28 October, 2011

Have you ever calculate travelling cost to office?

Very soon office will move to new office *should I called it “area elit-wisma-nerby cemetery”*. And now management asking about additional cost that will be with the impact of moving.

So I just made simple calculation.
Current: LRT KL Sentral – Bangsar : RM 1
New : LRT KL Sentral – KLCC : RM 1.60

Of course the diff. not significant as total up just RM24 (0.6 x 2 (ways) x 20 (days). Then boss asked me to calculate from home

Puchong – ERL Station Cyber – KL Sentral – KLCC

Current : 264 (minyak, tol) + 285 (monthly card) + 40 = RM 589
New : 264 (minyak, tol) + 285 (monthly card) + 64 = RM 613

But itupun dah diskaun jugak sbbnya klu ikut mileage claim 1km = RM1. Klu betul2 strict ikut tu from home to ERL Station Cyber about 20km...so cost itself pergi balik klu ikut mileage claim sehari sudah RM40, 20hari kerja total up kat situ je dah RM800!

Then if compared to current travelling allowance permonth RM65. Sigh..65 hinggit tu takat celah gigi tak gitew?

Now after calculating those costs makes me sick! *sungguhla mahal cost nk pegi kerja, itu belum lagi bab2 kos makan di area elit soon to be*

Skrg tepuk dahi, skrg makan baru RM 3 – 7 (depends amik pe), soon to be makan sah2la RM 10 ke atas...*puasa le gamaknyer*

Conclusion – carik kerja baru or carik side income..tak gitu? *skrg nk beli baju / tudung sehelai pun fikir berhari2*

19 October, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1 - Jus buah gelas besar...

..or it should be Bapak borek anak rintik?

Pstt..my very 1st WW

17 October, 2011

Ada tak yg rasa nk pitam lps pump susu?

Dear mommies.

Kita ada soklan..ada tak sesape yg pernah rasa nk pitam lps pump susu? Dan kdg smpi rasa mcm mual2 sekali (bkn baby no 3 ye)

Rasanya minum air b4 and after pump..mmg buat. Semasa pump smbil minum air blm pernah

Lg mengudap tu dh mmg wajib...

Recently rasa mcm rasa nk pitam esp lps sesi pukul 2pm *pdhal lunch tak pernah skip..lps pum minum gak air*

14 October, 2011

My labour story - drama in the labour room?

As usual, this entry must be written despite it will be long entry or perhaps after several months of the birth...because each delivery is unique!

The only similarities between 1st and 2nd are both delivered at Hospital Purajaya and also overdue pregnancy *maybe my womb provide best place for for both of them until can make us worried!*

But, for 2nd pregnancy baby was not engaged until to the very last minute...to be exact I think the engaged process was an hour before he was delivered

29 June 2011

8.00 am
- Husband send Afham to nursery. Have an express shower. Packed all things. Mak bekalkan roti dan air milo
- Sempat makan roti sekeping + bberapa hirup ar milo *ok because last time almost xde energy nk deliver sbb xmakan*
- Register at counter and after that as usual with all those CTG, soal jawab keluar tanda ke, air ketuban ke, sakit ke?
- Husband settled all those registration, payment, so on , while myself in monitor room

9.00 am
- Dilated 2cm - checked by Dr Naza. Since the graf not nice thay decided to put drip...Erk another Dr attempted 3 times before the drip was set..*habis tangan kiri bengkak...since 2 attemp failed..last time sekali je cucuk dh ok, pdhal dl nurse yg buat!*
- Dr Naza informed that she will informed my condition to Dr Hazim since she not sure Dr Hamidah in or not...
- What I noticed there's a lot of medical student so on lalu lalang...nasib la FPP so diorg xleh kacau
- Heard at least 3-4 pregnant ladies sent to Hospital Kajang...Hosp Putrajaya dah penuh..again nasib FPP klu tak dh kena tendang

10 am
- Masuk air botol ke 2. I think org lain sume dh keluar masuk monitor room tu but myself masih lg dlm room tu
- Nurse asked me whether bring any breakfast..or want to asked husband to get any breakfast for me. Bekal mmg ada kt kereta, but since it was raining heavily, nurse decided to gave me whatever they have..so belasah milo secawan dan biskut beberapa keping

11 am
- I was send to Executive Ward. They informed around 1pm Dr Hazim will come to check my condition
- Nurse came to check my contraction..and she said if it is so super strong to call them.
- Having early lunch..mkn nasi kerabu..husband suap sbbnya myself struggled with frequent contraction
- Sempat terlelap sekejap

1 pm
- Dr Hazim informed that Dr Hamidah not in due to personal emergency thing. So he will be in charge *aduh...mmg all the while klu blh mmg le xmo Dr lelaki tp dh sakit2 mcm gini xkan la nk tggu Dr Hamidah lg kan?*
- He informed that I already dilated 3cm *mcm slow progress kan je...pdhal kul 9 br 2cm*.
- He decided to break my waterbag...*Baca mostly comment sakit giler...for me ok la blh lg tahan..cuma segan Dr lelaki*
- Sempat borak2...he said his younger sister also tgh tggu masa nk deliver anak no 6...but by comparing condition he said that I will deliver first..while I said to him " Dr..bkn ke tu anak ke 6..ptt lg cepat dr sy la kan?" then he replied "hmm..kita tgk rezeki masing2, but I believe u deliver dulu
- Oh ya..nasib baik ubat berak nurse yg tlg masukkan...seganla Dr lelaki

1.45 pm
- Already in the deliver room...last time at this hour dh selamat lahirkan Afham
- Frequent contraction, but since this is 2nd exp I believe I manage it better than 1st..ape tak yg first dulu masuk LR terus suh husband masuk teman..nasib yg 1st tak le terlalu lama kat LR..klu tak mau la huband lenguh berdiri teman bini..
- This time siap pasang tiub oksigen kat hidung..*erk dulu xde pun...ke sbb myself ada asma time pregnant?*
- For past few days I have nose blockage..nk kata selsema teruk idakle tapi hidung tersumbat on-off...so bygkan nk buat breathing technique-contraction-hidung tersumbat sebelah...
- Someone *I think mcm medical student je..lelaki plak tu..hish mcm dh tak FPP plak* came asked whether I want epidural or not *mula2 ingat nk amik..ada la exp epidural..tpkan lps tu fikir jimatkan duit dr epidural dgn bertahan..- haha kedekutkan?*
- Since tak nak epidural, maka gas adalah option. Again since this is 2nd exp maka sudah lebih tahu control diri untk guna gas *yes this time I know how to control and at the same time got the gas effect*
- Then ada few *again* medical student came in monitor CTG and then asikla komen "baby puan tido..."

3 pm
- Contraction getting stronger. SMS husband asked him to come in
- Blh tak nurse lupa registerkan husband tuk teman wife dlm LR..
- Started the LR drama..."abang..sakit..." , and as usual recite selawat, Surah al-Anbiya,87..Laila ha illa anta subha na ka inni kumtum minazzolimin, breathing technique, and also gas..
- Since before this I read someone took gas and her head started think of at the other world - khayal, mamai , so I tried to control the effect by took on-off the gas
- I really feel want to pee but mcm x boleh...so asked husband to call nurse

- Nurse came. She help to pee - bkn pegi toilet..tpkan dia keluarkan urine guna tiub...Asked her when someone will checked how cm dilated? She said " pukul 5 nanti br ada org check..."
- OMG..rasa mcm lmbt sgt nk check dilation...So I requested her to check while she help me to pee..
- She said 5cm already
- Decided to give me pitocin "kami bg pitocin untk cepatkan jalan ye puan..."
- Once the pitocin in...it gave super- duper- impact! Maybe at the same time kepala baby pun nk engaged
- By comparing to first one, I think ini lg sakit...dah tak tahu terjerit ke hape kt husband, but jerit pun kata "sakit"..tapi dah 2 kali bersalin so far tak pernah gigit tgn husband, but gigit sarung bantal..erk
- The worst thing I stated to feel nk berak..*malu la plak nk tulis...tp kena tulis jugak..blush*
- Again panggil nurse since dh mcm terkencing, terberak..she said its normal
- I think few times pee-poo...mcm org cirit..at the same time mmg terasa kepala Alif nk engaged...*hint : last minute engage ni sakit (for me), plus xamik epidural*
- Suddenly I really cannot bear the pain..rasa nk teran...ape lg berdrama la kata "sakit". Agaknya sbb suara kuat..kelam kabut misi mai
- Dr Hazim pun masuk..misi cepat2 put my legs to support and asked me pegang besi...serius kelam kabut giler

5.00 pm
- Alif lahir with 2 push...nurse sume xsempat nk jd cheerleader..sbbnya dh super kelam kabut
- Dr Hazim put him betul2 atas my stomatch. Alif cried loudly *compared to Afham*
- Dr Hazim keluarkan uri dan jahit...
- Sempat borak ngan Dr Hazim *smbl sedut gas..sbb last time Dr Hamidah dh ajar time jahit sedut je gas..kot2 tak tahan time jena jahit*
- Asked Dr Hazim " Dr tak buat episotomi kan?..Dr said " tak de..x sempat"...he also added actually "tak sempat fully dilated pun..br 9cm. tapi koyak normal under control"

- Dr Hazim finished with procedures *eyh rasa mcm kejap je kan?* He congratulate me..
- Husband also settle down - azankan Alif..amik uri, etc dan balik since he need to fetch Afham

- Nurse came to help with breastfeeding *ok last time I missed this part because Afham was send to NICU right after born*

- Nurse come to check baby and me ok.
- Dr came...to check whether its ok to release me to ward

- Nurse send me to ward
- Super lapar...nasib la diorg x clearkan lg food..ok lauk ayam jd santapan..
- Husband came with MIL, Afham dan sepupu dia
- MIL temankan tdo malam tu. Husband balik ngan Afham

Whole night
- Since this is my 2nd exp, managed not to call nurse even once. Even MIL also can sleep. Alif ada gak berjaga few times for feeding and also he poo poo.
- Nurse came few times just to make sure I'm ok or not

30 June 2011
9 am
- Dr Hamidah came to check my condition. Sempat la borak2..she said she told Dr Naza if I did not progress anything..no need to do anything on me, wait until she came back. But since dilation and contraction so on, maka Dr Hazim replaced her

- Discharged.

So that's all..To my suprised some of the nurses at the executive ward recognised me "cam muka-tapi mcm ingat2 lupa". Ada yang tanya "mcm pernah tgk sblm ni"..and I said " taun lepas bersalin sini, dok executive ward jugak" *segan2 lah plak*

Total cost for this time almost RM1.5k. This time I stayed at 2 bedded room compared to previous one. I will blog later again on FPP thingy and also TCM unit, Hospital Putrajaya *again crossing my finger I can have my sweet time to blog*

Overall, Alhamdulillah 2nd experience much better despite Alif not engaged till the very last minute.

12 October, 2011

My sweet cravings..

Bila tgk air liur Alif meleleh sikit2...tiba2 teringat kot2la ada mengidam yg xtertunai..hihi

Rasanya pregnantkan Alif, list mengidam tu kurang..dan kdg2 lps teringin nk makan dah sibuk2 lps tu lupa plak nak request makan..

So, since almost everyday I received comments "kurusnya..."- Weh penat telinga dgr hari2 org dok komen kata kurus...mak tak diet! makan sume tak skip, lps tu in between makan lagi..

Back to main topic..my sweet cravings for


Pernah beli kat kedai dlm Carefour Puchong..rasanya quite nice. Altho ramai kata manis giler, tapi macaroon kedai tu ok je, just nice

Whoopie pies

I remembered I read comments from few blogs that KS whoopie pies sedap giler! But unfortunately she no longer accepting order *sobs..patutnya gi tnya dia leh tak buat untuk org pregnant yg mengidam masa tu kan?*

Red velvet cupcake

Red lipstick pernah pakai..red cupcake? not yet...I'm not sure tang mana sedapnya kek ni sbb tak pernah rasa..but since soo many good reviews makes me wanna it!

So readers, any recommendations? Since I'm willing to taste all these sweeties ^_^

09 October, 2011


Do you notice something?..tarikh hari ni agak cantik sembilan-sepuluh-sebelas

Hehe..seems that mcm trend plak kan nak tarikh cun2 ni 11.11.11, next year 12.12.12 or maybe 20.12.2012..

And you know what, I even "berangan2 la" kunun nak baby 12.12.12 (since dh xde dah 13.13.13 kan...but Allah bg rezeki awal -Alif..), so really think that no additional family member next year..*tepuk dahi kalau 3 years in a row bersalin...surela tergelak2 segan lagi dgn Dr Hamidah mcm masa mula2 gi checkup 2nd pregnant*

But, I still have another option...planning for baby 11.12.13 *Husband sure pening kepala...*

Enuff..enuff..back to reality..again I have abandoned this blog quite some time. I've back to work for 3 weeks...and to be sincere I still cannot manage everything..kuli-isteri-ibu 2 anak.

Tired with all those thing..and sometimes I really cannot do whatever I plan...to date still didn't publish Alif delivery story.

Sometimes I think I need new handphone with all those internet so that I can draft my blog entry..and once in forthnight plan all those scheduled entries"sound easy-peasy right?"

So till then, hope I can have my sweet time to write..but before that I hope can settle "tongkang pecah" as soon as possible..