25 March, 2010

Being mum...

I have a lot to write...but unfortunately no idea to start where ~ erk tiba2 rasa cerita masa trimester 2 & 3 pun xhabis story mory pun

Being mum for the first time, I would say I have to be more patient...its not that mean that I am not patient but somehow dealing with newborn crying sometimes makes me worries...lampin basah ke? susu cukup ke? panas sgt ke? sakit ke? so on....

And it is 1000 degree changes to our life....hehe not 360 degree...I added it more...

To be frank certain things do not come easy as you read from books, forums so on....its a never ending learning process for baby, mother and father...

Sometimes it burst some tears (bergenang air mata...but not to extend crying like no business), thinking of my late mother...since a lot of things come across my minds....

I believe some readers (eh2 ada ke? =p), would expect my giving birth stories...yes I will write, when? I cannot promise as writing blog is not my first priority...even I can access to internet (to be frank if I open internet it is more on searching few things to be learn....and of course paying bills online...aha task that encik suami masih xpernah buat since he prefer pays at counter)

14 March, 2010

Ayah & ibu, selamat ulangtahun perkahwinan yg pertama

Ayah & ibu,

Afham nk wish selamat ulangtahun perkahwinan yg pertama. Bak kata omputih "Happy 1st Anniversary" [kalau nk tahu Afham ikut ibu bljr bahasa omputih tau ngan cikgu British Council masa dalam perut]

Tahap penglihatan Afham adalah limited...tapi xpe nanti ayah ngan ibu jgn lupa tunjuk gambar kawen..

Kasihan ayah & ibu tak dapat celebrate 1st anniversary....sebaliknya sibuk nak handle Afham ni...xpe2 nanti kita sambut kmudian ye

Setahun yg lalu...

Afham doakan ayah & ibu bahagia dan kekal hingga ke syurga...

Oh ya ibu pesan Afham leh tunjuk muka sket...takleh banyak2 sbbnya nnt lps ni aunty2, uncle2 akan jadi muak dgn muka Afham. Lagipun gmbr Afham banyak kt iphone Ayah

Sheikh Muhammad Afham
Hospital Putrajaya

Sampai di sini saja....Afham nak tido dulu....

[cikde panggil Afham ni apam tau...agak sbb beansmiles (ayah) + ms tepung (ibu) = apam kacang....isk3...auntie2 uncle2 jgn pggl cmtu ek?]

08 March, 2010


Alhamdulillah,semalam kami selamat bgelar ayah & ibu. Doakan agar semuanya selamat. Will blog later..

05 March, 2010

Coping strategies after 40 weeks pregnant

Reading from most of mommies blogs..most having EDD baby...means that either their baby say hi to world early by few days or at least on the EDD itself.....

Then sometimes I felt like 'alien' or like being 'minority' having {currently 40 days and 2 days pregnant}...Uhum...

It is likely very hardly to describe...to be truth it is very stress...like people asking and asking and so on...and plus some even say nanti kena operate and so on...

And encik suami asked whether I put the correct date for the first day of last period [haih penat2 den tick kat kalendar...]

Then what should I say more? I have tried to think in +ve ways [tipula kalau kata x menangis langsung..nama pun perempuan]

Tried to think back all the my personal ups and down...ya now I remembered a lot of downs before got the ups one...One of it during SPM time [Even I am not SPM best student but at least having a good result, yes it happened more than 10 years ago [oho ya maybe i'm not young anymore but at least young at heart =)]...

I still remembered it almost towards SPM, everyone were busy preparing...but I'm having serious fever..I cannot do revision and so on..[nasib baik kawan2 baik hati bgtau ustaz warden]. Plus, I still remember how suddenly Hospital Muar, wad pesakit luar boleh plak tutup during the visit...so the warden bring me to the clinic [I didn't bring any $$$]. Luckily warden said I do not have to pay any single cents to him, instead he used tabung denda to cover the bills...

While in car ustaz said few things...but the most remembered words "sakit itu pengampun dosa"

What I can relate now, and hope all the discomforts and this overdue; Allah akan mengampunkan dosa2 saya insan yg banyak kekurangan ini.Amin

And try to cope after 40 weeks, I copied from babycenter...[add one thing, pray to Allah that everything will be fine]

• Have something planned for every day. Don't stay at home wondering whether you can feel anything happening. Get out of the house - but not too far!{maraton tv boleh? layan lalola, siong, na o mei...+p}

• If you haven't already stocked up the freezer or pantry, do so now. After your baby is born, you'll be really glad you've got lots of beras and food in the house. (Try our tasty freezable recipes for new mums.)

• Tell friends and relatives not to ring every day to find out what's happening - say you'll call them when the big event has taken place! {I have done this....I said like no news means nothing, by 12 or 13 I will surely inform them]

• Go out for lots of last minute treats with your husband. It won't be so easy after your baby's born. {encik suami any more ideas? the only thing that u said having satay kajang this weekend with tuk and mak}

• Rest - if you're finding it difficult to sleep at night, take a nap during the day. Put your feet up. Play some music. Don't fret if you can't sleep, dozing is fine. Build up your energy stores for labour. (Read more about sleep in the last months of pregnancy.)

• If you think your labour has started, but you're not sure, phone your doctor and ask for advice. Don't hesitate to give her a call if you're worried. (Remind yourself of the signs of labour.)

04 March, 2010

Baby is having babymoon.....

Okeh fresh from oven [means not auto post]

Our baby is having babymoon in my womb [straight to point no konar2...maksudnya suda jadi overdue baby]

Did I expect this? Of course not...but this is reality [baby syok dok dlm perut ibu yg sejuk air cond tulen barangkali]

Meet the doc this morning,and she said she has no reason to induce me or any sesi paksa bersalin. So she gave another date which will bring me direct to labour room....and it is 2 days before our first anniversary.

Maka sesi2 sangap masih berterusan. Have a chat with the doc and she said I should asked her before when I decided to take leave....then I said all the people in office worried bout me plus finance having single2 ladies with no experience [ha itule beza keje ngan boss dh kawen vs boss single]....

Ok since that maybe I have to change my 3 months resolution maybe by getting quotation for the renovation...

Enough2....karang dh jd drama swasta, emo perempuan mengandung [I admit I am emotional....but think overdue baby in positive way -> this is one of jihad...correct me if Im wrong]

SAHM , WAHM, sangap btl di rumah

{auto post}

SAHM - stay at home mother
WAHM - working at home mother..sorry if wrong translation -p

While I draft this entry I still in home. A little bit emotional...plak tahap panas gaban...huhu cannot imagine confinement and it is hot [owh2 adakah itu sebab baby tidak mahu keluar sbb cuaca panas vs dlm womb yg sejuk best???]

Ever since pregnant, I thought of being WAHM...sbbnya early 4 months with nausea and always MC, vomit all those things....thinking of being flexi mummy...but no idea of what kind of biz that suitable [need to consider small baby which still need attention vs working at home might be tough..xkan nak baking cupcake while baby crying, then no experience of doin biz]

Gosh then early leave for maternity leads me to become SAHM for few days [not really SAHM since no baby to take care]......for 1-2 days still ok, but then after that amatlah sangap.....SANGAP....[even tho still can have internet connection, but pls la xkan nk hadap internet half day???]

I admit I have some plan for my career [looking for new post which nearer to home....I hate KL traffic jam even encik suami drive every morning while I can sleep sometimes =p ]. Encik suami always like saying "ok pe keje skrg...xdelah stress, xde stay back, xde dtg wiken....salary wise ok..and so on"

Ya I admit that, not so stress...but I have mission..mission of being accountant and get some experience of being boss..[cuma sesekali terasa mcm boss esp bila boss cuti panjang, maka menjd contact person if anything happened]. And of course getting more $$$ [ehem2....sape xmau kaya?]. Plus using my ACCA as stepping stone [hello,penat seh bljr nk jd straight lulus-xda repeat-buat setahun]

Still up to date I do not update my resume, no googgling of potential new employer...Reason I don't have no mood of looking....

Hmmmmmmmm [very long], but can I stay as keje makan gaji till 40 +++???. Then how to spend retirement? Berniaga pasar malam? pegi kebun? jaga cucu? jd cikgu masakan? or honeymoon keliling dunia? Walla.....all still need money $$$$

Till then....[buat2 bukak jobstreet, merayau2 cr idea]

01 March, 2010

Breastfeeding class

Being mum to be for very first time actually makes me to be more knowledgeable in ilmu-ibu2

Try to read as much as I can, storing all the knowledge and later to practice it....sounds easy, but I know the journey won't be super-easy

Since pregnant, after googling-reading-absorbing, I know how most of moms wants to give their very best to their sons/daughters...and it is through breastmilk

But sometimes reading tones of +ve things and -ve things can makes me like demotivated ~ serious weh tgh syok2 nk carik ilmu suddenly read some kind of war BF vs FM...plus in office I know most of the ibu2 giving FM....[I just noticed that only one mother have pumping session...]

Attending antenatal class also, do not provide much of bf info...then I tried to read some of LC blogs which I found very useful, read susuibu.com and so on...but I might missed out some important knowledge since every single things is important [hoho time jd student dl blh je absorb mcm2 subjek tp kali ini dh bercampur gaul..sibuk ngan keje la, pregnancy hormone la..so on]

So I decided to attend bf class as part of self preparation. Click here for the basic preparation of bf mummy [my personal additional note to Kadangkala pembacaan tidak cukup ‘puas’ atau ‘faham’ kan? is sometimes we might missed out certain things we read before..esp being first timer..so many things to learn, like ebm, tandem nursing, baby latch and so on]

Before that for those that interested to attend bf class can check here
1. Sarakids & Lunatots - seluruh malaysia....but if in s'gor will be TTDI Jaya
2. susuibu.com - 2 places to choose either susuibu, bangi or momslittleones.com (MLO), seri kembangan
3. butik mumdreams - they are not doing every month, and usually the LC will be from sarakids and lunatots

At first I found and interested to attend the 1st one, however after considering it will be on weekend, so I registered to attend at MLO, Seri Kembangan [if not mistaken they just started in Jan 10, lucky me to find out] . Reason....since weekend is lazy-terbabas tdo xingat-karang lambat sampai-unexpected jam-missing on the way and so...so opted for the nearest to our house...

You can come for the class together with husband, or in case husband not around you can bring sister/MIL/friend.

The LC for the class is Rita MLO. The class covered :-
- Infant Feeding and Cultural Expectations
- How Were We Fed?
- Our Babies
- Breastfeeding Basics
- Breastfeeding Myth You May Hear
- How to Find Breastfeeding Help and Why You May Need it?
- Breastfeeding video

Some of notes that I managed to jot down [sorry attend class early jan 2010, only now have time to share]
- breast as a sex symbol rather than feeding & bonding symbol [hoho sila tukar mid setting esp man]
- around 16 to 22 weeks starts producing milk
- feeding cues ; mounting, rooting, putting hand to her mouth, sucking movement, clenching fingers and last crying...If u bf the baby when he/she cry is actually already too late...so if u have seen the early signals, u can bf the baby before he/she cried; since bf the crying baby is much more tough

I found the above video is something that is related to the feeding cues.

- size of newborn stomatch is very small around chick pea. click here for the size of baby's tummy [bak kata Rita MLO, can u imagine how the very first day of ur baby if fed by formula milk yg sebotol tuh? sdgkan saiz perut baby kecik ja]
- 2 type of breast milk - foremilk & hindmilk. read more here
- foremilk - watery milk 88% water, collected from full breast, less fat
- hindmilk - creamy milk, collected from nearly empty breast, more fat
- so it is not correct to set eg 15 minutes for each breast. Instead let baby bf until one breast is empty and then offer the other breast after that
- the best breast pump? not ameda, medela, avent, spectra or any brand...but its ur baby! [so direct feeding is the best....pumping is just to help for working mums and also for some ebm stock]

Video session was really interesting esp seen the newborn crawling looking for mummy boob. Subhanallah...sbbnya nobody taught the baby but the baby manage to locate his/her mother breast and start to bf.

Besides, we also have a session pegang-anak-patung for both suami-isteri [??? erk, it just like training few positions for bf]

I really encourage first time mum to attend the class. Reasons to get the correct info and knowledge!