30 May, 2010

Esok start kerja


3 months is not enough *mau boss lempang employee banyak songeh..*

This is my first time having long leave...so tomorrow I expect a bomb in email *harus berhari2 kot nk clearkan email2...-tutup mata delete sume ok tak?*

Last time I had long leave was marriage leave *this one xde masalah email sbb br kerja tmpt tu so senang jek clearkan all mails* and also after my mum passed away

So tomorrow will start everything *gossip office, sesi2 interview - maklumlah finance ramai yg xkawen lg..,bereskan email, take note from temp staff, and so on*

Everthing must be finished by 5.30pm, or latest by 6pm...

The only thing that can makes me feel better ? I have trained Afham by sending him earlier to nursery almost 2 weeks *idakle ibu dia ni dok asik tepon tnya sihat ka, berak tak, nsngis bnyk ka*

27 May, 2010

The birth story....pain, labour room and so on

part finale *ok2 I took 3 months to finish it...*

Nurse also mentioned that I should untie my hair *so klu rambut panjang mengerbang pandai2 la adjust* I am not sure the reason, maybe afraid pressure in the head???

After adjusting me here and there, the drama start...Soo many nurse, 1 doctor -pegawai perubatan*mcm selalu klu encik suami and me discuss selalu kata tu doktor ke pegawai perubatan*, and my gynea Dr Hamidah.

As usual labour room drama is "push...push...." My first attempt failed....so all the nurse, doctor, gynea cheered me up...*okeh dlm labour room tu rasa mcm final game yg ada cheerleading team...dan ianya bknlah cheerleading team citer Glee ok?*

For me it was soo many attempt. I cannot remember how many, maybe almost 10. I do not have proper breathing *isk mcm xreti curik nafas*, wasting energy to push, and maybe no energy due to the last food intake was yesterday around 11pm *nasib baik rajin supper*

I keep attempt to push with help from all. Of course Dr Hamidah will asked me when to do it and give me some support..During that time, I'm almost think redha sajalah kalau kena c-zer. But knowing govt hospital they will put it as the super last resort.

Dr Hamidah keep saying "Zuraihan, boleh ini, lagi sikit..." and so on

I tried and tried, suddenly I can felt the episotomy *haip baca kat mag patut xrasa sakit..ntah mcm mana sy rasa plak ek?* So it was something that makes me alert and trying my best to push. Besides I heard Dr said baby heartbeat slow and she might use forcep *dgr word forcep terus push dgn cemerlang, agaknya takut kepala baby akn lonjong sekejap*

1.48 pm

With that I manage to push and finally Dr Hamidah said dah nampak kepala....and the rest tak rasa ape2.Dr Hamidah put Afham betul2 atas my tummy, seriously it was unexplainable moment.

They took Afham to do the necessary thing. While Dr Hamidah setelkan bab uri dan jahit. That time she mentioned that everytime if I felt pain/ unconfortable, I can use the gas *boleh tak masa tahan sakit contraction, cakap kat misi "sy x rasa pe2 pun kesan gas ni"*

While Dr Hamidah settled the things, the gas really gave me a lil bit sleepy *that moment barulah tau agaknya td contraction and so on, gas tu mmg buat penat sedut...bila hati dh gumbira, proper breathing, gas tu betul2 magic*

Even tho I am a bit sleepy, sempat lagi asked doc how long the episotomy? She just said "Normal for first baby" *agaknya xmo bg stress hape2 kot*


Everything finished, even sempat black out sekejap. Dr Hamidah pun mentioned nasib baik everything dh settle so dont bother black out.

The nurse came and gave me to kiss the baby...Owh2 Afham kecik2 dh pandai kenyit mata, boleh tak masa tu ibu nk cium Afham mcm kenyit mata..mata kanan je bukak, mata kiri tutup. The rest story no need to write it here...

So what I can share [personal opinion, of course diff people have diff level] :-

-sakit kena seluk tu adalah sedikit tidak selesa, tetapi tidaklah super sakit *ke sebab masa tu sy concentrate sakit lain maka bab seluk2 tu xrasa la sakit sgt*
- contraction pain adalah teramat sakit, ada kata akan sakit pinggang mcm nk patah and so on *hakikatnya sy xde rasa sakit pinggang, so lain org lain la rasa sakitnya*
- I must agree that towards the end of pregnancy we must eat, eat and eat *sbb bila dh start super contraction dan kalau xde epidural maybe nak makan pun dh xsempat*
- selebihnya, harus tawakal walau nyawa di hujung tanduk
- after normal delivery, we might have trauma esp sesi-qada-hajat-besar for quite some times *I read some even said diorg sanggup rasa sakit contraction drpd sakit seksa nk membuang*
- after delivery, also still ada rasa sakit mcm2 ok. Masa ini lah tak kan pertikaikan "syurga di bawah kaki ibu"

Personally, Alhadulillah since I do not have super long delivery process [smpi hospital around 9.30am , 1.48 dh bersalin..so dalam 4 jam kira agak cepat]. Even nurses kat executive ward also like "eh cepat betul bersalin ye".


Afham 3 days old

24 May, 2010

This year is my last year celebrating 2 series...



Allah selamatkan kamu....Allah selamatkan kamu

Today I'm suppose to start to work after long maternity leave. However,since 1st day work adalah hari ketuaan jadi maka dgn ijin boss sy minta extend cuti *sigh..actually ada 2 reason satu sbb ari jadi, lg satu sbb kureng gembira dgn increment tujuh-puloh-nam ringgit aje..tolak epf, tax..xde effect kat gaji. Nvm, at least ada increment walau ciput*

Next year will be 3 series. I should be more focus on everything. Should I have birthday resolution?

Hmm...in my heart I'm always think I'm young..To the extend when my sis gave me SimplySiti trial pack I was thinking why she bought me aging series? It took me several minutes to think...OMG, its because all the wrinkle-proses ketuaan akan menjelma..ihik

Personally, I have so many things to think [and also do...fikir banyak tp klu tak buat tak guna jugakkan?]

N'way Alhamdulliah with Allah blessings, I should be happy with all the things that I have now - husband, a son, a house, a car [walau hnya co pilot], stable job, some saving, 2 memberships [one is on d way...yeay after this by law I am chartered accountant] and so on. The rest? Kena kerja keras lagi ya kan?

Happy birthday to myself!!! And happy birthday also to Eric Cantona and the rest whom celebrate it today :)

21 May, 2010

The birth story....pain, labour room and so on

part 2

I know I took sooo looong time to finish the birth story...even Afham already 2 months...the reason sometimes I lost my mojo or its because I don't want to make new mom scared?

Lets continue

10 am

...straight away call the nurse

They asked me to go to the labour room. [Air ketuban kaler hijau ada 2 sebab iaitu overdue atau baby sudah buang air besar]

Actually when encik suami said "Hijau"...I already felt like "Ya Allah, jgn ler kena czer...." Because I want to have normal delivery.

As usual in labour room, they will put CTG machine to monitor baby's heartbeat and also contraction level [dun asked me how to read all this...even I never asked my husband to monitor it]. Besides I was given pitocin thru drip.

Not to mention sesi seluk2 berlaku lagi...This time already 3 cm dilated.

Then the nurse left me alone in the labour room. However, I do asked them whether my husband can accompany me even tho still not yet nak bersalin. The reason because I really need support [baca blog org lain sempat la emak masing2 tgk anak nk bersalin...but me? emak pun dh takde...]

Then nurse came and said "Puan, kejap lagi suami puan dtg ye....dia pegi alihkan kereta....". The waiting moment was like too long for me. The contractions was really frequent, while I recite Surah al-Anbiya,87..Laila ha illa anta subha na ka inni kumtum minazzolimin [for those yg nk deliver start2 la hafal zikir ni ye]

Earlier, one of nurse mentioned that I can use the gas esp every time I felt the contraction. So besides recite zikir, selawat, surah2 pendek I tried it. Although they mentioned that the gas will makes me a lil bit sleepy and will reduce lil bit the pain, the fact that I do not felt anything [penat je sedut, tp xrasa pe]

Encik suami finally came and at this moment the contraction level getting higher. I read before that some said its like period pain...but the fact it is more than period pain. Sakiiiiit giler [ok2, I admit I had period pain like once or twice in a year...so maybe I dun remember my last time period pain].

The pain, the CTG machine sounds, the gas..owh2...

I admit in the labour room beside kumat kamit baca pe2 yg patut sy jugak mengerang "sakit...sakit..sakit" [bukan jerit ok? just mcm cakap sorg2]. Until one of nurse "Puan, puan x boleh macam gini...sabar ye puan [ok nurse banyak xingat pun yg mana satu]

At one moment, the contraction and pain was really2 pain. The only thing that I can think was between life and death. [lain org lain yg dia fikir kan? but serious for me it was what I can think]

Since that, I asked encik suami to help me, recite anything then I followed him. Besides, he also asked me to have proper breathing technique that we learn during antenatal class. [skrg rasa ampeh sbb dh kelam kabut masa tu nafas pun xcukup ok...mcm tercungap2 lagi adalah]

The nurse asked also if we bring air selusuh...I only have minyak selusuh, but left at home..so nothing can be done.

The nurse and doctor also keep on checking my condition and also asked if I already like to meneran...I cannot remember exactly what time when they came and checked 6cm dilated. I also heard something like like my contraction level high.

After they said 6 cm dilated, suddenly I felt the pain become more and more...to the extend suddenly I pop up question "Boleh amik epidural tak?" [In the first place, I dun want to take epidural, but somehow suddenly felt like teramat sakit dan jugak macam xde tenaga]

Heard some discussion nurse and doctor, and they came to encik suami adn said epidural hanyalah waktu office hour and weekend no epidural. Besides its already 6 cm dilated.

Since no epidural, I just can pray that everything will be ended very soon.

During contraction and so on, suddenly everything became fast forward, serious tiba2 rasa mcm express pulak bila nurse2 prepare me, put my legs to the support and asked mr pegang besi for the delivery [ xpandai nk explen..tp kaki kena mcm ikat sikit dan tangan leh pegang besi smbil nk teran]

found this..yg kaler itam tu tempat buh kaki dan nanti pegang besi betul2 bawah tuh [paham ke puan2 sekalian??]..hehe nama benda ni Obstetric Labour Table Telescopic

again to be continue...izinkan sy pegi memasak, kemas rumah, so on....

20 May, 2010

8 days 7 nights

and it was not honeymoon...

Remember my last time post about Afham admitted to hospital? Yup I have to be in hospital also for 8 days 7 nights.

Afham dikelilingi mcm2 benda....mag ibu, mesin, wipes, pamper, minyak telon, toy...etc

nasib baik kerusi empuk la jugak...

I bet all parents always wanted their baby healthy, cute, adorable and so on, including me. During my 34weeks++ (cannot remember exact week since buku merah dh siap2 simpan for next time pregnant..), Dr Hamidah detected my baby having renal pelvic dilation (RPD). She said it is normal esp for baby boy.

Of course I'm worried and try to read over the net. Some even write it might be marker for Down's syndrome but it's poor marker. Can read here for general idea. Dr informed that after he born, will be referred to paed for follow up.

Right after my delivery, Afham admitted to NICU for 3 days since he already passing motion and of course further check on his kidney. [Boleh tak baca kat mana ntah baby yg termakan ta*i masa lahir adalah baby cerdik...Wallahuaklam].

During my confinement, we have to visit hospital several times...because from urine test, he was detected with UTI [atau bahasa senang faham baby ada kencing kotor]..not to mentioned also several visit to Poliklinik for jaundice-not serious to be admitted ...

I admit during confinement I have some depression and rasa serabut sgt...sometimes felt like I do not taking care myself during pregnant and so on...owh no need to explain further

Hospital has given some antibiotics, however after 3 days noticed that he had diarrhea. We meet paed again on my last day of confinement (day 44). Dr mentioned that from several urine test done, they detected Klebsiella in the urine. After discussed he need to be admitted at least for a week for IV [bahasa senangnya mcm cucuk masuk air...except ni masuk antibiotics]

A week plus spending my life over there was something really new. Meeting up with some parents with their own story makes us realised that we should be grateful [sbbnya ada org lain lg kesian ok?]

It was also tough taking care baby in hospital, because we cannot understand their words [klu budak dh reti cakap at least taule sakit sgt ke bosan ke so on]. Not to mentioned some nurse agak ganasssz masa masukkan ubat. The only thing that I can do, pujuk2 sambil tepuk2 to comfort him.

Almost everyday having the same routine. 4 times antibiotics need to be given subuh2, tghari, senja2, tgh malam...to be specific actually there is no exact timing...sometimes seawal 530 am dh masuk ubat and to the extend 1am also! Besides every time it will takes an hour to complete [actually nurse can control speed, since baby is still small have to control and avoid drpd urat bengkak]. Several times it takes 2 hours to complete it.

During this sesi-ubat-masuk, I need to be awake and aware esp if suddenly leaking, tangan/kaki bengkak ke, and also need to monitor Afham...tangan kaki asik bersilat dgn wayar lagik....and the most toughest thing when one to two times, ubat masuk kat kaki- he poo poo- need to change diaper....owh2 macam pakej 3 in 1 plak...harus zas, zap siap secepat mungkin tanpa menjejaskan sesi-ubat-masuk.

tangan kaki sume jadi sasaran jarum

For this 8 days 7 nights also he has 20++ kesan cucuk...bayangkan sblh tangan lebih dr 5. To the extend all the doctors noticed him...baby ni susah nk cucuk

Every day encik suami come twice. Morning session [at least I can take shower so on], and late evening session [at least I can take some sleep...since mlm most of the time kena berjaga tggu ubat habis]. It was really tiring for both of us [emotionally and physically both]

Originally he can be discharged on 7th day, however since some session skipped [takde doktor nk cucuk masa tu...tgh2 mlm and early2 morning weekends], so need to extend till 8 days...

On day 8th, both of us pray nothing serious happened [sbb asik tukar tempat msk ubat tu..]. Right after the last sesi-masuk-ubat I smsed encik suami said everything ok [huhu pdhal yg last tu pun 2 jam kena tggu sbb misi pun dh kesian asik tukar2 tmpt masuk ubat, so speed ubat pun slow]. The doctors also released since no growth for the bacteria.

Currently, he need to take medicine to maintain no growth for bacteria, and of course still need to meet the doctor for follow up - size of kidney and also UTI. Besides must remember not to skip any days from giving him medicine [hatta tgh2 mlm br teringat pun kena bg jugak..]

Next month, MCU need to be done and of course both of us start to worry all over again....

11 May, 2010

Seprais hari ibu

Harus cepat, pantas, speed trap...

This year is my first time become ibu...and I do not expect anything special from encik suami

No plan. Even we went to Tesco for some express shopping [ok2 Afham dh selamat jejak soping complex bg can ibu dia meroyan nk soping...wakaka]

However Tesco also jammed to the extend trolley pun habis....so we just have express shopping at nearby mini supermarket.

Since we have heavy breakfast, lunch will be light..which jemput2. Encik suami said he need to went out again to go bank to withdraw some money...I was still not in mood to fry jemput2, since concentrate on doing filing work. Plus still not super hungry.

After encik suami come back I still not finished my filing...To my suprise ala2 mcm cerita kt tv yg suami tiba2 datang peluk dr belakang tu...plus sekuntum munge and Hepi Mother's Day wish...


Kembang kuncup plak...isk2

Then another suprise, jeng2....

Zoom in dekat sikit..kot2 ada bling2..

Ok. No diamond ring or any jewelry from him.Poket sudah koyak kocek bayar bil hospital dan terpaksa tukar tayar kereta..jgn mare ye bang

Encik suami, thank you very much for the suprise! Surely I will remember the first time mother's day in my life.

So no jemput2 instead choc cake for lunch....hihi

Note : End of this month ada suprise lg ke?

10 May, 2010

Gugu gaga gigi gege

Bkn Afham yg taip title tp ibu dia ;p

Sigh banyak nk update tp xde masa...sbbnya baby umo 2 bulan dh xmanyak tdo....siang2 dia nk main ja...

Maka bila nk selesai sume benda nk update? Uwa.....sob sob sob..

07 May, 2010

The birth story....pain, labour room and so on

Dear Afham,

Ibu hope one fine day you will read this. Even tho you will not experience it (except u have to accompany ur wife then u will know how it will look alike)

Some colleague expect me will be in Labour Room..some Chinese colleague even said this date is double "ong" since it was V-day and CNY. But nothing happened. The only thing that I remembered I have started feel the Braxton Hicks

Have a checkup. Everything fine. Dr Hamidah even checked and said dilated about 2cm, she said and hope by next week can deliver [she mentioned anak pertama biasa akan amik masa even dh engage sume tu...depends pada org jugaklah kan?]

Today is Maulidur Rasul. In my mind I really hope to deliver on this date, so in future it will be easier to remember our baby birth date in Islam. Besides of course mengambil berkat kelahiran Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. At the end of the day still nothing happened.

If following babycenter.com, today will be the due date. Nothing. Only Braxton Hicks. I remembered some of friends mentioned to eat, eat and eat since you'll never know when the time comes [xmakan xde energy nk push pulak kan?]

So started from this date I have supper and encik suami browsed her eyes. Maybe I look like monster yang tak berhenti2 makan..hihi

My final checkup. Since no real signal, Dr Hamidah gave me a date for induce delivery which 12.03. She informed that by 12.03 I must register to the hospital at 2pm...

However she mentioned that usually her patient will deliver between this date and can escape from induce...Discuss also few things like whether I can have normal delivery and she said everything will depends on the delivery date, but czer always the last resort.

If following babycenter.com,
"Your baby's now ready to meet the world and is fully developed."

To be frank, I never expect to be overdue...of course soo many things in my mind. Stress jugak bila kawan2 sms tnya and so on...Phew, never expect an overdue baby as mentioned here


3.30 am
I started to feel pain in my stomatch. I thought it was Braxton Hicks [maklumla asik kena false alarm..so dh xtau tu sakit contraction]. As usual have a visit to toilet

5.00 am
Waked up encik suami and asked her to get some water downstair since I cannot moved!

Between 3.30 to 5 am, I cannot sleep, the pain was likely every 20-30 minutes. I have so many position to make me felt comfortable [not to mentioned I try to sleep in the toilet....]. Felt a little bit stressed since encik suami in la la land [since I was not sure whether I should asked him to drive me to hospital].

6.30 am
Subuh prayer but very difficult...cannot really concentrate

7.30 am
Encik suami ikut terbaring di sebelah, since I felt comfortable baring di lantai. Then he also cannot sleep since he saw me like this....

8.30 am
The pain is really frequent like every 15 minutes. I tried to adjust-timig-bila-tak-sakit-sangat untuk mandi

Have a quick shower. Just grab baju seluar tudung, suddenly I saw "show". Called encik suami to help me to down stair [ni tak best umah 2 tingkat..nasib baik he bring his phone together kalau tak harus merangkak turun tangga mcm cerita hantu Korea la pulak]

9.20 am
Reached Hospital Putrajaya. Boleh encik suami salah masuk lorong [sah2la dh panic tuh]. Sepanjang dalam kereta rasa sakit. nasib baik seat tak tercabut since pegang seat begitu kuat

Nurse asked why I am wearing pants, she told just wear kain batik [hello, I pakai cantik2 pun salah ke?]. Encik suami settled all the register things, while nurse checked my blood pressure and so on.

10 am
Admitted to ward. Nurse asked me whether to have ubat berak. I just said yes. Just dilated 1cm. The effect of ubat berak super fast, immediately visit toilet.

Laid down and suddenly I felt "pop". Asked encik suami to check. He said the waterbag is green. Straight away call the nurse.....

05 May, 2010

When she turns to papparazi...

...and guess what she managed to capture?

Upin dan Ipin

Lipstick Jungle
(tgk btl2 ada kesan lipstick cikde)

The man baby in black purple

Red Pink riding hood

Last but not least

Tuan Haji kecik

I bet all new mummy will be like this....all the baby posing will be captured...[nasib baik skrg zaman digital....klu zaman dulu pakai filem sikit ja leh dapat..ni satu aksi berkali2 snap]

03 May, 2010

While he's slepping

I need pedicure

although I'm just 27 days old
and always in lala land

That's my nail (left)....compared to ibu's (right)

See....nice pedicure..
Guess what ibu got from me

Ibu dun blame me...
My love belongs to u too

Cutting the fingernails and toenails can b though....Afham got his first nails cutting done by kakak cukur rambut dia import by encik suami's auntie from Kedah.

Only when he almost a month, I decided to do it by myself...

So now I can do it while he slepping or even awake. It just need a lil bit patient...

Hows bout other mommies?