20 April, 2011

Kerana segelas teh o ais....

..kena buat MGTT test Jumaat ni


Should I blame teh o ais yg diminum tghari smlm? Kwang2...xpasal2 this time pregnant kena minum "air gula"


Before that encik suami asked "xde ke kena g check up pagi?"..then I told him this time FPP check up Dr Hamidah will arrange at afternoon (not like 1st pregnancy, whereby I can requested morning..agaknya skrg dh ramai sgt FPP tu yg kena bg sesi petang plak). But I told him the only chance to get morning check up in case MGTT test need to be done..Dang..baru bebel2 sudah terkena batang hidung sdiri


Yesterday afternoon was really hot..so I requested teh o ais for lunch..pulak badan dah start asik panas je..pekena ais mmgler best! (X sedar dir ink g check up lps tu)


When I showed urine strip to nurse she wrote "GREEN" in the antenatal book while asking me "baru minum air manis ke tadi"...I said yes smbil senyum kambing


Then move to check up with Dr Hamidah, she scanned and Alhamdulillah everything seems ok..then moved on with updating buku merah plus she update in the computer..she saw "GREEN" then she said "Nak minum air gula bila ni?" erk...


She also updates other thing like previous blood test result...then another finding..low haemoglobin (Hb)..only 9.9. She asked me to take iron tablet with vitamin C twice a day plus she told me (or I should say trying to scare me)..klu tak nanti kena masuk darah...and so on stories. (Encik suami mahap ye lupa plak citer pasal ni). From my reading I knew that there is chance of low hb esp pregnant dekat2 ni (body x abes adjust sume level hormone...plus diri sendiri makan pil bila teringat je..uhuk2)


So tomorrow night I need to start fasting and from now on make sure eat all pills...coklat sebungkus kat rumah TU blhla encik suami habiskan..keh3



lind said...

kena make sure lenkali sehari b4 nak pegi check up tak bleh minom manis2 yaa.. hehe

elyina said...

i dulu sehari b4 g check up siap puasa lagi..hihi

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