22 June, 2010

Baby wish list

Soo many baby items until I fall in love almost everything...So this wish list is not baby wish list but ibu wish list

Ok straight to the point no cornar2...mai tgk brg baby...

Bumbo seat
tgk blog ibu2 mcm cute je anak2 diorg duduk..
3 in 1 highchair
encik suami, cool tak benda ni? multi purpose
selain high chair, leh jd junior table and chair...idakle menyemak kat umah kita kan?
klu isteri anda nk beli tp preloved boleh tak?
sblm encik suami pening apa maksud preloved tu ape..
preloved tu dlm erti kata lain 2nd hand item

pacifier thermometer
I almost bought this thermometer
but encik suami keep asking
"accurate ke benda ni?"

Hoho I bet if I bought it because it seems so cute, but nasib baik teringat encik suami blom redeem point credit card, and he said redeem je pe2. After checking his points, we can redeem for ear thermometer below...Yeay!! (ok masa inilah sesuai redeem brg2 scara free). So thermometer that I bought previously will be used by ibu dan ayah..

will receive this in 3-4 weeks time

Afterall, we must think wisely before spending too much for our little ones...Hurm tapi berangan xsalahkan sbb free..hihihi

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Fathiyah said...

brg2 baby mmg sgt adorable.tertarik & da bomb.hehe

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