17 February, 2010

Pantang oh pantang

How do u spend long CNY holiday? Hmm..for me not so much as dlm-sesi-berjaga2....spend time lazily, maraton tidur, tv and so on

However, at least manage to settle something....buying confinement set and also 2 books related to Malay confinement

I know certain terms but I would consider myself tidak-cukup-ilmu-di-dada..and also always heard that if we do not really take care ourself during confinement, later will suffer at later age..sakit itulah inilah...[and men always have a reason bila wife tidak secun melecun spt dl....aih mintak jauh sume tu]

I am a kind of a person not so modern [aha..kolot kah?]...sometimes heard that after 2 weeks delivery can go to shopping mall [erk...], but of course people will write how boring it will be spending at home for 44 days confinement...[hehe even someone write items must have during confinement here]

Encik suami always 50-50 to send me back to his kampung for confinement...reason he is scared to drive our baby too far...plus MIL is still working. and even my kampung is just 2-3 hours travelling he is scared with the jalan-kampung-bengkang-bengkok nanti baby pening...

So after considering all the factors, I will spend confinement period at our house. MIL will come for a week and the rest encik suami haruslah tolong wife anda ini...and also my father will be staying with us [huhu sedih tau xde mak sdiri...baca blog org yg pantang ngan MIL pun rasa segan je macam2...yelah ngada2 ngan mak sdiri lain, nk ngada2 MIL harus la ada tahap2 jugalah...]
This book is great except the missing part is confinement....

To be frank, I am not sure how to choose confinement set...until I read this. Of course if buying too expensive set but not using it with-all-heart also might not have any +ve impact [slim melim mcm pengasas segala jamu2 cth mcm jamu mak dara, NR, mustika ratu..and so on]..pendek kata harusla-cuba-try-test dulu and try very best to follow all the pantang larang esp bab jaga makan dan berbengkung

But still I am tired not satisfied with internet reading, plus it is tiring to get all the exact wording...So yesterday I decided to bought 2 books about confinement [hehe since reading from few blogs that its worth buying]

We went to MPH, Alamanda....and get this [its pricey, but I will consider as good investment...nanti leh turunkan ke anak cucu....]
Encik suami : btl ke nk beli? mahal tu..
Me : leh claim tax ape? [agak encik suami lupa wife ada susur galur tax]
Encik suami : lps ni blh la awak jadik bidan..
Me: haha..blm lagikla...sdiri blm merasa sesi2 push2.....

To my disappoinment, another book is not in stock [have to wait for 2 weeks...], so I asked the SA to locate which MPH have this book [at this moment xboleh nk beli online sbb takut lambat sgt smpi], The SA said Summit and 1U..

So I requested encik suami to go Summit, since dalam kawasan jajahan xjauh dari rumah...but the SA over there have to take about 20 minutes to locate the book [itu pun bukan sorg carik....haih]

So since yesterday, I have read both..still not finish...but at least have a better understanding and confident to have confinement at our home [but of course encik suami sila support wife anda ini]

But I still have outstanding things to do..still not find the confinement lady tuk urut2 and so...plus maybe buy few add on items for the confinement [malam ini harus call sgala no yg dh dapat pg ni...mintak2 la dapat book 1 of them..Amin]


Anonymous said...

pergh ada ye buku2 camtu..gigih betul u carik ek kat kedai buku..

tu la pantang dgn MIL ni cam segan sket kan..even hubby mcm suh tido sana for the 1st week pun i'm looking for so many excuses so dat i dun haf to..huhu

m@Ri@ said...
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pr3ttych3rry said...

hi ms tepung

try la mybabywear.blogspot.com ada banyak barang murah2 n cantik!

gud luck wit ur delivery

Jehan Najib said...

im looking for confmnt set too.. tp tah la.. awal lagi rasanya..

berpantang pon maybe kat rumah je, since we both stay dgn my mom skrg ni.

anyway, try tgk shadirabeauty.com.. kat situ ada service utk urut lps bersalin..

~ZuE~ said...

i pon dh beli buku nurfarahin tu last month..tp bace nye br sikit..heheh

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