27 March, 2009

Where is the best place for outdoor shooting?

Yes ...this is the current-trend

OD shooting...outdoor shooting....

Last time only Chinese have this kind of outdoor..but nowadays sume-org-pasti mau outdoor for wedding...no matter it is pre wedding, during or after everything settled...

Of course MONEY is another issue, unless you have friends that want to have FOC photo session..

But as current trend, OD shooting is free *petang2 sket after nikah or sanding...* but of course la ada sedikit rasa letih as it is on the big day itself kan?

Malaysia have a lot of places to shoot..but I really want to have ur opinion..where is the best place for outdoor shooting?

Beaches, farm, garden, even semak-samun pun cantik kalau kena gayanya kan?

Hihi...why I write this entry? hmm just want to know others ideas....since I still compiling ape-nak-tulis before I can publish my wedding pics ~ again sabar ye...pengantin pun hanya dpt tengok sekeping je hasil encik2 tukang gambar~sila refer entry bawah...

I have a chat also with encik2 tukang gambar and found out that if shooting at FRIM, you need to pay FRIM RM70/person.....so calculate urself ...2pengantin+1tukang gambar (min) = RM 210

Then since I alwizz love UPM scenery......I gooooooooooogling and found out here,

"u need a permit from the UPM adminstration dept. you can walk in to the Admin Dept at the HQ Building for the booking. They charge RM 500.00 per day and RM 250.00 for half a day.

Yes that is the price....but even if you are planning to have it outside KL ~Bukit Tinggi? Cameroon Highlands? Still have to incur for transportation cost *unless lps tu terus honeymoon kan? tu dh jadik 2 in 1*

Hmmm...pen off, but pls give me ur ideas :) Have a great weekend!


Suraya said...

sue suke kat air terjun.. tp kene cari tempat xde org.. lg satu kat tempat yg bnyak2 pokok. cam best lak ala2 hindustan.. kat tepi pantai pun not bad.. leh tulis kat atas pasir name kita then snap..wahh.. berangan je lebih..

~ms tepung~ said...

suraya...wah mcm best plak tulis nama ats pasir tuh :)

lady milk said...

hai ms tepung kite pun suka outdoor photo at area upm. for my wedding nanti on may, my future husbd tengah arrange with his frend tuk book kat tmn botani putrajaya @ kat upm...tengok yang mana dapat...hopefully can get either one...kalo x shoot semak kat blakang rumah la..hehehe

AzUraAa said...

yap.. putrajaya pun banya tpt2 cantik.. like yang bridge tu pon very nice place.. love to read ur blog.. banyak W info bleh dpt..keep it up..

Dayu said...

u tak perlu spent that much for OD shooting
kat KL ni byk bleh amik gambar free kan
kalau nak ala2 FRIM atau UPM
pe kata gi je tasik perdana
kat dalam tu banyak tempat2 best

kalau nak lain skit
amik kat stesen keretapi ke
kat stesen komuter Kuala Lumpur..
lagi menarik

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