06 September, 2008

Happy Birthday Jay

This was my 1st time attending kid’s birthday party…and besides become photographer for the birthday bash*hmm ...the last snaps since the camera is R.I.P…as entry below*
Location : A&W PJ Drive In (nearby Asia Jaya LRT & Amcorp Mall)
Time : 11.00 am – 12.30pm
Let’s the pictures do their part..yada yada..

*The place*

*The cake*

* I love you bear..mummy can we have as bantal-peluk?..*

*Happy birthday to me...lala...*

Jay (orange) : Dun run away bear...come to me..I need u..I lap u..

Icha (purple, tocang) : Mummy..I want that bear to peluk2..can u buy for me..?

*Mari kita main makan2...*

*Bye, bye bear...pls visit me during deepavali..I can give u cookies..my mum very terror doing tart..ok?*

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