27 March, 2009

Where is the best place for outdoor shooting?

Yes ...this is the current-trend

OD shooting...outdoor shooting....

Last time only Chinese have this kind of outdoor..but nowadays sume-org-pasti mau outdoor for wedding...no matter it is pre wedding, during or after everything settled...

Of course MONEY is another issue, unless you have friends that want to have FOC photo session..

But as current trend, OD shooting is free *petang2 sket after nikah or sanding...* but of course la ada sedikit rasa letih as it is on the big day itself kan?

Malaysia have a lot of places to shoot..but I really want to have ur opinion..where is the best place for outdoor shooting?

Beaches, farm, garden, even semak-samun pun cantik kalau kena gayanya kan?

Hihi...why I write this entry? hmm just want to know others ideas....since I still compiling ape-nak-tulis before I can publish my wedding pics ~ again sabar ye...pengantin pun hanya dpt tengok sekeping je hasil encik2 tukang gambar~sila refer entry bawah...

I have a chat also with encik2 tukang gambar and found out that if shooting at FRIM, you need to pay FRIM RM70/person.....so calculate urself ...2pengantin+1tukang gambar (min) = RM 210

Then since I alwizz love UPM scenery......I gooooooooooogling and found out here,

"u need a permit from the UPM adminstration dept. you can walk in to the Admin Dept at the HQ Building for the booking. They charge RM 500.00 per day and RM 250.00 for half a day.

Yes that is the price....but even if you are planning to have it outside KL ~Bukit Tinggi? Cameroon Highlands? Still have to incur for transportation cost *unless lps tu terus honeymoon kan? tu dh jadik 2 in 1*

Hmmm...pen off, but pls give me ur ideas :) Have a great weekend!

26 March, 2009

Looking for housemate

Ini adalah iklan…not advertisement for current housemate, since my current housemate ialah encik suami

Anda mencari rumah sewa, bilik sewa, ingin menyewa? Mencari kawasan strategic berdekatan LRT station?

So I would like to announce the details here

Mencari Rakan Serumah

4-13-? Vista Angkasa

  • Kemasukan April 2009
  • 1 (satu) kekosongan ( Middle bedroom)
  • Dikehendaki : Perempuan + Melayu + bekerja
  • Deposit : 2 + 1 (negotiable)
  • Kemudahan : TV & Astro, Dapur, Peti Ais, Berhampiran LRT Universiti
  • Sewa : 1 bulan (RM 134 tidak termasuk bil api, air)

Sila klik di sini untk futher details and contacts…

On top of that inilah pemandangan indah dari rumah sewa ini….Anda boleh mengucapkan Selamat pagi Selangor dan juga Selamat Pagi KL…hihihihi

"on going info trafic"

22 March, 2009

A week....

It has been a week from the date....

It has been a week....and encik suami this morning suddenly said "aku terima nikahnya....." *gulp of course bukan nama org lain, tp nama sy jugak...hahaha....he no longer needs to training the words....*

And today for the first time he cook for me :)....and also first time jalan2 naik motor *merempit tnpa helmet.....*ke kedai mamak berwifi, and shopping never-ending tertinggal beli barang2...*smlm sy hampir tepuk dahi sbb beli brg2 basic kuali, sudip, periuk dsb sume2 total up RM99.50....so bride to be dont be overexcited with the wedding preps since after wedding u still have to spend....nothing free...eventho maybe you received sooo many wedding presents!*

psttt: I think the best present for bride to be....is to get voucher, jusco vouchers, electrical vouchers, etc since if share ramai....it may helps newly wed buying fully automatic washine machine with cost RM100+ je ;p

I know that I owe many story....but forgive me for the time....uhuks2....

And before I pen off untk beli shieldtox & tudung saji+periuk kuali....let have some view....

Org Segamat sila jgn pening kepala...

This entry is written esp for Segamat bride to be...

It is about accomodation for rombongan pengantin lelaki.....Untuk org Segamat, I believe that you aware that there is a lot of budget hotels or so called “rumah-tumpangan-Ah-Chong”...you can name it from Neo Pegasus, Mandarin Hotel *our encik2 tukang gambar kawen kami pun stay here and they said that it is safe and $$$ cheap*....and so on

However, when it comes to a group of people to come over I bet budget hotel is not the best solution..instead the best is house...

So, last time when I want to order our wedding cards, I bump into this advertisement ->Rumah tetamu badan kebajikan pej agama segamat with following details:-

4 bilik (master bedroom – air cond)
RM 150/ day
tingkat bawah bangunan kuarters pej agama
Contact person : Bilal Sungaji 019-7434 131 or Puan Norarfah 019-7340 180

So after taking all the details, just trying our luck to have further views...and found out it was house provided for imam, however as imam itu ngak bisa tinggal di rumah yg disediakan, pej agama decided to rent it out....*so means that hanya ada 1 rumah saje....*

The house is really nice and each rooms is provided with bantal dan toto....have tv, dining table, refrigerator, kettle, cawan, pinggan, teko - so xleh masak2 but boleh buat air....

Lets have the pics to do their part....(uhuk dh try upload x leh jugak..but soon I will update this entry with the house pics okie?)

You can booked it in advance, no deposit required, and it is on 1st come 1st serve basis....however since no written confirmation for booking, it is advisable to contact the contact person at least twice..first when you want to book and then maybe 3-4 days before the days....

I really hope this entry will help a lot untk warga2 jajahan Segamat....you might want to book it when you send the borang nikah things...as this rumah tumpangan is only few steps from Pejabat Agama Segamat

18 March, 2009



All the story-mory-morning-glory-or ntah hape2......anda sume kena tggu...*to be frank of course certain things i'm happy, for certain disappointed things i believe we have to accept it samada suka atau pun tidak....*

But overall Alhamdulillah.....- should I put another ticker? since my final part is when we will celebrate 1st anniversary of our engagement...ahaks!!

I cannot promise to update very soon *kena tggu la ye gambar dr encik2 tukang gambar...* plus still tiring and I have super million task of moving from rumah sewa bujang ke rumah sewa-soon-to-be-rumah-milik-kami :) *uhuks2 ada tak bibik2 yg sudi diupah untk task kemas2 nih???*

For encik suami, mintak mahap masakan pertama slps kawen tidak secanggih masakan pertama slps bbrapa bulan berkenalan...but dun worry kari ikan +sambal tempe & kentang tu bisa dimasak anytime....hari2 pun buleehhhh..ahaks.....*opss sy bukan tukang masak terror tp encik suami kata dia leh makan pe yg saya masak...*

*ya sy xtau nk tukar title pe dr encik tunang kepada encik ape? hihi kalau perasan sume dh jadik encik sehingga encik2 tukang gambar*

Akhir kata...penantian itu satu penyiksaan...so for all readers sila accept kemaafan sy memandangkan anda harusssss menunggu dan tggu.....ciow

11 March, 2009

No title

Saya xtau nk bubuh tajuk pe...

Saya takut, berdebar, gelisah, risau, gumbira, and so on

But I will keep this as short...Wed preps so far Alhamdulillah....I have bought bunga manggar this evening...since mata sudah naik juling lihat kaler purple..maka bunga manggar jadik colourful biru-merah-hijau-kuning-purple...Encik tunang anda patut faham signifikasi warna2 tersebut....kwang3

Opss..sunday went to mak andam place since kami belum fitting - hihi percaya atau tidak sy tidak pernah lihat baju yg saya akan pakai nanti untk bersanding...Ya..not at all...so di masa fitting itulah pertama kali tengok dan terus try...for me it is nice except that baju tu seksi untk yg bertudung..since it is corset + kebaya di luar...so part tangan itu bogel ok? - sy dh bersiap sedia di masa fitting pakai inner siap dan baju mix and match...

Of coursela mostly baju2 mak andam itulah fesyen nya..except Butik Syahirah kot...so option either to have inner inside, choose baju yg ada full lining - but maybe x de for ur theme color, or banyak duit leh request baju baru!

With skin colour inner + baju...it looks a little bit weird and maybe not so nice....planning to buy white inner and do some kind of DIY ..dye the inner!..but while reading the effect the stains maybe terlekat di kulit...aha..not so brilliant.thinking of wearing black inner....but still thinking...and googling.....until found this

Purple inner at http://www.shopping.embunperwira.com/...! Without any delay sms her to asked the details...Phew...Alhamdulillah...-besides still can wear the inner with mix & match clothes kan?

Now I just wonder soon slps kawen adakah link2 ke blog sy akan berkurangan? since I am no longer bride to be?..*u might want to use this http://referer.org/ since it is easy for the lazy person like me..* and readers, how long you will allow me to have my honeymoon from blogging? ;p

Hmm never mind..wish me all the best & pray everything will be Insya Allah OK.....and hope to write very soon!

06 March, 2009

Love & emotions

Love and emotions...........

Swing here and there, happy..very2 super duper happy, sad blue and so on....

To be frank I'm afraid..still have things to do..and still have few questions in my mind mcm haruskah sy pakai korset on big day? ok ke pakai jam masa majlis? and so on

Let prays that everything will go on smoothly, smooth sailing....in every single thing, from weather, the programs, the foods, the guests...and so on...Insya Allah.Amin

To bride to be that share the same date with me..Congrats! Selamat pengantin baru..God willing we will share the same anniversaries :)

I'm not sure whether this will be the last entry in this blog before I get married....but if it yes I want to take opportunities to thanks for all the readers to read my blog up to this date..mintak maaf jugak terkurang, terlebih dsb....

Don't worry I will be back soon....as I still owe few things *interview nikah Johor part 2 xde lg kan?, owh too many things to write but time constraint..* plus of course the Big Day itself..

- should I change from ms tepung to other name to since dah jadik puan..or shud be cik puan tepung kuikuikui....

03 March, 2009

Pls vote : kertas penunjuk jalan

As we know since not everyone will be familiar with the place for kenduri, so we must have penunjuk jalan..with all the arrow sign until ke tempat kenduri kan?

Unless I am really rich to have bunting all the way..plus klu buat bunting banyak2 pun lps tu nk simpan ke? uhuk nnt last2 berhabuk je...

So my concern is the colour of the A4 paper to be use....because sometimes the eyes cannot catch the colour which end up we might miss penunjuk jalan itu....then terpaksala berpusing2 dan mgkn sesat ke kenduri...

So please vote ASAP..and most appreciate comments esp if you vote for others..Thank you