28 May, 2009

Our chapter....turqoise berinai

This is 2nd part of it

Berinai..walaupun tangan mmg dh sedia ada inai....this time family plak calit2 inai....

Air mawar direnjis

Tersenyum di peterana..walaupun amat letih

Sila2 amik turn masing2

Ape yg membuatkan kaki-ku terangat?
Teruja sangatkah? atau sang nyamuk telah mengigit?

Updated : Anda mau lagi-kah gambar2? ~ cukupkah, kurangkah? sy ngak tau klu tidak dibilang sih..

Esok sy akan ke Kedah untk majlis di sana (ye sy masih lagi dipanggil pengantin..harap2 muat baju yg disewa di sana...maklumlah lps majlis belah sy...xde dh istilah diet2...dhle muka ade 2 jerawat btl2 kt ats kening...) dan selepas balik harus menyelesaikan monthly closing (tsk..adekah account sudah menjadi bosan?)

Tetapi yg seronok...smlm sy sudah sign up Celcom Basic Broadband (modem bundle)....ghee karena di pejabat....segala macam social community is not allowed ~ ye mungkin syarikat ingin melahirkan pekerja produktif 

Last but not least selamat pengantin baru....buat yg melangsungkan perkahwinan musim cuti sekolah ini...

24 May, 2009

Our chapter...white solemnisation

Today is my +1 year day =)

And today finally I present you........our white solemnisation

(ye walaupun mungkin perkahwinan sy tidak segrand anda tetapi sy gembira kerana segala2nya telah selesai dgn seadanya...)

Tiada sirih perlu dikunyah.....

Stresssss kah?....di mana penyelamat beta..Hang Tuah namanyer

Kasut nikah yg jelita....

Cincin nikah yg rupawan....

Control ayu....?

Turn korang lagi 8 taun k....

2 tangan ini

Kelab termenung...

Kelab termenung belum dibubarkan selagi presiden belum dpt lampu "sah"

Star of the day...Hang Tuah

Semoga jodoh kami adalah hingga ke syurga.Amin

Kekanda akan menjadi Hang Tuah buat adinda...

Terimalah cincin ini, Hang Tuah

Air mata dr 2 pasang mata = setempayan untk meminang Hang Tuah? =p

Tears & joy

Model baju pengantin?

Seiring dan sejalan
Seindah bunga di tangan...lalala

Finally, kami telah temui Syurga Cinta kami....
Anda bila pula?
~(yg menonton pasti faham kan?)

..ghee movie pertama tonton lps kawen + dh berbulan tak g tgk wayang

Sekian, buat entri ini.....

Updated : Buat yg sudi bolehla ke kenduri sebelah encik suami di utara pada 31/5/09...details + map ~ http://cinta.forever.as/

22 May, 2009

Thank you

I am very pleased and touched since even tho, here not so much comments..but I know at least some bloggers become my follower and link to their blog....and at least I know there is some readers here

Even after this if I dun write about wedding ~ klu ade pun maybe xle bnyk mana, jgnla pulak tidak sudi menjenguk ke sini...kerana for sure I will write other things that related to life after marriage ~ once you’ll become puan you will know what I mean ~ even I think it is super hectic men-adjustkan diri anda.....

From deepest of my heart, thank for all the readers...dan maafkan sy andai tidak menjenguk dengan kerap kepada yg link kepada sy ~ but at least u r linked here..hehe itulah gunanyer referer.org

Ghee..so inilah kaler tema perkahwinan saya.....purple wedding theme

Gambar selanjutnya akan dipost secepat mgkin, kerana sesi memilih gambar untk dipaparkan di sini sedang dilakukan...

Kelewatan juga berlaku kerana kesibukan encik2 tukang gambar Rafi & Sakif from magicclickers... - sy br dapat the whole package last week yer..

but dun worry it wont take too long and I promised that I will post it not in collage type ok? ~ untk keselesaan mata anda juga kan.....

inilah kegilaan sy di wktu lapang ~ encik suami jgnla stress....br seminggu dpt album....xpuas belek setiap inci lagi ok?

19 May, 2009


Marriage should be done in the most modest way but in Malaysia, it is ought to be done in the most lavish way. Competition on those wedding is the most grandeur is most unavoidable. Fame is usually the reason why people spend unreasonable and wasteful amount of money for wedding...

There is no point of being extravagance. We should focus on the life after the wedding not the wedding itself.

Wedding is only a door to the marriage house. Why should we spend a lot of money to decorate the door so beautifully, when the inside of the house is then left empty, dark and unattractive?

~ untk yg kaya dan ada budget lebih itu kelebihan mereka untk melabur besar dlm perkahwinan mereka, but for those depends 100% on their saving + duit hantaran + serba sedikit mgkn dibantu saudara mara, keluarga = maka majlis adalah berdasarkan ape yg ada kan?

Now lets count...3, 2, 1...and here

Anda tahu temanyer..tp anda harus menanti untk tone-nyer...again count 3,2,1 ~ minute? hours? Day? Weeks?

I believe this will be my last entry on wedding things before I will publish my wedding pics ~ even tho maybe I have more things to share but I believe pengalaman yg bakal anda lalui itu adalah yg tersendiri....

17 May, 2009

Benda yg lepas usah dikenang...

Continuation part 2..part 1 refer here

New to workplace
.....and at the same time super busy with wedding preps?
Usually new staff will have more lepaks time ~ browsing manual, documentation, knowing more about jobs and sometimes not really have a work..but maybe at the same time you want to be look like busy? So here the tips

1. Have a specific pendrive saving all about ur wedding plan
2. Have a wedding plan in excel format..so while busy with konon2 buat kerja you can update ur wedding plan as well ~very useful if ur work mmg bnyk guna excel..leh selit2
3. You might have time to browse internet and find out wedding things and maybe you love the ideas…straight away save it to your pendrive…~ huhu the most tough is to name it since maybe in future you’ll need to refer the website back…
4. Have as many folders as you want but be specific eg gambar bilik pengantin, gambar baju, gambar deco hantaran ~ since for easy reference...

....not sure to invite or not
Sometimes u r still new and might not knew everyone...my advice just invite ur officemate ~ of course x mengharap diorg dtg since mereka juga belum mengenali anda...

Who knows even though they not come, but they are happy with ur big day and even giving u special wedding present ~ Alhamdulillah, my case..sy dapat sejumlah voucher that really good since end up I use it to buy fully-automatic washine machine which cost me only RM100++

Over excited
Yes of course u’ll over excited to get married..esp if u have been in relationship bf-gf for few years...and there is tendency of want to have marvellous wedding...and bear in mind nothing is free...u must consider $$$...because more $$$ will be spend after married...let have some example

Planning to buy house ~ at least RM10k in hand..deposit+lawyer fees+gedebak gedebuk...but later maybe the amount can be “reimbursed” via withdrawal with kwsp-kira anda kena guna duit sdiri dl..sila amik perhatian klu nk kuar bersama pasangan kenala dh kawen!

Even if u dun buy, of course thinking to rent..xkan xde deposit kan?
Then of course u want ur home have “something”...
Set bilik tidur...RM500++ ~ promo cavenzi and so on
Ruang tamu...L shape sofa... TV ..depends mampu tv pe...paling2 sume RM 500++...
Mesin basuh, peti ais...kurang2 dalam RM1k
Benda2 yg xkurang penting...dapur, alatan2 dapur, langsir..gedebak-gedebuk RM1000-3000+
Total kasar paling2 tidak RM5k and above (itu jika anda tidak beli rumah...) dh kena sedia...~unless anda tinggal bersama2 family or family-in-law..then kurang sket

So planning on spending + saving is in your hand...and of course shopping kawen pun berpada2, jangan terlebih banyak or terikut2 style individu lain ~ espy g kita tgk kt majalah tu grand2, of coursela mereka mgkn anak somebody, or kawen ngan somebody/ anak somebody..blhla bergrand2 kan?

Undangan oh undangan
You are happily invite all ur friends to come to ur wedding
You are happily to prepare VIP gifts for them

But end up
...they never call/ sms ...silent and remain silent
...they sms/ email...congratulate u and inform that they were not able to come
...they sms/email...congratulate u and inform with reason that they not able to come

Whatever it is I believe that as a bride, of course u’ll really sad...u might have give them nice invitation card plus prepared the nice VIP gifts....but this is what you get

Whatever it is ayah saya kata jawab begini “ May God bless u”

~sometimes maybe in past u’ve tried to attend all ur friends wedding, but please don’t expect them to come when it comes to ur wedding since maybe they are busy with all their big families, kids, and so on

I dun mean to be harsh in this topic....but pls estimate buatla kebarangkalian yg kawan2 anda tidak akan muncul ~ esp if ur wedding take 2-4 hours of travelling....but pls dun be very sad since I believe that sometimes org yang tidak disangka2 akan dtg....:)

Pls wear it early otherwise afraid that the colour do not turn red...if you solemnisation on Saturday try to wear it on Thursday

Kindly remind ur husband to be not to have hair cutting a day before the big day...try to have it at least 1-2 weeks before...at least it is look fresh and neat...~bknle rupa mcm otg br keluar kedai gunting rambut

For girls, even u wear tudung sila simpan sikit rambut anda...at least the hair will help when put tiara, crown, or what so ever..since it still needs to be pin...

Dirisik sudah, bertunang sudah....tetapi tiada tarikh hari lansung
I know sometimes it is hard to set the date...because our family will try to gather as many relatives as can plus trying not to clash with others ~ dgn kerja2 kawen, kenduri saudara mara dan juga jiran tetangga

When there is no exact date, means it is hard to book anything ~ tok kadi, catering, mak andam, photog..

But I know there’s yg sudah ada tarikh, but tidak juga bersiap ape2.....:P

I have the same situation here...my family only confirm somewhere around November last year for the date ~ of course before that we have several date for big day since our engagement...cuti sekolah bulan 12, 3,5....

So the thing that we can do only have budget+planning and surveying for several thing ~ but to be frank survey2 itu tidaklah begitu details since clash with timbunan kerja dan juga sesi perpindahan tempat kerja...all in the same time....besides i’m really depending on google2 di alam maya..itu pun limited di ofis dan sesi2 wifi kfc,mcd,mamak....

So we try to divide doing the things...and considering both of us xberkisah andai barang hantaran itu bknla up-to-date...so start with planning and shopping for hantaran, and even tempah baju nikah ~ sila2lah hantar awal supaya sempat untk sebrg alteration (if any)

Also trying to get quotation...

After the date is confirm

straight away book the things...~but still have to back up the plan since musim2 cuti sekolah adalah musim kahwin...

berusahala bersungguh2 menyiapkan segala rancangan dgn masa yg ada ~ huhu klu limited masanya haruslah stay up and try to have better time management....

Selamat membuat persediaan fizikal & mental untk bakal2 pengantin di luar sana

14 May, 2009

The wedding smart shopper and promoting recycle concept

Should I say that I am a smart shopper? Kwang3....I dun have any ideas..but after looking in my wallet i have this 3 card from series of wedding shopping

One card – the most earliest card I get...and it is free for 3 years (after spending some amt $$$) ....benefit? a lot since I have privilege parking area...but of course still havr to top up the card to pay parking ~ no more pusing2, gaduh2 for parking, but still the parking rate is the best...
Plus...monthly info on any promo via mail and sometimes sms! ~ even tho never grab it but it is good bargain

WS, Nilai – I got it from sesi membeli hand bouquet ....so after that at least I have a discounted price for the items there

Choc – got it from choc session...since i’m really looking for Hershey’s nugget *not sure why I always saw Hershey’s kisses but hard to find nuggets*...we ended up to buy it here and plus get the card ~ siap cashier yg promo kira2 diskaun yg dpt even we still have to pay for the member fees....

On top of that we have sesi membeli makanan tidak sihat di kedai borong nearby NSK Selayang(bkn dlm NSK , tp sebelah ~ nama kedai Fantasy Jungle Food..kedainyer xcun tp banyak giler jajan!)...and I just spend RM54.20 and able to have this

4 balang coklat ~cop Msia...even tho agak kasar teksturnye, tetapi still rasa coklat
5 bungkus mini pudding ~ plastiknya tidak melekat, which is senang nk makan

And all this is for 200 special goodie bag and 10 gift kat meja pengantin ~ still ada jugak lebih untk makan2 upah buat yg tolong isi2...so the cost is:-
Choc 9.80 /120 = 0.08 each
Mini pudding 3/50= 0.06 each

And upah untk encik suami....jajan glamer masa kanak2 ~ hehe actually here have a lot jajan masa kanak2..so we might come here again to have this junkie as our ration.. So here the map to NSK Selayang and preview yg x berapa clear... So buat yg mencari pemborong coklat, asam, gula-gula, makanan ringan dsb bolehla menjenguk yer...~berjenis2 di sini crispy, mentos, ada yg jenama x dikenali jugak...

Sometimes u want to buy specific things for ur wedding, but not sure whether is will be use once and after that hanya akan disimpan dlm muzium sbgai kenang-kenangan..

But for myself, I have do some recycle

Bantal2 kecik deco bilik pengantin ~ recycle it for our living hall deco

Comforter set bilik pengantin ~ guna balik la....
Hand bouquet ~ I’m not good in flower arrangement...so my hand bouquet becomes bunga di meja makan..besides last time I use my hand bouquet as deco bilik pengantin juga.....

dari meja di blik pengantin-ke tangan pengantin-ke meja makan rumah

So I think every time when u want to shop, think it twice....consider that it can be re-use again...

04 May, 2009

DIY agin?

Remember the last time that I have showed some steps onn DIY?
Maybe this is the other part but without steps...just series of pics....kot2 la anda boleh guna-pakai idea yg mgkn x canggih mana pun..

bunga penanggah - kosaj istimewa (untk mt gamily) - hiasan 4 pintu kereta pengantin lelaki
~sume adalah recycle lebih2 bahan2 yg ader, so xde pembaziran~

gift meja makan pengantin dan gift box (dalam paper bag special)

diy bilik pengantin versi malas..
since mak andam kata pakej x termasuk bilik tido..
maka beli bunga2 yg dh siap ada lubang..rega bunga tuh RM10....
credit tukang panjat...guru_muda..pengantin mana leh panjat2 takut pe2 kan gitu?