11 November, 2010

Hiatus mode?

Suddenly I'm thinking of not to update anything in my blog...

But somehow, I really miss my blog...(Do readers also missing my writing? Erk...). I have a lot of work to be done, a lot of reading (ilmu ibu2 ni mmg kena belajar hatta xde sijil bagai), and of course never ending tiredness which brings me no mood to update blog..(Anyone can recommend good supplements/ vitamins for stay healty, beauty, alert, lot and full of energy? lg bagus klu versi cecair..pil2 ni den lomah la pulak)

I always think I can make it to update at least twice a week, but one entry pun kdg susah (Heh..ini baru 1 anak, klu dh berderet cmne?).

I think sometimes I have a big problem..I don't have proper management of everything...but somehow I think I'm still struggling (while enjoying) with this motherhood journey.

Of couse sometimes thingking of working from home (but I have no idea of what kind of online biz), but full time housewife never in my list. The reason is simple..we have a lot of commitment to be settle every month and also I really want to use my prof memberships as stepping stone for better position (Alhamdulillah, I received my MIA cert last week!!!)

Till then..I try my best to update and oh ya for those asking about FPP Putrajaya (email/blog comment), I will try my best to answer it in one entry (hope I post it very soon...)

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