15 April, 2010


Uhuks2 benda2 penting xblog lagi..

Xpa2 xbasi punya..

Anyway I have seen (TV je ok...blom tahap jalan2 soping komplek...keluaq pun pi spital + klinik), Siti has launched her new product....

I admit, I am a kampung girl (opocot kampung ke? berenang pun xreti...)..ok2 not kampung but not-so-update-woman....I only knew big2 name after going thru magazines and also ala2 masuk kedai mahal-tengok rega-letak...

To be frank, I always follow what Siti used (di zaman dia bujang la...zaman dia ngan DK, dia dh tahap LV...me tahap handbag Nine West -tu pun seketul sbb hantaran dan jugak sbb dpt beli less rm 250).

Previously, she used to be Maybelline and Olay spokesperson. Maka sy pun mem-folo jugak...then read one magazine, she use Miracle Lancome...so I went to fragrance counter and just love the smell (again dapat pun seketul wat hantaran...but until now 1% used, the rest due to pregnancy hormone-hate-all-kind-of-perfume...). See the impact of an artist?

But for skincare, I used Pure & Mild range . After changing so many types, only this can suits me....plus its from Shiseido (but versi rega budget...). Then after sometimes I couldn't find it at pharmacy, or any stores...maybe terminated? (While I'm pregnant I do not have any skincare due to I am a kind of lazy...huhu serious tahap teruk nih)

Since my nose back to normal, and of course to become hot mama, I need to buy skincare...Just wondering have anyone use SimplySiti? Is it good? How about the price?

Hmm..maybe I need to try itself since never know until I tried it

(entry ni mcm caca-marba....haip cmne nk tulis delivery nyer story?)

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