06 November, 2008

Pictures speak thounds words

Introducing my new family..new gadget... *siap ada birth cert alamak baru perasan salah..correct date 13.09.20098*...not sure to call he, she or it...but maybe Ixus

I have tried few functions from this Canon Ixus 80 IS (Canon Powershot SD1100 IS DIGITAL ELPH, DIGITAL IXUS 80 IS in Europe, IXY DIGITAL 20 IS in Japan)..whoa, I really like this Ixus...nowadays people seems have similar hobby *is it a trend?...* you can see anywhere people carrying the DSLR cameras...but still I love digital camera since its compact, stylish and the most important thing it fits to my handbag *trend also kan to have big bag? yg muat harta-karun doraemon..hehe..huhu I just bought 1 new bag quite big for myself all the while I have medium size handbag... *

Ok..its show time...pics taken during my sister's convocation and also Terry Fox run..

*sesi tayang hasil jahit manik*

*on the way*

*jual bunga?..tidak...jual minyak bunga?..tidak..sayalah flowerman ;p*

*kah kah kah...nasib baik bukan bunga taik ayam...*

*i have hired event photographer...don't be jealous with this pic....*

*Baby for the day*

*mommy, pleasela...I want to run also..in 20 years time I will win gold medal in Olympics..*

*daddy..please help me to wear my shoes...agagaga*

*driver..pls keep my "mini cooper"...wash it properly... after the run we will go to mamak Bangsar to have roti tampal and teh halia..ok?*

*yes..daddy..I know that I will become stronger even more than Popaye because I eat banana*

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comel2 gambar..
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