12 October, 2008

Happy Birthday Yaya

This is my 2nd time attending kid’ s birthday celebration *refer here for the 1st one..where I become photographer-bidan-terjun for the event…*

It was combine with open house…and hehe…hehe..hehe…*erm let’s the pics again do their part*

*Last minute scoring...xtaule budak 8 taun suke pe...*

*Epi besday Yaya...dan juga Danish, dan juga Icha...penat Fafau jadi singer..*

*The drumstick club..except for Icha*

Before people will ask about Fara Fauzana @ Fafau @ FF ada sekali for singing and cutting the birthday cake…check her blog at Hot.fm and u’ll know…Yaya, Icha, Danish adalah anak2 buah dia..*ofismate ku adalah kakak ipar FF…yg terglamer skali kat blog tu jugak..kwang3*

A day before was very hectic *esp for guru_muda since almost 5 hours struggling to get the robe for convocation..UPM plz do something….this is for their big day…penat sume graduan belajar bertahun2 nih…*

Encik tunang so excited to have dinner on that night at restoran murni SS2 *hmm all the while I called it as seri murni SS2…* and managed to snap the menu *I know people looking for murni ss2 menu..so sila2 lah click di bawah...*

Click here for Western, roti & naan and here for spagheti & noodle

How the food will look alike?..plz ask the waiter..they will explain a little bit..and maybe its better for you to try yourself different menu everytime you come *ahaks…not for me..asik2 roti hawaii & special mango*

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-s-o-f-t--i-e ~eross~ said...

oii..ingat kan sheikh tak suka mkn kat murni tuh...heheh...sedap nya minum mango in spesial balang....hhahaha...zurai...memory 1st time mkn kt murni dgn ju..hihihi

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