20 October, 2009

Ms, Mrs, Miss.....mari belajar bahasa

Actually I really want to post it long time ago....

About learning the language...bahasa omputih....even tho maybe my writing in english is so2...~ nama pun xpenah dok omputih..maka jgn la kata omputih i ni superb...tapi dh dok opis yg ramai mat saleh baru tau yg bahasa omputih diorg pun bkn le superb...

After seeing so many comments...ada yg kata x ptt buh ms, ada yg ubah jd puan tepung, mrs tepung...and so on

I know I already married maka status yg sesuai ialah puan tepung...or mrs tepung...

but....I remain as ms tepung, because my blog start from zaman bujang hinggalah zaman ini yg current statusnya mak buyung...so title ms tu remainkan sajalah untk sy yg malas nk tukar profile

Have you ever know that actually there is miss, ms and mrs?

Meh bukak dictionary kat hp - hape2 dictionary pun okeh saja...

Mrs - a polite title given to a married woman, in writing or in speaking
Miss - a polite title given to an unmarried woman, in writing or in speaking
Ms - a polite title given, especially in writing, to a woman, whether married or unmarried

Ok skrg anda sudah faham signifikasinya ms tepung bukan?

Certain form of coursela dlm bahasa omputih will have all these three, and I will choose Ms. The reason is just simple...I want to look professional don't want people to judge from title ~ but certainly if necessary I will choose Mrs...xkan la pi jumpa dentist buh ms...nanti dentist buat sebarang2 mana boleh kat mak buyung..

Until now. (Tiba2 teringat bahasa arab yg kata nama lebih spesifik hu'a-huma-hum-hi'a-huma-hunna)


yunayuni said...

I'd prefer Ms for my correspondence and communications too.Tapi i am always happy to be a Mrs Emri ;)

p/s: Usually Mrs is used before the husband's surname in western culture,therefore i presume in our case,kita letak nama hubby je ;) heheh.

Fathiyah said...

aah.kalo chinese ramai yg called themself Ms even dah kawen.rupanya boleh ye.so,awak continue je nama asal :)

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