29 April, 2010

Full paying patient (FPP) Hospital Putrajaya

remote control - to call nurse, adjust bed, on/off and volume for tv
you dun have to worry to blog from ur room since u can charge lappy and hp

tv (no astro), mini fridge

adjustable bed, one seat comfortable sofa (leh adjust part kaki)
not in picture : 2 chairs untuk tetamu...
they will lend medela lactina (in pic on the bed) if you want to pump

I saw from nuffnang keyword that someone search "ada private wing ke hospital putrajaya?, anyone given birth under full paying patient in hospital putrajaya, bersalin di hospital putrajaya dengan fpp"

So I shared here some of the information that might help. Hospital Putrajaya do have private wing but they call it as Full Paying Patient (FPP). Actually before this I have wrote it here, but that time belum bersalin lg

You can check here for further information. You can read there some of the information.

I am FPP patient, since from few pregnancy check ups (towards the end of pregnancy) and also giving birth. So you might wonder what is FPP, and anything special about it? How to enrol and so on. So I share some of personal experiences.

Firstly, we just walk in to the hospital to get some general idea FPP concept esp $ [at that time really blur no idea]. From explanation O&G basically they have 4 specialists that you can choose Dr Noraihan (Head of O&G), Dr Hamidah and 2 male doctors.

The charges for normal around RM 2k (max), while for operation range from RM3-5k [actual all depends on the condition and also bed charges that you choose]. Bear in mind Hospital Putrajaya have only first class. For FPP you can choose either 4 beds, double bed, single bed and executive single bed.

Upss bfore terlupa both of us not gov servant, so I am not sure if govt servant sign up for FPP akan lain charge or not...

After some discussion, we choose Dr Hamidah and one of the staff set up the appoinment date [dun worry, she will check with the doc first]. No payment just register and she will give small yellow book. Besides we brought also referral letter from clinic, however they do not request it.

On the appointment date, we went to FPP counter and need to sign the consent form and pay RM110 for consultation and registration.

For the next appointment, register at the FPP counter and pay RM60 (if there is extra things done like x ray and so on, you need to paid later once you finished your check up)

Deposit of RM3k to be paid only on the day you admitted for delivery. If the actual charges lower than the deposit amount, they will reimbursed it by cash.

Being FPP patient you will have special treatment. Patients to receive all the conviniences of a private hospital like the choice of rooms and attending specialists and special registration and appoinment facilities but minus the subsidies in the fees. Like for pregnancy check up, ur turn do not follow by ur number [senang cakap u will cut the queue].

For my delivery, we choosed executive single bed [encik suami kata pergh rate 1 malam di hospital lebih mahal dari rate kat hotel..ihik dear, ni sebagai ganti xde honeneymoon masa mula2 kawen dl..okla kan bang?].

The room is attached with toilet and shower, TV (no Astro), mini fridge, one seat comfortable sofa, 2 chairs, and for foods I can choose from the menu that they have for the day, several set including vegetarian set. Usually every evening they will asked you to choose for the next day menu [but the menu is not actually cater for confinement meals..it is just standard meal..so pepandai le pilih]

I stayed for 4 days and 3 nights [since Afham admitted to NICU, even my gynea said I can went home on second day but encik suami said just stay hospital as it will be easier nk jenguk2 baby].

Overall charges for 4 days 3 nights is RM 2k [normal delivery, episotomy, no epidural, no forcep]. RM900 itself is for 3 night..so I bet if normal delivery and 2 days 1 nights it cost around RM 1,400.

For Afham since he admitted to NICU, he was charged as separately [normal charges, no FPP].

I might consider giving birth here for next baby(ies) since I'm satisfied with overall things..[wakaka anak yg sorg ni pun masih terkial handle dh ada hati nk masuk no 2....]

Disclaimer: Hospital charges correct at that time. Any changes should ask the hospital.


sHarEna said...

penah dgr ttg private wing HPjaya nih tp xde info lebih. so good info lah nie. same as hukm mase abah buat bypass surgery bln lepas. diorang offer buat private tp decline jelah sbb under GL free :p

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

wahhh mcm best je niii... :)

S.A.L.J.U said...

wa..bagus la...

gov hosp ade private wing yg boleh la ngan private hosp.

so..klu nak berbaloi2 selesa...gov pun ade choice utk fpp spt private.

estylista said...

tq so muc for d info.. sgt2 membantu utk buat decision. amy pun dh pegi register n buat appointment dgn Dr. Hamidah jgak lgpun Dr. Noraini was outstaion. Cuma nak tanya bilik executive tu hubby bleh spend d nite sama2 ngan kita tk? apa beza executive (1 katil) ngan biasa (1 katil)?

Jobless Girl said...

Thanks for info. Sound not bad. I should have give a visit then.

Mummy's Centre said...

Thanks for this valuable info. Dok cari info merata pasal FPP di putrajaya ni tapi tak banyak. Insya Allah, although I tinggal kat USJ (tapi kerja kat Nilai), I think this will be my best option. Thanks.

.:Mrs. Engineer:. said...

tq for info...mohon share link post ni ye... :)

mrs lune said...

thanks for the info. nak mintak kebenaran share link ni ye. sebab i pun baru jek daftar under fpp scheme ni. insyaallah deliver on March 2011 ni.

Ho Hong Heng said...

Did the outpatient for pregnancy check up operating on Saturday morning?
Thank You

Anonymous said...

frankly speaking, your english structure , ya allah..tak berapa faham... anyway..FPP is nice:}

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