16 September, 2009

Goodbye trimester one, welcome trimester 2

From the first time that we know we are pregnant, it will embark a new journey to the motherhood…

Each mum-to-be have a different stories to be shared, so have a healthy journey (except the bump membesar) , some even struggling at the very early stage, some even have miscarriage...

Even if we heard so many other experiences from sesi gossip girl/ sesi cik kiah-bedah gosip2 to the reading, I believe it wouldn’t be same until you feel it

I believe, the pregnancy sickness is something can be expected but it is far different from the wedding preparation (ada kaitan kah?). Since woman have so many dreams for their wedding which comes true (maybe not perfect as will be hiccups here and there, but we are all humans just planning for the best)

And the pregnancy also almost similar, having dreams of how many kids, name, gender, how big the bump? And so on..

But the sickness, is far away from the dreams..it is something expected but never know how hard it is (again depends ok?, kang ada plak org takut nk pregnant sbb baca entry nih..pls dun judge this ok? I’m just sharing my stories here)

Here some of my trimester one stories

1] Big no to perfume. I cannot wear perfume as my nose consider it too sweet~aik wangi pun x suka?…However do not have problem if smell others wearing perfume ~ nasib baik still leh boleh pakai deodorant

2] My nose becomes sensitive, sometimes I can stand toast and coffee smell (usually this two smells in office la..), sometimes I have a headache after smell this two items…pelik kan

3] I have never-ending tiredness….only sleep sleep sleep…even after so many hours pun mcm tak cukup..plus the super-lazy...ye rumah mcm dh tahap kapal karam...

Sehingga rasa mcm mau amik maid ~ masa tu siap fikir ada ke maid iron baju je? since task inilah yg plg liat nk wt sedangkan masa bujang dulu saya boleh iron stock baju seminggu + masa mula2 kawen dl siap iron baju seminggu suami isteri...bila pregnant task ini no longer feveret

4] Morning sickness. I have all version, morning sickness, evening sickness, and night sickness…but most of the days will be evening sickness

Most of the days I felt sick..esp on working days (kalau ikut rasa hati mau saja tender, but after considering all the expenses maka ditahankan saja)..plus esp after lunch surely I will vomit like mentioned here)

5] Despite of the sickness saya tiada masalah dgn bau encik suami any version ~ since sometimes si isteri x tahan bau suami even klu ikutkan biasa xde pun bau pelik..

6] I still can cook, but most of the times trying new recipe. But while eating, encik suami sungguh2 kata sedap, but my taste too bad..sume x sedap..uwa sudahla beria2 masak, sdiri rasa x sedap ..nasib baik suami makan kata sedap

7] My favourite channel is AFC 703..siap tersuka kat Michael Smith lagi (but xde pun try his recipe). Most of the time watching 703 from Chopped, Iron Chef, Cook at Home, Table for 3, Sweets for my sweets and so on. Until one day I asked encik suami, kalau anak kita jd chef tak pa ka? Kalau anak kita lelaki pstuh jadi chef pun tak pa ka? Encik suami rilek je kata no problem

8] I hate internet rasa macam malas nk tgk..sume xbest. Until now I have few entries still in my brain only..

9] Since most of the times I vomit, I have imagined soooo many foods…some I have eaten it some still not.Most of it Malay foods ~ tekak Melayu, citarasa omputih hanya la bila tgk 703

10] consider myself do not have cravings..~ ye banyak hnya imagine kat kepala, tp xde merengek2 mintak kat encik suami. Even sometimes kalau teringin sgt pun still boleh delay2 nk makan..xdelah tgh2 malam kejut suami kata sy nk makan itu ini..

11] I love spicy and sour. But no to asam..love spicy until encik suami amat risau, since I have gastric….but nasib baik xde problem tu..

And for sour, of course favourite drink, will be ribena, limau suam, teh o limau suam.

12] From reading, to reduce the nausea eat crackers and asam. I have tried both. But after some times, crackers, asam suma masuk dalam toilet bowl

13] My officemate always claimed me as a pale person ~ Suma takut nk tegoq lps kuaq toilet..depa takut dgq bunyi org muntah ka? Some even asked me to take some leave..hoho nk kawen arituh dh amik cuti banyak, nk xnak sakit cmna pun tahan jelah

14] Nobody offer me their seat in lrt, komuter, erl..since bumps till now obvious (even skrg bump show something, still nobody offer, but I always see people stare at my bump…eh2 pelik kah perut sy?)

15] I still can fit my baju kurung ~ but pls dun asked kat mana getah kain..however not to jeans and pants..so I have to wear maternity jeans and pants starting from week 11. (some of officemate said biar betul..nk wt cmner, dh x muat..xkan nk jd sarung nangka plak)

16] Belum buat buku merah ~ the reason, I call the govt clinic nearby house, they said please come after week 14.

Okeh cukupla..kan story-mory

Overall, I would consider my first trimester as tough. I don’t think that it was too bad ~ my rating bad means that admitted and warded in hospital for few days.

I thought that the morning sickness will be there since some even said they have morning sickness for 9 months. Since after coming back from MIL house, I have vomited every night before sleep (sudahla puasa sepanjang siang, malam makan hanya masa buka + makan sikit je, leh plak muntah balik sume…nasib baik makan sahur x kuar balik..tp lembik lg for few days).

However, since entering week 15 I fell much better and hopefully stay like this…Insya Allah...

p/s: just reading from few blogs, theres forums have like fire fighting on BF and FM..adeh then yg baru2 nk belajar/ cari2 ilmu ni cmner?


m@Ri@ said...

time sy dulu..takleh bau badan cik suami..hhuh..sgtla menyeksa jiwa..huhuhu..bau je nak muntah..bab muntah tu mmg tiap2 pagi tghari mlm smp 4 bulan lebih mcm tu..huhu..mkn sgt tidak lalu..smp turun 3 4 kg..tp skrg dah back to normal..n semakin membulat dgn jayany..=)

NURUL said...

take care and jaga baby dlm perut. selamat hari raya :)

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