22 September, 2010

Baby : Standby items and some tips for mommies

Erm.....ermmmm(long one).

Aha I dun know what to post exactly for the title, (nanti krg korg click baca2 xrelevan lnsg tajuk ngan isi)

Being the first time parents make us worried esp when it come to little one...flu, cough, etc. But after 6months it gave some confidence and at least manage to handle it (I'm still learning...)

So hereby list of standby items. Some of it in mummy-baby checklist, some are personally created.

Please have it almost everywhere - handbag, car, house, office. Why I consider it as important...hmm at least rain don't stop u from moving around..esp time petang rushing from office nak amik anak...lgla plak parking kat open space (to be specific rushing sbb rindu banget sama anak besides to avoid from having so much OT)

Fan - battery operated and manual
Usually people will have clip on fan, but I add mini fan and also kipas tangan..both always in my handbag, it become useful when it comes to blackout, kenduri, or any places that do not have fan (or xcukup sejuk bg si kecil)

Besides nose cleaner, this thing become useful when baby having flu or nose blockage..(eh2 baby blom leh korek bersihkan hidung, so this thing very useful when it comes to nasal cleaning (even adult also can use!) You can find it at Watson, Guardian..and it is safe even kalau tersembur ke mata...and it is can be use baby and also adult

Baby balsam
Some might use Vicks (I use once to Afham but I read it is not safe for babies below 2 years old!)..so while looking for Sterimar in the pharmacy and notice this Baby balsam...It is for babies from 3 months up to 5 years. It is useful when baby having cough

Tepung ubi
Ewww..apa kaitan tepung ubi plak?..This is for nappy rashes..oh ya I put in in the powder puff (hehe xkan nk carik kat dapur plak..so I have 2 powder puff, I for powder, 1 for tepung ubi)

Please make sure you buy pink in color for babies (up to 2 years old), jgn terbeli yg kotak biru...the diff is size...It helps to reduce temperature for some period of time, so xperlu lap with wet cloth. Use it for 4 hours (in my case rasa xsmpi 4jam dh cabut...hehe Afham xsuka kot)

Some baby's tips to be share here
1. Nappy rashes - I bought Bepanthen cream and use it but somehow it do not works well..so instead of using cream I use something from kitchen..tapioca flour. First you need to clean ur baby private area. Make sure it is dry also. Then just simply sapu sikit2 kat yg rashes2...and it works like magic..no need to wait for a day, the next nappy changing usually dah ilang merah2 tu (disclaimer : Not sure whether it works fast for other babies..hehe maybe when I have 3 kids then I know =p)

2. Flu / blockage/ running nose - Usually what we will do we use Sterimar, then simply use nose cleaner..lupa sila siap sedia dgn kain tuk lap, besides it needs 2 people to do it esp baby dh pandai bergerak dgn aktif

How to use sterimar (or any brand nasal spray) pls refer video below. Cara guna from minute 1:01 onwards or you can read here (I couldn't find sterimar video so as long as smpi mksd oklah kan)

3. Cough - It is advisable to meet doctor first, baby balsam is just use on top of it...Simply rub on chest, neck and back to help soothe and comfort

4. Monthly jab - When it comes to jab, people surely will asked baby demam tak? I got few tips
  • tuam dengan air panas
  • letak vicks (I read from Pa & Ma)
  • letak minyak cap kapak
Choose either one...senang kata lepas balik jab, bg ubat demam tuam/ buh minyak kat area jab smbil urut2 sikit. Some said tuam boleh bengkak...minyak cap kapak I don think a good idea

So as a practice what I do give ubat demam, lap sambil urut2 dengan towel kecil (yg sudah rendam dengan air panas..so by the time lap2 tu kain tu dh suam2), last but not least sapukan baby balsam with little massage

5. Demam - So far Afham demam manja2 (eh ada plak cmtu..what I mean so far the highest body temperature was 37++ degree C..blom lagi smpi 38 degree). What we do is make sure to take his temperature every 2-3 hours, and use Kool Fever (slalu dia nk demam manja2 time malam, so just tampal dan bg dia tido...). Belum pernah lap2 badan dan kepala lagi (So if I face it later I will update this entry accordingly ya)

6. Seriawan / oral thrush

For first time yg dgr ni adalah putih2 kat lidah, bibir baby..ada kata sawan susu (if not mistaken). Tompok2 putih ini disebabkan jangkitan yis

What to do? Sila la jumpa doctor, nanti doc bg ubat titik.

The only thing that we can do is extra care on hygiene... sterilized bottle, pump, pacifier....clean all the teether, brea*t and so on

The doc we met said sometimes it also caused by high dose of antibiotic...so ni mcm side effect la

That's for all..hope this entry will help new mom..Most of it babies-common-problem

Most of advice above are for temporary action, if it persist kindly consult with the doctor. If you have anything to share here, pls leave a comment...So we can share the infos


nurul aziyana said...

thanks for the info...sharing is caring..berguna tips ni

mas said...

tq 4 d info...bgs sgt.. ;)
lg2 psl sterimer & kool fever...
beli kaler biru kot,siap gunting2 lg..hahahah

fira hamzah said...

good info,

i nak tambah skit, my baby penah kena bintik2 putih kat sekitar bibir & lidah dia, doktor tak kasik ubat lagi cos baru peringkat awal, petua terbaik kasik anak minum air suam banyak2 setiap kali lepas menyusu..even takder bintik2 pun, still kena kasik, sebab susu nih panas gak rupanyaaa..

mrs lune said...

thanks sgt. banyak sangat info sini. i exchange blog dgn u k. sbb i tgk banyak info y berguna ni=)

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