02 August, 2013

Review : 3M water filter (indoor and outdoor)

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Clean water is important in our life. Clean water is not only for drinking, but for other things like wash for preparing the food, cooking, wash the clothes and so on.

Unfortunately sometimes, the water is not clean as our expectations. You might can taste the chlorine, or some other days you can notice the water is yellowish, or the worst thing for housewife you have to re do the laundry as the white shirts turns to white-yellowish shirt (Argh..I hate those that day!)

As promised earlier, today I will review two water filters from 3M which are AP Easy Complete for indoor and AP902 for outdoor.

Firstly, I will share the experience we had with the water filter that we use for outdoor and indoor before 3M water filter. Then I will share the better experience with 3M water filter (with some facts and fun about 3M water filters)


We use a simple water filter that can be purchased from Tesco, Jusco. Perhaps the main thing consider as budget (Each indoor and outdoor cost below RM100).

The main advantages are both are cheap and easily can get over the counter.

For the cons
  1. We need to change the cartridge almost every month (yes additional cost for every month)
  2. The indicator to change the cartridge is when it turns as brown, even sometimes if change it too late, I can saw green colour (yucks.too bad, tak cantik tau..)

    nampak tak betapa coklatnya cartridge tu!

  3. Not easy to change. Every time I need to remind and request husband for his help. In addition he need to use a special tool (filter wrench) like below to open it.Then sometimes we delay to change the cartridge simply because we misplaced it…pfttt
    Baru tahu ni panggil filter wrench..
    kunci sakti nk bukak water filter

  4. The water sometimes turn to yellowish..(I remembered there is one day Alif rejected to drink the plain water simply because he pointed the water in the mug..ok dia tak reti cakap proper lagi tapi later when I replace the water, he drank it – suspect because of the colour..sebab kat rumah ada 2 bekas air..so maybe air mula2 tu dr bekas yg yellowish sikit, then later replace dgn air dr bekas no 2
  5. The biggest problem with indoor water filter, the sprays will come out especially when I turn the tap to the max. So end up I only turn the tap minimum, and have to wait to get the water jug to be full. 
  6. Extra cleaning with the indoor water filter..sebabnya water filter kat memang area sink, so sabun2 yg terpercik/ tak bersihkan betul2 end up water filter tu pun kotor (again extra time for husband since whenever he replace the cartridge he need to clean those dirt
    spray and extra cleaning
  7. I don’t think it is safe to drink directly from the indoor water filter..chlorine, yellowish, and so on (no guts to test it afraid later I have to take MC)

Now move on with 3M AP Easy Complete for drinking water filter system (indoor) and AP902 for whole house water filter system (outdoor).

  1.  NSF certification from USA. From NSF website NSF does not rate or compare the products we certify. We understand that each consumer has unique needs, so we developed our programs to verify that each product we certify meets the requirements of the applicable national standard. In addition, if a performance claim is being made for a product, such as a water treatment device, we ensure that the product actually is able to meet that claim.
    3M water filters are NSF certified

  2. You don’t have to worry with this brand because they have been in the business for quite some times. Taken from website  - 3M Purification Inc. (3M PI) is a leader in filtration and separation with over 40 years of residential filtration experience. 3M PI is a key fluid filtration solutions provider to many popular fast food chains and donut and coffee restaurants.
  3. Compact size. Small size but high performance. The outdoor water filter is just so compact and its blue in colour (Most of the time when we survey the outdoor water filter we end up seeing a big tank/ short & not-so-nice tank…and of course standard color outdoor tank is yellowish tank!)
    Blue - compact size
    Nice huh?

  4. Cuba compare saiz 3M AP902 ngan kami berempat..sape lagi comel?
  5. Oh ya before many people asked me 3M filter is so small, how can it collect so much dirty without backwash? The answer is it has a big surface to trap dirt. 3M AP902 is using pleated membrane
  6. Change the cartridge when necessary eg indoor 6-12 months, outdoor 1 year. So I don’t need to stock up frequently for the cartridge. I think only stock up when it is almost to change the cartridge..Yay some space to keep other stuffs. 
  7. Both AP Easy Complete - drinking water filter (indoor) and AP902 - whole house water filter system (outdoor) units come with "filter life indicator". It reminds when to change the cartridge..Canggih tau u’olls
    Indoor indicator
    Boleh set nak tukar 6 atau 12 bulan
    AP902 comes with this indicator..I think this is my first time seeing something like this...masa install tekanla benda ni, so setahun lagi ia akan "beep" tuk remind kena tukar cartridge
  8. Most important is "Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) Cartridge" system which allow a woman or child that can easily change cartridge by themselves, no need to make appointment with plumbers and no need to use special equipment to change cartridge.For 3M AP Easy Complete, even if a child accidentally turns it open when playing with it, there is a built in bypass to prevent water from spoiling out.
    Bye bye filter wrench

  9. No extra cleaning for indoor units, no such not-nice-colour-seen..takde dah nampak kaler coklat, hitam, hijau sume.. you can smile while in kitchen
    Pemandangan di dapur semakin indah....lalala
  10. No more spray for indoor units, no waiting time because the water flow so fast (but later it will slow down esp bila kena replace)..yang penting tak payah lap air mercik ke merata2 kat dapur tu
  11. Improve the quality of the water. During visit to 3M, Jean of 3M showed two simple tests based on water sample taken from our house - chlorine and sediment. The result really impressive for chlorine 0.49ppm (before) to 0.02ppm (after..itu pun mesin limitation minimum adalah 0.02, actual result might be 0.00 kot). While sediment 0.42NTU (before) to 0.00NTU (after)..overall water quality improved with 3M AP902 and 3M AP Easy Complete
    Image from google..ni nak bagi ilustration klu bubuh chemical untuk test chlorine, the water will turn to pink if it has chlorine...
  12. I can drink water directly from the AP Easy Complete - 3M drinking water filter system (indoor)!(so far no diarrhea). Kids can really enjoy "swimming time"
    Enjoy the clean water with no worries! (except bila nak ajak masuk rumah...payah betul)
  13. Last but not least, I would consider as affordable. 3M AP902 (outdoor) RM 999, while 3M AP Easy complete (Indoor) RM650. For Selangor people, I bet you notice that you only pay minimum water bill (for us most of time tak pernah bayar), so amikla peluang xbayar bil tu dgn beli good water filter…pusing2 kena keluar duit juga..but at least the water quality improved. Oh ya the price is not including installation. Installation fee depends on the reseller and also location. I understand for Selangor and Klang Valley, the average installation fee about RM150-200. For replacement it will be slightly reduced AP902 (outdoor) RM 399, while Easy complete (Indoor) RM180. Good new, current AP902 and AP Easy Complete tengah ada promo...jeng jeng jeng tengok bawah (promo price not including installation) 

See 12 good points, you pay not only for the better quality of water. But also for the improved technology (reminder - "filter life indicator", "Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) Cartridge" are something totally new for me..all the while kat pasaran most products tak de ciri2 extra begini). Sometimes with fast paced life, we tend to missed out certain small thing like when to change the cartridge..so with "life cartridge indicator" it will helps a lot! (haha mcm reminder hari jadi water filter plak)

That's all for today. Good news 3M currently has a promotion as below (you save more than RM500 from normal price)

For those interested to get 3M water filters, do check from their website here for the list of distributors http://solutions.3m.com.my/wps/portal/3M/en_MY/Water-Filter/Purification/Customer-Service/Where-To-Buy/
(Penang, KL, Selangor, JB, even Sabah Sarawak pun ada..For the rest areas not in list, I think you can check with their customer service)

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