21 July, 2011

Hobi orang berpantang?

Besides taking care new baby, I think there is common hobbies org2 barpantang

Online shopping !
Value : xxx...bila tgk brg mcm sikit tp total up habis bnyk jugak

Aiskrim susu (ni encik suami yg pggl)
Value : Priceless
Not much, but at least something...(and hope this pic will give me motivation!)

And related to refrigerator issue...

Husband wishlist...refrigerator with ice maker

My wishlist, perhaps?

Mistral FZ101U

Faber Upright Freezer FZ 108 U

We have few conversation on regrigerator issue..H: Husband, M: Me

Conversation 1
H : Beli fridge yg buat ice kat pintu..arituh kat XYZ, cuma x,xxx...rega asal x,xxx...
M : Abes fridge yg ada nk letak mana?
H : Letak kat atas.. kt bilik tidur..
M : Erm...

Conversation 2
H : tak jadilah beli fridge buat ice tu
M : aik? klu mcm tu sy nk beli deep freezer la..tp duit refund lhdn tak dpt lg
H : lah xdpt lg....bila nk dpt?
M : mana tau..sy dpt lmbt sbb ada claim buku kot..abg claim sume direct, tu refund cepat. Tp nk letak mana deep freezer tu
H : letak atas fridge kat dapur tu la
M : mana blh
H : letak kat atas..dlm bilik tidur

Conversation 3
M : tak tau nk susun susu cmner
H : la thawed kan bg Afham minum
M : erk..tapi ni stok tuk Adik, mana tau kot2 nnt susu sikit..nk posa lg ni
H : ala adik boleh punya..

sesi susun balik

Ok, now I really dunno how to handle my ebm..just recently I thawed 2 botles and gave to Afham *sbbnya tutup botol ebm tu mcm dh rosak...*

I do not apply tandem nursing, but just few days started give Afham 3-4oz ebm *only 1 serving usualy right after he come back from nursery*..and the rest I stocked up.

Now I'm not sure..
..should I continue stocked up, buy deep freezer, and give Afham a bottle of ebm?
..just stocked 1 bottle per day, the rest give to Afham...so no need to buy deep freezer?

I really cannot think....

Just read here, yg upright freezer susu tahan 3 bulan je..betul ke? Then another question (malas nk cari)...betulkan ebm xboleh simpan kat rak pintu freezer tu sbb suhu situ xstabil?

19 July, 2011

When Afham meets Alif...

Still fresh in my memory...

When I was send to the ward, it was three hours after the delivery...and husband also came together with Afham

Of course I do not expect much from Afham, since I knew he still small to understand that he already turns to big brother...

But it was beyond my expectation... encik suami holds him and showed Alif in the baby cot..and the very first reaction Afham said clearly "Baby..."

Whee...I think he picked up the word because all the while whenever he just so busy to read Pa & Ma with me "sbnrnya menyibuk nk join", I just showed any baby pics and told him "baby"

Until today he still showed to Alif and say "Baby", but we tried to teach him to call "Adik"

Sayang Adik

Yesterday, husband said...

Meh bedung Afham..dia jalan mcm king kong..sbb kecik2 tak berapa bedung

Reaction from Afham...tak rela you!

06 July, 2011

A week with 2A's

I still didn't mentioned his name...thehehe. Just thinking should I change wording for this blog to mother of 2A's?

Nope..I don't have time to edit so many things..even so many drafted entries still there..

So hereby presenting our 2nd junior

Sheikh Muhammad Alif
Hospital Putrajaya
29.06.2011 -Wednesday - 27 Rejab 1432H (Israk Mikraj)

Oh ye..meneruskan legasi SMA, dua2 initial sama..

So far Alhamdulillah..I knew encik suami is struggling with sleeping pattern..since he have to take care Afham *slama ni dia bangun malam gak tp time2 urgent la..Afham sakit, time myself xlarat nk bgn gi buat susu*

While myself taking care Alif..*apa yg penting kerjasama...sorg amik 1 anak..*

Will blog later..xtau nak start mana. Actually xperasan pun Israk Mikraj...(pdhal masa Afham dl beria klu blh nk dia keluar Maulidur Rasul, but xjugak keluar, this time xperasan tarikh kalendar Islam, sbb lbh risau kes dh overdue 6 hari..)

Despite I am Dr Hamidah patient, Alif tidak disambut oleh Dr Hamidah *lil bit regret tp dia EL on that day..xberani nk tnya lebih2 but I believe personal emergency*, so Alif disambut oleh Dr Hazim *klu blh mmg nak female gynea, tp kita hanya mampu merancang....*

01 July, 2011

Alhamdulillah..I'm officially mother of two..


Yes our 2nd bundle of joy arrived on 29.06.2011 after waiting game *erk plus a little bit drama...*

Let us handle with our two heroes first, Insya Allah will back to blog again later..

Opss..Afham turns as big brother at the age of 1 years 3 months 3 weeks and 1 day old