot? Take a long leave, so that can visit Universal Studios and Legoland...Accommodation, should be no problem..rumah atok, makcik ada kat JB hihi

4. Handbag & wallet

Last but not least..new handbag and wallets....Ok2 I 'm not fashionista..hehe nk masuk LV pun sgtlah segan...Chanel lgla jauh dr idaman...so berangan tahap Coach je boleh tak?

11 November, 2010

Hiatus mode?

Suddenly I'm thinking of not to update anything in my blog...

But somehow, I really miss my blog...(Do readers also missing my writing? Erk...). I have a lot of work to be done, a lot of reading (ilmu ibu2 ni mmg kena belajar hatta xde sijil bagai), and of course never ending tiredness which brings me no mood to update blog..(Anyone can recommend good supplements/ vitamins for stay healty, beauty, alert, lot and full of energy? lg bagus klu versi cecair..pil2 ni den lomah la pulak)

I always think I can make it to update at least twice a week, but one entry pun kdg susah (Heh..ini baru 1 anak, klu dh berderet cmne?).

I think sometimes I have a big problem..I don't have proper management of everything...but somehow I think I'm still struggling (while enjoying) with this motherhood journey.

Of couse sometimes thingking of working from home (but I have no idea of what kind of online biz), but full time housewife never in my list. The reason is simple..we have a lot of commitment to be settle every month and also I really want to use my prof memberships as stepping stone for better position (Alhamdulillah, I received my MIA cert last week!!!)

Till then..I try my best to update and oh ya for those asking about FPP Putrajaya (email/blog comment), I will try my best to answer it in one entry (hope I post it very soon...)