25 September, 2012

Kids furniture survey at Avenue @ Puchong

During Ramadan, I think we went for several furniture survey..went to Macy (several times) and also to Avenue @ Puchong..

Here some pics while cuci2 mata kids furniture...

Kids really enjoy while we just survey those furniture..

All above really nice. From Car to Disney characters...sume manarik, deko bilik anak2 boys/ girls...

When it comes to cost, tang ni mmg mahal...average full sets of the kids bedroom almost rm10k, katil je dah almost rm2k..and I think klu beli pun blh guna till they hit 11-12 years old ..lps tu dh teenagers dh lain plak konsepnyer kan?

Still until now no idea on how we should decorate our boys room..but I got advice not to buy double decker beds..sbbnya kipas dan rumah bkn tinggi..so the best option buy the beds with pull out...hmmm ntah bila nak start deko2 bilik afham alif ni?.

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