10 May, 2012

Review : Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Bottle

I should post this entry earlier, but somehow so many things happened for past few weeks (busy with year end closing, husband outstation, anak sakit, pastu ibunya pun sakit, lps tu sorg lg sakit plak..and not to mention at home I cannot be close to computer as I have two little "soldier" that will attack the keyboard!). I hope Pigeon accept my apology

Ok back to main topic today - Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Bottle.

Choosing the right bottle for your little ones can be a tricky part. Some babies accept any bottle, while some you have to try and error. I remembered for Afham, we do not have any problem as he can take any bottles, while for Alif it’s challenging

Let me tell you, as Alif is a bf baby, most of the time he is on direct feeding. So he only use bottle when I was away for confinement massage. Husband and MIL help to feed him, and he seems ok with the bottle. The problem started when I send him to nursery. The staff there mentioned that Alif reject the bottle. So our journey of "bottle - try and error" started.

We bought and try several bottle and teats...and finally he seems ok with one teat. But let me tell you it takes a month plus for him to accept and master it.

So when Pigeon approached me to try their bottle, I have some doubt. But I think it is not wrong to try new bottle to him, so I accept the offer

After tried the bottle, here is my review about Pigeon bottle

1. PPSU PP bottle-
BPA-free plastic bottles are now commonly available composed of three materials – PES (Polyethersulfone), PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone), and PP (Polypropylene).

Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Bottle made of high quality, durable Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) which is BPA-Free.

I read somewhere PPSU are the superior in hardness, clarity, heat tolerance and longevity. One more thing the sulfone content in PPSU gives them a yellow/honey coloured hue (first time mom sila la jgn pelik kenapa ada botol cerah, ada mcm honey coloured, pdhal sume BPA free..it depends on material ok?).

2. Less part
Only hood, nipple, cap and bottle. Less part means less cleaning work!

I bought previously few bottles and end up I never use it simply because I found it has more parts...and sometimes more parts means that you cannot leave any of part before giving the bottle to your baby.Sound bad right?

3. Bottle
I really like the curve of the bottle, if you notice below here I just compared Pigeon with other brand. It has less curve and it means it is easier for cleaning. (Haha after 2 years washing the bottle I can become bottle-cleaning expert). Nampak tak arrow merah2..ha tang tu la Pigeon xberapa curve..so senang sikit basuh..botol lain mostly curvier sikit..

I noticed that milk fat/ milk usually will left at the curve of the bottle, and if you do not clean it properly you can see it..so the curvier the bottle the more cleaning time. So Pigeon bottle are easy to clean! (save time, energy, wand water)

4. Teats
It is soft and the good thing milk will not drip out even if you tilt the bottle.

I never though Alif will play with a bottle, until I saw him tilt Afham's bottle..ha lps tu siap tepuk2 susu yg dh tumpah..of course it means I have to clean the mess..Grrr

I found that it was difficult to assemble the nipple until I read the mini phamplet inside the packaging..biasa kita pasang puting tu dr bawah kan? Yang ni dr atas (refer picture below)

5. Variety

It comes with different size and also different size of nipple..so just choose properly for your little one

Now it comes to the testing part, the first time I gave the bottle to Alif, he reject it! Maybe perhaps because of he is not in good mood (he's teething and he knows that he can be direct feeding with me). So the second attempt, I asked husband to give him (plus I am fasting on that day...while breaking fast, husband help to feed him) and he accept it! Clap..clap..clap..

So every time I'm fasting husband will help to feed him - bg peluang ibu buka posa makan kenyang2, lps tu leh direct feeding puas2...plus more days kena ganti puasa!

So for mom to be, first time mom, even all mothers, put Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Bottle in your list! For nursing mum that have feeding problem (eg ur baby reject bottle, nipple confusion,and so on so forth..) pls consider to try Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Bottle.

I just simply love it and not to mention tagline of this bottle "Dedicated to the benefits of breastmilk"

Last but not least...

Thanks Pigeon! (my mum post this entry late..she is busy, but don't worry she write as good as she can..ok?)


Shakina Farhan said...

nice review sis..tq 4 the info..:)

Muslina Mokhtar said...

i'm happy for your review that inspired me to try it yesterday and it worked wonderfully. my fussy dd who rejected every bottle before, finally love this bottle. tq very much.

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