25 April, 2011

Baby + Family + Outdoor photoshoot tips

Remember my entry to on Mrs Zach giveaway? Oh ya its not my luck to win it...but we manage to have family outdoor photoshoot

After knowing that I do not win it..I still thinking of having one photoshoot..simply because Afham already turns 1 and also I think we need a family photo..

So while bloghopping I notice this deal..and straight away sms encik suami asking ok or not..He simply texted me "ikut suka hati awakla"

So I just puchased it and plan the day..I even planned that Afham will not having his haircut until the photoshoot! *keh2 sbb ibu dia fikir dia xcomel botak!* But something happened *ok2 anniversary arituh kitaorg balik Kedah..dia kena gigit nyamuk..bkn kat badan hatta kepala sekali..so nak tak nak potong sajalah rambut tu senang sikit nk sapu krim dan jugak tidakle dia garu sbb kena gigit dan rimas*

Then I asked the photographer to reschedule the date...at least a month plus..however he cannot make it..So just stick to the original date *tapi by that time dah 3 week plus potong rambut..tidakle botak sgt*

So the day came..a week before that I asked encik suami to have visit to Putrajaya..since I really not familiar with the beautiful areas despite I knew many brides have done outdoor at Putrajaya..*ok gogel2 mak baru tahu ada pantai buatan manusia sbelah pullman tu pdhal dh bnyk gak gambar tgk tanpa tahu itulah tempatnya*. But I prefer to have a greener photoshoot..so we visit Taman Botani, and Wetland (wetland ada 2 entry..1 yg ada menara tinjau, 1 lg ada pusat rekreasi)

Satisfied with the place, I email photog the details and confirmation..

Till the day came..and to be frank I am a little bit nervous *keh3 bukan nak kawin tp sbb takut tiba2 kot2 Afham meragam..kena plak cancel so on*

So here I shared some tips that hopefully might help you to plan for for your family photoshoot

1. Indoor/ outdoor - depend on your preference. Few months ago encik suami suggested to have studio photoshoot..but I think studio photoshoot mcm kaku plak..

2. Duration - some package offer 1 hour or even 3 hours package. Which one to choose? it depends on your preference..but to be truth 1 hour is consider enough *unless baby tido time nk shoot..so 3 hours tu oklah to get pics sleep - wake up - feeding - posing*

3. Casual - oh family photoshoot do not need a specific posing mcm pengantin...esp if you have kid/ baby which still not understand simple instruction..disuruh senyum belum tentu dia buat..so the best is bersantai2 smbil diambil gambar

4. Place and time (in case u choose outdoor) - pls choose appropriate place...jgnle tempat banyak nyamuk, shooting dh nk dekat2 maghrib (xperlula nk matahari terbenam), tempat yg panas (matahari atas kepala), tempat berlalang2 gitu...pls always consider ur little ones.

5. Clothing - depends ou urself..nak pakaikan anak baju funky, theme, baju harimau/katak/kucing...or maybe u want the whole family in red/ blue/ green / colourful or so on. Casual or not depends on you. Of course if you have baby girl, you can wear them some accessories - ribbon, headbands, tiara so on.

But the main thing get something that everyone look great and comfortable *pengantin lain dia mmg kena rela pakai baju songket berpanas time outdoor..baby plak can easily get crancky if not comfortable*. Please bring extra clothings esp for ur little one *in case tiba2 termuntah ke, pampers bocor ke...*.

Oh ya in case ur little one start solid..please bring along their food / snack..in case suddenly they want to munch/ snacking! *eh ok pe gmbr baby makan biskut..blh jd model Farley Rusk*

6. Props - yes you always can brings some props, but most likely it will be ur son/ daughter toys..But don't bring the whole toys..*tak kan nak bawak selori mainan*. At least get one or two ur children fav toys. It can be anything from small/ big ball, soft books, rattle, teether, bumbo seat, bicycle, tricyle, umbrella, mat... *most likely depends on ur child age + development jugaklah kan...*

7. Do not put high expectation - yes anything can happened! It might not turns perfect and smooth sailing as u cannot predict what will happened..esp babies..they can get cranky, or maybe tiba2 on that day sakit gigi ke..or sleepy time photoshoot..101 things can happened. So just enjoy the time and you always can talk with your photographer...maybe some creative ideas can pop up *klu baby dh tido je..pun still boleh ambil gambar baby tido..believe me gambar baby tido pun cantik and of course lagi 2-3 tahun tgk gambar tu mesti rasa "so peaceful and calm".

8. Please get prepared early *like a day/ night before* - please plan all the things - iron the cloths, get ready the diaper bag, pack all the props earlier. Don't do it on the day itself, esp if your photoshoot in the morning. Because ur little one can be crancky, wake up early or might want ur attention while u are busy for last minute *ok..sylah tu..pagi tu bgn awal dgn harapan siap pack br Afham bgn..tgk2 dia bangun sblm sy sempat pack all those things..sudahlah tu dia nk berdukung pagi tu..end up ada la tertinggal barang*

Afterall just enjoy the photoshoot! Hope this 8 tips on family outdoor photoshoot will help you..

Later I will wrote that day experience and of course the final output!

special note : out photoshoot on 09.04.2011 and that day I remark as he first day day we notice Afham panggil kucing *mula2 xperasan apesal mulut dia bunyi2..rupanya he knows how we buat bunyi suh kucing dtg* plus that was the first day he have a ride, naik kereta bunyi2 yg masuk coins/ token tu..all the while kalau diletak sure dia takut!

exactly a week after that he made a move to walk by himself! although it just 5-6 steps, he do it most of the time (yes a lil bit late..at 13 months br jalan..but still consider normal jugalah kan)

20 April, 2011

Kerana segelas teh o ais....

..kena buat MGTT test Jumaat ni


Should I blame teh o ais yg diminum tghari smlm? Kwang2...xpasal2 this time pregnant kena minum "air gula"


Before that encik suami asked "xde ke kena g check up pagi?"..then I told him this time FPP check up Dr Hamidah will arrange at afternoon (not like 1st pregnancy, whereby I can requested morning..agaknya skrg dh ramai sgt FPP tu yg kena bg sesi petang plak). But I told him the only chance to get morning check up in case MGTT test need to be done..Dang..baru bebel2 sudah terkena batang hidung sdiri


Yesterday afternoon was really hot..so I requested teh o ais for lunch..pulak badan dah start asik panas je..pekena ais mmgler best! (X sedar dir ink g check up lps tu)


When I showed urine strip to nurse she wrote "GREEN" in the antenatal book while asking me "baru minum air manis ke tadi"...I said yes smbil senyum kambing


Then move to check up with Dr Hamidah, she scanned and Alhamdulillah everything seems ok..then moved on with updating buku merah plus she update in the computer..she saw "GREEN" then she said "Nak minum air gula bila ni?" erk...


She also updates other thing like previous blood test result...then another finding..low haemoglobin (Hb)..only 9.9. She asked me to take iron tablet with vitamin C twice a day plus she told me (or I should say trying to scare me)..klu tak nanti kena masuk darah...and so on stories. (Encik suami mahap ye lupa plak citer pasal ni). From my reading I knew that there is chance of low hb esp pregnant dekat2 ni (body x abes adjust sume level hormone...plus diri sendiri makan pil bila teringat je..uhuk2)


So tomorrow night I need to start fasting and from now on make sure eat all pills...coklat sebungkus kat rumah TU blhla encik suami habiskan..keh3


13 April, 2011

Really cannot wait!

Day by day it getting hard to update any single entry. I wonder my life after our 2nd baby..how it would be?

I really hope I wont lost my mojo in writing..Uhuks..mojo? And not losing my reader? Uhuk..ada reader keh blog cabuk-cikai ini?

Ok..now I really cannot wait the final output from the recent our family activity...

Family in red

04 April, 2011

AYoM : Memey dh terror..awak?

I know I promised to write few series of " A Year of Motherhood – AYoM", but unfortunately I always have my normal problem to update it...

I remembered towards end of my first pregnancy, I keep asking myself "can I handle my baby?"

The truth that I never babysit any baby..even never hold any newborn baby..kalau ada pun pegang budak yg dah 5-6 bulan and above. Rasa mcm lembik je pegang leher baby ni..erk takut mcm2 so on

So I was trying my best to learn through reading (at least some basic knowledge..altho I knew that practical, real life experience totally different)

One of the book that I read was this

I cannot remembered when I bought it, but it was likely years before maybe masa mula2 kahwin kot or even earlier...thehehe

While flipping thru, I noticed Memey in this book *ok masa tu trilogy Memey-Norman-Abby sungguh hit hot..fofular and top gossip..sbb tu recognised her..pdhal buku tu dh berkali2 tgk but earlier x perasan pun dia*

So I showed this page to encik suami

Tgk betul2..Memey kan?

And guess he said "Memey dh terror, awak..?"

Erkkk....I didn't reply anything...ya that time still thinking whether I am capable of being mum

Now after a year, I believe I can handle my own baby and Insya Allah it will be better with 2nd one

The truthful encik suami afraid to handle newborn esp bab mandi..sbbnya sekarang je baru dia mandikan Afham...barulah rahsia terbongkar..ekekeke

So for mum to be...don't worry. I believe you can handle your baby when the time comes. No worries although you never have experienced it before..just learn along the way and motherhood instinct will lead you!

Pstt..If you notice baby yg Memey pegang tu bukan pun newborn baby!