26 August, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya semua

To all muslim readers,

This year will be our third year beraya dgn 4 anggota keluarga...To be thruthful, nasib la dlm maternity leave..maka sesi packing-mempacking tak perlula smpi kena stay up..

But, it will be a lot of things to pack! *now I wonder klu family ramai anak2 kecik balik beraya naik flight..bawak brg cmne?*

Since raya will be end of month...I just finished pay all utilities bills and housing loan, while husband will pay his loans (car so on)..The rest need to finished packing by tonight, since tomorrow we will have a long journey Puchong - Segamat - Felda Ulu Tebrau

Most concern thing, hopefully Afham will behave in the car *he is not car seat type..when we balik kedah last time, husband and me pening..nasib tak kena saman sbb budak ni*

Anyway, that's all..need to continue with some packing and listing *hopefully I can share my raya checklist only after raya..so next year blhla guna lagik..yg last year still applicable but with addition to family member the list is a lil bit longer*

Have a safe journey and selamat beraya! Maaf zahir & batin.

See u after raya

*sight, maternity leave will ended soon...3 bulan xcukup..keji kan?*

22 August, 2011

Bila agaknya adikku bertemu jodoh?

While glancing to facebook *ha cik jah..time cuti maternity je ada chance nk buka muka-buka kerap sikit..tp itupun bkn priority*..I noticed my sister wall*

Erk..I dunno exactly how many times she has become bridesmaid...but I still wonder when will be her turn? Ada sapa2 yg ada sedara2 bujang kat Segamat sila bgtau..supaya dia leh dating *ceh ayat promo apekah ini*

Or she will become like 27 dresses...

Ape2 pun I hope she will find her soulmate dan join kelab isteri-ibu ..."Apam nak sepupu la, Cikde"..For those yg pernah menjadikan dia sbgai pengapit anda *Fashya, etc * ..marilah kita doakan jodoh terbaik untk dia

19 August, 2011

Baby and family outdoor photoshoot pictures...

I have purchased the customised photo magnet and need to select few best pictures..

So while looking to CD, I know that I owe the final output of our Family Outdoor Photoshoot as promised here..since I only post one picture here during our photoshoot

Details as follows:
Date : 09.04.2011
Time : 10 - 11 am
Venue : Taman Wetland (Pusat Rekreasi Air), Putrajaya
Theme : Casual, red

Afham just turn 1 year 1 month and 2 days during the photoshoot, while myself pregnant 29 weeks 3 days.

Pics below might not in the best reso since I have edited a lil bit...*kang xlepas nk upload..so kita adjust2 sikit la*

Family in red

Saya ada 2 batang gigi di bawah..nampak tak?

Boleh tak jd model Baby Kiko?

Ball is my fav

Nah....baling bola ni jauh2

Family pic

Nak pilih green ke red?

Merenung masa depan

Best jugak berposing dpn camera ni ek ayah & ibu....

Lihat diriku..ada tanduk..korg ada?

Posing ini mmg untk sembunyikan perut ayah dan ibu..hihiihi

Small + big feets

Bestnya kena lambung...LOL

So for those not sure whether to take baby and family pics, I think it will be worth if you take it..plus nowadays there is promo from Milkadeal, Groupon so on *tp hang kena rajin check la kan?* ..So just grab and pose! *erk I just think when Alif turns 1..we should have another photoshoot..boleh tak abg?*

11 August, 2011

Customised picture on photo magnet..dan mana nak cari baju melayu xs?

I was blogwalking, gooling and suddenly I was great offer

It is customised picture on photo magnet!


Erk nasib RM28 hinggit je..erm I just remember something I still didn't post my outdoor photoshoot - promo from Milkadeal also!

Satu lagi kan..ada sapa2 tau kat mana nak carik baju melayu saiz xs..ingat nk beli untk Alif..klu tak Alif raya pakai baju moden.

10 August, 2011

Tips : Buying books online

I don't consider myself as bookworm, but I tried my best to read if I have time

Monthly reading only Pa & Ma..and usually I will flipped back all those all magazines and books that I have *I cannot read in vehicles..so that's why I only have sweet time for reading while waiting for check up and at night – which is most likely impossible..anak tdo, ibu pun join..sometimes anak xtdo ibu dh mimpi dulu*

Few months ago I just think I need to buy few books after reading book review from some blogger. But its hard for me to visit MPH Midvalley or Kinokuniya to flip through the books...Besides I noticed some books not available at local bookstore

So here I share some tips:-

1. Get book title and author

2. You always can read other review (plus rating) from other blog and website eg amazon.com

3. Did you know that you can read partially of the book..Check here http://books.google.com/ .

For example type keyword "pregnancy sucks" and you will be surprised to see the book preview of "Pregnancy Sucks : What to Do When Your Miracle makes You Miserable by Joanne Kimes, Sanford A. Tisherman" for almost 20 pages - because I read review said the book is funny, so thats why I just try to check preview at the above link

BUT not all book available for preview..it depends

4. You can make a list books to buy..visit

Kinokuniya - http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/indexohb.cgi?AREA=05
MPH - http://mphonline.com/welcome/welcome.aspx

You can buy online and they also can deliver to your doorstep

5. In case your book do not available at the store, you always can contact customer service. At first I thought to buy from overseas but afraid the book will not reached, not sure there will be custom issue and of course delivery rates will be charged.

So I decided to contact Kinokuniya thru email asking three books by stating book and author...

Within same day they reply and quote the price for two available books..Not to mention I also add another two books available at the store..so two book reserved, and two special ordered..It makes my life easier *no need to look ups and downs at the bookstore*

6. Kinokuniya requested my contact no...and guess what I received below sms to confirm the book arrives

7. Collect and pay the books. In case you want them to deliver it, just contact them back..surely they will help...*I need short trip for window shopping treatment..so opt to collect myself*

Last but not lease, PLEASE retain the book receipts for tax claim and filing purpose.

That's all..hope someone can benefited from this entry

08 August, 2011

Cukur rambut vs cukur jambul

Nowadays I think people more "prefer" to have cukur jambul event...Its good as usually it will combine with akikah....but actually in Islam, hukumnya sunat mencukur rambut baby "not jambul"

I copy from here

Soalan :
Saya ada kemusykilan berhubung dengan cara pelaksanaan majlis cukur jambul yang biasa dilakukan oleh masyarakat Melayu Islam apabila mendapat anak. Ia seolah-olah satu kemestian dalam masyarakat. Apabila seseorang ibu baru melahirkan anak maka akan timbul soalan “bila nak buat kenduri cukur jambul anak?” Boleh huraikan apakah hukumnya membuat majlis cukur jambul anak yang baru lahir?

Mencukur rambut bayi adalah sesuatu yang disunatkan oleh Islam. Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda: “Setiap bayi tergadai dengan akikahnya, disembelih untuknya pada hari ketujuh, dicukur rambutnya dan diberi nama.” [Shahih Sunan Abu Daud, no: 2838] Tujuan mencukur rambut adalah untuk membersihkan selaput kepalanya dan agar rambut yang baru lagi sihat dapat tumbuh. Oleh kerana itulah dalam riwayat yang lain, mencukur rambut juga disebut sebagai “bersihkan kotoran”, yakni hadis: “Bersama seorang anak satu akikah, maka tumpahkan untuknya darah (yakni sembelihan akikah) dan bersihkan kotorannya (yakni mencukur rambut).” [Shahih al-Bukhari, no: 5472, Fath al-Bari, jld. 27, ms. 24]

Mencukur rambut disunatkan ke atas bayi lelaki dan perempuan, dan sunat dilakukan pada hari ketujuh selepas kelahirannya. Malang sekali, ramai ibubapa masa kini yang menyayangi bayi mereka dengan cara yang salah, mereka menyayangi rambut bayi mereka sehingga membelakangkan anugerah pahala dan rahmat daripada Allah s.w.t.. Justeru mereka menggantikan suruhan mencukur rambut bayi yang sunat hukumnya kepada majlis cukur jambul.

Mencukur jambul bayi hukumnya makruh, kerana ia sejenis “qaza” yang dilarang oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. [Shahih al-Bukhari, no: 5920] “Qaza” ialah mencukur sebahagian rambut di mana-mana bahagian kepala sementara di bahagian lain rambut dibiarkan [Fath al-Bari, jld. 28, ms. 832]. “Qaza” dilarang kerana ia mencacatkan kepala seseorang – termasuk kepala bayi – dan ia menyerupai fesyen sebahagian orang bukan Islam. Sekalipun hukumnya makruh, mana-mana ibubapa yang beriman kepada Allah lagi mengharapkan keredhaan-Nya akan berusaha menjauhi sesuatu yang dilarang oleh Rasulullah s.a.w.. Selain itu ada juga ibubapa yang sekadar menggunting beberapa helai rambut bayi. Praktik ini tidak memiliki apa-apa manfaat sama ada dari sudut agama mahu pun selainnya.

Adapun melaksanakan majlis sempena cukur jambul, maka yang sepatutnya dilaksanakan ialah majlis akikah. Majlis akikah membuktikan kesyukuran kepada Allah atas bayi yang dianugerahkan-Nya, pengumuman kepada jiran-jiran akan kelahiran anak yang baru dan persediaan awal bahawa bayi itu akan dididik menjadi hamba yang berkorban untuk kebaikan agama dan umat. Majlis akikah dengan sendirinya adalah satu bentuk ibadah, maka ia tidak perlu diubah-suai dengan ibadah-ibadah lain seperti membaca surah Yasin, zikir-zikir, doa selamat dan sebagainya. Walaubagaimanapun majlis akikah hukumnya sunat, maka mana-mana ibubapa yang tidak mampu tidak dituntut melaksanakannya.

Alhamdulillah. both Afham and Alif dicukur rambutnya..*altho I think bukan hari ketujuh, but on those early days*. For Afham last time, Mak Su came from Kedah and bring someone to help with this.

This time for Alif, we searched up and down, because most likely not all yg urut bersalin tu provide cukur rambut baby. Encik suami pun tak le berani nk cukur..not even me

So finally, manage to contact Kak Rahmah 012-3619738 (her blog here) untuk cukurkan Alif. However, the package price do not include transportation cost (since she do not drive, so need to add transportation cost - taxi charges)

For those yg nak cukurkan rambut baby, bolehla contact dia...We just need to prepare sebekas air (untk dia guna smbil cukur), sebekas bekas kosong (letak rambut dh cukur), and also buah keras yg ditumbuk sehingga keluar minyak (petua org tua2..lumurkan kat kepala untk lambut lebat)

So basically she will cukur rambut, urut2 baby, mandikan baby, siapkan baby dan juga sapukan minyak buah keras...then ur baby will be bald baby! hehehe

Oh ya I do not have comment on postnatal massage done by her, because this time I tried postnatal massage that provided by Hospital Putrajaya (its free, but only for normal delivery and of course u have to register there)...Later I will blog about this, only when I finished all the session (since ada urut penutup pantang..Insya Allah)

03 August, 2011

Tragedi Ramadhan ini..

First of all..selamat berpuasa to all Muslim readers

Secondly, yesterday I was in upstairs toilet..and suddnely my hp rang..Husband said "tepon bunyi" and since the hp nearby him and I am lazy to go downstairs I said "angkatlah.."

Then I heard he talk with someone I believe he familiar..Once the hp conversation ended, husband said.."rumah kat kg kena langgar"..

Erk..yes before this I think I am familiar with accidents news *hoho tau tak I always takut kalau makan tepi2 jalan2 yg bnyk2 kereta lalu lalang..takut2 time ngap..tiba kereta langgar..ei mintak dijauhkanlah..*

Then husband made few phone calls and the most important thing Alhamdulillah nobody seriusly injured / killed...cuma driver yg rempuh tu kot injured and of course rumah la dh berubah wajah

He said SIL upload the pic in her facebook..so here the "tragedi ramadan ini"

So next week we will balik kg *actually we do plan to balik Kedah during Ramadhan since this year raya turn balik my kg*...

02 August, 2011


I'm not writing about about my bf journey...not yet until I really want to share about it...

The only thing that I wan to put here is 2 useful links (for me la..), before I ended keep on searching back the link (sblm mak dh start sakit lupa so on...)

Information about bf -

Q & A bf -

The fact that I think I have visited the link several times, but still not finished reading it! *sbb baca mana keyword yg related..lps tu visit balik link tu baca part lain plak*

Hope someone can benefited from above links!