27 January, 2010

3 months maternity leave resolution

Haha...org lain new year resolution...while mine no new year resolution [dh nk mask Feb pun dah..]

Since pregnancy hormone always lead myself of being bermalas2an, long hour of sleeping and so on, I consider the best time to make resolution is after deliver...specific after finish confinement

Plus 3 months maternity leave....[sudah 3 org di office merasa office policy..some even said it was good..sempat pindah rumah, kemas rumah]

So hereby I will list and hopefully 80% of it will be able to accomplish;-

1. Baby and husband. Of course I want to become good wife and good mother. Hopefully I can at least cope with pumping2 task [EBM]. Maybe try to make use 2 weeks training of having jadual sebagai isteri bekerja...owh maybe asked encik suami pegi honeymoon before masuk kerja....[not for 2nd production encik suami but for relaxation okeh]

2. Get suitable breastpump. Since I understand certain mum & baby shop allowed for test drive of the pump...[okeh encik suami anda sudah test drive few cars. So next time you will see how how ur wife test drive breastpum [ sila jgn imagine bukan2 okeh]

3. Beauty and health. Get slimmer? I think makes it naturally...karang balik2 kurus kering ada plak ofismate risau..But I really want to pamper myself..so encik suami sila approve sesi2 spa sy spt sblm kawen..wakaka

4. Career. Must apply for MIA...Reason I want to be prepare myself for next career challenges...No such "u r too young to become accountant". Updated resume and then make some survey on career market before I make drastic move. [Too ambitious-kah?]

5. Home sweet home. Get quotation and do some renovation to the kitchen. Change new door, windows, leaking pipe and maybe add some awning at the back. Then can get quotation and have new kitchen cabinet.

Owh only that I can think...later will update it when I remember

But after considering all the resolution almost everysingle thing require $$$. Ok try to calculate the cost ..maklumlah org akaun harus siap sedia
Honeymoon (budget) - 1k, Breastpump - 1-2k, Spa - 200, MIA - 750, Renovation+ KC - max 10k

Phew..+ - x / almost 15k...dah macam nk cover kenduri kawen plak...[Encik suami sila jangan tepuk dahi kata bankrup plak...]. For KC, breastpumo, spa, MIA... wife and yg bijak ini sudah allocate from saving and source2 yg dia ada...

Opss lupa plak of course there will be other expenses for our baby since we are still not buying everything...

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Dayu said...

cuti bersalin 3 bulan?? sgt seronok oohh..2 bulan mcm tak cukup kan
takde masa nak gi trim balik badan ni
nak 3 bulan gak...

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