20 March, 2012

Pending entries

I have a lot of things to blog but limited time..and again life-hectic-packed with a lot of commitment

So I listed down here entries to be post
- Cameron Highland - family vacation
- 2nd Afham's birthday - belated birthday celebration (mini je...dgn atok, cikde, angah)
- 3rd anniversary photoshoot & makan2

So crossing my fingers that I will blog it before end of this month...klu tak basi sgt2 lah kan

For time being, I'm busy with
- job hunting (serious I need new job around cyber/ putrajaya)...travelling to KL ..specifically area2 Avenue K amat2lah letih...boss if you read this I'm really sorry...I need new job for the sake of family...hari2 penat, bila masa nk kemas rumah? tongkang karam memanjang

- photobook...specifically 3 photook with aim to finish
by end of April - 3 years of love (ni buku kunun2 3 taun journey kawen),
by end of May - Afham 1st year book
by end of July - Alif 1st year book

voucher expired early Aug...

Ok ..and on top of that normal routine..laundry, basuh botol and so on...(now basuh baju anak2 mcm dh jd love hate relationship plak...teringat masa mula2 basuh baby , rasa mcm xsbar je nk suh baby keluar...skrg ibu dh letih basuh, lipat, basuh, lipat..xde mesin ke?nk amik bibik xmampu)

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Mrs Nageb said...

Hi dear,
jom join 1st GA mymmomashop :). Hadiah menarik dan berbaloi.


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